I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 653


Chapter 653 If you don’t choose the environment, the good seeds will take root when you land

The essence of natural disasters is the collapse of the Universe Principle. And Naboo, the god of order, began to create a life council composed of earth, water, wind, fire element council, green of all living beings, red, rotten and black that belong to Earth thousands of years ago.

Relying only on the two councils of elements and life, Earth is like a small universe, stable at least until the last moment before the destruction of the universe.

“Where is the chance to win? It seems that the situation has been developing in a bad direction, and we can only passively defend.” Lana Lang asked.

Harry stretched out three fingers, “We have at least three ways to deal with the anti-monitor behind the scenes. First, the monitor is our ally, and he has prepared a whole set of solutions to this crisis.

We can count on him and his plans.

Second, God is merciful!”

Harry crossed her chest, Holy Mother blessed her , Not to mention the two reporters in front of her, the audience in front of the TV felt that her full heart-shaped face became whiter and seemed to reveal a holy light.

She had a divine appearance, and her expression and tone were more pious: “Everything that is happening at this time, what will happen next, and what will happen in the future are all in the destiny arranged by the Lord.

The merciful Lord has not given up on us.

He arranged for the messenger to come to the world, waiting for the ultimate enemy – the anti-monitor to appear, and the messenger of God will punish him!”

In front of the screen, Reuters reporter muttered: “Admiral Wuhuan seems to be a true believer, which is not consistent with the rumors that she is the godfather of Taoism and black magician.”

“The point is God’s arrangement, the messenger is Who, how sure is it.” The old Hans frowned again, looked towards Lana, and criticized: “This question is very important, why don’t you ask it?”

On TV, Lana Lang didn’t ask anything, only Hear Haley continue: “Third, ourselves.

We already know that the secret mastermind of Infinite Earth Crisis is the anti-monitor.

He is powerful, but we The strength of the anti-monitor should not be underestimated.

I personally have rich experience in dealing with powerful existence.

To be honest, among the enemies I have met, even the top three anti-monitors Reluctantly, Superman alone can fight him back and forth.

As long as we cooperate sincerely, it is not impossible to directly defeat the anti-monitor.

In addition to the monitor’s Arrangement and the messenger of God, this crisis will be without danger.”

“oh!” Old Hans sighed again, and said in a hate iron for not becoming steel tone: “Lana Lang, you I’m really not a qualified news anchor, at least not suitable for this kind of celebrity interview.”

“Yeah, why don’t you ask anything, just go straight to the next topic? You asked her about the past few What are you busy with today? You are interviewing the golden nuclear bomb that the whole universe is focusing on, not making a routine with others.”

“The arrangement of the monitor, the messenger of God, the plan of the five-ring admiral himself. , each of which deserves the most in-depth discussion.

It’s good for you, it’s really maddening to ignore such an important topic!”

The reporters also complained, watching Lana Lang His eyes were full of contempt: I let this idiot who doesn’t understand anything wasted the opportunity in vain!

The photographer Depay also didn’t understand: β€œLana, I was puzzled during the interview. You originally prepared a lot of questions, but you didn’t ask them.

For example, why is the golden nuclear bomb? It can kill the shadow demon.

For example, how much energy is left in the yellow light of the golden nuclear bomb, and can it last to the end.”

Lana Lang sighed: β€œThis interview was originally The purpose is to analyze the details of the crisis in detail, and the five-ring admiral’s coping strategy, so as to relieve the public’s fear of astronomical mutation and restore order to the chaotic society.

But when I really sit in the fifth ring When the admiral confronted him, he suddenly understood one thing. This is a public program, and what the public knows, the enemy must also know.

Therefore, the strength, cards, and battle plan of the five-ring admiral are not only You can’t ask, but try to hide it.”

“This” the reporters were stunned.

Lana Lang continued: “I changed the original plan, tried to minimize the leakage of useful information during the interview, and added some small problems in the details of life, only to show the general confidence and confidence of the fifth ring general at this time. Indifferent.

As the leader and the main force of the battle, the more confident the golden nuclear bomb is, we have no reason not to follow the confidence.

Anyway, after talking with her, I feel more at ease.”


The reporters were silent.

A 45-minute interview, in one go, with no lag in the content.

Throughout the process, Lana Lang’s presence was extremely low, making the audience feel that she didn’t say anything.

Admiral Wuhuan seems to have said a lot, but it’s all trivial, and the audience doesn’t remember any useful information.

But after the show, even the most critical reporters can’t deny one thing: After watching the show, I feel more at ease.

“If you ask some ‘exploding’ questions, this exclusive interview can make a sensation in the whole universe and make you become a celebrity in the universe.” Old Hans said with a complicated expression.

Lana Lang said with a bitter smile: “Then the universe must still exist. If the universe is eventually destroyed by the tide of antimatter, what is the use of being as famous as Lois Lane?”

“I apologize to you, reporter Lang, you are a real reporter!” the old man gave her a salute.

Contrary to Louise’s acclaim that day, after Lana Lang’s exclusive interview was broadcast, netizens and audiences scolded her as a bad reporter with poor business skills.

Originally they were worried about the end of the world, let alone scolding reporters, they even planned to give up their jobs, families and their own lives.

Now they have the mood and energy to harass female anchors because after watching the interview, they are indeed infected with the confidence and indifference of the golden nuclear bomb.

In the days that followed, a group of reporters were stationed at the foot of Quinn Manor Mountain.

It’s not the world famous reporters, it’s the photographers arranged by their newspapers.

The pictures of the admiral riding the dog were all processed by the famous reporters into “the golden nuclear bomb on the daily way to get off work”, “the golden nuclear bomb on the daily way to get off work”, “the golden nuclear bomb on a calm and ordinary day”.

In short, it’s pretty common today for a golden nuke.

Whatever happens on Earth is under her control, so don’t panic.

It’s true that there is a lot of peace of mind, but the situation with the Infinite Earth Crisis has been getting worse.

Mortal naked eye visibly deteriorated.

As Harley said in the interview, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, all kinds of natural disasters came one after another, and they were quickly suppressed by the mages to an acceptable range.

The Academician of Destiny suspends the Tower of Destiny directly above Manhattan City, and even mortals can see the thunder arc with the thickness of one after another arm, dozens of kilometers long, and dense like a spider web, from the tower to the void everywhere spread.

“Arc” is actually the manifestation of the Universe Principle in the material world.

At this time, it was like the house was about to collapse, and the Tower of Destiny rose up as a pillar.

And Earth is the backbone of the Earth 0 universe.

On the morning of the fifth day, Harry “instructed” several new heroes in the Heroes Hall of Liberty Island. Suddenly, a crisp sound of “ka-cha” appeared in her mind, making her The scalp is numb and the hairs stand on end.

“Oumai, the river of time is broken?!”

She hurriedly ended her training and flew to the Tower of Destiny.

“Did the river of time collapse?”

At this time, the Tower of Destiny gathered most of Earth’s mages, not only Grandmasters, but also archmage and official mages were recruited.

For example, Helen, the bartender at the Forgotten Bar, the Gorilla Detective, and the Boss Dark Night Master.

They sit cross-legged on the nodes of the giant array, contributing to the “support” of Earth’s law network.

“The river of time in our world is very stable, but” Fate Academician’s eyes are full of golden light, as if watching the landscape that ordinary people can’t see, “there is a broken river of time crashing into the time of our world.


“Two rivers of time collide?” Harry asked.

The Academician of Fate said: “It’s not the cross, some areas on Earth, where time is losing its meaning.

The past, the present, the future are present, and yet they are not.

If the multiverse is hardware, time and the laws of the heavens operate the system, then countless single universes are destroyed, the hardware is almost completely destroyed, and the system has no meaning of existence.

Originally in the super-time flow There are countless rivers of time, they are many and mixed, but they never collide, because they all move in the direction of ‘past-present-future’, moving forward together, parallel without intersection.

Now Time is fused together, the flow of time loses its direction, the past, present and future all appear at the same time, all collapsing into our ‘quality’ reality of the present.

However, not all of Earth is Time is collapsing, there is a time-disordered strip, I will try to compress the ‘time-disordered strip’ into one place, so as not to affect the normal life of Earth people.”

Harry’s expression was solemn: “The final moment It’s coming?”

Fate Academician nodded first, then shook his head lightly, “This is a sign of the end times, but this alone cannot destroy our universe.

It’s not a matter of attachment. Because of time.

Time has meaning because of matter.

As long as this world exists, our river of time will not disappear.”

This is not The time restarted, the timeline was not distorted, but a lot of “garbage” was suddenly dumped on the river surface. Therefore, Harley’s level 10 Linking Power Defense Specialty, which stabilized her own timeline, was not touched.

“Harry, watch the news.” Superman called and excitedly said: “T-Rex appeared outside Metropolis, God! I’m fighting dinosaurs and Jurassic Park is a reality. ”

The Jurassic era is just the beginning.

Golden lightning pierced the sky, and at the same time there appeared the double-winged antique aircraft before World War I, and the futuristic sci-fi airship – not the spaceship of aliens, nor the alien spaceship driven by Earth people.

Eighteenth-century Robert Livingstone was stopped by Gotham Patrol while driving the carriage to Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Freedom.

“roar roar roar-” On Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, Animal Man controlled a group of mammoths to run out of the city, and a group of primordial people wrapped in fur and armed with wooden spears chased the mammoths.

A middle-aged woman in a strange jumpsuit shouted to the live camera: “Oumai, it’s 2015? Is this fighting World War I or World War II?

What, it’s been more than half a century since the end of World War II?

Alas, it’s only been more than half a century. I’m an American, and it’s normal that I can’t remember. Oh, I was born on May 13, 2946.

Golden nuclear bomb?

I’ve never heard of that name.

God, it’s a real superman. Crap, who doesn’t know Superman and The Justice League?

They are the greatest heroes of all time, the precursors to the modern superhero Legion.

The Hall of Justice is a patriotic education base, where a statue of each hero is erected, We all went there when we were in elementary school.”

“Your Superman is actually a Millician hero?” An Old General of the United States, who claimed to have fought a 40-year war, went to his ‘own’ office in the Pentagon , was stopped by soldiers.

As expected of a general, he doesn’t panic when he encounters an accident. After asking the reason, he said with a complicated expression: “We Earth also have superman, and he is also an orphan from Krypton.

His spaceship He came to Czechoslovakia, and when he grew up, he called himself the ‘overlord’ and defeated the whole of Europe with the strength of the Iron Body.

In the once free world of Europe and the United States, only the continent of America has not been conquered by him, and the war has been fought till now. Oh, I haven’t heard of Harley Quinn, but we have Sam uncle.”

(end of chapter)

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