I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 651


Chapter 651 The Glory of Gotham Famous

“What’s the shameless law for Gotham reporters?” Reuters reporter said curiously.

“Heibang’s big brother and political and business tycoons want to suppress news, buy pages, and write fake news. You can choose between losing face with money or losing face. I’m still alive, and I’ve explained everything.”

The Old Brother of the Gotham Times bowed his head, a little embarrassed to look directly at all of you who are not oppressed by the underworld and can really write the truth with free will.

“Ai, every family has a hard-to-read scripture.” Old Hans sighed then said, “Since 40 years ago, I have run a mission to the Great Celestial Dynasty almost every year.

Every time I go to the Great Celestial Dynasty, I will have a new feeling, and a long-lost feeling and impulse, and then I will write down my feelings based on objective facts.

As a result, you can guess What’s going on?

The news is not published at all!

I am a 64-year-old editor-in-chief who has also won a Pulitzer once. My qualifications and abilities have reached the pinnacle of journalists, but I don’t think so. The law publishes real news in its own newspaper.

It is not that the news of the celestial dynasty cannot be published, but that the country, the city of the country, and the people in the city are all ugly and small, and cannot be tall. Beautiful.

Especially you can’t use eastern countries as an example to criticize the ugly and dwarf on your side.”

A reporter with a BBC sign nodded deeply, helplessly said : “It is said that we BBC have bad intentions and like to engage in Yin Sector filters. In fact, it is a huge injustice.

If we can stand to get our salary, we BBC reporters also want to pursue truth and truth.

After all, our university education is similar to yours, we all understand the ethics of journalists, and we have all been inspired to become the uncrowned king who makes the world a better place.

Nevertheless government-government news The Ministry does not allow it, nor does the domestic social environment.

British people who have the ‘Ancient Era Dream of the British Empire’, if they see the country that they have wanted to bully become richer, stronger and more powerful than themselves They are full of vigor, and they compare themselves to a small third-rate country. How can they not feel uncomfortable?

Arenโ€™t readers happy when they watch the news?

If the BBC doesnโ€™t make them happy, they wonโ€™t Buying our newspapers, not subscribing to our news content, the company’s performance has declined, we will either have lower wages or be laid off, but we can get mortgages, car loans, wives and children

So, it’s not that the BBC reporter is bad, it’s the government-government If we are bad with the people, we, in the den of bad people, have to be bad.โ€

A large group of reporters immediately echoed with emotion, โ€œIn our case, we canโ€™t tolerate the slightest real bright spot in the East, especially if we donโ€™t When they are bright, the above must tell us to make up and write the bright ones as black.

When it comes to the black ones, it’s a big rush. The whole newspaper works overtime together, not to mention A black dot is written as a piece of Black Forest, don’t even think about getting off work, don’t even think about getting a year-end bonus.”

“You guys are pretty good, just don’t report on the news of China.” The Deutsche Presse Presse reporter said with a bitter smile: “Our German emigration problem alas, You know, even strong women in this country can’t report, they have to pretend to be deaf.

On the contrary, if anyone dares to speak ill of those outsiders, they will be criticized by thousands of people and reviled by thousands of people, and they will come immediately.

In this world, it is difficult to be an ordinary reporter who thinks normally, speaks and writes articles with normal content! “

“You think too much, don’t I have the problem of moving people of color and people of color?” A group of Western reporters looked disapproving, “We still have more serious issues, such as environmental protection, animal protection, and transgender.

There are too many news content, we are not only catering to them, but also Law expresses different views. “

Old Hans sighed in a concluding tone: “Now the news is no longer about the truth of the content, but about political correctness.”

The point is the political wind that is considered correct, which is totally incorrect.

Our uncrowned king should have changed this incorrect ‘political correctness’.

We should hold the lance and shout to the waves and waves.

Lonely and bravely, like Don Quixote, rushes into the evil that is illusory in the eyes of others, but real in my own eyes.

It’s a pity”

The old reporter suddenly stopped, he frowned and saw the reporters gathered around complaining, all from Europe and the United States.

A group of Asian and African stood outside. The reporters in Lara, they just looked at them and didn’t speak.

“Why don’t you speak? “Old reporters are a little unhappy. Europe and the United States, the glorious origins of freedom and democracy, are all darkened. Are you all bright?

A Latin American reporter indifferently said: “What’s there to say? Although we are not in the same country, our national media has long been directly acquired or indirectly controlled by European and American news tycoons.

To put it bluntly, 80% of the bosses of our bosses are the same News Corporation, or the same person.

You can at least eat first-hand ‘dung’, but we have to cheer for you, eat what you pull out, and reprocess it and feed it to our own citizens. “

“oh!” The old reporter showed helplessness, shook his head and sighed, contented.

“oh!” BBC reporters, when they saw the beginning of “Ancient Era”, they learned from them how to be good reporters and how to criticize the reality of “small country” reporters. By 2015, they were still not as good as them, and they had to learn from them and eat their dung. He was bitter. Sigh, my heart is flying with joy.

“Hey, where is the reporter Su from Xinshe? “All the European and American journalists were scanning the names of Asia, Africa and Latin America, who bowed their heads in their glances, with complex expressions that they empathized with, and the same joyous mood, when someone suddenly called out.

Because he remembered it. , not all countries’ media in Asia are controlled by their boss’ boss, for example, the Great Celestial Dynasty.

Then he wanted to see him, wanted to see a different helplessness on his face, from his He heard different pains in his mouth.

But he searched around, but he couldn’t find anyone.

It was obvious that they were sharing news materials together just now, and they promised to go together Interviewing alien volunteer generals.

“Oh, Reporter Su, he just had a stomach ache and went to the toilet, so let’s go first, so we don’t have to wait for him. said a white African buddy.

“How long was it just now?” “AFP reporter asked.

The white African man thought about it and said, “Just when old Hans said ‘Don Quixote’. โ€

The reporters no longer had any doubts, they hadnโ€™t asked at that time.

Well, Jin Feng didnโ€™t have a clue, at that time, the old Hans was already frowning and scanning the group of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

“It’s getting late, let’s go quickly. “The Gotham Times reporter happily said.

When the reporters saw his face full of spring breeze and his head held high, not only did they lose self-abasement and shame, but instead they were full of pride and confidence.

Yafei The reporters from Europe and the United States are not very comfortable.

“Reporter Ross, you go to Quinn Manor alone to watch the ‘Admiral Riding a Dog’, don’t wait for us, we are not the same. “Old Hans said indifferently.

The Gotham Times reporter was about to agree with a smile when his eyes suddenly swept to the wall clock behind the reception desk in the lobby, it was six-fifty.

Pull Nalang said that the interview will start at 5:00, and the interview will definitely not last more than two hours.

His expression remained the same, but his eyes were filled with annoyance and disappointment.

“No, I would like to share with you all. Friendship, let me regain the honor I deserve as a journalist. I’m not a paparazzi, and I’m going to interview alien generals, even if I can’t grab the headlines, even if the traffic is reduced by 80%, even if I lose 1/10,000 of the chance to become a cosmic name, it doesn’t matter. โ€

The reporters of Gotham Times have a firm expression, like Don Quixote, who is holding a long spear and facing the windmill giant. Can you regain your glory?

You can regain your confidence and your responsibilities as a reporter, but glory can only be achieved by changing your imperfect self in the past and working hard in the future, how can you get it through the words of others , and now suddenly have glory?

Could it be that our words made you compare the glory?

“You charged black money to write fake news, how did you get glory? The BBC reporter sneered.

Gotham Times reporter said resolutely: “Yes, I was oppressed by underworld forces, and I wrote fake news to deceive people, but I only deceived a small number of Gotham people, not a single one. country, a world.

We never say anything about news about international politics and social atmosphere, but there is no political correctness.

I collect black money, take down the news that exposes the underworld forces, and at most harm the people at the bottom of a certain block. I have never smeared a region, a nation, or even a country.

In fact, I did not harm the people of Gotham. Even if I wrote the news, it would not change the status quo of Gotham. “

The reporters as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat, like a man on the back, like sitting on pins and needles.

Robert doubted: “Is there no one in Gotham who is politically correct?” “

The Gotham Times reporter hesitated and said: “It’s not that there isn’t, it’s just that people like that can’t survive in Gotham.”

Anyone who advocates political correctness must offend those he considers ‘politically incorrect’, right? “

Old Hans gently voted, there is no opposition, there is no right or wrong, political correctness is to force right and wrong.

“Ai, this is Gotham, everyone feels uncomfortable. , will not shout with the mouth, scold with the pen. “The Gotham reporter sighed.

“What do you use? “

The Gotham reporter said with his fingers crossed: “Kidnapping, murdering, assassinating, killing him, killing him, killing his whole family.

The social structure of our Gotham, Actually very dynamic.

Latin American gangs, Neon Yamaguchi groups, Italian blackheads, and Russia, as long as there is a black state in the country or region, will start overseas business in Gotham after a certain stage of development.

Gotham is to black states around the world what the international market is to companies of all countries.

Gotham people believe in God, Satan, Evil God, Wu and Yi, who believe in the five-ring admiral, even the clowns have sects and believers.

Same-sex, transgender, gender-indistinguishable

Yiming is nothing, even aliens and aliens

So don’t be afraid to find There is no enemy capable of sin and sinful inclination.

Anyone who likes to engage in political correctness in the press is generally unable to hold a gun in society.

The guns are all black states, black police, black politicians, they just want to make money.

After all, in Gotham, crime is a daily activity, and money is the foundation of power and the primary productive force for survival and development.

Of course, Gotham people also have Gotham-specific ideology and politics.

We care more about the laws and the illegal, the heroes and the super criminals, the justice and the sin, the madness and the crazier, the Arkham regulars and the Batemanโ€

Reporters Stunned and speechless.

“It’s getting late, let’s go. “The Gotham reporter reminded.

Old Hans was stunned and asked, “You just said that you couldn’t grab the headlines and the traffic was reduced by 80%. What do you mean?” Photos of the admiral riding a dog are not news in Earth. “

There is still a 1 in 10,000 chance to become a cosmic name, and that’s the point!

The Gotham Times reporter sighed: “Indeed, the people of Gotham can often be naked. eye To see the picture of the admiral riding the dog is very clear, it is not news.

But these days are different.

What are we?

He’s a war correspondent for the Earth Coalition!

Dozens of alien fleets are here today, and they must all be carrying war correspondents.

Earth people care about alien generals and fleets, and alien reporters must pay more attention to Earth.

Who on Earth attracts more traffic than a golden nuke? โ€

(end of this chapter)

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