I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 665


Chapter 665 Antimatter Defense, here it is

“hu hu โ€”โ€”” The blood-colored sky first appeared white, and it was so white It was dazzling, then the wind whistled, and it suddenly darkened again. A black giant ten thousand zhang high jumped out of the white light and covered the sky above the tuning fork of Liberty Island.

A giant of countless shadow demons.

“The reaction of the anti-monitor did not exceed our expectations. The shadow demon is in front, the anti-matter cloud is behind, and maybe there are special means from the pharaoh. But we are all prepared.”

Harry glanced around at the waiting heroes, and finally set her eyes on the Fate Academician, “Kent, don’t fish this time.

I’ll go first, if the shadow demons are scattered, you Be responsible for blocking.

In addition, if the anti-monitor appears, remember not to let the antimatter energy spread in the universe.”

Halle soared into the sky before they could respond. , giving tit for tat with the black giant thrown down by the sky.

In mid-air, a circle of stomach acid with a diameter of four meters and a cover of yellow light energy quickly closed, covering her.

At the same time, she took a deep breath, her cheeks bulged, and her stomach moved violently.

If you can get close to her body ten meters, you can directly hear the sound of “gudonggudong” in the abdomen, as if holding four uncapped beer bottles at the same time and spraying wine vertically.

She is also extremely fast, like a golden bullet in the eyes of outsiders, and shot to the front of the black giant in the blink of an eye.


Itโ€™s bigger than Madara Uchihaโ€™s Fireball, and Harry spit out a 200-meter-diameter ‘Fireball’ surrounded by golden flamesโ€”a fireball. Stomach acid fog.

“Fireball” drenched the giant’s face and rolled all the way down to the pussy, almost dividing it into two.

From the moment the golden stomach acid ‘Fireball’ touched the giant, the black giant’s falling tendency was a stagnation, like tearing the black cloth on the surface, revealing the light inside.

Bright white light shot out and slowly spread to the dark body on both sides.

“Boom boom boom.” The dull explosions were connected together, and finally turned into a loud noise like the sky was torn apart – “BOOOM!”

From the perspective of outer space, A white mushroom cloud the size of a little finger on the belly appeared on the surface of the azure Earth, and the torrential weather waves seemed to spread all around.

In the dazzling white light of the annihilation of positive and negative matter, the black giants all split up and in pieces, and then quickly shattered into smaller black ‘raindrops’ – single shadow demons.

The Academician of Fate spreads his arms, and endless dive radiance spews from the front of his helmet.

The sky is also filled with white light, again filled with golden light.

“โ€”” Shadow Demon howled silently, his body like snowflakes in the sun, his naked eyes melted and disappeared visibly.

The rest of the Grandmasters also took action. They did not rush up all at once, but spread out and cooperated with the ship’s energy cannons to block the enemies who were charging the front.

In addition to Grandmaster, hundreds of archmage and official mages also came this time.

For example, Harley’s “older brother” Father Carlisle, who brought twenty-four Gotham cathedrals and holy priests from surrounding cities, was in charge of first aid on the battlefield.

The Shadow Fiends consist of more than one giant.

Within ten minutes, three more appeared in succession.

The first Shadow Fiend was easily overwhelmed by Harley, making her and some people who had not participated in the parallel universe to think that it was not strong.

So when the second black giant appeared, Harley didn’t take action in order to save ‘ammo’ and let the alien Legion’s fleet focus on fire.

The effect is extremely poor. The huge energy attack almost boils the sea surface, but it cannot cause much damage to the black giant.

No ripping open of black’s body and no big explosion.

After combining into a giant, the shadow demon’s two-dimensional life characteristics are more obvious, and the anti-matter energy is more stable, and the attack of the three-dimensional matter world is almost ineffective against it.

The energy beams of the naval guns cannot harm the real shadows, and therefore cannot harm the shadow giants.

In the end, it was Harley who rushed to the front and spit out a “Super Fireball” of Hegemon, which rolled from the giant’s face to the lower abdomen, the positive and anti-matter contact, and the white light of the explosion divided the giant into two .

“Combine” all split up and in pieces in a more violent explosion.

“Harry, the antimatter cloud is here.”

After detonating the fourth black giant, Cyborg’s eager and excited voice sounded in his earplugs.

“Kent, you and the division will stand up first, use the forbidden spell, and plan to enter the second stage.”

Harry informed Fate Academician, turned into a golden light, and rushed towards the Liberty Island Tuning Fork.

In her plan, Shadow Fiend’s raid is mainly done by her and the division, assisted by weaker heroes and alien gunships, and stronger heroes and battleships are left at the end to deal with the Anti-Monitor himself .


As he approached the tuning fork, Alexander Kentโ€™s shrill howl came into Harryโ€™s ears.

Even the surrounding battles were suppressed by his loud howls.

Harry just glanced at him and landed on a platform in the middle of the tuning fork.

Under the gazes of Laila, the Forsaken, Cyborg and the others, with a solemn and solemn demeanor and movements, she took a dazzling hand from the equally dazzling Divine Splendor Yebby. Wooden cabinet of divine radiance.

The cabinet is one meter high, with obvious signs of old and broken surfaces. The dog, Holy Son, was carried on the back, and Harry arrived at the tuning fork platform almost at the same time.

โ€œWhat is this?โ€ Laila asked.

Cyborg’s expression was serious, “It’s a Supreme treasure of heaven, the legendary Ark of the Covenant.”

“I feel like it’s just an ordinary wooden box that can store an infinite amount of money. antimatter?” The Abandoned asked suspiciously.

“Do you know who it is?” Cyborg pointed at Yebi and asked with a serious expression.

The Forsaken didn’t know it at first, but they knew it soon after coming to this Earth.

At this time, looking closely at the serious-faced, silent-looking golden poodle, he did indeed feel a sense of humility in the face of holiness.

The expression of the outcast also gradually became serious – the Holy Son must be carrying the true Ark of the Covenant!

Harry held the cabinet in hand and entered the small room formed by the transparent force field.

The room is not a tuning fork, but an external device.

The Cyborg is constructed using Forsaken technology.

The Forsaken is cursed because he invented a machine that “creates” antimatter energy, and also concentrated a large amount of antimatter energy together to form a strange antimatter energy body compartment – an energy cube.

The high concentration of antimatter energy has awakened the Sovereign of the antimatter universe.

Batterman, who took the Mission Impossible mission, met him and learned about his deeds, and immediately discovered that his antimatter technology was just right for Harley’s plan.

“Harry, the energy is going to be poured into the cabin.” Cyborg reminded.

“Come on, Holy Spirit, the great father of God’s love, please enlighten me, strengthen me, and the people whom I love” in the full set of acting, Harry quietly turned on the Holy Mother halo, with a serious expression recite the bible.

The slightest strands of light blue energy poured into the small cabin from the top of the head, and was immediately absorbed by the “Ark of the Covenant” holding up the top of the head – in fact, it was absorbed by the palm of the cup.

“Gudonggudong.” The sixth commentary defense expertise evolution, anti-matter defense level zero.

“Gudonggudong.” Antimatter Defense feat Level 1.


“It’s really effective, worthy of the Ark of the Covenant, and the effect is very powerful!”

Look no matter how much antimatter energy is poured into it , were immediately absorbed by the cabinet, the steel bones were pleasantly surprised, and the abandoned ones were amazed, but Laila raised her head worriedly, looking towards the top of the tuning fork.

Alexander Kent’s cry was even more mournful and heart-wrenching.

There is a pair of antennas combined into a U-shape at the top of the cosmic tuning fork. At this time, a huge cross is erected between the two antennas.

Alexander Kent is like the crucified Christ, his hands, feet and neck are locked with metal hoops.

Above his head, there was a flashing blue arc of scarlet energy vortex – the raging antimatter energy drawn from the antimatter flow controller.

The principle of the antimatter flow controller is actually very simple.

The tuning fork can form an invisible and qualitative force field film in the outer periphery of the universe, which can be imagined as Brainiac’s cosmic wall.

The force field film of the tuning fork blocks the antimatter cloud from approaching the universe, thereby preventing the positive matter in the universe from contacting and annihilating the antimatter cloud.

If you open a small hole in the force field membrane, the antimatter that is blocked outside will be poured in frantically along the small hole, and even form a vortex.

In this way, the flow of antimatter in the universe can be indirectly controlled by controlling the position of the small hole.

Wherever the holes are opened, the antimatter flows.

Of course, the opening is just the basic principle, not the whole of the antimatter flow controller.

The construction of the instrument is quite complex.

At the very least, make sure that the antimatter passing through the small hole does not immediately come into contact with the positive matter in the universe – which again requires the technology of the outcast.

At this point, a small hole was opened on top of Alexander Kent’s head, forming an antimatter vortex.

The opening of the universe is different from the opening of the box.

The box has a hole, and there is a distance from the hole to the center of the box.

And the universe contains time, space and matter, not a pure three-dimensional form of matter like a box.

From the outside of the universe to any place in the universe, there is only a layer of cosmic barrier, and there is no distance in three-dimensional space.

For example, The Flash travels through the universe by changing the frequency of vibration, equivalent to passing through a hole in one universe and going to another universe, but the Flash does not walk very far like the hole in the center of the box to the outer shell of the box. A long cosmic distance, until the cosmic boundary does not pass through the small hole.

He completed the cosmic crossing in situ.

Anywhere in the universe, the distance outside the universe is the same, and there is only a layer of “frequency membrane”.

Therefore, on that day, Harley warned the Atlantis king Orm: Antimatter does not come from above, destroying Earth according to the path of “outer space-sky-land-ocean”, it comes from outside the universe When passing through the Cosmic Barrier, appear anywhere on Earth with the same probability – the Earth’s center, seabed, land, sky.

So, even if Alexander Kent didn’t go to the boundary of the universe, he could still be right below the hole.

He screamed because it was too painful.

A huge, jumbled and violent energy poured into his body, causing his facial features to distort, his body to twitch, and a miserable howl.

Well, the energy of the antimatter cloud is not “pure and controllable energy” that can be absorbed by Harley’s Defense Specialty.

Even if it was drained through the antimatter flow controller, it was still very violent and messy, and Harry couldn’t use it.

But Alexander Kent is a weirdo. Oh, according to the watchers, this is called “Man of Destiny”, with a special innate talent that accommodates both positive and negative matter energies.

With the amount of positive matter energy in his body, he can automatically absorb the same amount of antimatter energy.

(ps: Introduce the setting of the Abandoned, whether he is the smartest scientist in Earth, there are a lot of competitors such as Pharaoh, Luther, etc., it is hard to judge.

But he’s definitely Earth’s greatest scientist.

He created antimatter, which caused the Infinite Earth Crisis, but he’s the greatest.

Because of antimatter energy Before, he has solved all the difficult problems that Earth can solve with the strength of oneself. For example, he invented the weather adjustment device, which made every part of Earth fruitful like heaven.

He used Genetic technology has conquered all human diseases.

If nothing else, his Earth will smoothly enter the interstellar civilization, and then the higher interstellar civilization.

The guy is a scientist, right The pursuit of “truth” transcends reason.

He not only discovered the parallel universe, but also the multiverse and antimatter universe, and then tragedy.

The reason why he is great is because Before he ‘makes a mistake’, he first solved the dilemma of human civilization.

To put it bluntly, he was full of warm thoughts, unlike Luther and Pharaoh, who were very smart but did not take the initiative to give How much happiness has mankind brought.)

(end of this chapter)

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