I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 672


Chapter 672 Harley’s espionage business seems to be opening again

“Harley, you are going to Return to Heaven? It contains too much antimatter energy, which is very dangerous. It will be a huge hidden danger to stay in Earth, and only the City of Silver can take good care of it.” Destiny Academician euphemistically suggested.

Harry finds almost every wizard looking at her Ark of the Covenant with inquiring eyes.

“We’ll talk about it when I clean up the remaining energy in the universe.”

Another night passed, there was no trace of antimatter energy in Earth 0 universe, Harry hugged the wooden cabinet, Regrettably lowered the tuning fork.

It is 85% less experience to upgrade Level 9 antimatter defense.

She was at a loss, not knowing where to get the rest of the antimatter energy.

Seeing the Fate Academician and a group of mages who were still waiting on the side, she suddenly moved in her heart and said: “There is too much antimatter energy in the cabinet.

That energy is not It canโ€™t be completely eliminated even if itโ€™s used by law, and itโ€™s a disaster to keep it properly.

Since itโ€™s a disaster, itโ€™s natural to not bring the disaster to the City of Silver.

After all, in the face of anti-monitors The infinite Earth crisis that came out, even Heaven had to make a strategic withdrawal.

In the event of the tragic incident of tens of billions of shadow demons besieging the Temple of Light, it would be my fault.”

Fate Academician: “That’s not so.”

Harley said solemnly: “I have made up my mind, throw it into the wall of origin, trouble will completely vanish.”

“Covenant The cabinet is a Saint Artifact in heaven, throw it on the wall of origin, and it will stick to it forever.” A Grandmaster exclaimed.

“It belongs to me now, what do I do with it, heaven will not care.”

“It’s easy to throw it to the wall of origin, but it’s a pity.” Sage Orchi also said .

“As long as the multiverse is safe, let alone a broken wooden cabinet, it is worth paying no matter how much.

If I think the wooden cabinet is a pity, it is a shame for Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman. Indignity of other heroes sacrificed before.” Halle said solemnly.

Even Wonder Woman moved out, and the mages couldn’t say anything else.

“Green Lantern, please come over here.”

Harry called Hal Jordan to his side, and handed the holy light wooden cabinet to him in public, seriously said: “You immediately go to the origin wall and throw it at the wall.”

“Now?” Everyone exclaimed.

“The Anti-Monitor is probably not dead, what if he creates an antimatter cloud to erode our universe, and when the time comes, the Ark of the Covenant is gone?” Hal frowned.

โ€”โ€”You worry too much, there are dozens of cabinets hidden in my stomach! when the time comes make up a random reason, for example, I gave you a fake one, you changed it to a fake one, and the one thrown on the wall was ‘big brother Jesus Ark’ and now it’s ‘Second Brother Jebi Ark’.

“Hahahaha, you are worrying too much, the outcasts have been identified, the crisis is completely gone, Alexander Kent swears on his own and the watcher’s reputation, the crisis is lifted, we have won completely, and we can release Mount Manan!” Harley Hearty said with a big smile.

Hal looked at her suspiciously. When did Alexander swear? Besides, you obviously didn’t think so yesterday.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Send the wooden cabinet to the wall of origin immediately, before some coveted sacred relic reacts,” Harley urged.

Hal took a deep look at her, turned into a green light, and disappeared into the sky.

Antimatter universe, Covard star.

“Your Majesty, you seem to be a little different.” Looking at the anti-prisoner king in front of him, the pharaoh said hesitantly.

The Anti-Monitor still has a metal shell, and the shape of the shell has not changed much. It still has an egg-shaped head, scarlet eyes that shine with antimatter energy, smooth cheeks without eye sockets, nose bridges and lips, occupying two parts of the face. One-half the size of a lipless mouth.

But his breath was much calmer.

He was like an erupting volcano when he scored Earth 0.

When I lost some of my origin and returned to the antimatter universe, although the breath was not as violent as the erupting volcano, it was still a tsunami and a gust of wind.

At this time, it became a calm lake.

“My shell was destroyed again, this time in the antimatter universe, in my kingdom” the anti-monitor said in a low voice, “This shows that my previous strategy was wrong, and I shouldn’t concentrate all my energy. In one body, it makes my body stiff into energy crystals, making me heavy and dull.”

To put it bluntly, his spirit strength and realm cannot control the energy in his body.

It’s not surprising that there are countless universes in the DC multiverse, and only five are left. The rest of the universes are all turned into antimatter energy, and the volume is too large to exceed the upper limit of Supreme Existence.

“You pulled the energy out of your body?” Pharaoh’s eyes flashed slightly.

The Anti-Monitor seemed oblivious, “I still have a plan B.”

“What can I do?” asked the Pharaoh.

The anti-monitor pondered: “Do you know the Kowad natives? I also organized a thunder army to ambush Superman’s heroes in the meteorite labyrinth, and they used owa energy.”

“Kovard star is very desolate, but their civilization is very advanced, I have carefully studied their technology in your library.” Pharaoh gentlely nod.

“Kovad is located at the center of the antimatter universe, similar to Oa in the material universe, and the Kovads are also very similar to the Guardians on Oa, they all have the strongest technology in their own universe. “

“You shouldn’t need their technology, right?” Pharaoh wondered.

“I need their skilled workers! I want to build an anti-matter space cannon in the shortest time possible.” The anti-monitor waved his hand, and a huge three-dimensional projection image appeared on the screen, the design of the giant cannon. blueprint.

The pharaoh’s face was puzzled, then shocked and admired, and then his eyes were burning, eager to draw inspiration and wisdom from the design.

“I want to smash Earth 0, the Manhattan Academician who dared to come out to block me, and smash the universe.”

The anti-monitor’s emotions gradually became agitated, and his voice gradually became higher , “Those bastards dare to humiliate me, I will destroy them in the most desperate way, destroy everything!”

“Could it be that the huge energy you pump out of your body will be thrown into the antimatter cannon?” Pharaoh was horrified , “Such a huge amount of energy, I’m afraid it will destroy the foundation of the existence of the multiverse.”

The origin wall will be collapsed.

The anti-monitor glanced at him lightly, “The attack intensity of the anti-matter cosmic cannon is infinitely high, should I just adjust the gear to the highest?”

Pharaoh hesitated for a moment, Said: “There will definitely be enough skilled workers to be recruited on Kovad, and the bearer has even built a yellow light ring a while ago.

However, from the blueprint, it is clear that the antimatter cosmic cannon is built. The project is so huge that the magic cultivator won’t be built in two or three years, can you wait?”

“It must be completed within half a month. I’m not hiring them, I want to enslave them, death can Unleash one’s fullest potential,” the anti-monitor coldly said.

“I understand.” Not only did the Pharaoh not dissuade him, but instead showed admiration and admiration, “Your Majesty, if we want to enslave the Kovard bearers, we need a slave master.

A few days ago, I met a fellow from Earth 0, who used to be the ‘greatest Lantern in history’ Sinestro.

He now has a yellow light ring, which is a fear-controlling Do you want to recruit him into the team?”

“It’s up to you to decide such a trivial matterโ€”hey!” The anti-monitor suddenly turned his gaze to Earth 0’s monitor.

“.It’s time to release Manan Mountain!”

The scene of Harry laughing triumphantly appeared on the screen.

The Anti-Monitor sneered and fixed his eyes on Hal Jordan.

Before the Infinite Earth Crisis, he couldn’t monitor the interior of the universe, and at most he could monitor the scenes near the Origin Wall.

Only the monitor satellite can directly monitor the super-time flow, and can lock any ordinary person in the universe at will.

At this point, the Anti-Monitor has become the “only Sovereign” of the multiverse, and can also monitor the super-time flow.

Green Lantern stopped several times in the starry sky, looking hesitantly at the Ark of the Covenant.

He wanted to hide it, and also wanted to open it to take a look. From time to time, he scanned the green light ring several times, and his complexion changed continuously.

“Your Majesty, do you want to send the Shadow Fiend to grab the Ark of the Covenant? It can absorb almost infinite antimatter energy. It’s too powerful and too restraining for you.” Pharaoh asked.

“No, if I send the Shadow Demon over, not only will I fail to grab the locker, but I’ll provoke Green Lantern to make him decide to disobey Demonness Harley’s orders and bring the locker back.

” p>

That’s fine for now, he’s hesitating, but eventually he’ll throw the Ark of the Covenant into the Wall of Origin.” The Anti-Monitor with hands on his back indifferently said.

“Harley Quinn definitely has a conspiracy, it’s not her style to let Mananshan go.” Pharaoh reminded.

“hehe, she knows I know what she’s doing, and she deliberately lured me into it.” The anti-monitor said with a sneer.

“You ignore her and let the other heroes immerse themselves in the joy of victory. We can build cannons with peace of mind.” Pharaoh suggested.

“Without waiting for my response, Demoness Harley may get agitated and form a second expedition. Without the huge antimatter energy shield, I am only flesh and blood at this time.” Counter Surveillance The author hesitantly said.

“Think of a way to make her stable for at least half a month.”

Pharaoh thought for a while and said, “You can let Old Quinn take action and control her.”

“The Shadow Fiend can’t get close to her, or I’ll take her the first time I send Shadow Fiend to Earth,” said the Anti-Monitor.

“You can take advantage of the unexpected and sneak attack her, just like dealing with the pioneers.” Pharaoh said.

“What are your plans?” the Anti-Monitor asked.

Pharaoh laughed and said sadly: “The smarter people tend to be more conceited, if you send her a message in person, try to bribe her and make her a spy, what do you think she will do? Choice?”

“Maybe you can try.” The anti-monitor was a little moved, “I can fulfill any of her wishes, but I never thought about buying her because she didn’t deserve my second glance.

Now she has almost proved her worth.

Even if she wants to be the overlord of the universe, I can give her 10,000 universes to be the queen of the universe.โ€

The pharaoh’s expression froze, “Your Majesty, that’s not what I meant.”

“What do you mean?”

The pharaoh said: “According to my knowledge from Senestona From the ‘Book of Oua’s internal information’, Harley Quinn roamed all the influences since she was a child, and made her fortune by being a spy for others.

She must be very proud of those glorious years, and she also Believe that you are a big ace spy who can deceive anyone.

If you try to buy her, she will definitely not refuse and be a double agent on our side.

Just like she did countless times back then.

But she absolutely couldn’t think of it, we didn’t want to bribe her at all, bribing her was just to paralyze her and create opportunities for the Shadow Fiend.”

The anti-monitor glanced at him, “Why so much trouble? As long as the price is enough, I’m not afraid that she won’t show her loyalty.”

Pharaoh wanted to sneer, but his face showed a more respectful expression , “Harley Quinn’s fickleness is known to the world, so that in today’s multiverse, no one force dares to let her be an undercover agent, or buy her.

My own personal experience, in the capture of Manhattan. In the incident of Li, she went undercover to join the ‘Seventh Cavalry Regiment’, and she made a fortune, but the cavalry regiment was destroyed.

She and I were teammates again, forming a temporary watchman. Assassinate me quietly.”

The Anti-Monitor waved his hand, “Needless to say, I believe I can take her down.”

โ€”just as I can take you. But I don’t want her loyalty, I want her to be a puppet, dare to insult me, how can I do it without paying a heavy price?

Almost the same time, in a mysterious dimension, Apocalypse.

“This is the one who destroys countless universes,” Dessard stopped typing on the keyboard, looking at the scarlet-colored world on the screen with satisfaction and worry, “twice in a row. The war finally made me lock in his breath, and now we can see the scene in the antimatter universe.”

“That’s not enough.” Darkseid pondered: “I need A spy, maybe it’s time to message Harley Quinn.”

(end of chapter)

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