I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 677


Chapter 677 I was hired as an employee on the same day and interviewed as a Boss today

I heard that Harry suspected old Shazam of supervising theft , Naboo thought for a while, then said: “Before Shazam wizard became a god, of course he would use the Singularity Magic Research Institute to borrow the mysteries of the Divine Force.

If it was you, you would have the same choice.

But when he becomes the Spiritual God wizard, the bugs of the Universe Principle will be fixed, and the singularity magic will lose the characteristics of drilling holes and become a normal Universe Principle.

The mage is eager to get the singularity magic, In addition to the strange and buggy abilities of the singularity spell, the more important reason is that each singularity spell can guarantee a divine position.

The great magician masters the exclusive spell, and the magic grandmaster will have his own magic The mantra is sublimated into a law.

But this law is not necessarily accepted by the universe, so there are many Grandmasters on Earth, and only a few Spiritual God wizards in thousands of years.

Singularity Magic spells are errors and omissions of the Universe Rule, and they are bugs. The singularity law created on the basis of the singularity spell that can patch the Universe Principle system will definitely be accepted by the universe.

Your own law is accepted by the universe.

Accepted by the universe, is equal to promotion from Grandmaster to the god of wizard.

So, before you lent the Divine Force to Shazam wizard before he became a god, what’s gone can never come back went but never returned.


Not only will the meat buns not come back, he will also study your bun stuffing recipe, and if he thinks it is good, he will learn to grab your business.

This is why he is the god of thunder.

As you said earlier, he got his wisdom from Zeus’ Divine Force.

But now he’s the god of wizards.

The Shazam wizard will The magic of singularity becomes a law to repair the singularity of the universe, and the universe principle also accepts that law, and the loopholes are filled, and he becomes the god of wizards.

At this time, the universe principle he masters is not Then it has the characteristics of card bugs.”

Harry suddenly said, “He is relying on Uni The way to fill the loopholes in the verse Rule was promoted to Spiritual God, and he made up the singularity of the law he discovered.

At that time, when I saw that he was holding a lightning-shaped cane, he was majestic and powerful, and I always thought that he was a god by the law of thunder.

didn’t expect He chose to take shortcuts. “

Then, she wondered again: “If I were him, I would keep the law bugs and borrow the power of Spiritual God without interest. Are there any restrictions? “

Naboo indifferently said: “Think about yourself, you stole the origin of Satan once, and it became a lot of noise and everyone knows it. The sensation he caused by the power of Zeus was no less than ten years ago. you.

He also wants to keep bugs, but the singularity spell is not a treasure, it is a piece of information, a secret.

Ten years ago, didn’t the Grandmasters want to share your singularity spell?

Secrets are discovered, not created.

The Shazam wizard can discover the secrets of the loopholes in the law, and other Grandmasters can also find the secrets of the singularity spell by analyzing his unusualness.

So, the smartest thing to do is to ‘use up’ the Singularity Spell immediately after it is exposed, and replace it with a real god. “

What He didn’t say is that even now, there are still many Grandmasters analyzing her and Bateman’s Singularity Charm characteristics.

Harry is better, she is infinite The reason for absorbing Satan and the origin of the devil has long been discovered – God’s blessing.

There are fewer mages who study her singularity spell.

Batteman avoids Dak The Cyd Omega rays shocked the mages no less than seeing Harley absorb the source of Satan in Indian Mountain that day.

Many mages began to stir and wanted to kidnap Bateman. , tortured and cross-examined.

β€œNow there is only Earth 0 left in Wantianyi, where can I find it on the Rock of Eternity, which was originally located in the center of Wantianyi? Harry asked.

“The Rock of Eternity is located in the center of Wan Tianyi. Where is the center of Wan Tianyi now?” “Nab asked rhetorically.

“In the center of the Earth 0 universe?” Oa? “

Naboo shook his head, “Oua is only the center of space, Earth is the core of Earth 0, and the Eternal Rock is in the subspace of Earth’s low-Earth orbit.” “

“How about I go to see Shazam with Naboo Divine King first, wait for the shazam contract to be signed, and then inject Bloodline Power into Diana’s clay body? “Harry asked, looking at the Amazon Queen.

Hippolyta nodded sighed, “Whatever the outcome, I thank you, Harry, and the Divine King of Naboo.” “

Harry didn’t follow Neb to the Eternal Rock immediately after leaving Paradise Island.

“You call the Stranger back for me first.” “She preached to Naboo.

Naboo took a deep look at her and understood that she did not trust herself and the Shazam wizard.

But he didn’t say anything, Go straight back to the Tower of Destiny and send a message to Earth 2’s Stranger.

Two hours later, the tired-looking Stranger has endured the hardships of a long journey back to Earth.


“Ai, when I took you to the Rock of Eternity to receive Shazam inheritance, now you are going to be the provider of Shazam’s power. “The Stranger sighed with emotion.

“Just put her name into the shazam group, Shazam wizard will never make her a real ‘H’ representative. Naboo disagreed.

The Stranger sighed: “This is already a very high achievement. How old is Harry now, and how many years has she been in cultivation?” Moreover, with her growth rate, what realm will she reach in a hundred years?”

“It has nothing to do with her realm, her power attribute is defense. The Peak of the material universe defense is only one of the characteristics of Zeus’ Divine Force, making her an ‘H’, without any improvement to the shazam’s strength, wasting a Divine Force position in vain. “Nabu preached.

“It’s not an honor to join a shazam either. “Harry shook his head.

She didn’t want to lend her power to a sand sculpture.

“Let’s talk about this when you know the benefits of joining a shazam. “Naboo said indifferently.

“What good? “Harry said curiously.

Nab shook his head and said nothing.

A few people were talking, and they had entered the Manhattan subway tunnel. The Stranger drew a golden on the stone wall with his hand. The door, Harry stepped out and returned to the dark stone castle that she visited many years ago.

As the three entered, the torch lit from the door to the depths of the stone castle in turn, recording the deep years Traces of stone walls and stone paths appeared in front of them.

There are seven statues of Demon God at the entrance, and seven high-backed stone chairs are placed above the circular hall.

The wizard with messy gray hair stood up straight with the lightning-shaped staff, slowly raised his head, and opened his bright eyes, like two stars lit up in the dark night.

“What a rare visitor, a stranger, an academician of fate, you two came together to recommend the Inheritor to me? What talent does she have to gain your recognition at the same time. Hey, aren’t you that Harley Quinn? “

Old Shazam shifted his gaze to Harry, exclaimed in surprise, and said in a tangled voice, “Why bother me? I didn’t choose her at first, but now… alas, for the sake of your joint recommendation, Harley Quinn, come here, and I will teach you the power of Shazam.

It’s as simple as shouting ‘shazam’,”

The old wizard was confused at first, but in the end he couldn’t hide his joy and eagerness.

“Ai, ten years later, I have recognized myself, as you said that day, I am indeed not a qualified hero.

I joined the black state, played black magic, used power to build my own money empire, and indirectly controlled Gotham. I was guilty and didn’t deserve to be Shazam. Harry lowered his head and sighed shyly.

Old Shazam hurriedly said: “If you can recognize this, you are already qualified to be a hero, and you have a small loss, you have never encountered a major event. Don’t be shy, I have saved the world many times, and I appreciate you very much. “

“cough cough, Shazam, she didn’t come to run for ‘thunder Shazam’, I brought her here to get her into the ‘shazam protocol’.” “Naboo.

“What?” “Old Shazam was stunned, then jumped straight from the stone chair.

“Are you a god?” ! He circled around Harry, his eyes doubtful.

“Naboo Divine King said that I touched the sea of law.” “Harry said.

Shazam’s eyes leaped with silver blue lightning, staring at her, trying to see her through.

After a long time, he still shook his head and turned to Fate Academician, Puzzled: “Are you sure she’s a Spiritual God? “

Nab gently nods.

“But I don’t sense Divinity, Divine Force, and her laws.” “Shazam frowned.

Harry looked thoughtful and glanced around Naboo, Stranger and Shazam, Naboo saw her change at a glance, Stranger and Shazam were reminded, still unsure of her. Does it resonate with the Universe Principle?

β€”β€”The strength of the Helmet is really strong, surpassing the Stranger and Shazam by a grade, and it is worthy of being the Divine King of Order.

Wait for Nabo to put it Explaining the situation of her false god, thick-skinned Martial God, and ineligible servant of God, Shazam, like the stranger before, no longer doubts the identity of Halle Martial God.

But he put Her head was shaking like a rattle.

“No, absolutely can’t put her in the shazam group, that would drop the ‘shazam’ class to rock bottom.

If other honorable Spiritual God and Divine King in the original group knew about it, what would they think? Will they quit the shazam group because they don’t want to be with her? “

Harry turned black and said with a sneer: “The noble Spiritual God and Divine King in your mouth are garbage in front of Sangong, and I killed Sangong.” “

“Youβ€”” Old Shazan was in a hurry and wanted to reprimand, but when the words came to his lips, he found that what she said was right, and he was powerless to refute.

” You cheat, use Superman to plot the third house. “

“Isn’t wisdom part of power?” Doesn’t the first ‘s’ in your shazam represent Solomon’s wisdom? “Harry said.

“Even if you have a great record, your hard power is here. ‘Thick-skinned Martial God’ is shameful and useless. “Old Shazam said.

Nabo said: “I didn’t want her to be an ‘H’ originally, I brought her here just to sign a shazam contract and keep her power under the protection of the multiple Universe Rule. It cannot be parsed or stolen by other Spiritual Gods. “

After that, Neb told Diana’s situation again.

“Isn’t it just restarting, what’s the trouble?” “Old Shazan turned to Harry and said sternly: “Quickly move Earth 0 to the universe of the underworld, where is the new Wan Tianyi.

It’s no use resisting now, this is the destiny the Watchers have planned for the multiverse. “

“Earth 0 has nothing to do with you. If you care about the future of the multiverse, you can join the ‘Anti-Monitor Alliance’. “Harry’s tone was a little impatient.

Old Shazam said while staring: “How come it has nothing to do with me? If you don’t remove Earth 0, my Eternal Rock can only stay in the original Wan Tianyi. “

Harry gave him a sideways look. “So what?” “

“If Earth 0 is destroyed, the Rock of Eternity will also suffer unpredictable disasters.” “Old Shazan said.

“Earth 0 has been destroyed, do you think we still care about your Eternal Rock?” “

“The underworld represents the future of the multiverse. Earth 0 will not necessarily be restarted if it enters it. If it stays outside, it will definitely not last long.” “Old Shazan shouted loudly.

“If you want to influence our decision, please get involved first. “Harry said bluntly: “You who have never contributed to the resistance to the anti-material crisis, even if the reason is sufficient, the sound is like thunder, do you think Earth heroes will listen?” “

Shazam blushed, “Did I not work hard?” In recent years, I spent a lot of magic power, cast the ‘Human Demon Charm’, and pulled hundreds of Shazam candidates from the world, but they were all unqualified.

If you find a man of destiny, the person in charge of today’s anti-monitoring alliance will not be you, but thunder Shazam! “

Harry was a little speechless, “You are wearing Divine Force, so you work so hard?” “

“Don’t say it’s useless, Shazam wizard, let Harley Quinn sign the shazam contract.” ” sermon.

(end of chapter)

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