I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 656


Chapter 656 Warning from the future

Barry’s body is surrounded by a golden lightning arc, like a bad TV picture, very unstable, Also very illusory.

His face showing the mask was full of pain and fear, trembling and extending his right hand to the conference table, “Who will help me, I’m so uncomfortable, save meโ€””

“The Flash!” The heroes stood up eagerly, wanting to get close to him and help him, but a soft force, appearing out of thin air, stopped them.

Is Destiny Academician.

“Don’t come near him if you don’t want to die,” he warned sternly.

“The Flash, where are you?” Harley’s thoughts turned to one, and the spirit strength was wrapped in the power of fear of the yellow light, and rushed into Barry.

The spirit strength is only close to him. The golden arc, immediately and completely lost contact with her.

No access to Barry’s body at all.

However, the call of everyone was not completely ineffective. The Flash’s confused eyes recovered a bit of clarity, “God bless, you are all here, I succeeded!

Increase the body Vibration, can take me to the future; slowing down the vibration of my body, can take me back to the past, Halleโ€””

“That’s the point.” Harley said quickly.

She had a feeling the Flash wouldn’t last long.

“Oh, the point.” Flash’s face showed confusion again, “A terrifying thing is happening in the future, I have to come back to warn you, the Anti-Monitor did not fail, you did not succeed, Pharaoh Kingโ€”ahhhh!”

He shouted blankly, holding head, “Everything is disintegrating, my body, my soul, my worldโ€”what a strange feeling, what’s wrong with me now?”

“The Flash, what’s wrong with Pharaoh, make it clear!” Halle loudly said.

“I don’t know, B307” The Flash’s naked eye visibly melted into a ball of light, like a candy man melted in hot water, “Help me, help me, helpโ€” “

“Thornโ€”” He disappeared without a trace, leaving only a golden lightning arc where he was before.

After a few seconds, the arc was gone.

“Why didn’t you just pull him out?” Bateman looked towards Fate Academician.

“Your spiritual sense of crisis isn’t responding?” Harry asked.

Bateman said: “Dangerous to me, but what about you?”

Fate Academician sighed: “If I’m not mistaken, it was just a flash in time Avatar

Don’t look at it as an Avatar, but it’s actually a complete life.

Even the full-strength Flash melts in that golden arc, can we be stronger than him? “

“Ablation? The Flash is dead?” The heroes complexion greatly changed.

<> Fate Academician nodded, and nodded again, “The Flash we just saw is indeed dead, his body is like wax on a baked red iron plate, like the light in Dark Abyss, dissolving in front of us.

But the Flash is not dead, only a time Avatar died.

We all live in the flow of time, every second of time passes, and the past Every second, we leave shallow footprints in time.

For the ordinary person, the traces left in the past only exist in the memory of themselves and related people, like as if dreams and visions in a bubble, fuzzy and fragile.

The Flash is running on the timeline, one minute ago, the Flash was running; now, the Flash was running; a minute later, He is still running.

For The Flash, the self at a certain moment in the past is not an illusory shadow, but a real person.

If in the past day, Every hour a Flash travels into the future, which is this very moment, so there are 24 Flashes in front of us, and their powers are almost indistinguishable.

If you kill one of them, It’s just the Flash who died in a certain hour yesterday.”

“Isn’t that the Flash who can never be killed?” The heroes looked suspicious.

Fate Academician said seriously: “Theoretically, the Flash is Eternal and Undying, Undying and Inextinguishable.

All dead Flashes are Flashes at some point in time. “

“Did you say this, or did it come from Naboo’s wisdom?” Harry asked.

Kent smiled awkwardly, “Of course it was Neb who told me, and I was surprised too.”

This schizophrenic look, I see a lot of unfathomable mystery of heroes who are not familiar with him .

โ€œWhy is The Flash so special?โ€ Bateman asked.

“Perhaps the speciality of the Speed Force? I am actually observing the Flashes to understand their abilities and the characteristics of the Speed Force.” Destiny Academician said.


“Well, there’s never more than one Flash on Time and Space.”

“Instead of focusing on Flash’s abilities and The status quo, it is better to think about the information he disclosed, what he obviously wants to warn us about.” Halle said.

The heroes looked at each other and returned to their seats.

Bateman said slowly: “The Flash has revealed three pieces of information: First, the disappearance of the Flash is indeed related to the Anti-Monitor.

Second, at some point in the future, When we thought the Anti-Monitor failed, he actually had other backers.

Third, information about the Pharaoh”

He looked towards Harley, “I’m afraid it’s Specially passed on to you, what does B307 stand for?”

“What do you think, what does B307 stand for?” Harry asked.

Steel Bone Road: “Electronic documents, storage boxes, passwords, coordinates.”

Bateman Road: “Before understanding B307, one thing must be confirmed, this is lightning Xia helped Pharaoh spread news, or Flash discovered some secrets of Pharaoh and told Harley.”

Harry hardly thought about it, “Of course it was Pharaoh who betrayed the anti-monitor and told me Pass the message.”

“Why?” Everyone wondered.

“The relationship between the pharaoh and me is very good, and he personally announced me as the ‘second generation pharaoh’, so he must be in the anti-prison camp, and his heart is Earth 0.” Harley believes. .

Superman opened his mouth, just about to say: The last time you had a very unpleasant trouble, the pharaoh was beaten into a pig’s head by you, and you quietly poisoned him to assassinate him.

Harry’s mental sound transmission immediately echoed in his head: Don’t talk! The pharaoh must have hated me, so I will try my best to promote my good relationship with him, and let the anti-prisoner know and kill him.

Superman’s expression is a little distorted.

“If B307 is the code given to you by the Pharaoh, then this code must play a role in the intersection between you and him.” Bateman said.

Harry’s heart moved, and she suddenly thought of the Arctic Circle, the Pharaoh’s base that neighbors Superman’s Lonely Fortress.

Pharaoh’s whole life experience and hard work are kept at the base, which is also the pyramid for him to rest in peace.

“What do you seem to be thinking of?” Bateman looked at her with sharp eyes.

“We have some ideas, which need to be verified, and move on to the next topic.”

Betterman said: “We were talking about ‘Alexander Kent’s Raid Plan’ earlier.


There are already Earth 1 and Earth 2 in the underworld universe, and when the remaining three single universes also enter it, Alexander Kent will form an expedition to go deep into the antimatter universe and win the anti-monitor.

From The Flash’s warnings, it was predictable that we went to war, and we won, but not to the fullest.”

“Still in war? Alexander Kent was clearly lying.” Aquaman pointed out Hal Jordan said, “Don’t talk about the bad things about Sinesto, Green Lantern, you said, the little blue man can really open the antimatter channel and throw Sinesto into the antimatter universe? By the way, did Sinestro explode? ?”

Howl affirmed, “Although Oa was frozen by a space-time light beam, and the Guardian and most of the Legion members were sealed, at least two hundred Lanterns escaped.

Earth now has more than fifty lanterns, all of whom can testify.

Also, Sinestro was an exile, not a death sentence, and certainly didn’t explode in the antimatter universe.”

Aquaman turned to Bateman, “Heard? Watchers and Alexander are lying! They must have other plans, otherwise there is no need to wait until the end to prepare the ‘raid plan’.”

Baxter Man frowned: “Didn’t I say it before? Alexander is the man of destiny, only he who has positive and antimatter energy can open the channel and ensure that the super Legion will not be annihilated by antimatter.

This is the same as the green light. What Xia said is not contradictory, because now Ou A is shrouded in a space-time light beam, and the little blue people are sealed.”

“Uh, can you say that?” Aquaman was stunned, and then asked: “Why wait for the man of destiny to grow up, instead of letting the little blue man be the ‘man of destiny’ while the little blue man is not sealed?”

Harry was surprised. full beard is messy, with more muscles than Superman, looks like a brainless and illiterate guy, seems to have a brain!

Bateman said: “Not only to wait for Alexander to grow up, but mainly to wait for the underworld to mature.

The limit of the power that the Guardian of the Universe can exert in the antimatter universe, we are not at the moment. Not sure.

But think about it, they think that throwing people into the antimatter universe is already an extremely severe punishment.

What does that mean?

They It will be difficult to survive in the antimatter universe.

Even survival is difficult, how can I protect the hero Legion and fight against the master of the antimatter universe?”

Then he sighed: “Of course, By explaining for Alexander, I’m explaining his reasons.

It doesn’t mean that I fully believe that he and the Watchers are simple-minded and transparent.

I’m even 100% sure, They have other plans.

There are two issues we need to discuss now, whether Earth 0 should enter the underworld, and whether I should participate in Alexander’s actions.”

“No Do you say that all the universes enter the underworld before they start their actions?” Superhuman said.

“If Earth 0 is determined not to enter the underworld, wouldn’t Alexander take action?”

Harley sighed: “If he is a ruthless character, if the remaining five universes are all Entering the underworld is really about the monitor’s plan

He should stay still and let Earth 0, the disobedient thorn, stand outside the underworld, until the anti-monitor teaches us to be humble and obedient and obedient to the sky Life.”

“Alexander is not that kind of person!” Bateman and Superman said in unison.

“We wait and see, we will never let Earth 0 enter the universe, and see how he reacts.” Harry said.

The heroes frowned, “Why don’t you enter? Enter the underworld, at least have an extra layer of protection.”

“Harry, we should go in, only Earth 0 stays outside, immediately It will become the only target of the anti-monitor.” Destiny Academician also said.

Before Harley could speak, Bateman spoke first, “I agree with the five-ring admiral’s plan and will not enter the universe for the time being.

First of all, Earth 0’s situation is still Not bad enough to last a few days.

In fact, Earth 0 is in a much stronger state than the other four universes.

Earth 0 is like a The squeezed balls, and the other four are rotten apples that were half a month in the garbage heap. They’re almost rotten.

In addition, we need to know the watcher’s final plan, and we can’t just follow it. Alexander.

We need to negotiate terms with him.

We can’t let him lead us all the time, we have to be one of the leaders.”

(end of chapter)

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