I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 681


Chapter 681 Supreme: Little Superman

“I heard a lot of pitfalls in your soulful speech.” Harley sneered: “First of all, Crona did so much damage to the universe, and knowingly did a taboo experiment, and was only exiled.

With your Guardian’s immortal lifespan, is it possible that he is still alive now ?”

Ganser’s expression was a bit strange, as if there was a superiority of higher beings looking down on lower creatures, “Harley Quinn, for the same thing, different stages of life, different stages of civilization, there will be different Opinion.

For example, a three-year-old child will regard the lack of gummies as the greatest pain in life, an eight-year-old child will regard going to school as a torture, a fifteen-year-old boy will wait for them because of a broken love When they are 30 or 50 years old, the previous pain is like a sweet memory.

Of course they have not lost the pain, but the pain has become deeper and more complicated.

For example , primordial people are afraid of any form of sickness, cold is also a pain for them, medieval people are afraid of plague, smallpox.

Now, you Earth people are afraid of AIDS.

If you inject someone with HIV, it’s definitely the worst punishment, right?

How about in the 30th century when AIDS was already conquered?

In short, With the growth of personal experience and wisdom, and the continuous progress of civilization and technology, the meaning of ‘the greatest suffering in life’ has been evolving.

You think death is the greatest punishment because you have not yet Overcome death.

But we Marthus have overcame ‘death’, and even the most ordinary citizens have gained immortality, immortality, Eternal and Undying.

We even question it’ The concept of death.

So depriving Crona of his immortal life is, in our view, terrifying, but not the greatest punishment.”

Haley had to admit that this forced Let the little blue man install it.

She had no choice but to refute it. The little blue man in front of her was living and irrefutable evidence.

He’s outlived her Earth age!

Spiritual God seems to be immortal, but in fact, they are very dependent on faith and the Universe Rule. Maybe the faith disappears, and the gods disappear immediately. Maybe the Universe Rule changes, and the powerful Divine King also disappears.

But the little blue people do not need belief, do not rely on the Universe Principle, they are immortality, and they are as powerful as Spiritual God, with the uniqueness of the multiverse, and are not afraid of the restart of the universe.

These blue-skinned bastards really make other races envious and jealous!

“What do you guys do with Croner?” Hal Jordan said curiously.

Ganser indifferently said: “He was transformed into a disembodied energy, hovering eternally in the universe. He will feel the pain of the universe, but he will not even have the ability to speak, and others will see it. Can’t see or touch him.”

Several Earth people looked at each other, and their beliefs began to shake.

Perhaps this really is a more terrifying punishment than death?

Harry wondered: “If the Anti-Monitor is worried that you are threatening his great cause, they will do it first and destroy Ouah in one fell swoop.

The problem is, he You can kill Oua at your fingertips, so why should you be afraid of you?”

“Why was Oa frozen by the space-time beam, and then encountered antimatter lightning, which blew up the crust of the earth?” Ganser rhetorical question.

“I am also surprised that if the Earth continent plate is also destroyed, very few Earth people will survive, and they will no longer be able to form a large Legion guardian tuning fork.” Hal puzzled.

Harry glanced at Fate Academician and said nothing.

The Academician of Destiny said: “Anti-Monitor can’t do it, unless he destroys my Tower of Destiny first, and then completely collapses the Universe Principle, otherwise, he can throw a law-level antimatter attack on Earth.


Like to hurt a person’s heart, you must first cut through his armor and chest.

When the armor is still intact, the knife will definitely not touch the heart.

If the Anti-Monitor destroys the Tower of Destiny, causing the Universe Principle to completely collapse, and no need for anti-matter lightning to destroy the continent plate, it is more practical to directly pour into the anti-matter cloud and convert Earth into anti-matter energy.

And therefore , when we saw the destruction of countless parallel universes, it was the shadow demons first, followed by the antimatter cloud, without the kind of law-level attack that appeared in Ouah.”

Ganther’s eyes were dim and his tone was light: “Anti-matter clouds. The Watchers can attack Oa because Oa has a special connection with the Kovad star.

Like your Earth and the Earths of other universes, they overlap in position, the difference is only in the frequency of vibration.

So, we can build a Transmission Gate to enter Kovard directly from Ora, and the Anti-Monitor can also launch an attack directly on Ora through Kovard.

So , the green light Legion was almost wiped out, not because we were too weak, but because the Guardian failed to detect this in advance.

Too careless and failed to avoid the sneak attack of the anti-monitor.

Looking at Hal Jordan’s performance in the Expeditionary Force, you can understand how a complete Green Lantern Legion can affect the situation of the war.

Anti-Monitors are afraid of the second Green Lantern Legion The reason is related to the Transmission Gate.

We can open the Transmission Gate, but he can’t find the location of the Transmission Gate.

The Transmission Gate is a machine, not the metal machine you think .”

He paused, turned his head to look around, looked around the tuning fork, shook his head and said, “You civilizations have not yet gotten rid of their dependence on physical matter.

The Transmission Gate on Kovard is made of the Protoss of Kovard, and the Transmission Gate cannot be destroyed unless the planet is destroyed.”

“Now you can sense Kovard Star?” Harry asked.

“You have to try it to find out.” Ganser thought for a while, then said, “It’s like dialing a mobile phone number to know if it’s available.”

“Hal , you’re going to practice your ‘dialing skills’ now,” said Harry.

Ganther passed the green light ring and sent the information to Hal in an instant.

Looking at Hal who closed his eyes to accept the message, Harry moved in his heart, “Can the yellow light work?”

Ganser hesitated for a moment, then gently resigned.

“Give me one, add insurance,” Harry said.

Ganther declined by silence.

“Hal, give me a copy of the information,” Harry said.

“Ganther, I think what Harley said is very reasonable. One more person and one more insurance.” Raising his right hand, the ring shot out a beam of green light, falling between Harry’s eyebrows.

A complex “instruction manual” comparable to the operation of the Brainiac spaceship is poured into Harry’s Sea of Consciousness, and the amount of information is so large that it makes her head like a sap.

No wonder Gunther says it takes at least two months to learn.

What is complicated is not the process of starting the Transmission Gate, but the fundamentals of it.

It’s like driving a car, starting the car is very simple, but to become a qualified driver, you have to go through a more systematic driving school training.

Ganser’s pale little blue face turned black, “Hal, this is the top secret of the Green Lantern Legion, and it concerns the safety of Oua and the positive and negative universes.”

“If the universe is gone, Legion and Oua will naturally disappear, so what’s the point of a high level of secrets?” Hal said in disapproval.

Gunther had the urge to kick him out of the Green Light Legion again.

At this time, the sage of Orchi received a message from the Academician of Destiny and sent it through the space gate.

He bowed respectfully to Gunther before leading Hal to “Dinosaur Island”.

There was no Dinosaur Island on Earth. In order to place the chaotic space-time belt that fell like a ribbon across Earth, Fate Academician united many Grandmasters, forcibly built a Spiritual God array in the Pacific Ocean to surround, hide the world, and similar. The giant island of Amazon Paradise Island.

There are only dinosaurs, mammoths and other non-modern beasts on it, but no humans, so it is named Dinosaur Island.

Well, if General Ryan handles this matter, 80% will throw all the travelers into Dinosaur Island, unless the travelers come from the future and can provide future technological knowledge.

However, the government and the inside of the government are all left and white, and there is a group of righteous superheroes watching, not to mention ordinary travelers, even primordial people are assigned to big houses.

Harry stared at the little blue man again and asked, “Master Ganser, your Guardian family should be far more than the few people who stay on Star Oua?”

” They can’t help, and the Martus who settled on Oa is the Guardian.” Gunther said.

Harley asked: “They are unwilling to help, or are they incapable?

You know the situation in the multiverse now, there are only five single universes left, and the number of heroes is already there. Limited, and suffered heavy losses in the last expedition. Even Wonder Woman sacrificed two.

The second expedition is about to begin, and every extra strength increases the odds of winning.

Even if the other Little Blues cough cough, the other Martus are weaker than the Guardian, but at least stronger than most heroes.”

Ganther mused.

Harry advised: “If the anti-monitor is alive, he will not let Earth 0 universe. If he can slaughter the Guardian on Oa, will he let go of Martu on other planets? Clansman?

If it turns out that the anti-monitor is dead and the expedition is disbanded on the spot, your clansman will not be lost, wouldn’t it be more secure to go back and continue to live your own life?”

Ganther said: “It’s not as simple as you think. You’ve seen the Guardian. Have you ever found a woman? The Martus people are not separated, but divided because of different theories.”

“Could it be that the Martus woman, the Great Accomplishment of boxing, directly abandoned the male?” Harry was shocked, “Anyway, you are immortal, and you don’t need to have children to multiply the race.”

Ganther shook his head, “We have differences in our attitude towards cosmic crises. Some men believe that Martus should be responsible for the safety of the universe and become Guardians; women feel that they should not interfere with the natural development of the universe and just live their own lives, they choose To leave and become a Zamalen.”

“There aren’t many male Guardians on Oa, what about the others?” Harry asked.

“Of course there are more than two factions.”

Ganther just said one sentence, obviously not wanting to reveal too much of the secrets of the little blue people.

Hali indifferently said: “Can you contact the Zamaren people? Ask them if they are willing to help themselves, and come to Earth to report if they are willing. If they don’t want to, forget it. I don’t force it.

Anyway, when you little blue men are here, they are definitely not the main force, but the two supermen.”

Ganser was silent for a moment, nodded and said: “I will help you with the communication, and the result cannot be guaranteed.”


After he finished speaking, he sent a message with the green light ring.

When the Zamalen woman wrote back, Laila told Harley, “We recently met another Superman, a sixteen- or seventeen-year-old superman. There are three supermen in total.”


Harry wondered: “Earth 1’s Superman died in battle, Earth 2 has an old Superman, Earth 4 is a quantum superman, Earth 10’s overlord Superman also died in the tuning fork battle, where did the little Superman come from? ?”

Several readers have asked, why Supreme Superman didn’t appear, should we write about him?

Of course I have to write about him. Supreme is a special existence in dc comics, and a large part of the reason for writing the infinite Earth crisis is for him.

Why is he only showing up now?

The Infinite Earth Crisis, the heroes and the Anti-Monitor fought a total of four times, the first expedition, the death of Supergirl, the second time, The Flash’s solo dance, the sacrifice, the third time at the origin of time, The fourth final battle.

The Supreme Superman didn’t debut at the first time. He found an organization and joined the heroes’ coalition on the eve of the Third World War.

Where was he before?

Lost and wandering outside the universe.

(end of this chapter)

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