I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 662


Chapter 662 Collapsed Alexander Kent

Earth 0Motionless As Mountains, Alexander Kent finally couldn’t sit still.

Three days later, an ultra-luxury Legion came to Earth 0.

Harry finally met Louise, the unfilial son of adulthood, and the legendary ‘other superman’.

“Hahaha, Alexander, you’ve grown so big, you’re so handsome, reallyβ€”” Harry wanted to pretend to be a little Aunt, to combat the arrogance of the menacing heir of the Watcher.

She is indeed quite arrogant. When she sees her, she directly calls ‘Harley Quinn’ without saying a word, and even dares to slap her face – dissatisfaction and irritability are brightly in her eyes.

However, after Harry took a closer look at him, he was dumbfounded, “Why are you so similar to Luther?”

In addition to the bright red hair, Alexander Kent’s appearance Almost identical to Lex Luthor.

It’s not that the facial features are similar, but the kind of likeness carved out of a mold.

“My father is Luther.” Alexander said solemnly.

His adoptive father, Superman, was beside him with a complicated expression. He wanted to go up and hug him, but when he saw his expression and eyes, he stopped.

“Luther, come here!” She looked at Luther beckons with the hand in the crowd.

“Does your father look like me?” Luther asked in surprise.

“The people corresponding to the parallel universe are mostly similar in appearance,” said Superman with gray temples beside Alexander.

Harry glanced at him with a complicated expression, “Looks like it is.”

This old Superman is almost a Superman 20 years later.

“Hello, Miss Quinn, I have heard Superman mention you a long time ago.” The old Superman greeted her with a smile.

“Hello, Superman, what should I call you?”

“Just like them, call me ‘Old Superman’.”

Old Superman is also a superman. He is more kind and gentle in age, and he has a temperament that people can’t hate.

He was also very enthusiastic and offered to help Harry introduce other people.

There are six people in total, the old acquaintance Leila who lost her power and became the ordinary person completely, the super girl with the red headband, the abandoned person with purple hair and green cloak, and the white inch quark lady named ‘Jun Generation’s Light Academician, Sam Uncle incarnates the American Spirit.

Harry was the best impression on Supergirl.

The flawless and pretty face is just a secondary reason for her liking, the key is temperament.

She stood there casually with her left hand on her hips, her chest straight and her legs long and straight.

The red cloak behind him fluttered in the wind like a flag, and his thick golden curls were tied only by a red ribbon. The messy hair swayed with the red belt, and the slightly immature and handsome cheeks were covered by half, and she did not smooth it.

In the brightly discernible eyes under the hair, calm and gentle but with a hint of sternness, the fair and flawless face has the perseverance and perseverance of a battle-hardened female warrior.

Compared with this female warrior who combines strength and beauty perfectly, the other heroes are a little shabby.

Ms. Quark is scrawny, but wears a very thin, very ironed bodysuit that is not mainstream.

If she is younger and more beautiful, non-mainstream can also deduce alternative beauty.

It’s a pity that she is over forty years old, and her appearance is only average.

Light Academician Jundai is a neon female scientist who uses light as a power and can be the golden partner of Superman.

Sam uncle is wearing a vest dress, a top hat with stars and stripes, tall and thin, with a goatee. The image is exactly the same.

Abandoned people are very special and belong to the focus of attention. Bateman has long produced a detailed “abandoned person file” and sent it to every Earth giant.

“Miss Quinn, with your wisdom, you should be able to guess the purpose of our visit today.”

After getting to know each other and entering the Conference Hall next to the Heroes Hall, The old superman said actively.

Harry glanced at Alexander and Laila. The two seemed to know the tension between them and her, and that the old Superman had the buff of being warm, gentle and easy to get along with, so he entrusted the leadership of the conversation to him. Old Superman.

“Our idea is very simple, take the underworld as a backup plan, as a last resort, just like you, relocate the universe to the past.

But before that, Earth 0 All heroes and soldiers will try to solve the crisis with their own strength.” Harry said frankly.

“Using the Netherworld as a spare tire?” Alexander brows frowned with a worried expression.

“It’s not a spare tire, it’s a plan B.” Harry said.

What’s the difference?

Alexander was dumbfounded.

“You have the confidence to defeat the Anti-Monitor?” the red-headed super girl said curiously: “Can you tell me about your plan?”

Harry looked around a few people and asked Said: “Didn’t you find the special features of Earth 0? I don’t want to talk about the main universe, I just compare the current situation of this universe and your universe.”

“Strange, the sky has been dyed red, Why didn’t the Shadow Fiend raid?” said Ms. Quark.

“There is no antimatter cloud.” Supergirl said.

β€œCompared to our disaster-riddled and riddled Earth, this place doesn’t seem to be affected by the infinite Earth crisis.” Sam Uncle said.

“However, the United States here.” He squeezed a few wrinkles out of his forehead, “Here, my strength is very weak. Miss Quinn, General Ryan, the patriotic education of your United States needs to be improved! “

General Ryan was a little dazed and a little embarrassed, “What does it have to do with patriotism?”

Halle said with a smile: “This Sam uncle is the most accurate patriotism The measuring instrument, the more patriotic an American is, the stronger he is.”

“Can you measure everyone’s patriotism? What do you think of me?” General Ryan said curiously.

“Well, you’re very patriotic, you can get 83 points.” Sam Uncle praised.

Harry heart shivered with cold, quickly put on the skin of God.

Sure enough, he turned his eyes on her next moment, “Strange, I can’t resonate with your patriotism.”

Then he explained: “I am The embodiment of the spirit of the United States is the embodiment of the concept of ‘Love the United States’, which can directly sense patriotic feelings by resonating with patriotism.

I can also draw the power of faith from your patriotic feelings, indirectly Infer the strength of patriotism.”

Harry said solemnly: “I am a mage, and I don’t want to be seen through the secret of cultivation, so I opened the Divine Ability of ‘God descends to earth’, you can only sense it at most One percent of the breath.”

The god force field can only block magical peeping, but cannot block the “patriotic belief” exuding from her body, so she didn’t say anything, and kept the “percentage” one’s room.

“But I didn’t absorb any strength, even if I doubled it a hundred times, it would mean nothing.” Sam Uncle wondered.

β€”β€”shit, how can I say that I have stayed in the United States for more than 20 years, and I have become a high-ranking person. How can I not even have any patriotic beliefs? !

Harry was really shocked. She felt that she should have several points of love for the United States, because she herself has become a part of the United States.

She loves her big house, her technology companies with a market value of hundreds of billions, Gotham ruled by her, the American political arena she loves, and the media and fans who love her.


With so much love, at least there is a passing grade, right?

“I say one percent at most” Harry sighed, without a trace of flickering in his eyes, and without a trace of strangeness on his face, “It seems that I still underestimate the mighty power of God, under the protection of the power of God. Now, you can only sense one ten thousandth, one ten millionth, or less of the breath.”

“Really?” Sam Uncle had some doubts in his heart.

Because the five-ring admiral has great merits and high education, it is impossible to score zero.

“Look at the others,” Harry said.

“Superman 90 points, the highest, Bateman 70 points, not bad, Wonder Woman 78 points, very good! Green Lantern 84 points, verygood, Cyborg 64 points, very potential.”


Sam uncle gently stroked his beard, as if Xu Zi would be alive, commenting one by one, all the heroes were above the passing line, which made him very satisfied.

Until his eyes fell on Luthor, he raised his eyebrows, “Lex Luthor, 3 points, this.”

“Nonsense, I am patriotic, I am patriotic , I’ve been very patriotic since I was a child!”

In the eyes of everyone, Luther was furious, “In the 8th grade, after watching the documentary ‘Manha Academician in Vietnam’, I was still After reading it, I got the ‘Watcher Patriot Award’.”

“The award does not prove anything.”

Wonder Woman, who scored 78 points as Amazon, has contempt in her eyes , also has several points of faint pride.

“Luther, everyone knows who you are.” Hal Jordan said with a smile.

“Even if I’m not a drag hero” Luther purse one’s lip, coldly said: “But I have real estate all over the United States, I have technology companies with a market value of hundreds of billions, and I almost rule half the metropolis, I am in the political and business circles, and Time Magazine has chosen me as the cover character many times, because I have so many fans and so many elements worthy of love, how can I only get seven points?”

Sam Uncle solemnly said: “patriotism is A heartfelt identification, a sense of belonging with pride and satisfaction, an urge to give for it

What you enjoy and love now, in another country, in another. planet, your love won’t change much.”

Alexander leaned forward, put his arms on the table, and said solemnly: “Everyone, time is urgent, please return to the topic.”

“What about him?” Harry puked at him.

Sam uncle shook his head and said, “He has not received patriotic education and has not established a patriotic concept.”

“Zero? He he he.” Luther laughed, his expression on the Also a lot easier.

It turns out that he is not the lowest, ‘his son’ is even lower than him.

“Miss Quinn, we were just talking about your plan. If you don’t agree with the monitor’s plan, just talk about your own.” The old superman said gently.

“Our Earth is in very good shape, what does that mean?”

“You’ve done a good job of defense.” Superman praised.

Harry shook his head gently, “It means that Earth 0 is the most important target of the Anti-Monitor.

He values Earth 0, and he also knows that Earth 0 is a hard bone.

So after a little testing and seeing that it was really tough, he immediately stopped and decided to put his strength on the other four universes and the monitor satellite, and finally concentrate on dealing with us.”

β€œ Since you understand that the current comfort is only temporary and a precursor to a rainstorm, why are you still unwilling to enter the underworld? There, at least five Earths can huddle together for warmth.” Laila said.

Harry glanced at her, “forgive me to speak bluntly, five Earth groups can’t give people a sense of security, we have had the opportunity to have countless Earth groups.

And, you I don’t understand my subtext.

Earth 0 is the key point and the most important battlefield.

If neither the Shadow Fiend nor the Antimatter Cloud can take us down, will the Anti-Monitor personally take action ?

If he dares to come, wouldn’t this be an opportunity for us?

So, my plan is, you guys stay here and kill the Anti-Monitor at Earth 0, while It’s not about going to an unfamiliar antimatter universe, and imagining that the river snake can suppress the tiger that swallows the infinite Earth.”

“Your plan has a premise that Earth 0 can completely block shadow demons and antimatter. Yun, otherwise there is no need for the anti-monitor to take action in person, can you?” Alexander Kent asked.

Harry smiled, “So we have a spare tire and a plan B. Give it a try. If you fail, you won’t lose much. If you succeed, you will make a lot of money and make a lot of money.”

“Little Kent, she persuaded me that I want to stay in Earth 0 and wait for the anti-monitor.” Supergirl said.

“I also think what Miss Quinn said makes sense.” Ms. Quark and the old Superhuman said.

Sam uncle said solemnly: “Based on my 40 years of battlefield experience against Overlord Superman, it is far more reliable to take Earth 0 as an ambush and wait for work, than to travel long distances and go to an antimatter universe that no one has ever been to.


We should give Earth 0 the greatest support.”

Hikaru Academician Jundai complained to Harry: “You have such a great plan, why are you hiding it? Don’t tell me sooner.”

Alexander opened his mouth and wanted to yell: mmp, I asked you to come here to help me convince her!

(end of this chapter)

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