I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 660


Chapter 660 Xiang Yu lifts great cauldron, Superman pushes planet, Halle blocks the universe

The forsaken are Earth scientists of a parallel universe , because antimatter was researched, and a large amount of antimatter was solidified into a giant energy block, which alerted the sleeping anti-monitor.

The Anti-Monitor manipulated the antimatter in the lab, destroyed that Earth, and slowly eroded the entire universe, earning the first pot of gold to make a career in the Matter Universe.

For every parallel universe destroyed, the power of the Anti-Monitor increases by one point.

His capital doubled, eventually leading to the Infinite Earth Crisis.

Scientists who study antimatter because of their “crimes”, the monitored person imposes a curse: as long as the place is targeted by antimatter energy, he will immediately teleport over, witness the destruction with his own eyes, but can do nothing.

Therefore, he calls himself ‘the outcast’.

Well, this is indeed the curse of terrifying, because that scientist has a conscience and a sense of repentance, and will be remorseful and painful in the midst of the annihilation of the world.

With Harley, this curse wouldn’t even count as a punishment.

She will definitely announce the “truth” to the disaster-stricken universe: the watcher is incompetent and incompetent. He didn’t warn me first, telling me not to engage in antimatter research, and when the crisis happened, he failed to Eliminate hidden dangers when one’s own strength is the strongest and the anti-monitor’s strength is the weakest.

I keep you from dying, you should thank me, the gratitude and faith of billions of absolute beings, for helping me ascend to the skies with a single leap and become the God of Calamity.

You now know who is to blame. Before you die, you must at least curse the Watcher loudly, let him fall from the sky with one foot, and become a god of hatred and hatred.

Of course, the watchers curse the outcasts, not just punishment.

The Forsaken, like Alexander Kent Jr., has a destiny.

The “capital” of the anti-prisoner comes from the antimatter energy invented by the Forsaken.

That energy has a strange connection to the Forsaken.

And the huge antimatter cloud that destroyed the multiverse later was all earned from the initial ‘capital’ and was also associated with the abandoned.

As such, the Outcast has the innate talent to be a beacon.

It is specially used by the monitor to locate the target and orientation of the anti-monitor.

The appearance of the Forsaken means that the power of the Anti-Monitor is coming.

If the Abandoned One disappears, it means the end is set and destruction will come.

This is the alert function of the beacon.

For example, at this time, the Abandoned One was involuntarily teleported away, and Alexander, the Pioneer, and some people who understood the function of the Abandoned Beacon all changed their expressions, realizing that the Monitor Satellite could no longer be preserved.

It’s about to end up like so many by Destruction Universe.

“We don’t have a choice,” Alexander sat down at the main console and resolutely put on his “energy pumping helmet.”

“Pioneers, you take them away, I want to forcibly pull the other three universes into the underworld before the satellites are destroyed.”

Without the satellites, they even control the tune of the universe Tuning forks can’t do it.

“Noβ€”” The pioneer rushed up, pulled Alexander from the chair, sat up, put on his helmet, and said solemnly: “Without you, we can’t even enter the antimatter universe, Without me, there are countless heroes.”

Alexander opened his mouth and finally sighed, acquiescing to her behavior.

Even in a secret corner of his heart, he quietly sighed in relief: the pioneer’s words were exactly what he wanted to say but couldn’t say directly.

But after the energy is exhausted, the pioneer will become a mortal, and there is a high chance of dying in the satellite explosion.

“Omβ€”β€”” Nearly infinite energy from the precursor’s body Extraction, through the monitor satellite, incoming Earth 0, Earth 4, Earth 10, an endless stream.

“Harry, Superman, something is wrong, the energy in the tuning fork is skyrocketing, the jump program is triggered, our universe is shaking, and it is about to be forcibly pulled out of the Wan Tian Ji.”

Cyborg looks anxious and immediately alerts Quinn Manor and the Justice League.

“Earth people, I am the pioneer.”

At the same time, the huge silhouette of the pioneer, projection above Earth 0, her voice resounded in everyone’s heart.

The status quo of the multiverse, the underworld of Noah’s Ark, the influence of the will of the people in the universe on the migration of the universe, and the imminent destruction of the monitor satellite by a surprise attack. The truth and current situation of the infinite Earth crisis are known to countless people.

“It turns out that our wishes can affect the movement of the universe.”

“The monitor satellite was attacked, although it was expected, but without the satellite, we only have a few left. How do we connect with each other in a universe? And Alexander and the pioneers”

“The point is that we don’t get on the ‘Noah’s Ark’ now, and I’m afraid we won’t have a chance later.”

” Where is Admiral Five Rings? It’s such a time, why hasn’t she come yet?”

The heroes came to the control room as quickly as possible, and they were a little excited during the discussion.

“Admiral Five Rings is coming!”

Probably ten minutes after the pioneer projection appeared in the sky, shouting loudly came from outside the door.

It’s a fat head shark.

I saw the dog Holy Son, holding Harry, slowly floated down from the sky and landed directly at the gate of the control room.

All the heroes and officers stopped talking, turned their eyes out the door, and watched her come down from the dog’s back.

Harry’s expression at this time made them feel strange , Her face was pale, fine sweat oozes from her forehead, her expression was serious, but her eyes seemed very excited.

Harry went straight to the steel frame, looked at the console screen and asked, “Can you estimate the energy threshold for forcing the universe to jump?”

Betterman relies on She came over and said, “You came a little late, your condition is not very good, and you are not feeling well?”

She waved her hand, indicating that he should not disturb her for now.

The golden light flickered in the Fate Academician’s eyes as she looked thoughtful.

“Let me try.” The steel-bone electronic eyes red light flickered quickly, “It’s hard to estimate, because the threshold is always changing.”

Harry’s eyes flickered slightly, “In the Lowering.”

Cyborg was stunned, reacted quickly, nodded and said: “That’s right, the pioneer’s words are working, and the will of the people is beginning to flee to the underworld. In this way, the positive material energy needed It’s decreasing.”

Then, his expression became puzzled again, “However, the energy has already exceeded the critical value, why is our universe completely motionless?”

Fate Academician pointed at Ha Li, said with certainty: “Because she is blocking.”

“You?! What did you do?” Everyone looked towards her with a surprised expression.

Harry said: “Before Manhattan Academician left this universe, he not only entrusted me with the mission of ‘Watcher’ and Watching Earth, but also gave me some Manhattan power.”

Those who know what she did to black Manhattan have a distorted expression upon hearing this.

Harry didn’t care about their reactions, and continued: “It’s the power of Manhattan that allows me to stabilize Earth 0’s state.”

Long before the Pioneer’s projection appeared, When Pioneer poured the energy in her body into Earth 0’s tuning fork, Harley, who was sitting on the sofa watching an American TV series with her fat head, felt stuffy, and a heavy pressure fell on her body and soul.

It was like throwing her 10,000 meters into the deep sea in an instant.

The huge pressure also made her “eyes of gold stars” from time to time – the perspective was raised to a higher dimension, and the dynamics of Earth 0 in the turbulent flow of time, space and energy flashed in front of her eyes.

The sight cannot be described in detail in the language of the material world.

It can only be used as an analogy: Earth 0 at this time is like an iron bull on the riverbank. At the same time, there is also a force from the inside of the iron bull, like a noose tied to the bull’s head, and it also exerts force downstream of the river.

Harry stood in front of the iron bull, leaning against it with her back, her feet like the roots of an old tree, digging deeply into the mud, preventing the bull from moving half a step.

The iron bull is stable, she is dying of exhaustion.

It took a while for Harry to get used to being under extreme pressure, stood up swayingly, and sent the dog Holy Son to the tuning fork.

That’s why she delayed a few minutes and is now pale and sweating on her forehead.

At the same time, she was also very excited, happy that she could stop the universe from moving.

No matter how awesome Superman is, he can only stop the plane and push the planet.

She stopped the universe! !

β€œHow does the Manhattan Power work?” Luthor wondered.

“Several decades ago, Manhattan Academician used his own power to fuse together two unrelated universes into a new universe, which is now Earth 0.

Because the universe contains the Manhattan power, we are different in Wan Tianyi.

Therefore, the meager Manhattan power in my body resonates with the universe and can bear part of the pressure for the universe.”

Harley’s words are half true half false .

She once sucked a black Manhattan dry, and in addition to the Level 9 Bonding Defense feat, she also got a small amount of bonding.

At this time, the power of connection does have some subtle induction with the universe, and the induction is gradually increasing.

But what prevents the universe from moving to the underworld, mainly relies on her power of connection for defense: immunity from any form of time threat, and the restart of the great universe level of autoimmunity.

She is now 100% sure that Earth 0 will be restarted if she goes to the underworld.

Otherwise, this defensive feat cannot be activated.

This also shows that the pioneers and monitors are on Earth 0’harboring malicious intentions’.

Maybe they’re for the bigger picture of the multiverse, but for anyone living in Earth 0 today, it’s going to cause harm.

Well, except Fate Academician who can readily accept “the other side of themselves”.

However, Harley also found a big problem, the immune restart even has a limit.

For example, Harley activates the God Force Field, even if the magic of Little Black Bean can only make her feel invisible pressure, the pressure cannot crush her.

The pressure brought by the reset immunity of the big universe level can exceed her tolerance limit.

The trifling pioneer, yet only one third of the power.

The trifling monolithic universe is just moving places, not really starting to restart.

The pressure is so great that her complexion is pale, her body is weak and sweaty, and it is difficult to move freely. What if she strengthens it?

Probably can only guarantee that she will not be restarted, and the world she lives in will definitely not be able to be preserved.

“Why don’t we go to the underworld?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Once you enter the underworld, Earth 0 will no longer be the current universe. Don’t ask me what will become, I don’t know, just make sure it will change.” Harry’s tone confirmed.

“However, the monitor satellite has been destroyed, and the pioneers have also given all their energy. If they don’t leave now, there will be only Earth 0 left in the Wan Tianyi.” Superman Worriedly said.

Wonder Woman agrees: “Change doesn’t have to be bad, or the lesser of the two evils, and the worst is better than total destruction. Or, do you have a better plan?”

(end of this chapter)

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