I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 673


Chapter 673 Saving the Mud Woman

“What? Find Harley Quinn as a spy?” Dessard nearly Jump up from the chair.

“Your Majesty, she’s almost a human embodiment of the multiverse’s laws of cunning and deceit, absolutely untrustworthy!”

“I have to get revenge on him.” Darkseid put his hands on his back and stared at him. Looking at the scarlet world on the screen, there was a hint of hatred in his voice.

“Vengeance on the Anti-Monitor? What did he do to us?” Dessard asked suspiciously.

“He forced me to use all my strength to hide Apocalypse.” Darkseid had obvious humiliation on his face.

For him, running away and hiding is a shame.

But he can’t do anything about it, the anti-monitor is like a hot knife through butter, irresistible, almost destroying the entire multiverse, and absorbing countless energy in the process of destruction.

If Apocalypse does not hide its tracks, the Anti-Monitor can control the antimatter cloud to annihilate Apocalypse with no difficulty.

Darkseid may not be afraid of antimatter clouds, but his planet and many younger brothers can’t stop him.

“What can Harley Quinn do?” Dessard understood the boss’s mind and character, and did not dare to persuade him to be a wise man submits to circumstances, to endure calm and tranquil for a while, and take a step back to see the world.

“I can’t take the initiative to challenge the Anti-Monitor, but I can sneak attack him while he’s in the middle of a final battle with the Earth heroes.” Darkseid’s tone was flat, without any shame or regret. .

Dessard didn’t show his look of shock, and didn’t feel that his “really domineering president” had collapsed.

He knows the boss’s past.

Darkseid is now a BOSS, but he is not a BOSS from the very beginning, he also has parents.

As early as the reign of Dakseid father Yuga Khan, Dessad entered the court and became a favorite of Queen Hegra.

Darkside was just Prince at that time.

Later, Yuga Khan went crazy and ran to the Origin Wall to find the ‘Power of Origin’, and Darkseid succeeded to the throne.

But the Queen Mother also had ideas for Apocalypse’s dominion.

She plans to put her confidant by her son’s side, be his wife, take control of his life, and essentially rule Apocalypse.

Duckside already has a warlock girlfriend named Sully.

Dessard obeyed the queen mother’s order and poisoned the female warlock. Darkseid didn’t go straight, jumped furiously, ran to the mother and yelled “how can you be so vicious”.

He forbeared on the surface, but secretly surrendered to Dessard, using the same method and the same poison to poison to death his own mother.

So it’s not unusual for Darkseid to use crafty plots and machinations.

In Dessard’s eyes, as long as the need arises, the eldest of his own can also be a “devious and cunning Demoness”.

“To sneak attack the Anti-Monitor, you need timing and a shot. Can Demonness Halle help you? She’s been staying at Earth 0 and seems determined not to leave.” Dessard was a little skeptical .

“If she doesn’t join the expedition, it’s almost impossible for other heroes to succeed. If she can’t kill the anti-monitor, if the crisis is not resolved, what can she do if she doesn’t take action?” Darkseid said.

“Do you value her too much?”

“Her performance deserves my attention. Looking at the results of the previous battle, the Expeditionary Force suffered more than 70% casualties and still failed. Can they make a stronger team next time?

No, failure after failure will only reduce their chances of success unless.”

Darkside After a pause, the scarlet rays of light in his eyes were dim, “Unless the superman’s potential exploded, like a super girl.

But Demoness Harley will not pin her future on Superman’s extraordinary performance. She will only take her own destiny in her own hands.

Next time, she will definitely join the expedition.

If she leads the expedition, she can easily create opportunities, Let me give the Anti-Monitor a fatal blow.”

“She can’t seem to overpower the heroes of the other universes.” Dessard said.

“The result of the previous battle will make them make the right choice, and she doesn’t need to convince them, as long as she can convince them.”

Thinking of Demoness Harley’s Cunningly, Dessard agreed with the boss’s statement, “How do you send an attack into the antimatter universe? Could you open a channel for her to connect to this place?

If the sneak attack fails, the antimatter energy may flow upstream. , to drown this small dimension.”

“That’s why I looked for Demonness Harley, looking for the best time, and the shot must be a lore.” Darkseid said.

“What if she brings trouble to others and directs the anti-monitor’s anger to Apocalypse?”

“I always have the initiative and can judge the best time to shoot. , she’s not my only pawn.”

Looking at the picture of Alexander on the screen, Darkseid said with a sneer.

“Woo-” With a desolate and loud trumpet sound, the blue curtain of the same color of the sea and the sky opened a gap, revealing an island with an ancient Greek architectural style on the originally empty sea.

Harry lightly patted Yebby on the head, and the dog Holy Son tilted his head and asked in confusion, “Isn’t the fat guy going to report your lengthy name today?”

She glanced at the golden coffin on the side, shook her head and said, “Today’s situation is special, so it’s not suitable to be too ostentatious.”

If she hadn’t known that the Amazons didn’t like this, she would have wanted to give it to Yebihe The fat-headed shark has a white hemp tape wrapped around its head.

β€œwu wu wu ——”

When the dog Holy Son dragged Harry, Ivy and the coffin close to Paradise Island, the sound of the mournful trumpets came together one after another. The ocean of horns.

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, led thousands of Amazonian warriors and greeted them on the beach.

“Queen Your Majesty, I won’t say much more politely, Diana has always been a hero and died in the most heroic way.

The people of Earth respect and love her She.

If there is any chance of her being resurrected, please tell me, we are willing to do our best to help her.” Harry said solemnly.

She was just talking politely, and she thought that the valiant and formidable looking Amazon queen would be polite, but she didn’t want the other party to even look at her daughter’s corpse. When the subpoena began, I was thinking about saving Diana, maybe you guys can really help.”

Harry was surprised and said happily: “Can it really be saved? Do you want to watch it? Look at it, there’s only a handful of dirt left, and even the soul doesn’t know where to go.”

The reason why she said that was because Wonder Woman didn’t wear a soul transfer card at all.

Diana believed in Zeus, the truth and War God of the Greek pantheon, and was unwilling to carry the sacred relic of heaven.

“Her soul was born from the soil and can be resurrected from the soil again, all it takes is enough Divine Force of the Greek gods.” Hippolyta said as she took her away The beach, into the confines of the Amazon city.

Paradise Island is not a primordial society. Although they ride horses, use cold weapons, and their buildings follow the ancient Greek style, their magical technology is similar to Atlantis, and they have entered the energy era of “infinite energy” .

Harry saw wide and flat stone avenues on the road, well-ordered farms and fields, city walls and castles in the distance. But she didn’t encounter the Amazon warrior.

They either waited for Princess’ coffin in the royal city, or went to the beach with the queen.

In the royal city, Hippolyta opened the lid of the coffin and glanced at her daughter.

She blushed.

Other Amazons witnessed the hero’s coffin circled around the city and finally entered the shrine dedicated to the main Greek god in the center of the city.

“Miss Quinn-“

Harry said with a smile: “Call me by my name, Diana and I are very good friends, so don’t be too polite.”

Holy Son, the dog next to him, quietly rolled his eyes.

“Harry, thank you for escorting Diana’s body back to Paradise Island. This is the greatest respect from Earth humans to her.” Hippolyta sighed with emotion.

Even if Diana sacrificed voluntarily, and not all for humans, guarding the multiverse also guards Paradise Island, but if humans randomly arrange for a hero to carry the body of Princess in Paradise Island, even if he is Superman, Hippolyta will also be unhappy in his heart, and even turn his grief over the death of his daughter into anger and transfer it to humans.

Hundreds of thousands of Amazons on Paradise Island wouldn’t be so peaceful today.

But the person who came was Demons Harley, and the dog Holy Son dragged the coffin here. Earth has never had such a luxurious and sincere funeral procession.

Even if Demoness Halle is the only one.

The key is that she also expressed her respect for Paradise Island in many details – asking Paradise Island one day in advance, she did not bring a male guest, Diana’s golden coffin was in ancient Greek style, and it was specially designed Coined with ancient Greek coins.

Now, the Queen of Paradise Island and the warriors of the Amazons of the whole island have all made up their minds.

“I’d much rather see Diana stand up again, lively dragon and animated tiger to join the fight again.”

The expression on Halle’s face is full of sincere emotion, making Hippo Luta was a little moved again.

“At other times, I’ll pray to Olympus that if the gods have mercy on what happened to Diana, they’ll be able to use Divine Force to bring her back to life.

Now in heaven In hiding, I can’t contact the gods, so I need your help.

Or help communicate with the Greek gods, or ask Spiritual God to use Divine Force to temporarily stabilize Diana’s ‘injury’.”

“Could it be that by pouring into the Greek god Divine Force, Diana can be resurrected infinitely?” Harry asked in confusion.

This is too buggy, and it’s not too bad compared to The Flash’s Avatar plug-in.

Hippolyta shook her head and said, “It’s not as simple as you think. Even the main god, the origin of Divine Force has its limits. Resurrecting one or two times requires the mercy of the gods, and infinite resurrection is fundamentally impossible.”

At this time, when Halle looked at the clay figurine in the golden coffin, she felt a little weird in her heart. Diana’s way of existence seems to be a bit like hell Magistrate!

All are creations of Supreme Existence and can be resurrected after death.

Didn’t Brother Huanxi die once?

“The Infinite Earth Crisis will always pass, can’t you wait a few days? Does the soil still have a shelf life?” Describe her daughter?

“Harry, why don’t you wish Earth 0 to enter the underworld?”

“I’m worried about restarting” Halle looked thoughtful.

Hippolyta looked at her and sighed: “It seems that you understand that if you are restarted alive, you may only change your memory, and the person is still the same person.

If after death, After being restarted, the next time you come to Paradise Island, you may not see Diana’s coffin. It is very likely that she will appear directly in Boston.

After the restart, Diana is also my daughter, and she is Diana countless Another possibility, I still love her.

But now my memory has not been adjusted, and now I only love the current Diana.”

Harry this I thoroughly understand and understand the thoughts and feelings of the Amazon Queen.

This is a normal reaction of a loving mother.

“Ditch Heavenspan Realm, I’m afraid I can’t do it, I can’t even find heaven. Spiritual God’s words, destiny Academician Kent”

Harry brows slightly wrinkle, and his expression changes Have to hesitate.

(end of this chapter)

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