I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 652


Chapter 652 Interview with the Golden Nuclear Bomb

Gotham Famous said: “Even if you only take a set of pictures of the five-ring general, aliens will Reporters will also repost it, after all, like us, they also have bosses and news tasks.

If you add some other information to the photos, such as, ‘Shocking the universe, the little country reporter actually made a golden nuclear bomb Interviews’, ‘Blessed are the people of the universe, after many days, a new issue of the golden nuclear bomb interview is coming out’.

Use the headlines that are heard by aliens to attract their attention.

Aren’t the aliens worried about the cosmic crisis at the critical moment of the Shadow Fiend’s attack?

They are also eager to learn the key information about the crisis.

In the Shadow Fiend Army The golden nuclear bomb with seven in and seven out is the source of confidence for all alien readers.

So, even if you only take a few photos, you may be famous in the stars.

If you take a video, put the It’s not impossible to put your own face in and become a famous record in the universe.”

“This” the eyes of all the reporters were about to bulge out.

Although Gotham Famous is shameless, collects black money, and has no professional ethics, but Famous is Famous, and its sensitivity to hot news definitely deserves the name of Famous.

At least this analysis makes sense and is very operational.

Their protruding eyes quickly turned red again.

“But you’re right. We represent the Earth coalition. We are war reporters who write serious news.

The old Hans from the Associated Press suddenly covered his stomach and ran into the lobby with a groan, “I’m sorry everyone, you have a bad stomach, you go first, don’t wait for me.”

Without waiting for a response, he trotted into the men’s room.

When I entered the door, I saw a tall, thin man with glasses leaning against the sink. His face was shrouded in smoke, and he couldn’t see it very clearly.

“Ah, Reporter Hans, you areβ€”” The smoking man was a little surprised and flustered.

β€”β€”Could it be that this old guy wouldn’t let him go and chased him all the way to the toilet? As for?

“Reporter Su, this is you.” Hans glanced at the sink. There was an ashtray on the Dali stone platform, which was full of cigarette butts.

“Ai, my stomach is bloated, but I am constipated. I am distressed.” Reporter Su sighed while covering his stomach naturally.

Old Hans corner of the mouth twitched, “Do you want to get medicine for you?”

Reporter Su shook his head, “I have eaten it, it is brewing.”

Old Hans was stunned.

“Reporter Hans, please do as you please.” Reporter Su said.

β€”β€”It won’t come out!

Old Hans was in embarrassment when the toilet door opened again. The BBC reporter hurried in and saw that the two of them were only starting, so they said with a smile: “Where are you two talking?”

“Reporter John hasn’t set off yet?” Reporter Su was really anxious.

He raised his wrist, looked at his watch, and panicked: “Oh, it’s a quarter past seven?! You two continue, I’ll go first.”

said When he was done, he picked up the briefcase on the sink and ran out.

Even being said a few odd words by your peers is better than not being able to complete the task.

Moreover, looking at the expressions of these two people, it seems that the topic of “saying the hard-to-read scriptures” has already been finished.

Seeing him leave, John and Hans didn’t stop him, but looked at each other tacitly, their expressions both relaxed.



they both said and laughed.

“Actually, I used paparazzi methods to track down corporate executives who excreted toxic industrial waste water in the early years. The method is not important. What matters is the content of the reporter’s attention.” Old Hans said slowly.

β€œI agree with this very much,” BBC’s John nodded in agreement, β€œFor example, the headquarters sent me to China for a mission. In order to more truly restore the miserable and numb life of the people in China, I would also avoid the police officers of the Chinese Dynasty. look at some special areas”

Old Hans said with a smile: “Why don’t we go to Quinn Manor together? I can’t say we can find itβ€””

“clang when β€”β€”” The third time the toilet door was pushed open from the outside, a reporter from a small group, either frustrated or excited, walked in chatting.

“Fake!” BBC’s John was in a hurry in an instant, the two monks could still carry water to eat, so muchβ€”

Hey, how come even Gotham Times reporters coming?

“Ai, I said long ago that I can’t go to Quinn Manor anymore, so now, I don’t even need to go to the outer seas.” Gotham Famous murmured.

“Reporter Ross, why can’t you go to the manor?” Old Hans asked in confusion.

“It’s too late, Lana Lang said when he left that the interview started at five o’clock in the afternoon, and now it’s past seven o’clock, and the interview ends early. The picture of the admiral riding the dog can only be released before the exclusive interview, not After that.”

“Ah, it’s seven o’clock? The blood-colored sky, the brightness of which is 24 hours a day, makes me lose my sense of time.”

Old Hans first shocked his group of people who were unconsciously talking nonsense for more than two hours, and then he immediately realized that the reason why the picture of the admiral riding a dog could be reprinted by the alien reporter was because Lana Lang’s exclusive interview had not come out yet.

It has been more than two hours since the interview started, and the interview is definitely over.

The TV station is about to broadcast the content of the exclusive interview. Even if you go to the manor to squat to take pictures, it will become a thing of the past.

“You said before that you wouldn’t learn to gossip reporters.” BBC John glared at him.

Gotham Famous folded his hands, “The Gotham reporter has lost his face, how could he give up the opportunity to become a cosmic Famous Journalist, and what kind of journalistic ethics would he do?

I was shocked that I was almost seven Now, I understand that when I was talking nonsense with you, I missed the best opportunity to say something shameless, just pretending to be forceful.”

β€”β€”Rough fuck ratio!

β€œYou are shameless enough to say such things directly.” Old Hans of the Associated Press sneered.

“Yes, at least I know that I have no face, unlike some people who have already lost their face, and are still pretending to be ‘Superman with a big face’ – a great face.” Gotham Names indifferently said.

Old Hans’s nose was almost crooked.

“Stop arguing, quickly finish the water, go to the presidential room on the third floor, and ask about Lana Lang’s interview. If you can’t eat meat, you can always drink some soup.” Reuters reporter advise.

Old Hans was taken aback for a moment, “The interview is really over?”

“Well, we have been delayed in the lobby for too long, and we haven’t decided whether to go overseas to interview alien generals or go The Quinn Manor squatted on the fifth ring and rode a dog to get off work, and Lana Lang and her camera assistant have come back excitedly.”

It was an accident, not an accident, that Lana Lang was able to interview Harley. .

She didn’t lie completely. Before she came to Manhattan, she called Secretary Halle several times to ask about the interview.

Harry has a secretary. She is the CEO of two technology companies, Paradise Hills Electronics and Puppy Networks, a New York State Senator, a special adviser to Congress, the chairman of the Heavenly Eye Society, and more than ten others. The Foundation is under her name

Without a secretary to work, how can she be as handsome as she is now?

However, her secretary would hardly tell her about a reporter’s interview request, unless the other party was a cosmic writer.

Lana Lang’s application was never approved.

But she was well prepared for the interview, not cramming, and didn’t even know what questions to ask.

The reason why Superman recommended her to Harley was because she told him last night that she really wanted to do an interview with Admiral Wuhuan. 4D graphic materials, hundreds of hours of video materials

Superman is not happy: she hasn’t given Superman an exclusive interview yet!

But he listened in his ears and remembered it in his heart, and when the time came, he recommended her to Harry.

Because I was well prepared and even simulated countless times in my mind, the interview process was in one go, very smooth.

“Lana, the boss said that the video doesn’t need to be edited, it can be played immediately.”

When a group of Earth celebrities came to the presidential suite on the third floor, they just heard photographer Depay excited Yell.

“It’s on now? No need for trailers and commercials?” Old Hans said in surprise.

The Golden Bomb interview certainly doesn’t require advertising.

But if you don’t promote it, many Earth people and aliens who want to watch the interview don’t know about it.

Lana, who opened the door for the reporters, didn’t know either.

She turned her head and asked, “When is Director Rice going to play?”

“The news will be broadcast at 7:35 immediately after 7:00.”

“I thought it would be broadcast on my ‘Midnight News’ column.”

“Midnight news?” Depay called out, “The exclusive interview with the Golden Nuke is on the midnight file, unless the leaders of the TV station are My brain is flooded.”

“No time for notice?”

“There is a notice, before we arrived at Quinn Manor, CNN was hiding the sky and covering the earth on TV , crazy publicity on the Internet, and even the puppy video network has advertisements on our TV station.

And the exclusive interview will not be broadcast only once, from now to tomorrow night, repeat it at least four times, and the website can also watch the video, Make sure everyone can see it.”

The reporters came to ask about the interview process and the behind-the-scenes footage, but it was already past 7:30 after a few words.

“Harry, the changes in the world in the past two days have been very obvious. The sky has been stained with blood, the shadow demons have raided, disappeared day and night, and the sky is in chaos. The people of Earth are in a panic, can you tell everyone about the current situation? ”

The show begins, without gossip, or slightly edited, by the fireside, with Harley in home clothes and Lana Lang in ladies suits talking face to face and getting right to the point.

“You call her ‘Harry’?” Old Hans brows frowned, criticizing: “For this kind of public interview, you should call her the title ‘General of the Five Rings’ at this time.”

“Lana originally called it that way, but Admiral of the Fifth Ring is easy-going, let her be polite and just treat it as an ordinary fireside chat.” Assistant Depay said.

“Admiral Wuhuan is so good at talking?”

The reporters were puzzled and envy. canal is formed ah!

Is Lana Lang going to become the second ‘Louise Lane’, the name of the universe?

Soon they no longer had the heart to be envious and jealous, and the words of Admiral Wuhuan made everyone horrified.

β€œ. Everything that appears now is a normal phenomenon that the antimatter crisis will inevitably experience, and there will be more drastic astronomical changes in the future.

Those celestial phenomena include but are not limited to rainstorms and floods. , tsunami, typhoon, volcanic eruption, earthquake.”

“Then Earth must not suffer heavy casualties?” Lana Lang’s facial expression grave said.

Harry smiled and shook his head, “We already knew about the destruction process of other universes, and of course we have taken precautions. I formed the Three Great Legions of magic, technology and heroes for this crisis.

Magic Legion has dozens, magic Grandmaster, several Spiritual God mages, they can stabilize Earth’s weather mutation with no difficulty.

Now howling wind and torrential rain, the sky is dyed red, it is already the limit, no There will be more natural disasters.”

This is one of the advantages of Earth 0.

Fate Academician alone is enough to solve the natural disaster in the early stage of the Antimatter Crisis.

(end of this chapter)

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