I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 669


Chapter 669 It is time for the remaining brave to chase the poor

Cyborg excitedly said: “Not only has the antimatter cloud that has been pressing the boundaries of the universe disappeared, but also The antimatter cloud of Wantianyi also began to dissipate.

Anyway, within the monitoring range of the tuning fork, the Wantianyi was empty.

The most obvious manifestation is that the blood-colored sky disappears and the blue sky disappears. The sky and white clouds, the sun is shining, it’s back again, natural disastersβ€””

Speaking of this, his excitement weakened a little, “The moon loses its one third quality, and Earth is still plagued by disasters.”

“Green Lantern, how many people are left in the Green Lantern Legion?” Harry asked.

Hal Jordan said in a sad tone, “Fifty-eight dead, thirty-two left.”

After a moment’s pause, he added: “But there is good news from Oua. It came that the space-time light beam that trapped the Guardian and the Green Lantern Legion shattered after the Anti-Monitor escaped.

It seems that we really hit him this time, but unfortunately we couldn’t completely destroy him. End.”

“You should notify the Green Lanterns still in Earth now, and let them go to the meteorite belt. It is better to go to the meteorite belt outside the solar system, transport the same mass of meteorites to the moon, and break the meteorites , and fill in the hole.”

Hall did what he said.

“Miss Quinn, the Anti-Monitor is not dead.” Old Superman frowned.

“Well, yes, he ran away.”

“You promised that your plan would kill him completely.” Light Academician was a little excited.

Harry raised an eyebrow and said indifferently: “I promised to bring him into Earth 0 within today, and I also promised to surround him as best I could.

We almost succeeded.

Only a super girl, tear up most of his metal casing.

It can be seen that my judgment is correct, even if the anti-monitor enters the positive material universe, his power will not be How much stronger than Superman.

Selecting the battlefield in the four-dimensional material universe has a great advantage for the life of our four-dimensional material world.”

“But he escaped.” Ms. Quark frowned .

“If you go to the antimatter universe, the effect can only be worse.” Bateman said solemnly.

“In the antimatter universe, he would have nowhere to run,” said Ms. Quark.

Superhuman said: “Obviously someone opened a spaceship to pick him up before. If he is in the anti-matter universe, it is easier for him to escape.”

Cyborg also said: “The spaceship of the anti-monitor comes from The super-time flow is about the same level as the monitor satellite. We can’t stop it at all.

Just like the Earth people who have not entered the Interstellar Era, they cannot stop the alien spaceship from trapping the surface of the earth through the tractor beam in outer space. Companion picked it up.”

“No, we have a countermeasure,” Neon Renguang Academician looked towards Harley, “Alexander has prepared a plan to track the Anti-Monitor – the Forsaken locate him, Alexander opened the Transmission Gate to contain him.

If we can’t do this, how can we rashly set out on an antimatter universe with an unfamiliar environment?

Judging from the results of today’s battle, the antimonitor We are far less powerful than we thought, and with Alexander leading us, we will surely achieve a greater and more complete victory.

As a result, you tied the leader of the Super Legion to a tuning fork, making his outstanding talents unplayable. .

He is the man of destiny chosen by the watchers!”

Harry ignored her, looked towards Kent, and wondered: “The anti-watchdog’s performance is somewhat Strangely, even if the high-dimensional beings enter the material world, the frequency will be reduced, but the reduction is only buffs such as endless physical strength, indestructible fleshy body, and instant recovery of injuries, and their strength and skills will not be reduced too much.”

The old superman praised: “Supergirl is too brave today, her fists are stronger than mine, and her skills are better. She is the main force to defeat the anti-monitor.”

“No matter how brave she is, both sides The gap between life essence and energy level is there, it is not so easy to bridge.” Halle said.

“Life essence does not represent strength or weakness. Many Spiritual Gods are not my opponents.” Earth 0’s superhumanity.

Harry said indifferently: “That’s because the Spiritual God you encountered is too weak, and their life essence is not different enough from yours.

If in the physical universe, the power The upper limit is 100, and both you and Supergirl can hit that limit when emotionally charged.

In higher dimensions, the upper limit of power is higher than the 4D physical universe, say 120.

Those Spiritual Gods you meet, although they live in a world with a power limit of 120 points, their own physical strength is only seventy or eighty points, or even lower.

When they came to the material universe, because of falling When the frequency is increased, the strength is weakened by 10%-20%, and the distance is further from 100 points, so even powerful power users can’t beat it.

As long as Supreme Existence is willing, the strength can be increased infinitely, until the limit that the world can bear. , 120 points.

At least the Anti-Monitor can do that.

Having absorbed the energy of the infinite universe, it’s time for a pig to touch the ceiling of power.

Therefore, even if the frequency of the material universe is reduced and the power is suppressed to the limit of the universe, it should be constant at 100 points, at least to be able to draw a tie with the Kryptonians.

This situation will not happen today, just now As soon as they met, they were overturned by the girl in the supermarket.”

“The power of the anti-monitor is not weaker than ours.” The old superhuman said.

“When I say strength, I mean not only strength, but also speed and reflexes.” Harry said.

Fate Academician: “I have a guess that the Anti-Monitor is not at his best.

He has absorbed too much energy in a short period of time, skill, body, will.


He who once controlled only one antimatter universe, can’t control the energy of the entire multiverse now.”

Harley looked towards the blonde woman in the red robe and asked, “Laila, who are you? The adopted daughter of the Monitor, who has been with him for more than ten years, should know him and the Anti-Monitor very well, right?”

Laila thought for a while, and said, “Probably fate Academician is right, the Anti-Monitor absorbs it. Too much energy.

Today’s fight, he just acted clumsily, his physique is not weak, he broke the supergirl’s head with one punch, and the blood flowed.

I’m going to suffer you After so many attacks, he was not seriously injured or weakened.

In addition, his energy beam attack was very terrifying, killing dozens of green lights in one move, and no hero dared to approach him later. “

“That’s right, the anti-monitor is just a little weaker in the battle skill, his body is no weaker than mine, and the anti-matter beam is not much better than Darkseid’s Omega.” Superman said with emotion.

Harry said, “Lyla, your Avatar once killed the Watcher, right?”

“It’s all my fault, he raised me and I murdered him. Got him.” Laila’s eyes darkened, and her eyes were wet again.

“You don’t need to blame yourself, his death is a script arranged by himself, and it has nothing to do with you.” Harley comforted her casually, and added: “What I want to ask is who killed him. How does it feel, how does it feel.”

“How does it feel?” Laila was stunned, and her expression became angry.

Betterman’s heart moved, and said: “We want to kill the anti-surveillance, but we don’t know how to kill him, and how to kill him.

The monitor and the anti-surveillance It should be the same life form.

You killed the watcher, and that feeling of certainty that he was dead is very helpful in researching how to kill the anti-watchman.”

“The watchman bleeds when he is injured, and the fleshy body remains the same after death, it does not disappear into energy.

I felt the breath of his life disappear, and I knew that I had killed him”

Lyra spoke as she recalled, and as she spoke, she pondered the course of the battle today.

“The anti-monitor should also be flesh and blood. Maybe he has too much antimatter energy in his body, and the enriched higher energy makes the body begin to energize?”

Ms. Quark said impatiently. : “According to the form on the battlefield today, as long as the fight continues, the anti-monitor will definitely have a life-threatening worry, otherwise he doesn’t have to run away.

As long as you understand this, it’s enough to discuss it here when you have time. It’s better to open the anti-matter channel and kill him immediately.”

Superman asked: “Ms. Quark, are you sure you can kill the anti-monitor of the energy body with your fist? We expand on him for at least two minutes’ high-intensity attack, the effect is not good.”

Guang Academician loudly said: “Twenty minutes if two minutes are not enough, and two hours if twenty minutes are not enough.

We were before They all overestimate him. His ability to manipulate antimatter clouds is very terrifying, but his true strength, especially his melee ability, is very poor.

Supergirl and him one-on-one are only slightly inferior, the whole process We all crushed him.”

Laila also said: “Don’t forget that there are still four universes in the underworld waiting for us to save, whether we kill the anti-monitor today or not, we have to Enter the antimatter universe within 24 hours and find the cosmic frequency difference zeroing instrument.”

“Let’s go now, now the anti-monitor is the weakest, destroy the frequency difference zeroing instrument, and kill the multi-element. The initiator of the cosmic crisis, win the final victory.” Ms. Quark said excitedly.

Lyra looked towards Harley, “We need Alexander Kent.”

Harley frowned: “sharpening an axe does not delay the work of chopping firewood, now we go to war In conclusion, it is definitely not a waste of time, and there is still a lot of antimatter energy waiting for Alexander to transform.

After completing the transformation, he also needs to recuperate. Isn’t your super girl seriously injured and is now recuperating near the sun? ?”

“sou!” tone barely fell, a bunch of red light flew from the sky, showing a silhouette of a sassy girl with red cloak and red ribbon above the tuning fork platform.

“I’m back in my best condition, and I’ve been listening to your conversations.” The super girl took out the communication earbuds from her ears, and said with a serious expression: “I agree to expedition to the antimatter universe immediately, now, let go Open Alexander Kent, let him open the channel of the antimatter universe.”

Betterman frowned: “What about the antimatter energy of our universe?”

Supergirl looked towards Fate Academician, “How long can you hold on?”

“The less energy you have left, the longer you can hold on, now. About 5 hours.”

“Harley Quinn, can you? Directly use the Ark of the Covenant to absorb antimatter energy?” asked the super girl.

Harry “Glanced” Antimatter Defense feat: Level 8, immune to direct attacks from antimatter energy.

Antimatter energy is the power of creation. It can be used to launch scarlet antimatter energy waves, and it can also be used as an energy source to strengthen various damages such as psychic shock, heat rays, hail, and time.

Just like the positive matter universe, there are few real positive matter energy attacks, and it is only in the hands of the monitor.

Attacks from the physical universe are varied.

Level 8 Antimatter Defense Specialty is immune to the former, but not 100% immune to the latter.

But this is enough for her to swallow the antimatter source leaked by the anti-monitor into her stomach, and slowly digest and absorb it – as long as the antimatter energy can’t harm her body, it can be swallowed into her stomach.

Before Level 8, she could swallow and digest, but her stomach couldn’t take the damage from the antimatter source.

“The source of antimatter is different from the cloud of antimatter. The Ark of the Covenant cannot extract the cloud of unfiltered antimatter. It can absorb the source slowly, not as fast as Alexander.” Harry said.

Before, she also said that the Ark of the Covenant cannot directly absorb antimatter clouds, and now she can’t “change the settings”, and can only distinguish between antimatter clouds and antimatter sources.

It’s not a lie either, the difference is huge.

“What else are you talking about? Let’s set off and act immediately. It’s better to chase the poor thieves with the remaining bravery, not to be called the king of learning!” The neon girl Academician actually used a broken Mandarin to recite a poem excitedly, “You guys Westerners may not understand, these are the words of a great man in the East.”

She also explained it to everyone.

(end of this chapter)

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