I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 678


Chapter 678 Add some points to become a god (Merry Christmas to everyone, time is fast)

“I’ll be straight, Harley Quinn I don’t like Yin’s ability, and I don’t want to sign a shazam contract with her.” The old Shazam was very straightforward.

“Signing a contract with her, not choosing her into the current shazam group, or even never letting her become ‘H’, will have no effect on you or thunder Shazam.” Naboo said.

Old Shazan stared at him for a long time, and then his mind sounded transmission: “Nabo, you are not a kind-hearted old man. What do you want to do today by insisting so much?”

“I want to know the secret of Harley Quinn’s power.” Naboo was also very straightforward.

“You persuaded the Stranger? Harley Quinn came to him, probably to check the terms of the contract, I couldn’t lie to him.” Old Shazam asked.

Nabu said: “The Stranger will not help us. You don’t have to play tricks in the terms. I didn’t think about stealing Harley Quinn’s power. I just wondered about her power.”

“What do you suspect?” Old Shazam said curiously.

“She has too many doubts, such as this ‘hard skill Martial God’, don’t you think it’s strange that neither you nor the stranger noticed her abnormality?”

“It’s normal for me and Stranger to be inferior to you. You have already penetrated into the sea of laws, surpassed the Ordinary Law, and started to formulate new rules.” Old Shazan said enviously and respectfully.

Nab glanced at Harry and the Stranger, both of whom noticed that he and Shazam were in psychic communication.

He had the intention to end this unfriendly and suspicious way of communication, so he said directly: “Adding her to the shazam list will not do you any harm, but it will have the opportunity to analyze the source of her power.”

“Ai, the loopholes in the laws have already been filled,” Old Shazam did not take Naboo’s attention, and continued to talk at length in his mind, “Singularity magic spells become gods, that is, to find loopholes in the rules, and then use new The law closes the loophole.

I used to be able to borrow the Divine Force without any side effects through the shazam spell, while using the Spiritual God’s Divine Force, while feeling the secret of the law in the Divine Force.

Now the shazam spell has changed, and even I am greatly restricted, otherwise there would not be so many Spiritual Gods signing shazam contracts with me.”

“At least I can analyze the Harley Quinn Divine The basic attribute of Force, right?”

“Of course, if you don’t even know what an attribute is, how can you combine it into the strongest shazam?” said the old Shazam as it should be by rights.

If you don’t understand the attribute of Divine Force, it is likely to cause the repetition of the six Spiritual God attributes of shazam.

For example, if three gods of wisdom are selected, but there is no god of power, the intelligence of thunder Shazam will not increase too much, but the power will be weakened into an ordinary person.

“It’s enough to know the basic attributes of her power,” Nabo said.

“What’s the use of knowing the attribute? You can easily understand her power attribute by asking her directly, or by observing her battles.” Old Shazan said puzzled.

“Just because I’ve been watching her, my suspicions abound. For example, Green Lantern developed digestive deficiencies, will deficiencies, and magic resist deficiencies while Green Lantern held her in the Central Power Cell.


This shows that Harley Quinn has law-level expertise in digestion, willpower, and magic resistance.

In the battle with the Green Lantern Legion, she broke the Green Lantern energy with no difficulty and manifested Even the green light energy of the cosmic Guardian has become unstable.

This is another peculiarity.

And the yellow light energy in her body, the parallax monster has long been pumped Why hasn’t she shown signs of energy depletion yet?

I guess, the yellow light energy in her body is not just decreasing or increasing.”

Old Shazan suddenly said, “You doubt her The power attribute is not pure defense, and even defense may be a pretense.”

“That’s right.”

“A Harley Quinn, is it worth your attention?” Shazan wondered again.

“She’s ‘Demoness Halle’, and it’s not normal for me not to pay attention to what she’s done.”

Old Shazan was speechless.

Old Shazam looked towards Harley, opened the mouth and said: “I communicated with Destiny Academician in the mind space for a while, and he persuaded me.

Before signing the contract, Let me explain the rights and obligations of both parties first.

The shazam contract can add a lock and open a window to your power, and outsiders can use your power, but cannot crack your secret.

Whether you join the shazam group or not, the lock to protect the secret of your power is always there.

This is one of the benefits you can get.

Signed a contract , you are also obliged, when I decide to make you the ‘H’ in shazam, you can’t refuse.

Of course, this is not a problem for you, I cannot make you ‘H’ .”

“It seems that the benefits obviously outweigh the obligations. If the initials of Spiritual God’s real name are in shazam, they won’t cry and call you to sign a contract?” Harry wondered.

“You think they don’t?” Old Shazam smiled proudly, “ka-cha” lightning flashed, and an old parchment scroll appeared in front of her.

In addition to the terms of the shazam contract, there are dozens of Spiritual God’s signatures.

The names are written differently, but they all radiate power.

“Who is this Zonuz?” Harry was quickly attracted by the strange god’s name in the “Z” column, “His Divine Force fluctuation seems to be stronger than Zeus, why do I change from Haven’t heard of this person?”

“You have good eyesight,” old Shazam gave her a surprised look, “Zonos is the strongest new god, and Divine King Zeus should be in almost on par

But now is the era of new gods, the glory of the old gods is gone, Zeus may be weaker than Zonos.”

“Isn’t the strongest new god Darkseid? ?”

Old Shazan said: “Darkseid didn’t pop out of the cracks of the stone, he has parents, Zonos is Yuja Khan, the father of Darkseid.

Now you understand the real value of this covenant?

Being alongside these great Spiritual Gods is a lifetime glory to boast about.”

β€œ I don’t know Zonos, but I know Darkseid’s father, Yuga Khan, a hapless bastard who hangs on the wall of origin and can’t get off.

He wants to be with me, but I don’t Long on the wall.” Halle said indifferently.

“Don’t think it’s great to come down from the wall of origin.” After saying this, Old Shazam felt sorry for himself, “Well, you didn’t come down by your own ability, so you have no right to be proud.”


“What am I proud of? Isn’t it just coming down from the origin wall, I go up and down, go up and down again, it’s easier than eating and drinking, how can I be proud?” Harry said flatly.

Old Shazam choked speechless and could only blow his beard and stare.

“The contract is fine.” The Stranger looked away from the parchment, nodded and said to Harry.

“Do you think I should sign it?” At the end, Harry hesitated.

“For you, it’s okay to sign or not to sign.” The stranger said slowly, “Whether it’s the Shazam contract or borrowing strength for Wonder Woman, it’s Spiritual God’s cultivation. One of the ways.

The realm and strength of Spiritual God have not changed for thousands of years or tens of thousands of years, and they will seek every way to make themselves better.

You are now If you haven’t encountered the bottleneck on cultivation yet, and your strength and realm have steadily improved, you can just follow the current path.

If you want to broaden your horizons and learn about other techniques of cultivation, it doesn’t matter.”


Harry was secretly sighed in her heart, in fact, she had already met bottleneck.

Before level 80, in order to improve to Level 1, it was extremely difficult. After level 80, she didn’t know who to turn to to quickly level up.

Earth superheroes, super criminals, seabed people, all got fucked.

The trend of her upgrading will certainly not stop, but it will undoubtedly be much slower.

Defense upgrade is no longer her main means of improving her combat ability.

But evolving Supreme Treasure’s defensive abilities are her foundation.

You can’t just throw it aside and find other ways to improve your strength just because your level is full.

In this way, researching the “thick-skinned Martial God” road related to defense upgrade seems to be a better choice for her at this stage – if the Spiritual God rules of the dc universe also apply to her “additional points” God”.

“Are you still hesitating?” Old Shazam was about to sneer when Harry had already put his thumb at the end of the scroll, behind an unknown “H” letter beginning with the name of Spiritual God, writing own name.

No need to bite her fingers, she precisely controls the blood to seep along the pores, and her thumb is like a brush that never runs out of ink. She is named after the most intense Bloodline Power book photo.

“Huhβ€”” Old Shazan watched the bloody name flash with a golden glow, and slowly turned into a dim black. He couldn’t help but shouted in surprise, and looked at Harry and said strangely, “didn’t t expect you have really become a Spiritual God, and the Divine Force resonance law is still very strong.”

Dozens of gods’ names, through the breath of the names, can infer the strength of Spiritual God.

To old Shazam’s surprise, Harry’s breath was not the weakest, and even ranked in the upper middle.

This shocked him.

“Mortals can’t sign?” Harry asked.

“The shazam contract is actually a rule, the rule I use to fix the loopholes in the Universe Rule, if you want to write your name on it, you must resonate with the sea of laws.

Just If you want to see the king, you must at least have the qualifications to enter the king’s residence.” Old Shazan’s tone was less contemptuous, and his eyes were more respectful.

Then he asked, “How do you feel now?”

“wu” Harley squinted, her thoughts were united, and she carefully sensed the changes in her body, “A heat flow from outside the sky. Descends, flows into the heart through the limbs and bones, and then flows back from the heart to the body.

It seems that as long as someone yelled ‘Shazam’, the Bloodline Power in my body will boil, wrapped in that heat current Rush out of the zenith and into the inexplicable area.”

“Wishful thinking, you are not in the shazam sequence at all.” Old Shazam sneered.

“Is it a hallucination?” Harry frowned.

She really felt like she was hooked up to a pipe and could easily lend her strength.

“It’s an illusion, and it’s not a hallucination.” Old Shazam thought about it and said, “The incantation that triggers the loss of your power within the body is by no means ‘Shazam’, but it can be something else.


For example, when someone shouts ‘Harley Quinn’, your power immediately crosses the void and pours into him.”

“Like eagles and doves? Why do they shout ‘ Warhawk’ instead of the Spiritual God’s real name behind Warhawk?” Harry asked.

“Shazam isn’t my real name either. Except for those old gods who were famous and learned their beliefs, who would take out their real name for mortals to shout publicly?” Old Shazam said in disapproval.

“Ai, I’m so famous, I’ll never forget Heavenly God, and I can’t change my vest.” Harry lamented.

“Don’t think too much, you haven’t learned the ‘Shazan God’s Curse’ yet, so you can’t lend your power to mortals.” Old Shazan said.

“It’s the incantation used by the Spiritual God behind the Eagle and the Dove? You can teach me.” Harry looked forward to it.

“God’s conjuration needs magic power to drive. Come to me when you have magic power.”

“Have you figured out the law of your own resonance now?” Naboo’s eyes burned, stared at her and asked.

<>Harry gently nods p.

After communicating with the Law Sea through the shazam contract, a clear comprehension came to mind.

She guessed right.

When the body’s defense is increased to 80 by adding points, the universe ‘mistakes’ it is a kind of cultivation.

A certain skill cultivation to the extreme is Spiritual God.

She became dc’s first “plus god”.

(end of this chapter)

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