I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 661


Chapter 661 The Ark of the Covenant

Wonder Woman said: “At the beginning of the Heroes’ Meeting, your plan reached the ‘Antimatter Flow Controller’. It’s over, just talk about adapting things later.

Now do you have a final plan?

If there is, and prove that it has a certain degree of operability, we are also willing to listen to you.”


Harry helplessly said: “The Anti-Monitor didn’t come, I haven’t seen him, I haven’t experienced an antimatter cloud.

For me, the time for ‘then adapt’ hasn’t come yet. , but you”

“Harley Quinn, don’t you realize that there is a problem with your grand strategy?”

Wonder Woman looked at her seriously and criticized : “You have to be a commander, you have to control the big picture, you have to directly feel the antimatter cloud to make the final plan.

Then you should have been a few months ago, when the pioneers came to you for the first time, Immediately travel to the devastated parallel universe.

Wait until you have the information you need, then go back to Earth to be a ring general giving orders.

Not as it is now, As the commander-in-chief of the plan, I have never seen an antimatter cloud.

We, the plan executors, have felt the despair of the antimatter cloud Destruction Universe countless times.”

Congregation Although the hero did not speak, they all nodded in agreement.

Betterman said: “We should know about Admiral Wuhuan, she is not a cowardly person.”

Many people want to refute, especially standing at the door to listen of several mages.

Betterman continued: “She didn’t leave with the pioneers, not out of fear.

It was because she was worried that when she left, she wouldn’t be able to come back, or when she came back, things have remained the same, but people have changed.

We are now seeing with our own eyes that her Manhattan power is preventing Earth 0 from entering the underworld.

Let’s not mention the consequences of entering the underworld, this At least it shows that her worries at the time were justified.”

Harry poked the steel bone’s shoulder with her finger, “Why are you in a daze? Quickly figure out the curve of the limit value, estimate the lowest point, and then Store the excess positive material energy separately.”

Cyborg wanted to act, but he couldn’t help but ask the Big Three with his eyes.

“Harry, I also know that going to the underworld is not the best choice, but the monitor satellite exploded, so don’t leave at this time. If you can’t find a better way to save the world in the future, we will think about it. Taking the Netherworld as a plan B, it can’t be done.” Superman frowned.

Betterman said: “Steel, you can control the tuning fork. With enough energy, if we don’t leave at this time, can we go to the underworld by ourselves?”

Cyborg said: “Earth 0 can be moved, but there is no coordinate of the universe.”

“This” Bateman also hesitated, turning to Harry, “You said that day, add the tuning fork. , there is a 70% chance of resisting the antimatter cloud.

In case the anti-monitor personally takes action, plus the pharaoh who knows the universe, do you still have the confidence to defeat him?”

“Of course I don’t have the confidence to defeat the Anti-Monitor, but I have confidence in the ghost.” Harry said confidently: “I believe that the wrath of God can at least be a coordinate to help us use the underworld as a spare tire.”

“Uh” everyone was stunned.

β€œKent, can the Ghost do it?” Bateman asked.

Fate Academician touched his chin, “No ghosts, I have already locked the position of the underworld universe, and I am still monitoring several universes in it.

Because the antimatter cloud is blocked, I cannot receive the inner universe. information, but I can get a rough idea of their state.”

Harry gave him a sideways look, “Why didn’t you squeak before, and you want me to ask myself?”

“Because I think it’s the safest plan to enter the underworld and take the watchman now.”

Harry looked around and said to the heroes and sergeants who came around: “Many of you may not understand What is the difference between me and the pioneer.

If the rest of the single universe goes to the underworld, wouldn’t it be the new Wan Tianyi?

Someone understands what that means , but more people don’t know.

The universe will restart.

Restarting can be understood as the game reloading.

For those who play the game Said, that’s good, it can make up for previous mistakes.

But unfortunately, only the watchers are gamers.

All the rest of us, including Superman, Fantastic The female hero and the academician of the Spiritual God-like destiny are just characters in the game.

If I were not the five-ring admiral whom you have pinned on my hopes, I would still make the current choice and not enter the underworld.


It’s just that my determination will not be as big as it is now.

Because I am also a game character, but I can jump out of the game.

I can Protect myself.

But now I am an admiral with five rings, and I have to take the basic responsibility of protecting Earth.

Guarding Earth is actually protecting your life and destiny.


Right now, my plan is to ignore the Herald and let her scream there, and we continue our previous strategy of adapting and using the underworld as a backup.

If you agree with me If you plan, go back to your post.

If you don’t agree, go back to your post and vote with your heart.

As long as your will is strong enough, I can’t stop it.”

Everyone looked at each other and in small groups left the tuning fork console.

“I want to remind you of one thing.” Wonder Woman waited for the others to leave before approaching Harry and said with a serious expression, “You use the universe as a backup, and you will make the other four The heroes of the universe have a grudge against us and then leave us.

But one day, we will form a coalition and go to the antimatter universe to deal with the antimonitor.”

“How many are left now? Superman?” Harry asked.

Wonder Woman was stunned for a while, and said, “Earth 1 has a super girl, Earth 2 has an elderly superman, and then there is the superman of our universe.”

Ha Li shrugged, “Supermen are good people, they will always forgive their enemies, even more how allies make a reasonable plot against?

As long as Superman doesn’t mind, the attitude of other heroes doesn’t matter.”


Wonder Woman said with a sullen face: “There is another Wonder Woman in the universe.”

“Well, you want to remind me that Wonder Woman is a little eye?”

Wonder Woman glared at her and turned away.

“Harry, the limit is rising.” Cyborg said strangely.

“Public opinion has been reversed?”

“Well, now more and more people are on your side, ready to use the universe as a backup.” Steel Gu said.

“Ai, everyone wants to have a spare tire, people are not old!” Harley sighed with a smile.

Laughing for a while, she wondered again: “Even if those heroes and generals were persuaded by me, they are only an insignificant fraction of the entire universe.”


Cyborg was stunned, “Indeed.”

“There is only one possibility, the will of Earth heroes, which is far more important than aliens.” Harry frowned.

“It’s possible, but why?” Cyborg wondered.

Harry’s eyes flashed, and she changed the subject: “How much positive material energy is there in the tuning fork? Why hasn’t the pressure on my body been relieved?”

Gang Gu frowned and said : “There is only one energy pool in the tuning fork. How long can you support it without the ability to store energy separately?”

Harry hearing this, her face is whiter, the sweat on her forehead is faster, and the air is like a hairspring Said: “As soon as you reminded me, I realized that my blood tank is almost empty and I can’t hold it anymore.” Let’s do it.”

“Estimate the minimum energy for moving the tuning fork, use the total energy in the tuning fork now, subtract the limit value, then reserve one third, and the rest will exclude the tuning fork, and store it separately Get up.” Harry said.

“Where is it stored? Positive matter energy is very unstable.” Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered something, “Last time you absorbed a part of positive matter energy and said you wanted to study its properties. “

“Well, it’s very special, I don’t get it,” Harry said.

“It’s not a characteristic.” Steel bone stared straight at her, “The key is that you can absorb positive material energy, do you get a lot of benefits, and now you want to extract it again?”

β€”β€”shit, this guy is a rugby player. Athletes should have well-developed limbs and a simple head!

The former gymnast thought to himself.

“You didn’t tell anyone the secret of Junior Brother, Senior Sister, did you?” Harry’s smile was very gentle and sweet.

For the former football player, 80% of the time will be blush and heartbeat.

It’s a pity that Cyborg is now a cyborg. His body is full of motor oil, and he doesn’t even have a trace of hormones. Don’t say Senior Sister’s gentle words, even if.


“Actually, I didn’t want to hide it from Superman and the others. I trust them very much.” Senior Sister Harley sighed with clear eyes, and said slowly, “It’s just that Earth’s famous information Sieve.

A few days ago, General Ryan also asked Superman to monitor the alien generals, you know?”

“Well, General Ryan also asked me to monitor the alien generals. Alliance friend’s electrical signal.” Cyborg said.

Harry sighed: “Even the secrets of Superman’s innate talent — solar flares from the Immortal Realm’s blood river, are known to aliens.

So, you understand me Why should you hide your trump card?

I’m not afraid that aliens will know the trump card, the key is that the anti-monitor must also be staring at Earth, and the information that even the aliens know, they must also know.”


“The hole card has something to do with your ability to absorb positive material energy?” Cyborg wondered.

“It’s not me that absorbs positive material energy, but my treasure, don’t struggle, I’ll show you something.”

Harry opened his mouth, a golden light Wrap the steel bone and pull it into the stomach bag.

“Wow, this is in your stomach? Why is golden-bright and dazzling?” Cyborg looked around all around, it was hard to tell up, down, left and right, the whole space was golden.

“You’re not seeing my stomach.”

The surface of her stomach wall has many green tentacles, but it’s not pure golden.

Harry’s spirit strength turned into a projection and appeared beside the steel bone.

“Look at this.”

She had a serious expression, reciting incantation that she didn’t understand herself, but reverberated in the stomach space with mysterious incantation.

It was a long incantation, and the steel bones were awe-inspiring and solemn.

“Om–” Halle’s palms shone brightly with golden light, and an ancient wooden cabinet exuding a divine aura appeared in front of her.

“This is.” Cyborg was surprised, the electronic eyes flashed red light quickly, using the text on the cabinet and the surface of the cabinet in front of him, and the photos and data in the electronic brain database, and gradually, a unimaginable answer. ready to come out.

Harry didn’t say anything, just looked at him with full of smiles.

The answers you find yourself are the most authentic.

“The legendary Ark of the Covenant?” Cyborg cry out in surprise.

Harry gave a thumbs up, but said solemnly: “I didn’t say anything, you didn’t see anything, nothing happened today, understand?”

Cyborg nodded, and asked again: “This is your trump card?”

He thought of the ‘antimatter energy flow controller’ that she had planned at the hero’s small meeting, and thought of the disappearing positive Material energy, and thinking about her relationship with heaven.

The truth flashed through his mind like lightning.

“The Ark of the Covenant can hold positive and anti-matter energy, an infinite amount? Enough to drain the anti-monitor’s energy?”

Harry laughed without saying a word.

“At least we don’t have to worry about the antimatter cloud, it’s great!”

Cyborg Brain filled up all the answers he wanted, and he couldn’t help being surprised and happy, his face showing a long absence relaxed expression.

It’s no wonder that Senior Sister has always advocated for small groups and has always rejected the monitor’s plan – even if she hasn’t actually seen the antimatter cloud.

Can she be confident in God’s arrangement?

Moreover, she had verified last time that she did absorb some positive material energy.

Maybe to try again today, there is more energy in the tuning fork to absorb.

(end of this chapter)

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