I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 649


Chapter 649 The highest achievement of Earth reporters

Lana Lang is beautiful and has strong business ability , is also very hardworking and courageous, dare to come from Liberty Island as a war correspondent, and become a local TV station midnight news anchor in his 30s, even if it is just an intern anchor. It is normal young and promising.

Like Louise, who joined the capital’s most famous “planet daily” before graduating, won the Pulitzer Prize in her early twenties, became the newspaper’s number one editor, and gave countless awards to the mayor, entrepreneur Luther, Bruce Wayne, etc. Celebrities have done interviewsโ€”few people she wants to interview but can’t.

In less than 30 years, he won another Pulitzer Prize, and he also became a cosmic name. He took the manuscript fee from the alien advanced civilization and started a “Universe level” TV program under his own name. It is very unusual. normal.

There are many elite women like Lana Lang in the society, but Louise’s life seems to be on the hook, and there is hardly a second case in the press.

The biggest difference between the two is Clark, not Clark.

They both know Clark Kent and are his lovers, but unfortunately one is the ex and the other is the current one.

What’s worse is that Lana Lang’s Clark Kent is really just a farm boy. Even the money to go to the supermarket to buy the condoms was asked for by father and mother, or by Lana in advance?

Louise’s Clark, tearing off her white shirt to reveal her uniform, and taking off her eyes, became Earth’s number one superhero.

However, Lana Rang seems to be in transit now.

Manhattan Harbor Hotel opposite Liberty Island, a small suite with one living room, one bedroom and one bathroom totaling less than 20 square meters, living room.

“Omg, Lana, I’m not dreaming, right? Admiral Wuhuan actually agreed to our interview request.” Photographer Depay said excitedly.

The beautiful female reporter with long hair in a single ponytail also cheers slightly red and her eyes are excited.

She put down her phone and said as calmly as possible: “Calm down, we also interviewed Superman and Bateman who just returned from the Watcher satellite last night, they are all heroes who are not lost to the golden nuclear bomb. “

“They add a piece that is not as good as the golden nuclear bomb, and it’s barely enough to justify it alone.” Depay shook his head, “Just say yesterday’s Shadow Demon War, Superman’s solar flare was terrifying, and he pulled away from other heroes.” A level.

I can wait for the golden nuclear bomb to appear, and I will immediately open up a few levels with Superman. The gap is too big.”

Lana Lang took out the vanity box, while looking at Looking at the mirror to touch up her makeup, she said, “She should just be restraining the shadow demon. You can ask her this question directly in the interview.”

Then she added: “Depay, we are going to be world-famous this time. ‘Quinn Manor’, although you are a photographer, you have to clean yourself up, go to the bathroom to change your clothes, and wash your hair.”

“Hey, should I ask the hotel customer service to rent it? A high-end suit?” Depay looked down at the Canada Goose, which was stained with mud, and said hesitantly.

Lana Lang also looked at his black leather jacket and was a little moved, “Just ask, how long does it take for the clothes to be delivered.” , and finally walked out of the room with the camera equipment.

“Ai, I’m going overseas to visit alien generals soon, but my assistant photographer doesn’t know where to go. Hi, Reporter Lang, who are you going to interview? So formal.”

Several reporters were chatting in the corridor, and when they saw the two, they immediately greeted them warmly.

This hotel is a uniformly arranged dormitory for war reporters by the military, where hundreds of large and small reporters live.

When I first came, Lana Lang, who had three labels of local TV station, midnight news, and intern anchor, was the most unremarkable little transparent among the famous reporters from all over the world, carrying a camera. Not many people came and went to greet her.

In order to obtain news information, she often compliments those well-connected names.

But last night she interviewed Superman and Bateman! ! !

Interviewing Superman at a time like this has been extremely difficult.

Betterman even went to the monitor satellite. He hadn’t appeared in front of people for a long time, and now he interviewed the two of them at once.

Not to mention the content of the interview that was broadcast on CNN’s prime time and caused a huge sensation, the fact that the two Zhenglian giants were interviewed by a ‘little reporter’ at the same time could make headlines.

So, in one night, Lana Lang became famous in the reporter circle. At this moment, a group of reporters who were doing ‘news sharing’ saw her, and also saw a camera with a full of energy. The photographer immediately surrounded the past.

“We’re going to Quinn Manor to do an exclusive interview with the golden nuclear bomb.” Lana was still hesitating, but photographer Depay shouted excitedly.

“Huhโ€”โ€”” The suppressed exclamation, like a firecracker, spread from the corridor to the lobby downstairs, and finally exploded like a salute.

“Lana Lang, a native of Kansas, is going to Arkham Island to interview Harley Quinn!”

Someone exclaimed.

The lobby on the first floor was originally surrounded by a lot of reporters, around Kate and Jimmy Olsen, colleague of Louise Lane’s colleague of Planet Daily “Cosmic Famous”.

Planet Daily has been very wild in the past two years. Not only has the traditional paper media in decline, it has become a new media giant with both quality and traffic, and it has also won countless media giants dare not imagine news resources.

For example, Louise was taken by Green Lantern to the outer planet to interview the leaders of advanced civilizations, and she was warmly received by the leaders.

I don’t even dare to write third-rate online novels like this, but Planet Daily really did it.

Even if Louise, the famous writer of the universe, took maternity leave and went back to the countryside to give birth, her colleague still became a well-deserved superstar in the reporter circle until this time, supernova Lana Lang appeared.

“Where is this Lana Lang?”

Looking at the intern anchor who was surrounded by reporters who originally surrounded her, Kate Grant, the blond big sister, was very upset and very angry. Shock.

“She is just an ordinary farmer’s daughter, and Clark is still a fellow countryman, with no background.” Olsen said.

“How could I interview Superman Batman last night without a background and go to Quinn Manor this afternoon?

Is Harley Quinn still our Big Boss.

I sent her secretary countless emails asking about the interview, but the answer was always ‘No’, why did she get ‘yes’?”

Kate’s pretty face was a little distorted.

“Shall we go over and ask?” Olson suggested.

Kate didn’t want to let go of her “colleague from the universe”, but she was just too curious.

When the two squeezed past, they also received a lot of care, and other reporters graciously made way for the two ‘little bosses’ from the “Universe Level Newspaper”.

“. I happened to meet Superman at the dock, and I asked, and he agreed. When interviewing Superman, I happened to meet Bateman and came to him.

So, I I also interviewed Bateman by the way.

I called Miss Quinn’s life secretary and sent an email requesting an interview, and I got a notification today, it’s that simple.”

Lana Lang looked at her watch and said anxiously: “I have to arrive at Quinn Manor before 5 pm, and I will talk to you after my interview, how about that?”

Reporters Although there are countless problems, they can’t say anything when others are on a mission.

“Young Lady Lang!” Before leaving the door, the hotel manager ran over, bowed respectfully and enthusiastically, gave a salute, and said with a smile, “Miss Lang, in view of your excellent work, the military Decided to increase your interview level.

First of all, your suite is going to be changed.

If you don’t mind, I’ll ask the waiter to move your salute and equipment to three The Presidential Room with Sea View on the floor, you can live in it when you finish the interview.

Secondly, you donโ€™t need to rent a taxi, Captain Little will personally escort you to Arkham Island.โ€

“Thank you.”

Lana Lang would not refuse to change to a good place to live. It would be better to have a captain and driver.

“She’s developed.”

A veteran Fox reporter lamented as he watched two Kansas reporters being ushered into a Humvee by officers.

“She developed last night.” The middle-aged bald reporter from AFP envied.

A man from RIA Novosti sighed: “Last night it developed, but today it soared into the sky, out of the atmosphere and into the universe.

Interviewing Superman and Bateman, only It can be regarded as international news and has caused a sensation.

In this special period, when the exclusive interview of the golden nuclear bomb comes out, the countries in the universe are not eager to reprint it?”

“As long as her professionalism If you can reach the passing line, and the interview content is meaningful, next year’s Pulitzer Prize will be secured.” The face of a well-known ABC news anchor was full of envy.

“Not necessarily the Pulitzer. Too many things happened this year. A single interview with the golden nuclear bomb is only a small part of the Infinite Earth Crisis. It is difficult to win the prize.” Satellite News Agency The young female reporter said.

“At least I can get familiar with alien civilizations, and a ‘Galactic Famous’ can’t run away. Pulitzer Prizes come every year, the Galaxy Famous is the only one in the world, second only to show Essay Lane’s cosmic name.” A reporter from a certain daychao TV station said in fluent English.

โ€œHow did Lana Lang do it? Except for the King of Fighters, the five-ring general hasnโ€™t been seen in public for months.

The Brainiac crisis is so big She also only asked her teammates to speak on behalf of the ‘Injustice Watcher’.

By the way, when was the last time she was interviewed seriously?”

” It’s been almost half a year since the end of the Apocalypse crisis, and Lois Lane and the alien name writer Saruman. By the way, is the Saruman teacher here?” The old reporter from the Associated Press looked around.

“Saruman teacher is here, but not in the hotel. His homeland, Zanshixing, has also sent a volunteer army of 2,000 people. They are meeting with fellow villagers at sea. What are you doing to him? ?”

‘Saruman teacher’ is by no means the sloppy ‘teacher’ of the entertainment industry.

Old Xing reporters really taught Earth reporters a lot of skills and ethics on how to be a ‘space reporter’.

Even Louise, who has doubts about his virtue, is a loyal apprentice of his professional knowledge.

If reporters are also divided into Sects, then all Earth journalists who are interested in becoming aliens are all ‘Sapa’ followers.

Well, the foreign Old Xing reporter who was going to come to Earth for retirement, the unfathomable mystery mixed up with Sect Founder.

“Admiral Wuhuan has an exclusive interview, and there may be a second time. If I form a group with Saruman teacher and apply for an exclusive interview together, I can’t say that it can really be done.” The old reporter said.

“Wow, old Hans, are you too rude, you can think of such a shameless scheme?”

Old Hans said bitterly: “I am sixty-four years old this year, She is about to retire, but as a reporter, it would be a pity if she never wrote about the golden nuclear bomb in her lifeโ€”the first-hand news quoted by the alien media.

If I could do an exclusive interview for her , is the greatest achievement of a reporter’s life.”

“That’s right” The reporters fell silent.

(ps: Today’s three chapters, from the reporter’s point of view to see the dc at this time, the perspective is rather strange, you can watch it or not, it will not affect the main plot.

I originally just wanted to introduce the feelings of the ordinary person in the Infinite Earth Crisis with a chapter from Lana Lang’s perspective. It is a daily life, so as not to fight one after another. Well, the main content is to pretend to be a force for Harry, didn’t ‘t expect to write and write so much.)

(end of this chapter)

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