I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 659


Chapter 659 Exploded Monitor Satellite

On the day Cyborg took control of the tuning fork part with source code stolen by Bateman .

The Watcher Satellite.

“Earth 0’s cosmic tuning fork, lost 60% of its control.” Alexander Kent stared at the console screen with an angry look on his face, “It’s Batman! I found a hacker in the operating system He made the traces of .

He clearly assured me that he would persuade Harley Quinn and the heroes of Earth 0 to agree to move Earth 0 to the underworld.”

β€œ Why would Batman do this?” The Herald wondered.

“I don’t know, I don’t understand why he betrays the Watchers, betrays us.” Alexander shook his head.

The Pioneer thought for a moment and said, “Batman may be cautious and suspicious, but he’s not a bad guy, and he has no reason to sabotage the tuning fork’s job of protecting Earth 0.”

Alexander sighed: “He certainly won’t destroy the tuning fork, but the trend of Earth 0 moving to the underworld has not increased.

It shows that the willingness of Earth 0 heroes and people to go to the underworld has not increased.”

“A hero’s will?” Herald wondered.

Alexander said: “To move the single universe to the underworld requires enormous power.

The positive matter energies in the tuning fork are prepared for this, but those energies come from The Watcher.

The more positive matter universes, the stronger the Watcher’s power. When he died, there were only five universes left, so he didn’t have much energy left for the tuning fork.

Public opinion can be the help of movement, and public opinion is mainly the will of heroes.

Therefore, I asked Batman to return to Earth 0 to persuade the Justice League. Earth 0 is very evil, and the public opinion represented by all heroes of Zhenglian The sum is not as good as Harley Quinn alone.

I expected Batman to convince Harley Quinn, but I didn’t think I didn’t even convince him.”

He said When playing Batman, the expression on his face was very complicated, but there was no respect and love for his godfather in the complicated emotions.

The time together is too short, the common experience is too little, and there are almost no good memories about each other.

The Pioneer asked: “Earth 1 and Earth 2 moved to the underworld at the moment of the watcher’s death. What is the difference between them and the other universes?”

Alexander said: “Earth 1 and Earth 2 are suffering, the heroes are all recruited by you, have been to the monitor satellite, trust the monitor.

More importantly, when the monitor dies, it is not evenly distributed in his body Positive matter energy.

Earth 1 and Earth 2 used to be the main universe, and the importance is second only to Earth 0, which has gained more energy.”

The pioneer asked again: “Then What are you going to do next? The news of the formation of a super legion to go to the antimatter universe came out, and the heroes are all gearing up and gathering in the satellite hall, waiting for your arrangement.”

“Arrange them to Earth 4 And Earth 10, those two universes are still intensified by natural disasters and shadow demons.” Alexander said.

“What should I do with the only three universes left in Wantianyi in the end? There is not enough energy in the tuning fork” The pioneer looked of hesitation, “I used to be an Earth girl. The watchers found it and brought it to this satellite to be raised.

I am different from you, I grew up at my normal growth rate.

During this process, the positive substance in my body The energy is increasing everyday all.

Perhaps, I can extract my power and pour it into the remaining three cosmic tuning forks.”

Alexander shook his head repeatedly, “You are the pioneer. , is also the vanguard against the anti-monitor, when I open the anti-matter channel, you will lead the super legion into the anti-matter universe, kill. At least completely end the anti-monitor’s conspiracy.”

The pioneer looked at him, pupils A thin golden light appeared, “You also have a huge amount of energy in your body, I can sense it.”

Alexander Kent did not deny, “From the moment you were brought into the monitor satellite, whenever the universe is destroyed, The energy in the watcher’s body is reduced by one point.

The part of the energy he lost, and a tiny part, together with the same amount of antimatter energy, entered my body.

But I There are also tasks.

You are responsible for leading the super Legion battle, and I am responsible for opening the channel and maintaining your survival in the antimatter universe with positive matter energy.”

If you just crossed the dc universe Halle, hearing the Herald’s conversation with Alexander, may be incomprehensible.

Celestial people have been influenced by Oriental Xianwu novels, according to the ‘habit’ of Oriental Xianxia martial arts, get fortuitous encounter β€”β€”senior expert to empower thousands of years of skill, they should soar into the sky, even if the force is unscrupulously vented, Nor will it ever run out.

Alexander and the pioneers should use their power to drive the tuning fork at will, first forcibly pulling the three universes left in Wantianyi into the underworld universe, and then aggressively entering the antimatter universe

Facts But neither Alexander nor the pioneers could do it.

Xianxia martial arts, get a fortuitous encounter, the protagonist is promoted to realm, the realm is high, and you can randomly extract ‘Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi without a master’.

In this DC universe, getting a fortuitous encounter will only increase the energy in the body. When the energy is used up, it will immediately become a mortal.

realm can only be improved by learning, accumulating knowledge and skills on its own.

But even if the realm is upgraded to the extraordinary, dc does not have ‘free World’s Essence Qi’ for people to draw.

“The power in you and I can’t be used, how to pull the other three universes into the underworld?” Pioneer frowned.

There was an inexplicable look in Alexander’s eyes, “Rely on themselves. Public opinion is the booster for the movement of the universe, we try our best to help them, let them be moved by our sincerity, and trust us more. Unlike Earth 0, many The heroes are also influenced by Harley Quinn and have deep suspicions about us.

But the overall situation will not change, and the remaining three universes will always be exhausted.

That At that time, the survivors in the universe will give birth to the same single thought, leave the dangerous Wan Tianyi, and go to the safe universe.

Belief is power, and belief is stronger power.

With that power, plus the positive matter energy poured into by the monitor in the tuning fork, it should be able to bring the three Earths into the underworld.”

The Pioneer looked up towards the big screen.

There are three azure Earths on the screen, Earth 0, Earth 4 and Earth 10 in the three universes.

Earth 0 is a complete entity.

Earth 4 is like a watermelon shot through by bullets, sputtering out a lot of unknown white light. Only 60% of the cyan planet is solid, and the rest are empty white.

The state of Earth 10 is similar to Earth 4.

“Earth 0 is okay, Earth 4 and Earth 10 are already riddled with holes, how long can they last?” the pioneer worriedly said.

“Persist until the positive material energy in the tuning fork + the boost of public opinion> the weight of the universe.”

“That will kill a lot of people.”

“Countless There are only five universes left, and countless people have died.” Alexander looked helpless, “The key is that we can’t do anything.”

In the days that followed, Alexander insisted on the satellite master console and remotely managed the tune of each universe. tuning fork.

The Herald is responsible for arranging specific tasks for the hero, rescuing Earth 4 and Earth 10.

This state did not last long.

“Let Alexander out, why is our Earth still in disaster?”

The spherical hall, made entirely of golden metal, was packed with heroes and criminals, one of whom was hair grey- White’s old Superman shouted excitedly in the direction of the console.

“Alexander Kent, explain to us why Earth 1 and Earth 2 are colliding?” Wonder Woman in the blue Stars and Stripes dress is also shouting.

She and Earth 0 Diana have similar equipment, starlight flying crown, red breastplate, blue skirt, but the style is very different, very village feeling, not as fashionable as Earth 0 Diana.

In addition to the two giants, hundreds of heroes in the hall were also furious.

After a while, Alexander Kent, with red long curly hair and a golden-bright and dazzling metal Battle Armor, floated up and landed on the suspended platform above the hall.

“Everyone, the catastrophe that’s happening now has nothing to do with the antimatter cloud. It’s a by-product of the monitor’s salvation plan, in simple terms, after Earth 1 and Earth 2 were moved to the underworld, they began to merge into a new system.

Not only the fusion of Earth and Earth, but also each of the corresponding outer planets in the universe.

When merging, it is inevitable that natural disasters will continue and time and space will be confused.

But this fusion process will not continue forever, and when a new balance is achieved, the disaster will disappear naturally.”

“Our universe is fine, why do we need to merge?” asked the old Superman.

Alexander explained: “Originally in the Ten Thousand Heaven Instrument, 52 universes formed a skeleton, and countless universes filled it according to certain laws. Earth 1 and Earth 2 each had their own positions, and the overall structure was stable and harmonious.

But now there are only two universes left to come to the underworld universe, and it is impossible to copy the structure of the 52 universes in Wantianyi, and can only form a new whole.”

“I don’t understand What are you talking about, but I will not go to other universes. My city is suffering from disasters, and I will stay in my Earth to rescue disasters.” A hero said.

“You can keep some heroes in your own Earth, but the other three universes must not be given up.” Alexander said.

“Why do you need them?”

“Earth 1 and Earth 2 alone cannot defeat the ultimate enemy. If the other three universes disappear, you won’t be able to last long. It’s not an indestructible fortress.”


Alexander’s words were immediately verified, a scarlet arc, like lance, spanning an infinite distance of super-time flow space, It was heavily anchored to the surface of the Watcher satellite.

“bang!” The satellite vibrated violently.

“Ah, the Overwatch spaceship is being raided, let’s go!” Earth 2’s Hawkman exclaimed.

“Don’t, don’t leave the satellite, the outside is full of time turbulence, 100,000 times terrifying than hell, no matter who you enter, you will die quickly.” The pioneer strongly discouraged.


One after another arc lance, like bullets ejected from the barrel of Vulcan, is continuous and full of formidable power.

Golden spherical moons that start to crack open huge gaps.

From the hall, you can see the dark and cold void outside, but there are countless meteors streaking across it.

“Everyone, don’t panic, don’t run around, this attack can be blocked, please magician or some other superpower, join me in adding a layer of protection to the satellite.” A male Zatanna Don’t panic, take the lead, float to the crack, and shout, “Attack! Block!”

The Stranger flew beside him, his hands open, the mighty Holy Power reinforced the magical shield.

Uh, the stranger who has been missing has not slipped away. He is the “hand and eye” of the Voice of Heaven, a common observer of the battle situation between Silver City and Earth 0, and has always stayed on the front line where the battle is most dangerous. .

“Blocked!” The heroes were overjoyed, and more and more people joined the Defensive Array line.

“You hold on for a while while I move the satellite elsewhere.” Alexander sighed in relief.

“No, it’s not supposed to be here!” the purple-haired Abandoned holding head wailed, his silhouette gradually blurring, eventually turning into a ray of light, disappeared.

“This” many heroes don’t know why.

“Oops, the Forsaken is a beacon of antimatter energy and destruction. Wherever he disappears, it must be destroyed by antimatter energy.” Herald complexion greatly changed, “Alexander, this is a omen, we are Locked, the satellite can’t be kept.”

(end of this chapter)

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