I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 676


Chapter 676 Shazam Contract

“Hippolyta Your Majesty, Divine King Naboo worried about revealing his Divine Force My secret, I don’t want to lend my power to Diana, and several Spiritual Gods I know are not strong enough.

However, Neb said that there is also a powerful power in the bloodline within me, which is comparable to the origin of the Spiritual God.”

Harry went to the garden corridor and explained Neb’s attitude and advice in detail.

Hearing Naboo’s refusal, the Amazon Queen’s expression darkened and she was not excited.

Harry was hesitant, not overjoyed, to hear that she could help.

“Harry, are you really the Spiritual God? I have seen many Spiritual Gods, and you are very different from them. The naked eye can clearly distinguish the mortal from the Spiritual God.”

“I’m not sure what Naboo said.” Harley took out her phone again and opened the video communication with Destiny Academician.

Nabu went online again and said: “Her situation is a bit special, she seems to have taken a shortcut, and only resonates with the universe of the Universe Principle, and she has not yet had time to condense the laws representing Spiritual God.

Because she has always been branded as the Heart Demon force and did not convert the Bloodline Power into magic power, so the Divine Force has not awakened.

So, she is a lawless, no Divine Force, no divinity, no god An unknown ‘false god’.”

“False god?” Hippolyta was a little confused, she had never heard of a false god.

Naboo indifferently said: “Her situation is similar to yours, and the ancient Greek Demi-God hero has several points of, both in the case of external help, through exercise to really transform the external force into yourself

Have you been blessed by Zeus?

Harley Quinn is blessed by God too.

But you are not like Earth superheroes , when you get strength, go after glory, rarely exercise, and never understand and control your own strength.

Because of external forces, when your ‘results pass’, you can only touch the sea of laws, But they can’t condense their own rules.

For example, a company hires a technician, and when the score is 60 points, they are barely qualified for the position. If you have a hard background and get 5 extra points, you are accepted.

But you are not qualified for this position, the position of Spiritual God.

Like a god but not a real god, The kind of servant god who is not qualified to eat when you go to Mount Olympus.”

The front was okay, Halle and Hippolyta listened carefully, the last sentence was too hurtful, and the two women were all face. unhappy.

“You may have doubts in your heart, but Harley Quinn can prove it in the future,” Naboo looked towards Harley, “With your growth rate, you can’t condense a line of physical defense ten years later. The relevant laws.

By the way, you also have Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, which has been promoted to archmage. If you go further and sublimate the exclusive spell to exclusive laws, you will have two laws.”


Speaking of this, his tone changed, and he exclaimed in surprise: “Ogmaika, I remembered that your exclusive magic spell is also related to defense.

When you become a god, Fleshy body and magic double defense, double defense law, plus God descends. Who can break your defense?”

Harry was a little frightened, is this bastard staring at him every day? , study yourself every day? Otherwise, why analyze her old bottom to be perfectly clear?

She didn’t speak, and Nabo asked again in doubt: “What’s wrong with you, what are you doing with such a high defense stack?

If it wasn’t for luck to get the yellow light energy, it would make up for it to a certain extent. The lack of attack and speed, the lame you can’t play a role in the war except as a sandbag.”

“Don’t talk about it, Queen Hippolyta is also a false god, you can use her Divine Force?” Harry brought back the topic of flying to the sky.

“The false gods are just metaphors, but in fact there are differences between the two of you.

Can you become a god or not, rely on your own strength, enough strength to resonate with the sea of laws, Divine Force Self-born.

Hippolyta and the ancient Greek Demi-God heroes depended on the will of Mount Olympus.

If the Greek pantheon has a place of God vacated, Demi-God -God hero has made outstanding contributions, and with the consent of the main god, he can obtain the Divine Force infusion of the Greek pantheon, and become a god in one step.” Nabo said.

Harry said: “That is to say, my false god at least has bloodline’s power, and Queen Hippolyta has no Divine Force in her body.”

One is more fake than the other.

Hippolyta hesitantly said: “I understand the situation now, but I can’t make a decision for the Olympus goddess to make Harley a blessing to Diana too.”

<"This" Harry frowned.

Although she said earlier about how close she is to Wonder Woman, that was obviously bullshit.

In order to save Wonder Woman from being restarted, she is willing to waste a little time and favor, and call to persuade Nabo to sacrifice himself for the overall situation.

Waiting for Naboo’s stern refusal, she was reluctantly willing to take the risk of exposing her “Divine Force” secret and get the reward of making Olympus War God the favored one.

She is willing to help Wonder Woman only if there is a reward.

If there is no reward at all, just use the Divine Force to keep the mud man alive, wait for the gods to return, study her Divine Force, and then let her go. Diana is not qualified to let her do it. this sacrifice.

Hippolyta stared at the Fate Academician on the phone screen, hoping that he would have mercy on his beloved daughter.

Well, she still doesn’t like the Divine Force of “Martial Arts Servant”.

Like mother who takes her daughter to the hospital for surgery, she only keeps her eyes on the most famous old doctor.

God Naboo was much colder than Harley, and refused directly: “Even if Zeus agrees to keep my Divine Force in Wonder Woman’s body, I will not change my mind.”

Hippolyta looked helpless, and turned her eyes back to Harry, “Fate Academician, is there any incantation that can protect Harry’s Divine Force from being analyzed by Diana or Olympus?”

Just as Neb was about to say no, he paused when he spoke, and said strangely: “Harley Quinn, your initials are “H”, right?”

“This is Isn’t it obvious?” Harley asked unfathomable mystery.

“Have you ever met Shazam?” Neb asked again.

“You know this?”

“There are no secrets in the magic circle.” Neb hesitated: “Shazam wizard is looking for a man of destiny who will inherit Shazam’s Divine Force. man, and the power of Shazam is composed of the powers of six Spiritual Gods.

Each letter in Shazam represents the initials of a Spiritual God’s real name, S represents the wisdom of Solomon, and H represents He. The strength of Lacleus, the A for the endurance of Atlas, the Z for the Divine Force of Zeus, the A for the courage of Achilles, and the M for the speed of Mercury.”

“Did I ‘Harley Quinn’, can be the representative of H?” Harley asked curiously.

In the early years, Shazan was looking down on his job search, and now he is directly a Boss?

Naboo said bluntly: “You can be ‘H’, but Shazam wizard definitely doesn’t like it.

Because your H must be the weakest link in shazam .

Shazam also abides by the law of barrels, and the strength is determined by the lowest board.

It really pulls you into the ‘shazam’ group, and it is estimated that the frequency of ‘Shazam’ replacement It’s comparable to Gotham’s hundred-dollar bills.”

Harry’s hands were itchy, and she wanted to crush her phoneβ€”if she crushed her phone, she could crush the opposite helmet at the same time.

“What the hell are you trying to say?” she asked with a sullen face.

Naboo said slowly: “Because your real name’s initials are in shazam, you are qualified to sign a ‘Shazam contract’ with Shazam wizard.

With that pact, your Divine Force will be locked by the supreme power contained in ‘shazam’, and no one will be able to probe.”

“You are joking, trifling ‘shazam’ is a name that contains supreme Power?” Harry was shocked and suspicious.

Nab looked at her and said meaningfully: “Since your debut, the rumor of the ‘Singularity Curse’ has been with you all the time.

Earlier, the mages suspected you There is a singularity spell, and everyone still suspects it.

At the same time, it is also suspected that Bateman also mastered the singularity spell, so he can avoid Darkseid’s omega rays.

Excluding these untrue rumors, you have actually seen the real Singularity Charm controller.”

“Old wizard Shazam?” Harry was surprised.

Nab gently nodded, “His name is shazam, but there is no him in the six letters of shazam, what do you think?”

Harry said: ” is it possible that this incantation of shazam is what he prepared for himself? Is he the first ‘Shazam the Man of Destiny’?”

The Destiny Academician wears golden-bright and dazzling helmets, invisible His face, but there was a hint of admiration in his voice, “The craziest black magician will only borrow magic from a fixed one or a few demons.

Rational mages, such as Constantine and you, I wish there was no magic in my body.

You are afraid of the debt repayment day.

The more you borrow, the heavier the debt will be in the future.

The more debtors, the worse the outcome .

Shazam is not six creditors, as long as his real name initials in shazam, he can become his creditor.

Take the multiverse as a computer, the universe rule is the computer There may be loopholes in the system software, and there may be bugs in the Universe Rule. The singularity spell is the bug of the universe.

Shazam wizard found the bug of borrowing Divine Force not to repay the debt, his singularity The curse is his name, ‘Shazam’.”

Harry was shocked and envious, and said: “This bug is too evil and too powerful, no wonder the mages heard about the singularity magic. The magic spell, immediately screamed with excitement.”

Nabo said: “shazam is the ‘real name’ spell developed by Shazam. Once the spell is developed, it may be learned by mages, for example, the superheroes Warhawk and White Dove, shouting ‘War Eagle’ immediately gains War God power.

But other Spiritual Gods learn magic, can only leverage the ‘shazam’ law in the universe, open a Divine Force channel with the shazam law, transfer the power It is transmitted to the human world without loss.

Well, the once singularity magic shazam has now become a law of the multiverse.

If you are under the witness of the shazam law, and the Shazam wizard Sign a contract, and from now on, your Divine Force secret will be under the protection of multiple universe level laws.

For example, Zeus, Solomon, Achilles and other Spiritual Gods represented by shazam, Divine Force Mixed in one person, they can’t Decipher the secrets of the opponent’s Divine Force.

If there is no such protection mechanism, which Spiritual God would be willing to join the shazam group? “

Halle said with a sneer: “Spiritual Gods guarded against each other, but missed the biggest thief, Shazam. The power of lightning he mastered was learned from Zeus, right. Bar? ”

(end of this chapter)

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