I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 666


Chapter 666 The anti-supervisor king who does not play cards according to the routine

In response to the physical characteristics of “Man of Destiny” Alexander Kent, Harley A set of energy extraction plan was designed: first, a tuning fork was used to extract a certain amount of positive matter energy from his body, causing the pure and controllable antimatter energy in his body to overload, and the overload would overflow.

It’s like a balance, with positive matter energy and antimatter energy placed on the left and right sides.

Take away the “three pounds” of positive matter energy from the left. In order to keep the balance in balance, you must take away the same amount of antimatter energy from the right.

Of course, this process was a natural reaction of Alexander Kent’s body.

This is his innate talent.

When the antimatter energy overflows, the positive and antimatter energy in the body is rebalanced, and then the positive matter energy extracted before is poured into his body-put the removed weight back on the balance on the left.

In this way, his body will spontaneously extract chaotic antimatter energy from the antimatter vortex above his head, and re-establish the balance of positive and negative energy.

Next, he extracts positive matter energy, and the excess pure and controllable anti-matter energy in his body overflows again.

In this infinite cycle, he can use his body to extract an infinite amount of pure energy. Controlled antimatter energy.

It’s a bit complicated.

At least it’s more complicated than direct pumping.

But there is no way, the tuning fork is made by the monitor who controls positive matter energy, it can only store and extract positive matter energy, but cannot extract and control antimatter energy.

If Alexander was always awake, he could take the initiative to transfer the antimatter energy in his body to Harry’s “Ark of the Covenant”, and then take the initiative to replenish energy from the antimatter cloud.

First of all, he can’t wake up, Harry needs too much energy.

The violent antimatter energy transformed per unit time exceeded his upper limit, causing him to lose his mind in pain.

Let Alexander choose by himself, he will definitely be willing to smoke slowly, smoke for a while, take a break for a long time, relax and continue to smoke.

But Harley has no time to delay, she wants to upgrade the Antimatter Defense Specialty to Level 9 in the shortest time.

The anti-surveillance wouldn’t allow him to take his time either, as the antimatter cloud was storming down on the tuning fork barrier.

Alexander had to use the pipes of the water mains to withstand the scouring of the great river floods.

In addition, Harry didn’t want him to transmit energy directly to the “Ark of the Covenant”, so he might sense the real flow of antimatter energy.

So, even if he can wake up, she will increase the power, so that he can’t wake up in pain.

β€”β€”Humph, dared to yell at her at the previous discussion, dared to threaten her, dared not return Earth 0 for a long time, dared to blatantly challenge her position as the boss. What a daring dog!

Do you really think that with a smile on her face, these things are easily revealed?

“Gudonggudong.” The fourth specialty experience jar was bubbling frantically, and it was already Level 6 antimatter defense.

Harry is very happy.

“Ahhhh.” Alexander’s facial features were distorted, his eyeballs were congested and bulging, his skin seemed to have been punctured with countless small holes by a steel needle, and blood began to ooze. Even though his body was locked on the cross energy guide, he still twisted Struggling like a twist.

Harry’s joy doubled when he heard his cry.

“Alexander is in pain,” Laila cried worriedly.

Cyborg glanced at the screen, panicked, and asked, “Would you like to lower the power? He can’t seem to take it anymore.”

Harley is serious Said: “For the sake of the overall situation, a little sacrifice is necessary. Alexander understands this very well, and has a noble consciousness to make sacrifices.

Before the plan was implemented, I asked him if he was afraid of the pain of flesh and blood. Like a face of humiliation, have you forgotten?

In order to save the multiverse, he could even save his life. I suspect that he is afraid of pain.

He has every reason to be angry.

If you don’t want to piss him off and make him feel humiliated, don’t say weak words like he’s in pain.”

Even though Laila grew up on Watchers satellites , The mind is simple, and at this moment, I feel that her words are a bit wrong.

“But he’s in really bad shape.”

“His voice can be heard by people from miles away, you say he’s in bad shape? If he’s in bad shape , what is the soldier below who was attacked by the Shadow Fiend and lay on the ground weakly moaning?”

Laila opened her mouth, speechless.

A moment later, Harry brows slightly wrinkle, activates level 0 anti-matter defense, less than a second, Level 1 is only a moment, Level 2 blinks an eye, Level 3 takes two breaths, Level 4 says a few words It took more than two minutes for Level 5, and Level 7 is still not full.

With the same power, the time required to upgrade increases exponentially. She is a little dissatisfied and can’t wait.

“Steel, with 10% as a gear, try to slowly increase the power by 200%.”

“What? Also increase the power, increase 200%?!” Steel Gu thought he had hallucinations.

“Remember our plan? He will come in person after defeating the anti-monitor’s shadow demon and anti-matter cloud with a crushing force.”

Cyborg said hesitantly: “The battle has only started in less than half an hour, and the antimatter cloud has appeared in less than ten minutes. There is no need to be too anxious.

At this time, a large amount of antimatter has been extracted. The Anti-Monitor must have been terrified.

If the power increased, he might have chosen to retreat temporarily out of fear.”

“Alexander’s yelling upsets me, and upsets the warriors, The military’s heart is unstable, you at least increase the power and make him faint.” Harry said.

She’s not worried about the Anti-Monitor retreating, he can retreat, can’t she continue to provoke him?

Cyborg’s expression twisted, “Are you sure?”

Laila opened her mouth, wanting to reprimand and dissuade loudly, but hearing the mourning from above her head really made her uneasy. , the nearby heroes also frequently looked sideways.

If Alexander could pass out, he wouldn’t feel the pain, wouldn’t it be a bad thing?

“The intense energy piston movement in Alexander’s body caused his muscles to tear and his skin to ooze blood. If the strength is increased, he may injure his internal organs.” The abandoned man said.

“It’s a small matter.” Harry said immediately: “Yerbi, heal him.”

The dog Holy Son silently flew over the tuning fork, and as far as he could see, a A soft holy light rose within Alexander’s body, from the inside out, avoiding contact with the antimatter energy vortex on his head.

“Ahhhhβ€”” Alexander recovered from his injury, feeling sharper, more painful, and screaming louder.

“Let’s increase the power and let him get out of the coma.” Laila actually persuaded.

“Ahhhh β€”β€”” Alexander is like a roast duck inserted into an air tube, the skin on the body surface bulges for a while, then deflates for a while, naked eyes can see a hazy flow of scarlet energy circulating in his body, his The screams were louder and louder.

“Shit, why is he screaming so loudly?” cried Harry.

“Alexander has positive and anti-matter energy in his body, and he is also considered a superpower. Superpowers have great strength, strong physique, and naturally a louder voice. Just like a superman’s voice, it must be louder than an ordinary person.

.” Steel bones analyzed.

“No, this is too disturbing for the military, continue to increase the power.” Harry said.

“Maybe he poured in and out too often. He is now like a balloon, swelling and shriveling for a while, and then increasing the power, I am afraid that he will burst like a full-bodied ball.” Cyborg worriedly said .

“Don’t worry, the golden armor on his body is from the monitor, it is specially designed to help him stabilize the energy in his body. It can withstand it.” Laila was so sad that she was about to cry, but she still urged urgently. : “Let him pass out, it’s too painful.”

“Cyber, Harley, what’s going on with Alexander?” Superman couldn’t sit still, and flew over and asked eagerly.

“The plan is going well, don’t worry, go back to conserve strength and store up energy, and wait for the anti-monitor to come.” Harry said.

“But Alexander’s voice is very terrifying.”

“Then what do you say? Stop acting, let Earth 0 be destroyed, and the four universes of the underworld be destroyed?” Said politely and impatiently.

Superman was silent, watching worriedly from the side.

“Oh, not good!” Cyborg’s voice was nervous, “The intensity of the antimatter cloud is decreasing, and the anti-monitors are suspected to be running.”

“Dignified anti-monitors, just How promising is this?” Harley was a little angry, the anti-matter defense is not yet Level 8, how much energy is drawn in total, so she doesn’t want to play?

Are the Anti-Monitors too cautious, or too timid and intimidated?

Harry didn’t want to guess, and immediately said: “Let Green Lantern put in the third set of copywriting.” The Earth, alien, and seabed soldiers who established a defense line on the ground river all shouted in unison: “We won, we won, the coward anti-monitor is going to escape!”

A group of golden-bright and dazzling The big characters covered the sky again: “Anti-monitor, the five-ring admiral asked me to send a message: hahahaha, congratulations to the multiverse destroyer who won by sneak attack and deception and never really entered the battlefield – the turtle of the antimatter universe, Sovereign, Fleeing the battlefield again.

Don’t worry, we won’t chase.

Well, we’re busy going to the Origin Wall to engrave a biography, and everything that happened today will be written all over the Origin Wall .”

“Harry, be careful, the anti-prisoner is coming, trying to go straight to Earth, but I was stopped outside.” Destiny Academician suddenly sounded transmission.

“Trash, you think I’m going to run away?!” Then, angry roar spread throughout Earth, with inexplicable pressure and echoes, like a giant above the well, holding a loudspeaker Roaring at the frogs at the bottom of the well.

“crack crack β€”β€”BOOOOOOOM!”

The dark Universe Starry Sky cracked one after another twisted white gap, the lines became denser and denser, and finally it looked like a powerful force The crystal heart that fell on the stone exploded thousands of absolutely crystalline space-time fragments.


Level 10 gusts appeared all over the world without warning, as if the whole Earth had entered the gust zone.

“Boom–” There are countless red, blue, and white lightning snakes in the sky, roaming and galloping, like a dragon of thunder and lightning driving a party in the sky, drinking high and flying.

“crash-bang β€”β€”” The torrential rain confuses people’s vision. The rain is so heavy that people can’t see people two meters away.

“Boom boom boom kakaβ€”” The entire planet was shaking, as if a super Godzilla was about to emerge from the center of the earth.

“Shit, so exaggerated, the Universe Principle is collapsing towards him?” Harry was surprised and delighted.

First of all, the Huanxi Anti-Monitor is finally here.

Stunned that his imposing manner is so terrifying.

Appears only in the material universe, and the laws of the entire universe move closer to him, and then can’t stand the tight pressure, inch by inch broke apart.

The sudden outburst of chaotic natural disasters is just a symptom of the collapse of the law.

A single universe is like a piece of sand. The Universe Principle and physical rules are grains of sand. The monitor is like a lead ball. When both feet fall on the sand, a pit will be pressed, and the sand will slide toward the pit.

“Fake, why are the dignified anti-monitors so impulsive, less than an hour into the battle”

β€”β€”I haven’t even upgraded my defense expertise to Level 9, how can you Run in early? !

Haley, who had previously disliked the anti-monitor coward, is now a bit numb.

“The anti-supervisor has appeared, and the Super Legion is dispatched!” Superman shouted, and dozens of silhouettes rushed towards the chaos of outer space laws.

(end of this chapter)

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