I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 671


Chapter 671 Wonder Woman left in mud

“What accident happened on the battlefield? The watcher is almost unable to withstand a single blow.” Aquaman said in shock.

Superman looked at the two companions beside him, saw that they were all sullen and silent, and sighed: “Let’s go to the tuning fork to find Harley, she is right, she guessed everything right.”

The other titans were silent and brought to the top of the tuning fork by Green Lantern.

Harry is still holding the “Ark of the Covenant” to undertake the origin of the Scarlet Anti-Monitor, and Cyborg is responsible for monitoring the dynamics of anti-matter energy inside and outside the universe.

“It’s miserable? What about the others?” Harry frowned.

In the past hour, her Holy Mother Huiyin received seventy or eighty souls one after another.

Because of the warning from the voice of the sky that her breath might “taint” the hero’s spirit, she has never seriously observed the heroes in Huiyin, let alone communicated with them.

So guessing that the Expedition Legion was in trouble, but not sure what happened.

And the condition of the three in front of them is very bad

Superman’s red cloak has become a rotten cloth, and there are still several wounds on his face that are still bleeding.

Hal Jordan complexion pale, with bloodshot eyes.

The fire star hunter’s cloak was not broken and his body was not injured, but his green face seemed to be full of “miserable”.

It seemed that the trouble was more serious than she had guessed.

“Only we survived.” Superman said with a painful expression.

“Won Mai, Wonder Woman, sheβ€”” Cyborg exclaimed.

Superman gently agreed

, “She died so heroically, she almost split the Anti-Monitor into two pieces.”

“Why do people die?” Cyborg wondered. .

Superhuman said: “We thought the expedition had at least got the ‘time’ – the Anti-Monitor was taking a big hit and could go down in one fight.

We were wrong , he faced us in an intact manner.

The metal shell that was torn by us before was really like armor, and it was replaced.”

“His Didn’t his strength decrease much? But he obviously lost a lot of Source Power.” Destiny Academician wondered.

Seeing Zhenglian’s return, he rushed over immediately.

“Not only did his strength not decline, but he was stronger than when he was in our universe.” Superman glanced at Harry, “You are right, comparing his performance in the antimatter universe, when he entered the positive matter universe, His strength has been weakened by at least 50%.

After we entered the antimatter universe, the strength did not decrease much, but the defense and power recovery decreased by more than half.

The antimatter universe’s The environment makes us very uncomfortable.

For example, me, several of us Kryptonians have lost our Iron Body, the strength is still there, but the body is no longer difficult to break. The super girl was torn in two by him !”

He covered his face, his voice choked.

Howl continued his words: “The Anti-Monitor has helpers.

A huge army of the aborigines of the anti-matter universe, all of them are superpowers, armed with golden lightning bolts. A type of weapon that fires a beam of antimatter energy.

The beam couldn’t even carry Superman, and a single shot was like a shot from an ordinary person.

Anti-Monitor from the very The beginning noticed our arrival, and deliberately arranged the battlefield into a giant meteorite labyrinth.

The meteorite formation not only changes its position constantly, each rock also has life, and can become a giant beast to attack the enemy .”

“You are first separated by the maze, and then by the Anti-Monitor who defend them separately?” Harry asked.

“Well, we originally thought we could besiege the anti-monitors, but after falling into the maze, each hero fell into an unfavorable situation where there are many enemies.” Superhuman said.

“What do you three Kryptonians do for food? If you must pass through the maze, hit it directly at the speed of light.

Not to mention living meteorites, even if one after another planet is in the Then, walking through them is no different from crossing the cornfields.

Is there something wrong with my brain?

“It’s not as easy as you think to hit the meteorite array. My Iron Body has been greatly weakened by the antimatter universe, and only a blow from the meteorite Rare Beast will break the blood. If it hits wildly”

“Will die?”

“Probably at least get seriously injured and lose battle strength.”

“What does a light Academician do? She can control light Can, help you recover battle strength without difficulty?” Harry asked.

Superman sighed, “You forgot the Forsaken? We seemed to have a better solution to the Meteorite Labyrinth.

The Forsaken were the guides of the expedition and could Locate the position of the anti-monitor, go through the maze with no difficulty, there is no need to sacrifice high-end battle strength before encountering the anti-monitor.”

“Oh, what’s the result?” Harley sneered.

Superhuman said: “According to Green Lantern’s information at Guardian Guntherna, the antimatter universe is 32 trillion light-years in diameter, and the inner galaxies are similar to our universe.

There are five Thirteen million star systems, two million of which have native inhabitants.

How big do you think it should be?

Alexander can only open access to the antimatter universe.


Locating the anti-monitor in a short period of time depends entirely on the outcast.

In your case, after seeing his abilities, you will doubt whether he can lead the team through The labyrinth?”

Harry sighed, “Believing or not letting the Forsaken’s abilities matter is not the point at all.

The point is that the Anti-Monitor wants you to go through the maze.


What the enemy wants you to do, even if you can do it well, it’s best not to do it.

Even more how the Forsaken’s ability to locate disaster is no secret.

You can ask any hero on Liberty Island to see if they know the Abandoned.

Don’t you have the awareness that the anti-monitors have information crushing on us?”

Superman was speechless.

The fire star hunter did justice to him, “In the Justice League, Superman is the leader, but in the Expeditionary Force, Alexander is the one who makes the plan.

The plan is He opens the passage, and we all have to follow the Abandoned until we meet the Anti-Monitor.”

Harley said: “The plan is fine, the Abandoned is an expert in locating disasters. Of course you have to follow closely from behind, the problem is you people who execute the plan.

Don’t even know how to adapt?

When Alexander made the plan, he definitely didn’t know you would meet Labyrinth.”

“What’s the use of talking about it now? What’s supposed to happen has already happened.” Hal Jordan frowned.

“Is the Anti-Monitor dead?” Harry asked.

Hall said: “Supergirl ripped apart his shell again, and Wonder Woman from both worlds caused fatal injuries to him.

In the end, he had a big explosion. , the scarlet antimatter energy blew up the labyrinth meteorite, along with the planets in the center of the meteorite belt.

Some people believe he is dead, but I have doubts.”

“By The Abandoners say the catastrophe is gone, and both Alexander and Lyra agree with him.” Superhuman.

Howl frowned: “I can’t tell you why, I just feel uneasy.”

“Why didn’t Alexander and Lyra come?” Harry asked.

“Probably. I’m so sorry to meet you.” Superman was a little embarrassed, but more regretful, “You also told us to be careful about Pharaoh, let’s prepare a squad that mixes magic and technology heroes. You What did you want to say at that time?”

“Let the technologist judge the attributes of the Pharaoh’s weapon and use magic to defeat the tech.

And only let the magician deal with the pharaoh.

Because in scientific research, no one will be his opponent.” Halle said.

“Ai, we should listen to your advice. No, we should wait a day for you to join the team.” Superman regretted.

“She can’t gain the leadership of the team even if she joins. They don’t trust her, and she doesn’t trust Alexander. Earth 0 and the universe are not in the same interests. We can’t even do it with people.” Batman indifferently said.

“What weapon did the Pharaoh use?” Harry said curiously.

Superman gave her a weird look, “Two-way foil.”

“Uh, the two-way foil from Trisolaran that made the solar system two-dimensional?”


Superman looked frightened, “More terrifying than the two-way foil in the novel, he made two-way foil bullets, two-way foil mines, two-way foil missiles, two-way foil nuclear bombs.

It not only precisely controls the area of 2D, but also adds material to the two-way foil.

Reality is not a novel after all, reality is more mysterious than your novel.

In the Trisolaran Crisis, there is only one transcender in red Manhattan.

So, Earth people can’t resist the two-way foil at all.

The heroes of the Legion expedition do not have an ordinary person.

, many people broke free of the two-dimensionalization directly.

It is temporarily impossible to break free, and it will not be completely dead.

But the two-way foil of the Pharaoh is made of shadow demons. Entering it, he was immediately besieged by a group of shadow demons.”

Harry wondered: “You guys didn’t destroy the group?”

“Er-directional foil is very effective for powerful heroes. Poor, such as me, fell into it, struggled a little, and ripped it apart.

The Stranger was also in the team, directly using magic to turn the two-way foil on the battlefield into pieces of burning waste Paper.” Superhuman said.

“It turned out to be the Stranger, where is he now?”

Superhuman said: “Going back to the universe, he is now the Captain of the Earth 2 Justice Society. The Justice Society and Justice The alliance is very similar, there is an old Flash, an old Green Lantern, and a Wildcat like Batman. The heroes are all old people.”

Bateman asked: “Can the cosmic frequency difference be zeroed? Destroyed?”

“Well, the fusion between the four single universes of the underworld has stopped, and the world has basically returned to peace.” Superman’s face showed a bitter smile of relief.

Harry and Destiny Academician looked at each other, both saw worry in each other’s eyes, but they didn’t say anything.

The experience of Zhenglian heroes has been so miserable today, there is no need to hit them again.

Superman turned his head and looked towards Hal Jordan, “Show Wonder Woman’s body to Harry and Kent to see if it is possible to save it.”

Ha Er lifted the ring and shot out a beam of green light, enclosing a stone statue in the rays of light.

“Is this Wonder Woman? She’s turned into mud?!” Halle said strangely.

The stone statue is not stone, but hard soil. Wonder Woman’s appearance is lifelike, and the scars on her face and the determination before her death can be clearly seen.

However, her body is incomplete, her left arm is broken, as if it was forcibly torn off, and there is a fatal wound on her chest, which must have been bombed by an antimatter energy beam, and half of her body is broken.

Hal said: “Her body was still blood and blood at that time, and when she took her last breath, a magical light flashed, and she became a clay figurine.

Will Wouldn’t it be a self-protection mechanism that turns into a clay sculpture to recover from injuries after being hit hard? It’s like Ghost Statue.”

“Ghost Statue” If it wasn’t for the wrong occasion, Harry almost laughed.

“Kent, what do you think?”

“Wonder Woman is the Princess of the Amazons of Paradise Island, the illegitimate daughter of the Divine King Zeus, who was blessed by the Greek gods, Maybe the Greek Spiritual God can help her to send it back to Amazon is the best choice now.” Fate Academician pondered.

“Then send it. If it can be rescued, everyone will be happy. If not.” Harry said with emotion: “She is a hero, Earth must prepare a grand funeral for her.”


Heavenly Eye Club Chief-In-Charge and Wonder Woman ex-boyfriend Steve Trevor came to hear the news, holding a clay figurine and wept silently.

That night, a group of Earth heroes, super criminals, military and political dignitaries, and alien generals spontaneously gathered to observe a moment of silence for her.

But when the coffin is sent back, the giant Zhenglian found a big problem: the paradise island where the Amazons live only allows women to enter, while the remaining giants of Zhenglian are all men, and ordinary heroines are not. not enough.

“Harry, you are the five-ring general, the hero and representative of the Earth people. Could you please go there in person?” Superhuman said.

“Yes, but I’ll have to wait another day for me to dispose of this wooden cabinet,” said Harry.

Fate Academician’s eyes flickered, and he asked, “How to deal with it? Are you going to return the Ark of the Covenant to heaven?”

(end of this chapter)

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