I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 685


Chapter 685 Who is the Yellow Light Boss?

“Tell me, how will the anti-monitors respond to my second expedition?” Harley said directly: “I just started a large-scale military recruitment today, and you came here. Could it be that he noticed something and wanted to buy it through? Me, disintegrate the expeditionary army from within?

If he is not afraid of my second expeditionary army, why would he rush to let you come over?”

“You only know one of them, not Second.” Sinisto said hesitantly: “The anti-supervisor king still needs Kovard for the time being, so he has not destroyed it.

He is the Sovereign of the antimatter universe, and he knows that the little blue man is in Kovar. The Transmission Gate on Dexter.

When you see me, you should understand that I came through the Transmission Gate.

If Kovard is destroyed, how will your expeditionary force go on an expedition? An antimatter universe?”

“The Kovard Transmission Gate is not the only way out.” Halle said indifferently.

“Maybe you can find other ways to enter the antimatter universe, but have you ever thought about it, is the antimonitor a fool who will only wait for you to come and besiege him?”

“Oh , what ultimate weapon is he working on now?” Harry asked.

Sinisto stared at her for a while, and said, “Since you already have such guesses, there is no need for me to hide it.

There is civilization on Kovard. A very developed aboriginal race.

They are like the projection of the little blue man in the antimatter universe, and they are also born with strong psionic power and spirit strength.

You and I both hate little blue Humans, but can’t deny the wisdom of that race.

The Kovards are divided into two ‘classes’, the thunder army with powerful martial power, and the bearers whose manufacturing technology reaches the peak of the multiverse.

When you encounter Shadow Fiends, they are all transformed from warriors of the Thunder Army.

How can Shadow Fiends sweep the multiverse?

Think about dozens of them It is not difficult to understand why there are hundreds of millions of inferior products.”

“It turns out that the Shadow Demon was transformed from the ‘cottage little blue people’, no wonder it is so strong.” Harley Suddenly.

Sinisto wondered, “Why can you kill Shadow Demons like slaughtering a chicken?”

“Is it possible that killing the little blue man is not like slaughtering a chicken?” Harley indifferently said.

The corner of Sinestro’s mouth twitched twice, and he continued: “My yellow light ring is specially made for me by the bearer.

On this point alone, you will It’s time to understand how brilliant the weapon’s skills are.

The thunder army can be used to turn Shadow Transformation demons, and the armorer is also very useful, that is, it is used to create the ‘ultimate weapon’ you guessed.

And Iβ€””

He pointed to himself, with a bit of pride on his face, and said: “I am the chief engineer of the ‘ultimate weapon’ construction project.”

“A yellow lantern, what can you do other than release fear?” Harry asked in confusion.

“Yes, that is to release fear! If the anti-supervisor wants to complete the weapon casting project in the shortest time, he must put an end to any form of laziness. My ability allows the bearer to not rest or eat. , do not sleep, work 24 hours a day.” Sinesto proudly said.

Harry pupil shrink, said: “Are you using the power of fear to squeeze the life potential of the bearer?”

Sinisto nodded with a smile and said: “So, you See why I’m 100% sure that you have no chance of winning?

No one knows better the power of a weapon and its completion time than the Overwatch Chief.

If you refuse, the Anti-Supervisor will Destroy Kovard as you pass through the Transmission Gate.

But there are bearer engineers and thunder shadow demons there.

It’s also the home base of the Overlord.

Destroying Kovard Star will inevitably affect the progress of the ‘ultimate weapon’ project, and also affect the sustainable supply of Shadow Fiends. It will also make the anti-supervisor king incomprehensible and unhappy.

So, here I am.

For the anti-prisoner king who is about to rule the entire multiverse and has an infinite antimatter universe, buying you and me with a planet and a parallel universe is almost equivalent to no payment Any price.

And he can make victory come one step earlier, reduce some variables, and feel more joy in my heart.

You and I give as little as I do, but get a lot. “

“How can you say these words with a smile?” Harry’s face could not hide contempt, “The bearer saved you, gave you water, gave you food, and helped you Healed wounds, and made you a yellow light ring.

You put a smile on your face, oppressed them with fear, tortured them, and killed the best of them.”

Fortunately, she had a little appreciation for him before, and felt that the two were similar in some respects.

It now appears that she is completely self-indulgent.

Sinisto was stunned and said, “I’m very puzzled, why are you struggling with this issue, you’re not a hypocritical Hal Jordan, you’re ruthless, self-seeking, killing people like scything Demoness Harley of flax.”

“It’s the same gluttony, greed for clean and healthy food, and eating the leftovers that are soaked in shit, can it be the same?” Harley sneered. .

The anger flashed in Sinestro’s eyes, and said solemnly: “You don’t understand what I’ve been through, and I don’t want to explain it to you.

At the same time, I also believe that you are not People who care about things that have nothing to do with you.

Let’s talk about things, and only one thing.

Even if you can think of other ways to enter the antimatter universe, with the last time The lessons learned from the raid on the ‘Cosmic Frequency Difference Zeroing Instrument’, the anti-supervisor king will not meet force with force with you.

At least he won’t take his weapons with him.

That ultimate weapon can destroy the underworld and our universe in one blow.

I sincerely hope that you will regain the sanity and determination of ‘Demoness Harley’ and make a correct judgment immediately.”

Harry’s tone was not as tart and mean as before, saying: “Why not transfer the Kovards away, and then destroy the Kovard star?”

“Can’t transfer the population, Kovard” The Walders rely on an energy called ‘Ova’ inside the planet to maintain reproduction and civilization. The Transmission Gate of the Little Blue Man seems to be related to that energy, I’m not a researcher, so I don’t quite understand.” Sinisto said.

Harry’s face was cloudy for a while, and finally he sighed deeply and said, “Sinisto, you have almost convinced me, as long as you confirm one more thing that is extremely important to you and me.”

“What’s the matter?” Sinestro asked quickly.

Harry said seriously: “How to ensure that the anti-prisoner king does not break his promise?

Don’t say that a universe is not worth mentioning to him.

A universe is not worth mentioning.

A universe is not worth mentioning. For the Sovereign of the infinite universe, it is indeed worthless.

But in the same way, we are not worth mentioning compared to a universe.

He will not worth mentioning for the ‘not worth mentioning’ mentioning ‘, did you make yourself incomprehensible?

Anyway, if I were him, I wouldn’t like me now. Don’t forget, I used to scold him.”


“If I were him, I’d keep my promise. Keeping my credit allows me to get my head around it,” Sinisto said.

“You are not a mage, you have never been in contact with gods and demons, and you don’t understand the thoughts of gods and demons.” Harry shook his head and gave an example: “For example, Demon King, they take pride in deception.

You called him treacherous and untrustworthy, but he was elated and triumphant, and by the way mocked you for being so foolish as to believe in him, and his anger could make you mad.”

Sinisto looked hesitant, he Not an arrogant person, in terms of experience in dealing with gods and demons, he is definitely not as good as Demoness Harley.

Demoness Harley is also notoriously cunning and cunning, and her concerns are certainly not without reason.

“How do you want the anti-prisoner king to prove his sincerity?” he said curiously.

If it works, he can try it too.

Well, when she said that, he began to feel unsure.

Harry’s eyes were sincere and her tone was magnanimous, “I devoutly serve God, and God loves me, you know?”

“Well, you are very blessed by God, everyone knows that .” Sinisto nodded.

“Although the anti-prison king is strong, he is not as good as my lord’s toes,” Harry said with a frenzy on his face, “God can help me protect my own interests,”

Senise Tuo wanted to laugh a few words: If your God was really that powerful, he wouldn’t let the anti-prison king rule the multiverse.

“Can you pray to God now?” he asked.

Harry shook her head regretfully, “After the Infinite Earth crisis began, Heaven was worried that it would be affected, so it closed its doors.”

“So what?” No discoloration.

Harry said with emotion: “I don’t believe in the anti-prison king, but I completely trust my Lord Christ.

Therefore, I want to sign a heaven contract with the anti-prison king.”


Sinesto immediately said: “Tell me the content, and I will help you pass it on to the anti-prisoner king.”

“The anti-prisoner king said that you can make other demands. If you sold the Second Expeditionary Force, the credit must be higher than my foreman.” Sinesto said sourly.

“Since Your Majesty is refreshing, I’m welcome.”

Harry pulled Sinestro behind a meteorite and turned on the yellow light energy cover to cover the figures of the two of them. Quietly said the content of the treaty.

After half an hour, the two agreed to say goodbye.

“Old Sai, you have the Yellow Lantern Ring, and I am the ancestor of the Yellow Lantern. Why don’t we form a Legion, I will be the Yellow Lantern Guardian, and you will be the Yellow Lantern Corps Head, how about that?” said with a smile.

Since everyone has started talking about the “Treaty Contract”, Sinesto doesn’t need to accommodate her idea anymore, at this time hearing this is complexion turned cold, “I have already formulated the oath and welcome speech of Huang and other Legions. , would you like to hear it?”

“There are even welcome words, don’t you have more than one ring, no, you even got the central energy battery?” Harry asked in surprise.

Then, her complexion changed again, and she also became indifferent, “Well, you old plug, I take you as a friend, but you imprison my good friend Xiaoshi, and lie to me that I haven’t seen you before. It.”

Sinestro carried his hands on his back, his expression indifferent, “The last sentence of the welcome speech is ‘Welcome to the Legion of Sinesto’, and the last sentence of the oath is ‘Fear is a wish, Sai’s authority’.

The yellow light is my Legion!

If you are willing to give allegiance to me, I can give you a ring.

Without this realization, you are still Be an empty-shell ‘golden nuclear bomb’ that is about to run out of energy and don’t dare to use force.”

Harry narrowed her eyes and said softly, “Lao Sai, you are very timid, dare you Talking to me like this means that I will definitely let you go back and send a message to the king, right?”

“Harley Quinn, since we met, I have been putting up with you.” A group of Jin Yan Rising on Sinesto, his ring radiated dazzling golden light, and the mighty yellow light energy formed a hurricane around him.

The nearby meteorite is like a small steamed bun falling into the mill, and it is instantly smashed into powder.

“Do you have as much energy as I have? Can you control so much energy?”

“Your emotional energy control skills are one tenth of mine Familiar?”

“I used to be the greatest Green Lantern in history, and now I have changed to the Yellow Lantern Ring, I am ten times stronger than the previous self, but without the defect of being restrained by your Yellow Lantern energy, Why do you dare to pretend to be the boss in front of me?!”

He let out a long, terrifying roar, terrifying aura like a tsunami swept across the void, like a mountain pressing down on Harry, whose clothes and hair were flying around.

(end of this chapter)

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