I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 670


Chapter 670 How many people fought in ancient times

“You can use the Ark of the Covenant directly, at least you can buy a few more hours for the destiny Academician, Right?” Supergirl said.

“Well, maybe,” Harry mumbled.

If it is really sucked into the stomach, there is no need for Fate Academician to use the “Naboo Divine Domain” to hold the antimatter energy in the universe.

“We’ll be back as soon as possible.” Supergirl said.

Light Academician looked at the red headband Kara reverently, “With the super girl here, maybe it won’t take five hours to fight, right?”

The super girl hesitated for a moment, and her eyes were firm. : “I’m not 100% sure, only 100% determined.”

Her expression darkened, and her voice became more sad: “My cousin died in my arms at that time. I promised him that I would continue his cause of protecting Earth and justice.

I said I would never be as good as him, and Kael told me with a smile, as long as I did my best No matter what you do, nothing else matters.

Be sincere to yourself, try to be your best, dedicate your best self, apart from this, don’t think too much about anything.

I am sure that it is imperative to go to the antimatter universe, because my Earth, the universe of Earth 1, is waiting for me to save, that is the responsibility entrusted to me by Kael.

But whether it can win, I can only do my best, I can’t make more promises.”

Harry looked at her obviously childish face and couldn’t help asking: “How old are you this year? Is Earth 1’s superman just a A teenager?”

“My cousin is two years older than him,” Supergirl pointed at Superman, with tenderness and sadness in her eyes, “I didn’t know until my uncle sent Kael to Earth. At the age of 13, my parents also put me into a spaceship with the same goal of Earth.

However, my spaceship suffered an accident and stayed in the phantom zone for 24 years.

The phantom zone time Nearly stagnant, I’ve also been dormant until I got to Earth two years ago as a superhero.”

“So, you’re actually 15?” Halle frowned.

Superman looked at “Little Cousin” lovingly, “Kara, don’t put too much burden on your heart, it’s not your responsibility to eliminate the anti-monitor.”

” Do we have supergirls in Earth 0?” Cyborg said curiously.

“There should be. The Cando City glass bottle I found in the spaceship in Brenia contains my Uncle and my aunt.” Superhuman said.

Supergirl hearing this was a little excited, opened her mouth to ask something, remembered that this was the foreign world and fell silent.

“Harley Quinn, please put Alexander down.” She returned to the previous topic.

Harry hesitantly said: “I can’t go out with you to the antimatter universe without first cleaning up the antimatter source of Earth 0.”

I don’t mention the remaining antimatter energy directly inhaling Belly, will she reveal her secrets, even if she doesn’t care about secret exposure, she can face the anti-monitor with a belly of antimatter energy that is slowly digested, isn’t it courting death? “

“Enough of us, and you didn’t do anything to fight the Anti-Monitor today.” “Light Academician.

Betterman persuaded: “I think you are too optimistic, this is not good.

Since you are confident that the fight will be over in a few hours, why not wait another day and set off ten hours before the deadline.

You may be unfamiliar with Harley Quinn, but I can testify that the operation she was involved in has not failed. “

Several heroes from the parallel universe with indifferent expressions, only fixed to look at Harley.

Whether Harley Quinn is emerge victorious in every battle, they don’t know, but Earth 0’s Bateman doesn’t have much credit and honor in their hearts.

Because they all know Bateman was a spy — stealing confidential information from the Watcher satellite, which caused the pioneer to fail. Pull Earth 0 into the underworld.

“Ai, I can’t limit your actions and thoughts, I just want to persuade you one last time. “Harry sighed then said, looking at them seriously: “The fundamental reason why we can defeat the anti-monitors today is not that Supergirl is too strong, nor that he is not worthy of his name. Maybe a little worthy of his name, but he is really a Supreme Existence.

We can win because of weather, location, people and many factors.

In the positive material universe, his power is limited by at least 50%. When you enter the anti-material universe, the people who once belonged to us will belong to the anti-monitors.

I’m not sure what kind of protection Alexander Kent will provide you, but your power will definitely be greatly diminished when you enter the antimatter universe.

So, don’t be careless, don’t separate the three Kryptonians, don’t talk nonsense when you see the anti-monitor, and directly surround and kill him with the attitude of treating the enemy who killed his father.

Other heroes pay attention to blocking the helpers of the Anti-Monitor, especially the Pharaoh, be careful of him.

He’s a scientist and may invent some powerful and weird technological weapons.

You have to prepare a team of tech warriors and magic heroes specially for him, and tech warriors are in charge ofβ€””

“You put Alexander down first, he will take a while to come. regain consciousness. “Ms. Quark interrupted her speech.

Harry took a deep look at her and the other impatient heroes, and nodded to Cyborg.

The antimatter flow controller stopped, and the wailing of Alexander Kent on the cross subsided.

Harry flew over the tuning fork with the Ark of the Covenant, waiting for Lyra to carry Alexander away, herself Take his place,” Cyborg, continued. “

“Is it possible?” These energies flowing from the Anti-Monitor seem to be more terrifying than the antimatter cloud.

When transforming the antimatter cloud, Alexander just bulged and deflated like a balloon.

Replaced with the same number of anti-monitor sources, he almost exploded, I had to lower the intensity to the original one third, and then it returned to its shriveled and shriveled state. ” Cyborg worriedly said.

β€œThis shows that the energy flowing out of the anti-monitor is more pure, and my treasure box can only absorb pure energy. “

Steel with an uneasy mood, used the lowest power to drain the source of the anti-monitor above the “Ark of the Covenant”.

The strands of red mist approached the wooden box, and instantly During the golden light of the Ark of the Covenant, the steel frame could no longer see the scene inside.

However, the explosion did not happen, and the source of the anti-monitor disappeared, indicating that Harry’s judgment was right.

β€œAs expected of the Ark of the Covenant, it is too strong. He exclaimed.

The Academician of Fate was watching, not only him, but also many Grandmasters.

“I remember the Ark of the Covenant was placed in the Holy See. “Phoenix Faust hesitated.

“Obviously, the Roman one is fake. Immediately, several Grandmasters said: “The Holy See also said that it has the gun of Longinus, do you believe it?” “

“Fate Academician, is it true?” “

Fate Academician was silent for a moment, then shook his head and said, “I can’t see through.” “

“What do you see? “

Fate Academician said: “I feel that it is just an ordinary wooden cabinet blessed with Holy Light Power, which can see through the essence at a glance, but its current performance.”

Faus De laughed, “I can also recognize it as an ordinary wooden cabinet, which has always been empty.

But I never really thought it was an ordinary wooden cabinet.

Feelings and spiritual sense may be deceived, but reason and wisdom save me from being a naked eye mortal.

My wit helped me to discover a mysterious mystery beneath its ordinary exterior, and that’s what made it extraordinary. “

Fate Academician gently nodded, “I also seem to see a trace of mystery in the ordinary. “

“Me too.” The surrounding Grandmasters all looked relaxed and said with a smile.

“Even the Academician of Fate can’t see its sacred nature, and it is not ashamed that we mistake it for an ordinary wooden cabinet. “

“Actually, it’s normal for Fate Academician not to see through. He doesn’t know much about antimatter energy.” ”

β€œHarry, there is a major event! “Suddenly, a green light flew from the sky, and Hal Jordan’s terrified voice came from a distance.

“Why, Ouah has another accident? “Harry asked.

“How do you know?” Hal was surprised and said anxiously: “Guardian is calling the green light Legion, ready to enter the antimatter universe with us, suddenly red antimatter lightning swept the entire planet, splitting the crust.

The green light Legion was nearly wiped out, more than 3,400 people. All dead! “

Thinking of the scene where O’A corpses everywhere across the field, Hal couldn’t help but choked his voice and burst into tears.

“So miserable?” “Harry was shocked.

“The green light Legion has no warning, prevention and resistance? “The Grandmasters were equally astonished.

The Green Lantern Legion is not just in name only, but also in reality, the cosmic police, the most powerful armed force in the material universe.

Just Disappeared so easily and inexplicably?

“Where’s the Guardian? “Fate Academician asked.

“Guardian is stronger and more than half of the casualties, except for Ganser, who can barely get up, the living ones are also unstable, and they are in a dangerous state of dying.

None of them would have survived if I hadn’t arrived in time, because the red lightning didn’t stop. “Hal said.

“You blocked the antimatter lightning, and the Guardian and the Green Lantern Legion are not as good as you?” “Harry wondered.”

“The first target of red lightning is the central energy battery. The battery didn’t burst, but it was damaged and useless. The Lantern ring was useless. I’m not sure.” , “Perhaps because of the fusion with Ion Shark before, I have a vague connection with the emotional spectrum, and the ring can still be used. “

“You go to the Expedition Legion, I am now” Harry raised the wooden cabinet in his hand in a helpless tone, “The Expeditionary Force does not recognize me as the ‘Anti-Monitor Alliance’ Alliance Leader, no Recognize me as the boss, if you don’t listen to me, I can’t walk away. “

An hour later, Earth 0’s dozen or so heroes who could fly and survive in outer space left with Alexander Kent.

They were taken out of the universe.

Opening the antimatter cosmic channel at Earth 0 will make a hole in the universe and connect the two universes.

The battle will be over within five hours, the expedition said. Do it.

In just the past four hours, Superman, fire star hunter, Hal Jordan have been sent back to Earth.

Alexander and Lyra and the others did not show up.


“Just the three of you? What about the rest? “

Seeing the faces and sad expressions of the three of them, Bateman began to beat drums in his heart.

“Dead.” “Superman said astringently.

Betterman swallowed and said, “All dead?” Wonder Woman she”

Superman nodded gently.

“What are you doing? Only Earth 0then went to fifteen S-rank potential heroes, and other universes, two supermen, one super girl, how did you get rid of Wonder Woman? ! Exclaimed Aquaman in disbelief.

He wanted to go, but he couldn’t fly

“Other universes have suffered as badly as we have,” Hal Jordan said. Reddish, “Supergirl died, Earth 1’s Wonder Woman also died, Earth 2’s Firestorm, Hawkman. Before we came to Earth’s Lady Quark, Light Academician and Sam uncle, they all died. ”

(end of this chapter)

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