I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 667


Chapter 667 has been broken for hundreds of episodes before it shows up, and it was broken as soon as it appeared

Anti-monitors are not stupid, Not timid, nor afraid of hard anal with Earth 0 heroes, and there is no fear of the “golden nuclear bomb”.

The reason why he is extra cautious with Earth 0 is mainly because of the Manhattan Academician.

black Manhattan is dead, but the deified Manhattan is alive.

He also chatted with Harley, something the Pharaoh knew, and so did the Anti-Monitor.

In fact, the Anti-Monitors themselves have tracked down the Manhattan Academician.

He knew that he was not dead, that only human nature was gone, and what remained was divinity. Or, demonic?

In short, he never doubted that he could crush the Earth 0 crowd. In his eyes, Harry was as ridiculous as a clown.

He left Earth 0 at the end with a cherished attitude, in order to adjust himself to the best, and then fight the Manhattan Academician to the end of the universe.

However, the fact that he regarded Harry and the others like ants doesn’t mean he was stupid and arrogant.

His series of actions are all for one goal, revenge – the three brothers betrayed mother together, but the monitor dispatched him to a remote and small antimatter universe, he avenged the monitor and wanted to destroy positive matter universe, and then use antimatter energy to create an antimatter multiverse.

For this great goal, he had prepared a complete set of plans.

The plan is now to the final stage, and in a few days, when the Pluto universe is destroyed in the collision of four single universes, he will be victorious.

Since the plan is going smoothly, why does he make extra efforts to ignore the provocations of the insignificant mortals?

But Demoness Harley is bully intolerably, and she actually wants to practice him in front of the gods and demons.

The toad gu gu in the stinky puddle in the distance, even if it is noisy, ignoring it, it shows that he is detached and calm.

But the toad jumped on the back of his feet and was still crawling on his face. He didn’t bite, and he was dying. If he didn’t respond at all, would the Divine King Demon King appreciate his gentleness? Or ridicule him, as Demoness Harley said, is a coward, dare not fight with her to the end of the universe?

He is the Supreme Existence to be the sole master of the multiverse, and it is impossible to endure that humiliation.

To be honest, he has only been humiliated twice in his life, the first time was when his family property was divided billions of years ago, and the second time was today.

This time even better than before, because the one who humiliated him was a mortal.

He’s gotta get his hands on it, just try it out, put pressure to the limit, and see how the Manhattan Academician reacts.

So he sent shadow demons and antimatter clouds.

Demoness Harley was slightly shocked.

He knew from the last battle that her golden air hood did not directly seriously injure the Shadow Demon, but he did not know what means to use to break the “diaphragm” between the anti-matter life Shadow Demon and the positive matter universe.

The heroes of the positive matter universe want to go to the antimatter universe and need energy protection from Alexander.

Similarly, antimatter life also needs a protective film to go to the positive matter universe.

When positive and negative matter meet, annihilation occurs naturally. It is a rule, and neither the monitor nor the anti-monitor can change it.

The direct lethality of the golden hood is not great.

It is like a small knife, piercing the membrane on the surface of Demon Body, allowing the antimatter energy to directly contact the positive matter universe.

In order to deal with her golden hood, he developed a new trick – the shadow demon giant.

The essence of the giant is still a shadow demon, but the diaphragm on its surface is a hundred times stronger.

He expects the Shadow Fiend to smash Demoness Harley and shred Earth.

As a result, Demoness produced a giant “Golden Fireball”, which smashed the shadow demon giant with a huge to huge.

If he is absolutely sane, and does not consider other factors other than war, he should stop immediately.

But he couldn’t stop his hand, and then retreated after he made a move, wouldn’t he just live up to Demonness’s “he’s afraid of her” rhetoric?

The Shadow Fiend doesn’t work, so use the antimatter cloud to oppress Earth 0.

The effect of antimatter clouds on other universes is very good, like concentrated sulfuric acid poured on an iron ball, but Earth 0 has the power of Manhattan.

Earth 0 is hard to be destroyed by antimatter clouds alone, even without a tuning fork.

He has set up the “anti-Manhattan cannon” built by the pharaoh, and if the antimatter cloud encounters difficulties on the surface of the Earth 0 universe, he will fire his mother.

Well, the pharaoh thought that the cannon was too low, and wanted to be more artistic, to build a ‘Cosmic String’, plucking the basic rules of the universe like plucking the strings.

The anti-prisoner king thought it was too inefficient and not suitable for antimatter clouds, and finally replaced it with a cannon.

As a result, the unfathomable mystery of energy in the antimatter cloud begins to disappear.

When he was still trapped in the antimatter universe, he could sense the antimatter energy in a certain universe and a certain laboratory in the Wantian Instrument. At this time, he swept across the multiverse, and his power reached unprecedented levels. The pinnacle, more antimatter energy disappeared in the “cosmic hole”, how could he not be aware of it?

Antimatter energy can be blocked, can be offset and annihilated by positive matter energy, and should never disappear for no reason.

He’s about to pause the antimatter cloud oppression and take a closer look at what’s going on with the Earth 0 tuning fork.

Who would have thought Demoness Harley began to provoke again.

To bear or not to bear?

Why did he endure?

He doesn’t doubt that he can sweep Earth 0 as easily as an ant.

Now Earth 0 has an unknown equipment that devours antimatter energy, and he needs to understand it and completely destroy it – antimatter energy is his foundation, and there must be no nemesis!

Pharaoh drives the ‘Anti-Monitor spaceship’ and carries the ‘Anti-Manhattan Cannon’ to set up a fort in the Chronoflow.

If Manhattan Academician dares to jump out, start a great decisive battle in advance.

“You think I’m going to run away?!”

Even the Herald Lyra can traverse the universe at will, the Anti-Monitor is stronger and more brutal than her, punch after punch, forcibly hammer the universe out.

Space-time shards scatter across Universe Starry Sky like glass walls struck by stalled trucks.

“Demoness Harley, I want you to die!” He entered the Earth 0 universe directly from the antimatter universe, landed on the outer orbit of Earth, and with a roar, he was about to open the space door and kill directly in front of the tuning fork.

“You can’t go anywhere!” More than 20 Green Lanterns jumped out of the wormhole first, shooting one after another green energy beam from the ring in their hands, all of which landed on the anti-monitor. .

Earth 0’s hero locks on to where he’s about to appear as the Anti-Monitor hammers the outer walls of the universe with his fist.

Fate Academician also blocked his plan to come directly to Earth.

At this time, Green Lantern, who was guarding outside the Earth’s atmosphere, was the fastest and arrived first.

“Trash, don’t get in the way.” The anti-monitor stretched out his palm, “bang!”

A beam of scarlet antimatter energy thicker than his waist shot out from his palm.

When the antimatter energy beam crosses the starry sky, it will inevitably come into contact with the positive matter universe. A little white light first appears on the surface, and then there is a rumbling sound.

A bunch of linear scarlet, exploded into a sea of blood, so wide that it enveloped the starry sky.

“Ahhhโ€”โ€”” The Green Lanterns only felt the rays of light of scarlet and white dots fill their field of vision, and in the next instant, severe pain spread all over their bodies, and they screamed and lost their senses.

They couldn’t dodge at all, like moths falling in flames, quickly “burning” into ashes.

Not even a corpse was left.

More than twenty green light rings remained in place.

They circled a few times in mid-air, opened the miniature wormhole by themselves, and flew back to Oua.

“I want you to die!” The previous batch of green lights was just extinguished with one move, and another green light wormhole opened in the next moment, Hal Jordan was furious, like a green shooting star, straight towards the anti-monitor. forward.

Green Iron Fist slams the anti-jail chin.


The two collided, Hal Jordanโ€™s body green light shield flashed on and off a few times, his body retreated a few kilometers, and the monitor flew backwards several hundred meters.

“Whoosh-bang!” Before the monitor could stand firm, the super girl with the red headband crossed a red light in space and slammed straight into the monitor.

“It’s you who directed this infinite Earth crisis?!”

The anti-monitor is more than five meters tall, and the super girl’s fist is not as big as his thumb, and he punches again and again. A punch hit him on the head and chest, giving him no chance to fight back or stand firm.

The anti-monitor flew backwards, the speed was getting faster and faster, like a space shooting star, and the super girl was extremely skilled in combat, she knocked him off, and she always stuck in front of him , keeping him within her attack range.

If there is no moon in the way, it is impossible to say that Supergirl can beat him to the end of the universe alone.

Even though the Anti-Monitor fell on the moon ring mountain range, Supergirl still didn’t stop.

“How can you be so indifferent to life? Rao above, those universes, those Earth, those people. And my cousin, they’re gone.”

She seems to like to talk to each other, and she is also not able to speak in space and the moon. She slaps the speed of light with her fists and roars in anger.

“In the name of all the dead!”

“Boom-“mountains burst and ground split, two figures have been smashed deeper into the earth’s crust.

“God, Supergirl didn’t stop, she kept hitting like she was dying.” That neon-light Academician named Jundai was just an ordinary scientist two months ago , had never seen such a fierce battle, floating over the moon, looking terrified, not knowing what to do.


A red silhouette flew out of the thousand-meter-deep rock pit.

It’s a super girl.

Superman hurried over to catch her.

At this time, her forehead was injured and her face was bleeding.

“Since you are in a hurry to court death, I will fulfill you first!” The cold voice of the anti-monitor resounded in the hearts of the superheroes, followed by a bunch of violent orangutan red light.

As before, the antimatter beam explodes into a red sea of energy when it comes into contact with matter in mid-air.

The moon is like a bitten apple, blasting out a huge pit with a radius of tens of kilometers. All heroes within the range are also screaming miserably in the red energy explosion.

“I won’t allow you to hurt my comrades again!” The blood-stained face of the super girl was a little distorted. She endured the scarlet energy wave that made Superman and the old Superman scream in pain, and went down in the explosion. , once again throwing down the anti-monitor.

She also habitually said: “I have always regarded life as the greatest gift, and you are ruthless and extremely blasphemous to life-ahhhh!” He removed the metal shell of the Anti-Monitor, and unconsciously smashed his lipless cheeksโ€”everyone who had seen the Anti-Monitor before thought that the blue-white gold-colored metal armor on his outside was just armor, but didn’t expect It was also his body, a thick metal shell with no flesh inside, only scarlet antimatter energy.

It’s kind of like a beetle.

At this time, the outer shell of the anti-monitor’s jaw was broken in half, and a large blank appeared from the chest to the right shoulder, like a broken porcelain doll, which was very miserable.

But he’s not a hollow porcelain doll. Anti-Monitor’s body stores antimatter energy absorbed from countless universes.

They spewed out of the hole, slammed into the super girl, knocked her several hundred meters away, and fell heavily to the ground.

“You, you actually ruined my body?!” The anti-monitor lowered his head and looked at his body in disbelief. The scarlet energy flowed away, forming a tragic red cloud above his head.

“I want you, your friends, and your world to die now!” Both of his hands held high, infinite scarlet as a curtain representing the end, to destroy the entire world.

“You are the anti-monitor?” Suddenly, a strange female voice came from above his head, “Why is it so miserable? I haven’t even made a move-“

” Stabโ€”” A blood-colored baseball bat slid down the Anti-Monitor’s shattered jaw and slid into the depths of his head.


(end of this chapter)

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