I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 657


Chapter 657 Everything is ready, just waiting for the storm

Bateman persuaded everyone and decided not to let Earth 0 enter the universe for the time being. Waiting for Alexander Kent to come to discuss the conditions.

Or recognize the true face of Alexander’s ‘very ruthless’ vicious like Demonness’: he will not give any response, and force Earth 0 to escape into the underworld with the help of anti-surveillance.

“How do we make sure Earth 0 doesn’t move? When the watcher dies, split the power into five, move Earth 1 and Earth 2 to the underworld through the tuning fork.

That is to say, Alexander does not need everyone’s consent, just by controlling the tuning fork, he can pull Earth 0 into the underworld.”

After the meeting, Superman, Fate Academician, Bateman, Harley, The four of them got together again for a small meeting.

Betterman said: “If it were that simple, Alexander would not have specifically told me to advise everyone not to resist.

In fact, at the moment the watcher died, he One-fifth of the power has entered the tuning fork of our universe, trying to pull Earth 0 into the underworld.

As we saw, he failed, only Earth 1 and Earth 2 were removed, and the other The three seem to be out of reach.”

After a pause, he said uncertainly: “I guess the subjective will of the heroes and people in the universe can also affect the movement of the universe.”

“Have you got anything?” Harry asked.

Betterman was stunned for a moment before he could react. He opened the bat belt and took out a mahjong block bracelet and gave it to her.

“It really succeeded!” Harry was a little excited, “Isn’t Alexander and the Herald aware of it?”

Bateman lowered his eyes, “The Herald is killing himself for himself. My own ‘adopted father’ is in pain and self-blame, and has no intention to manage the surveillance satellite.

After all, I grew up watching Alexander. I understand his psychology, personality, habits, and know his knowledge and skills. Blind spot.

And I’m also helping him control some of the instruments”

“Hey, acquaintances are insiders, you can’t guard against it.” Harley laughed .

“What are you talking about? Why are you targeting Alexander?” Superman frowned.

“I stole the source code to control the tuning fork,” Bateman sighed.

“Steal?” Superman looked unimaginable, “You’re a spy on the Watcher Satellite?”

The Academician of Fate also looked weird.

“I just want to find a way to get Earth 0 out of the watchers’ control.”

Bateman’s expression was light and without shame: “The tuning fork from the universe descends on freedom. From the beginning of the island, I knew that the Watchers could control the future of our universe through it.

But the Watchers can be cooperative, but not worthy of unreserved trust.”

“I thought You trust him completely.” Superman muttered.

“I will not trust myself completely.” Bateman said.

“Don’t pretend to be X here, if I hadn’t told you the secret of the watcher, you would have regarded him as your only hope right now.”

Harry turned on the phone, and even Connect the data cable of the bracelet to start data separation.

The useful information collected by Bateman will be forwarded to Cyborg, the operator of the ‘Antimatter Machine System’.

The information belonging to the soul of data spirit transformation, returning to their original bodies through the Internet, for example, The Flash’s assistant Sisko, Bateman’s technology director Lucius Fox, Harley’s own chief scientist Black warrior

The black warrior woke up in the space dormancy capsule in the belly of Indian Mountain, and then Harry immediately sent him an order: go to the Arctic Pharaoh’s Castle and find all the cabinets and documents related to “B307” Folders, boxes, electronic documents.

“What secrets does the watcher have?” Superman asked in confusion.

Harry repeated the same rant to Bateman that day.

“So, Halle, your biggest scruple is just a universe reboot?” Destiny Academician asked.

“Just?” Harry gave him a surprised look, “Aren’t you afraid of such a relaxed tone? Kent, you’re not Nebo!”

Fate Academician said slowly: ” There is no need to be afraid of restarting, the new you is still you, a part of you, and now you are the other side.”

Harry paused, thinking, “What theory is this? How to listen to it. It sounds familiar, this is the way God exists, God divides himself into multiple parts according to different characteristics, each part is a part of God, and each part is different.”

Fate Academician There is no denying that, “God is the real ancestor of mages, and is the ultimate object of study, research and imitation of all mages.

Even if you just draw a scoop according to the bottle gourd, you can get one-billionth of God’s charm. It can also be used for a lifetime and become a generation of Grandmasters.”

Harry shook his head gently, “Those who learn from me live, those who resemble me die. Knowing how God exists is indeed of great help to cultivation, but it is completely To imitate, you can only cut your own way and become a clumsy shadow of God.”

“You are so ambitious.” Fate Academician glanced at her in surprise and sighed: “Believe me, no one You can surpass God, and even get close to it is impossible.

You who have been favored by God and used God’s power to get bugs many times should understand this better than me.”

β€”β€”Whether the power of God works or not, and whether it can get stuck in bugs, she has not tried it, so I don’t know, but throwing the blame on God, it is really unpleasant, and it is more refreshing than getting stuck in bugs.

Harry smiled slightly, and boasted: “Have you ever thought about it, I am neither religious nor kind, and what I do and think is far from the Christian teaching, why does God love me more than many? Angel?”

“Why?” Fate Academician said curiously.

“Because He takes me as a Fellow Daoist! You can talk friendly with friends of equal status, but you don’t pay attention to the shadows under your feet, and you don’t want to talk about life and ideals with servants and subordinates.” road.

“There are many arrogant people in the world, they call the name of the Lord directly, and treat him as equal to themselves, but God will not respond to his contemptuous look.” Fate Academician indifferently said.

Three House Demons is one of them.

When Harry first saw the third house, he spoke to the stranger in a condescending tone, treating himself and the stranger’s boss, Jehovah, as “life and death rivals”.

“Harry, Kent, please don’t say these strange things, so that neither Bateman nor I can understand or respond.” Superman said helplessly.

Betterman said indifferently: “I can understand, it’s easy.”

Superman glanced at him, “What do you understand?”

“The two of them are bragging in the game, one wants to learn from God and thinks he is humble; the other thinks he can be equal to God, but he can’t be humble if he wants to be humble.

Learn from God and think that you don’t have to worry about restarting, restarting It is the new life, the other side of yourself.

The two experiences of two lives of the same person are like two pearls on a line, they are all part of the complete ‘necklace’, only the ones that are strung on The order is different.

Those who want to be equal to God, consider themselves unique and unmatched.

Two leaves, no matter how similar they are, once they are separated from each other, she will no longer be It’s her.” Bateman said.

“pa pa pa” Harley applauded lightly, smiled and praised: “It summed up well.”

“What do you think?” Superman frowned looking towards Bateman .

Betterman sighed: “I am waiting for mortals, but I can only focus on reality, work hard, and give the best explanation to the ending when I do my best.”

Superman looked thoughtful, “Do your best to keep Earth 0, don’t restart. If it doesn’t work, comfort yourself, restart is a new life and a rebirth, and it’s a second chance for us from God.”

Bettman and his Glancing at each other, gently nods.

If Harley understands DC’s comics and animations, she knows that DC’s many restarts are the result of the initiative of the Zhenglian giant.

Many times, for them, both mind and body are riddled with scars, rebooting is really liberation, a new life.

In just one day, Cyborg successfully controlled some of the functions of the Cosmic Tuning Fork.

“Oumai, it is indeed filled with a vast energy that resonates with the universe,” Cyborg was very excited. “That energy is like the blood essence of the universe, and the tuning fork has become the heart of the universe revealed in the material world. External heart.

Blood is stored in the heart and flows in various organs of the body.

This should be positive material energy. There is no pure positive material energy in our universe, but Almost all energy and matter comes from positive matter energy.”

The tuning fork is huge, like a giant spaceship, but without a hatch, the steel-boned robotic arm deforms into a data line that touches the golden Metal fork surface for data exchange and command transmission.

The key is data exchange.

The watcher satellites drifting in the super-time stream must also be controlling the tuning fork via a remote digital signal.

Earth people didn’t know what to do with tuning forks before because they couldn’t even perceive the signal they sent.

“Can positive matter energy be transferred?” Harry asked.

“Yes, that ability has no master and is controlled by the tuning fork.” The steel skeleton pointed to the top of the U-shaped fork, two symmetrically distributed “antennas”, “Actually, the tuning fork radiates every minute and every second. Through the U-shaped antenna, positive matter energy waves are emitted to the outside of the universe, forming a repulsive force to block the antimatter cloud from the outside.”

Harry immediately said: “You extract a small amount of positive matter energy. , I want to study its characteristics.”

“It’s a bit troublesome, it is like antimatter energy, it cannot exist stably in the physical universe, to study it, you must first prepare a set of experimental instruments.” Steel Gu said.

“What’s the trouble?” Harry pointed to herself, “You can just pour energy into my body.”

“Can it work? What harm.” Cyborg hesitantly said.

“Hey, how much hell magic power, Evil God’s Power have I sucked in waiting for a mage? Trifling positive and negative matter, completely unable to poison the magician.” Harley said to herself.

“Then you go up and stand in the middle of the antenna”

Under the guidance of the steel bone, Harry hovered at the launch point of the “positive matter energy wave” and accurately transmitted it to her palm. Positive material energy.

“Pure Higher Energy Detected”

“Unknown Energy Detected Associated with the Fourth Defense feat”

“Do you want to enable feat evolution?”


A series of information came from the ‘Evolution Supreme Treasure’ in the deepest part of the Sea of Consciousness.

Harry immediately chose to pour positive material energy into the experience jar of the fourth defense feat.

Harry has already been upgraded twice by the time he waits for Cyborg to call and ask if it can be over.

Level 2 Positive Matter Defense: Increases immunity by 30% against supernatural attacks in the Positive Matter universe, and slightly enhances other energy attacks in the sixth noteβ€”resistance increases by about 5%.

The evolved fourth Defense Specialty, the effect is very mediocre, unable to fundamentally change Harley’s strength.

But this confirmed her previous conjecture, that matter, antimatter, and ‘nightmare power’ are all part of the sixth commentary on the Seven Origins of the Universe.

Harry began to look forward to the arrival of the antimatter cloud.

At the same time, she also began to think about it. She is almost level 80, what should she choose for her eighth defense specialty?

(end of this chapter)

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