I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 675


Chapter 675 Harley is also qualified to be a moneylender

When it was her turn, Harley really wasn’t too happy.

Although Naboo is bastard, his reason for refusing to lend his origin really makes sense: First of all, as the MVP of the Infinite Earth Crisis, she cannot lose too much power, even if Bloodline Power only affects her body attribute; secondly, Diana is obviously involved too much with the Greek gods. If her power enters her body, the Greek gods are likely to study her secrets.

“Can the Bloodline Power in my body be used as the source of Divine Force?”

Nabo lightly said with a smile: “What else is more original than the source of bloodline?”

“But I’m not necessarily Martial God, I don’t feel anything in my body, and I don’t have the power of miracles.” Harry said.

Nabo laughed again, “You are an ‘old mage’ who has been in the supernatural circle for more than ten years, do you still equate the Spiritual God with the omnipotent God just like the ordinary people?

Spiritual God, he is essentially an ‘expert’ and cannot be omnipotent at all.

Your major is related to the hard skills of Martial Arts. After becoming Spiritual God, you will naturally receive blessings in defense.

Right now you don’t feel it, you don’t see the power of miracles, because you haven’t tested your defenses lately.

Let the Amazons lance you a few times and you’ll probably feel it.”


Harley really has the urge to be eager to have a try. There are so many Amazons in Paradise Island, what a lot of experience!

“Even if I am Martial God, I’m just a novice Martial God, Divine Force is not as mellow as you old Divine King.”

“It’s a fact, even if you become a god, your divine nature , Divine Force also belongs to the lowest level, the kind of low-level divine servant who has entered Mount Olympus and is not qualified to approach the foot of the mountain.”

Harry wanted to slash people again.

Nab continued: “However, your Bloodline Power is very high-end, and even Satan has been drawn from the source by you with the Escape Pattern.

Resurrect Wonder Woman directly, help! Her dirt body is immune to rebooting, and there’s nothing more suitable than you, because you have the Manhattan power to protect your own timeline.”

– also wants my bond power defense Expertise?

Harry was even more unhappy.

“King Naboo, in fact, what you said makes sense. Restarting is not terrifying, it’s just another side of a thousand-faced life, and a part of the complete self.” She said slowly.

The condensed avatar of Naboo’s golden Divine Force almost collapsed.

“Demoness Harley, you are indeed cunning enough and shameless enough.”

After sneering for a while, Naboo’s heart moved slightly: she is so cautious, it is difficult for dao divine force to surpass Him Analyze the power attribute?

If it’s just a simple “thick-skinned Martial God”, He has seen through her bottom line, she doesn’t need to hide any more, anyway, she is just a servant of God who is not even qualified to approach the foot of Mount Olympus.

Who cares about the secrets of low-level servants?

Now she swallows back what she just said to her face, which only shows that her secret is far more than the hard work of Martial God.

King Naboo is very interested in the Divine Force of “Martial God Harley”.

“Harley Quinn, it’s not bad for Harley Quinn to lend the Divine Force to Wonder Woman.” He said slowly in a tempting tone: “If it’s really bad, the Greek Lord God has something wrong with his brain. , in an age when the old gods were weak, and gave out a huge amount of origin to a illegitimate daughter of a Divine King made of mud?

Think about how many Wonder Women in the infinite multiverse, they all got the Greek gods How many sources should I consume?”

“What’s the benefit?” Harry said curiously.

“Just as good as the average businessman lending money out, with high profits in return. Just think about how famous Wonder Woman is on Earth. Fame is power.”

“Faith?” Harry shook his head in disappointment, “I don’t like that belief in Divine Force.”

Nab thought for a while and said, “If you don’t need to believe in Divine Force, you can still have it. Other benefits.

Spiritual God is an expert who is proficient in a certain skill or wisdom.

If Spiritual God wants to improve the level, in addition to accumulating Divine Force, he needs to work hard to train his ” Specialty’.

This is the same as the ordinary person’s improvement of their professional skills. As a doctor, if you are brilliant in medicine, you are eligible to improve the level of the doctor.

Lend your power of God After giving it to Wonder Woman, she will incorporate the insight she gained from combat into the Divine Force when she uses your Divine Force.

Well, only the insight she gets when using your Divine Force Be able to integrate into Divine Force.

If she doesn’t use your Divine Force, you won’t get her insight.

Her perception belongs to her of course, not because of her integration into Divine Force And you lose your own perception, but you can also get a share of it.”

“If you borrow so many benefits from Divine Force, why is Spiritual God extremely stingy with your own power? For example, you.” Harry said .

Nab was not embarrassed, and said calmly: “This is similar to the fact that some rich people do not lend their funds to lenders. First of all, the money lent may not be fully recovered.

Secondly, the rate of return on lending may not be as good as investing in yourself.

Your martial dao divine force is suitable for Wonder Woman, because she is a warrior, my order Divine Force lends it She is like an engineer asking a doctor to teach her engineering.

The engineering knowledge points that doctors can access have long been mastered by engineers.

Only engineers can help engineers.

This is the main reason why Spiritual God rarely lends his power to others, it’s so hard to find a suitable Divine Force host.

In the end, you lend your money to another businessman, he Might use your money to steal your business.

I lent my Divine Force of Order to a mortal with the extraordinary ‘Order innate talent’ who could help me, but he used my Divine Force During Divine Force, I can also analyze my god of order and become the god of order on the other side.

There can only be one person who can make rules. The god of order needs to be assertive and has a strong Exclusivity.

Therefore, I never want to see another God of Order born that doesn’t agree with my conception.”

This time, Harley hears a different voice in Naboo. less sincere.

She has an eye-opening feeling.

“Wonder Woman lost her life this time, will the Greek goddess die?”

Nabu said: “After Wonder Woman died, the Divine Force in her body escaped in the multiverse. , did not disappear.

If the Divine Force comes from an ordinary Spiritual God, and the ordinary Spiritual God cannot take back his Divine Force, it must be a big loss.

For example, a duke of hell Lend the power to Wonder Woman, the woman dies in battle, and the power of the Duke of Hell escapes in her body. As a result, it is absorbed by the Lord of Hell or the Demon King. The Duke will definitely not return his power.

But the main Greek god No loss, except Zeus, no one can grab their power without any repercussions,

In the end, those Divine Forces with the brand of the Lord God will always return to the Greek Lord Divine Physique.”


Speaking of this, Naboo looked at Harry with a somewhat uncertain look, “Unless your Escape Pattern erases the mark and transforms it into your own Bloodline Power.”

“I can’t do it. Here.” Harry shook his head.

“But you have absorbed the origins of several demon lords, without any repercussions.”

“You also said, that is the demon lord, isn’t the demon lord the little brother of God? God I can’t control the Greek pantheon.” Harry sighed.

She now has Level 10 God’s Power Defense Specialty, and is not afraid of the power of hell and heaven eroding her body, but God’s force field cannot be 100% immune to other Divine Forces.

As long as you are not 100% immune, there will always be contamination.

So now she has a full body of Bloodline Power, but she doesn’t dare to awaken her magic power.

There is more than one master of magic.

In addition to the legendary magic Goddess Hecate, the ghost knows how many second, third, and Nth creditors there are.

Naboo is nodded, she doesn’t envy in her heart. God’s care must have a price. She must have been branded with God long ago, and she is no different from other mages.

“What do you think about it?”

“You talked about the disadvantages of borrowing Divine Force so much, and you want me to think about it? Besides, Wonder Woman doesn’t want to borrow other things for a long time. The power of the Spiritual God.

When the Infinite Earth Crisis ends, the gods return, the power left in the Mud Man will be drawn out. There are no advantages, but many disadvantages,” Harley said.

Nabu said: “You can sign a contract with Hippolyta, and you can decide when to take back the Divine Force you lent.

This is the price of borrowing the Divine Force.


If she really wants to prevent her daughter from being rebooted, there is a good chance that she will agree to your request.

And you are Demoness Hallie, everyone wants to know your secrets and can study for a long time Your power, the Greek gods can’t ask for it.

As for the benefits you can get

You are different from me, my order and authority cannot be shared, but Wonder Woman is a War God .

The Servant-level defense attribute Martial God, who can share the battle experience of War God, can definitely make a lot of money.

She won’t get much from your Divine Force Defense secrets, but you can verify your Martial Arts on War God.

So, you don’t have to worry about revealing the secrets of your own power.

Unless your secrets are not limited to ‘Thick-skinned Martial God’.”

He said the last sentence with a deep meaning, and there was a burning dive light in his eyes, not letting go of every subtle expression on Harry’s face.

He had spoken to her so much, with hardly a single word of deceit.

She is willing to lend the Divine Force to Wonder Woman, and the Greek goddess may be able to study some of her secrets.

She disagreed, and He could infer the secret of her power from her reaction.

Harry was somewhat moved by Naboo’s “sincere” words.

She doesn’t mind losing some of her Bloodline Power temporarily, as Naboo said, the current Bloodline Power can only provide a little physical attribute, and cannot fundamentally affect her strength.

The yellow light energy can make up for the lack of speed and power.

Also, her Bloodline Power comes easier, even if Wonder Woman turns mud again in the future, she can afford to lose it.

Compared with these “insignificant” flaws, she has two major benefits: knowing herself and the gods.

Naboo said that she became Martial God, but she knew that her thick skin was not from Martial Arts, but mainly for defense.

But the universe seems to recognize the defense plus point as cultivation, and also bestow her “divine position”.

But she doesn’t understand her “Martial God position” at all, and she needs to understand what’s going on.

It’s a good idea to experiment with Wonder Woman.

Harry has a hunch that what happened today will greatly affect her future cultivation.

The only question, as her powers flow through Wonder Woman, does the Greeks perceive the secrets of her defenses?

Well, it seems that even the multiverse has been deceived, taking her defense as a kind of physical cultivation, and giving her the position of god, the main Greek god living in the multiverse is stronger than the universe itself?

In other words, the secret discovered by the Greek Lord of Divine Ability was discovered by Universe Source long ago when Halle wielded her power in the universe.

Harry had been in the garden for a long time, and Hippolyta had come to the door, quietly watching.

“Yerbi, what do you think?” Harry made a decision in his heart, but still wanted to be hypocritical.

“Lending Divine Force to ‘God’s Blessed One’ is one of Spiritual God’s most important cultivation ways. If you really become Spiritual God, you will take this step sooner or later. Is it right now? You decide for yourself, I can’t give advice.”

Finally, he lowered his dog’s head and whispered: “In case of an accident, you, who like to throw the pot in the first place, may expose my skin. “

Nab looked at Harry, looked thoughtful and said: “You are a little moved, are you really pure defense of Martial God?” : “No, I still have a big secret. I have a super Supreme Treasure that transcends the multiverse and is comparable to God. With it, I can see God kill God and be invincible.”

Nab sneered, Stop talking.

(end of this chapter)

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