I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 650


Chapter 650 The daily life of Gotham in the world

If Harley is just a pure superhero, doing an exclusive interview for her will definitely count Not on ‘bragging about a lifetime of glory’.

Heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash are all great, unique and unmatched.

Their heroic spirit is obviously not possessed by the generals of the Fifth Ring.

But Harley is still a golden nuke.

What is the glory of being a reporter?

It’s your news that has a huge influence and can change the world.

Before the golden nuke, the limit of news influence was all Earth.

Now that the golden nuclear bomb has appeared, Earth is just a grain of sand in the universe, and her special news can almost be circulated in the entire universe.

Not the Milky Way, but the entire universe.

There is not even one physical universe.

There are rumors that even the Heavenly God Demon, the Heavenly Angels and the Hells Satan will also pay attention to the news of the golden nuclear bomb.

When I think of Satan getting up in the morning and squatting on the toilet, he is holding a newspaper with his article as the front page. Which reporter can’t be excited?

Even if Admiral Wuhuan is a black-haired admiral and has problems with her personal style, her sentiments and morals are far inferior to Weiguang’s upright Superman, but her news is widely sold and has far-reaching influence!

“Actually, to write about Harley Quinn, there is more than just an exclusive interview with her.” A young reporter from Deutsche Presse Faintly said.

“Robert, what do you think?” The reporters looked towards him curiously.

Robert proudly said: “Retracing the old path of Louise Lane, digging into the growth experience of the five-ring admiral, and showing it to the audience from a different perspective.

Wait for this time. After the ‘Infinite Earth Crisis’ is over, I’m going to be stationed in Gotham. I will walk through the streets and alleys where the Fifth Ring General once walked, and experience her being chased and killed by the Crusaders of the Holy Land. The scenery and atmosphere of other hei-dao bosses.”

“Cut~~” Everyone gave him a disdainful middle finger.

“What’s wrong?” Robert asked in confusion.

“Although you are young, you are not a newcomer?” Old Hans asked in confusion.

“Of course I’m not a rookie, my professional resume even surpasses that of Lois Lane. At least in Early-Stage and mid-term.” Robert self-confessed.

Old Hans said strangely: “Then why don’t you know about famous journalists such as Yeager, Sarin, Valsky?”

“This” Robert was stunned, “I know those seniors, what happened to them? I really didn’t notice their news.”

“It’s useless to watch the news, there have been too many major events recently, their deaths, in the circle of journalists It’s very sensational, but in terms of news, it can barely occupy an obituary position in the social news section.” Old Hans sighed.

“Dead?” Robert was startled again, “How come three Pulitzer Prize winners died in a row?”

“More than three, not so much if you count the others. Well-known journalists, at least 30 died,” a Reuters reporter said.

“What the hell happened?” Robert was shocked.

Everyone looked at him strangely, “They went with you.”


Old Hans sighed: “They Just like you, I want to go back to the old way of the five-ring general.

Yeger died in the street because he was wearing a pair of high-end French handmade leather shoes.

Forty years old Sarlene left the photographer behind and eloped with an eighteen-year-old drug dealer in Robinson Park.

Don’t ask why, it’s hard to understand, but it’s the truth.

Saline is in Facebook wrote about her and her drug dealer lover cough cough in a frenetic tone, anyway, she totally volunteered, then overdid it and died.

Walski was mistaken by the Latin American gang for a Russian gang It’s not necessarily a misunderstanding, the little leader of the gang, who sings so badly. Some people saw Varsky and several officers of the Russian gang drinking in the bar.”

“My father is an ambassador, and I know many American officials. Let him say hello to GCPD, and then let GCPD spread a message to the neighborhood community, no one should murder me.” Robert said.

“Hey, do you really think that only you are smart, we Gotham reporters are fools?” Gotham Times reporter said with a sneer: “Our newspaper’s Jason Bullock also wants to go back to the fifth ring. General’s ‘Road to Glory’, he is still the nephew of the GCPD director, and he still died inexplicably.

Even the ‘Hell Detective’ Jim Gordon, who is owned, did not find out the identity of the murderer .

Later, Bateman personally took action, and only guessed that it might be a sudden random murder.

Well, it is a Gotham ordinary person who has never broken the law, or a whim , or the pressure is too much, want to vent, or Jason’s aspect or words just hit him, making him crazy.

In short, kill people After that, the murderer continued to be an honest man, and it was difficult to find out.”

Robert’s face paled, “My grandfather was a director of Allianz Insurance, and I was rich enough to hire bodyguards.”

“You still dare to be rich?” cried the old Hans, “Yager only wears a pair of handmade leather boots, have you forgotten?”

“How can a rich man in Gotham live? All right?” Robert said.

“Because they never run around, and the place you want to go is the most chaotic place.

Even Admiral Five Rings had to wear bulletproof vests every day. , the result is still being shot.

Even the Wayne couple walked around the alley and were killed. Are you more brave than the fifth ring general, or more powerful and powerful than the Wayne couple?”

Robert was speechless.

The reporter from Reuters sighed: “Actually, only a few people were murdered for money. After more reporters have been in Gotham for a while, the unfathomable mystery has fallen.”

“Degenerate like Sarin?” Robert muttered.

The Reuters reporter shook his head and said: “Degenerate all kinds of strange things, for example, our newspaper also sent a young and promising young reporter to Gotham.

He father He is the exclusive dentist of the British royal family. He has received a good education since he was a child, and is also a gentleman. He is a typical British gentleman.

In the first two months of Gotham, he kept on the phone and on social media, excited Tell us – he has collected a lot of precious material, and he wants to start the whole newspaper.

He succeeded.

3 months later, he named Salva Street’ The identity of the ‘Gang Lord’ of the Wild Dog Gang, was sent to Black Gate Prison by Bateman, and we were startled.

He told his parents that he discovered the true meaning of life in Gotham, and now he is truly alive.

Then his parents ordered lawyers to help him transfer him to Arkham Asylum.”

A reporter sighed: “The same is true for one of our BBC news anchors, and now he has become A drug dealer. I met accidentally two days ago, and he was selling me hi powder.

I didn’t buy it, he immediately turned his face, pointed a gun at my head, and robbed me of all my cash, watches and notebooks. Let’s go.”

The reporter of the Chicago Gazette said: “Aya, the editor-in-chief of our newspaper, is now doing striptease and girls in Harlan.

It’s certain, no one is coercing She, she just discovered the true meaning of life when she re-walked the road of the admiral of the fifth ring – let go of the bondage and make yourself happy.

Shit, if I knew she was scratching like this, I was just coughing in the office at that time. cough, sorry, digressing.”

“Isn’t anyone going to get out?” Robert asked in disbelief.

“Yes, after hearing what happened to those reporters, I bought a plane ticket and went back to Chicago overnight.”

“Gotham is too terrifying. If you stay for a long time, you will either be murdered by villains, or Fallen into a villain, no wonder my father keeps telling me – don’t go to Gotham when you grow up, don’t go to Gotham when you grow up, don’t go to Gotham when you grow up.”

“Gotham is not complete. It’s darkness.” The Gotham Times reporter was unhappy, “You have to go deep into the darkness, who can blame if something goes wrong? When you stare into the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you.”

“I Remember Gotham was voted the safest and most vibrant city in America for several years,” Robert wondered.

“That’s all from Old Huang years ago.” Gotham Times reporter sighed.

“What’s the difference now?”

“Miss Quinn wasn’t a five-ring admiral, well, she was Gotham. This!” He gave a thumbs up, his voice The pressure is extremely low, and the Divine Idol thief is returned, and the spinning is random.

All the reporters have gone online and read Louise Lane’s “Harry Biography”.

The Gotham Times reporter continued: “The ability of Admiral Five Rings is not even suspicious of aliens. Therefore, under her rule, Gotham is prosperous and the cost of crime is extremely high.”


“How high?” Robert asked in confusion.

“Whoever commits a major crime is equal to offending Mother Q, and the price is not big enough?”

Robert was stunned and said with deep conviction: “The big one is scary.”


Gotham Times reporter sighed then said, “Now she has become an admiral of the Five Rings, focusing on the national major event, Gotham has become Bateman’s territory, crime in Gotham is equal to offending Baxter Man, this is the price”

“I heard that Bateman likes to put people into the ICU. In just half a year, they have been reported dozens of times, and the price of entering the ICU is not low.”

“What about Gotham’s nearly 50,000 GCPDs, can Bateman and Robin take their jobs?”

“But Bateman is a hero, he doesn’t want to rule, he’s serving the people Fight for rights.” A reporter said.

The Gotham Times reporter said: “That’s true, but we’re talking about reality now, and the reality is that Gotham has become the fallen city of the past.

Because criminals have become Super, super power, some neighborhoods are more dangerous than in the past.

So, don’t think about taking the ‘Road of Glory’ of Admiral Five Rings. It must work.”

“How did Lois Lane succeed?” Robert said.

β€œhehe, you are better than Louise”

The reporters laughed and laughed, and the hotel lobby was full of happy atmosphere.

“Apart from a general father, and good luck, what else does she have?” Robert said unconvinced.

Even Louise’s colleague, Kate Grant, couldn’t listen to this, “She has nothing but courage, connections, and will not die.

But if others have the same guts as her, they will name and ridicule Luther or a certain metropolitan military and political dignitary every day, go directly to the house of a warlord in the Middle East to talk about sensitive topics, go to the outer planet to interview the alien head of state, and interview on the street with a punch The mortal enemy of Superman in a building, came to Gotham to walk at night and felt the feeling of the Fifth Ring Admiral died hundreds of times earlier.”

“Don’t talk about it here, nonsense can’t complete our BOSS news. Mission.” Old Hans clapped his hands and looked around, “Did you go overseas to interview the alien volunteers together?”


“Count me in.”


“Count me in.”


Correspondents in the lobby, many responders.

“I’m going to squat at the foot of Quinn Manor and take a group photo of Admiral Five Rings riding a big dog to and from get off work.” Gotham Times reporter said.

The lobby fell silent in an instant, and the reporters looked at him hesitantly.

“What’s the matter?”

“We are war correspondents who have passed the review of the ‘Anti-Monitoring Alliance’ news department, representing Earth’s face, not gossip reporters.” Old Hans reminded road.

“I’m from Gotham.” His expression was both proud and helpless.

Gotham has a golden nuclear bomb that is famous in the universe, and Gotham people are proud of it, but as a reporter with unrepentant integrity, he is also helpless.

“So what?”

“Gotham people don’t care about professional honor, we don’t even want to face.” He sighed.

(end of this chapter)

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