I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 686


Chapter 686 Parallax Reappears

“Old Sai, you haven’t even figured out the essence of the yellow light yet. Understood!”

Not only did Harley feel no discomfort in the violent yellow light energy, but instead felt the comfort of a fish returning to the water.

“I’m sure that the essence of the yellow light is not to speak with the mouth.” Sinesto said proudly and indifferently, raising his chin slightly.

“You’re right, to show the essence of the yellow light, why do you need to shout with your mouth?”

Harry smiled slightly, not a little of the power of the yellow light, but all thoughts are united , spirit strength activates the source of the thick yellow light plundered from the parallax monster in the body, and projects it into the pupil of the opposite person through the gaze.

Sinesto intuition that her eyes lit up, as if golden light flashed, and then the scene in front of her eyes became blurred, and the beautiful woman who was also elegant and graceful in the eyes of the Kluga star suddenly twisted into a terrifying figure. cannibal monster.

Her deep purple robes turned into ash-gray long rags, her “petite” body swelled into a 100-meter giant, and her body grew dozens of dry arms like stumps, her fingers were A sharp and long steel needle.

A small mouth split to the base of the ear, no upper and lower lips, two rows of rust teeth with barbs on the top and bottom, the surface of the teeth is still glued with meat foam, and a tongue like a Nine-toothed Rake, in the mouth Picking up and down.

There are no eyeballs in the sockets, only two flames of hunger and greed.

The straight Qiong’s nose disappeared, leaving two huge black holes. The black vortex spun hu hu in the holes, bringing up two tornadoes hanging from the nose, as if to make World’s All Living Things sucks in.

At this moment, this terrifying female monster, laughed heartily, rushed towards him, and the greedy saliva was about to flow into a river.


Sinisto blushed and screamed hysterically in horror.

The majestic yellow light power that is poised around him, like a building that loses all its load-bearing columns, suddenly collapses.

There is also a thick yellow energy like a plume of smoke, emerging from him, like a rolling wave, rushing towards Harry on the opposite side.

Harry was stunned, what’s going on?

She encouraged the source of the yellow light, just wanting to let him imposing manner stagnate.

In fact, her amber energy is useless, and the trifling amber source can only oppress the opponent in an imposing manner.

Although she has plundered more than 90% of the source of the parallax monster, the source of the yellow light in her body is really a bit scary.

But no matter how much, she is not a parallax deity.

Does Sinestro get scared like this when facing the Parallax?

Not to mention Sinestro, the ‘greatest Green Lantern in history’, even an ordinary Green Lantern elite would dare to have a hard anal with the Parallax Monster – it doesn’t matter whether he can win or not, Green Lantern never lacks courage.

Sinestro took off the green light ring, but it didn’t mean he lacked courage.

With his green light innate talent, he can even put on a yellow light ring at this time, and he can even fight the full body parallax to the end of the universe.

“Something’s wrong, Sinestro shouldn’t react like this. Besides, he has contributed too much power of fear.” With “Divine Ability” – the source of the yellow light in the body is restrained, and there is no aura of fear.

The power of fear in Sinestro wasn’t drained, but it couldn’t go on.

At this time, his eyes were already white, and he was not breathing. The wet stains from his crotch had solidified a thin layer of frost on the surface of his body, like a corpse thrown into outer space.

At other times, the red-faced person would have died, she would just be smug, laughed heartily, and turn around and brag about it as a bullshitβ€”in the eyes of others, a look Scaring Sinesto to death is definitely bragging.

Harley’s ‘Green Lantern Hard Power’ is stronger than the normal Corps Head, not as good as the Elite Blue Man, not as good as the ‘Ordinary Level Greatest Lantern in History’, not as good as Sinestro, not as good as Gunther, not as good as ” Super Hal”.

In other words, she was a few grades behind him in the use of emotional spectrum energy.

She has Level 9 Yellow and Green Light Defense Specialty, of course she is not afraid of him, but it is also a fact that her hard power is not as good as him.

“Hey, Lao Sai, wake up!” Harley not only restrained the ‘source of fear’ in her body, but also protected him with her own yellow lamp energy cover, showing small golden hands, beating his chest to assist breathing .

At this time, he was also tasked with helping to pass the “Traitory Contract”, absolutely can’t die.

When he died, the anti-prison king would be furious, thinking that she was determined to fight him to the end.

Isn’t she an unjust death? !

“What happened just now?” Lao Sai only regained consciousness and used the energy of the yellow light to quickly heal himself.

A moment later, he was able to speak again.

However, he was no longer arrogant at this moment. In addition to doubts and confusion, there was also a touch of fear and shame on his face.

“As I said earlier, you don’t understand the essence of the power of the yellow light at all.” Harry sighed.

“Isn’t the essence of the power of the yellow light just fear? But fear is imposed on others, not me.” The power of lights.

“You only know it in your mouth, but you don’t understand it in your heart. Just like many Earth teenagers who are addicted to hero forums, they all know that the key to becoming a Green Lantern is will and courage, and they may be selected as Green Lanterns. Is it?

Ordinary person knows that will is the root of green light, but what is the use of innate talent if he doesn’t have the will?” Harry said.

Sinisto’s face was cloudy for a while, “You mean, my innate talent in the yellow light is far less than yours? This is impossible!

Absolutely impossible.

You don’t know what I’ve been through on Kovardβ€””

“Fark, if you don’t tell me, of course I don’t know.” Harry couldn’t take it anymore, “I’m going back. Now, you also go back early.”

After she finished speaking, she really left.

“The Weapon Master once said that I am the real owner of the yellow light.”

Sinesto looked at the place where she disappeared, and murmured in disappointment.

“You are indeed stronger than her, and have more innate talent for spreading fear. This time. I’m sorry for dragging you down.”

Suddenly, an evil shrill voice appeared In his Sea of Consciousness, with a touch of exhaustion and sadness.

“Who, who’s inside me?” Sinestro was startled.

“Is there a need to ask?” The sharp voice became more impatient.

Senistofel was heartfelt and blurted out: “You are the good friend of Demoness Halle’s heart, the yellow light beast parallax!”

“Shut up, don’t stand in front of me Bring up the monster’s name, and, don’t use the word ‘good friend’ to insult my relationship with her absolutely irreconcilable mortal enemy!”

Senistor felt the “monster” in his mind tremble, and then, There was also a strong fear in his heart.

“It’s you, is it really you who are influencing me?!” He was both shocked and angry, “I’m not afraid of her at all, you control my emotions.”

“What? Tell me to control your emotions? Even if you don’t know ‘Parallax Demon’, have you seen Ion Man? You are now ‘Yellow Lantern Ion Man’, you and I resonate emotionally, regardless of each other.” Parallax said coldly.

“The host of the Yellow Lantern Beast is called the ‘Parallax Demon’?” Sinesto calmed down and asked, “How could I not know about the Parallax Demon? Harley Quinn used to be famous in the multiverse. The parallax demon?”

“You really believe her nonsense, she and I are good friends?”

“You cooperate to overturn the Green Lantern Legion and achieve the ‘golden nuclear bomb’. Prestige.” Sinisto said.

Then, he surprised and angry again: “No, you are lying to me, if I am your host, why haven’t I felt your existence and your memory?

I had a good time with the hypocrite Hal Jordan, who told me the whole process and feeling of becoming Ion, and it should never be like this.

He opened his heart to Ion Shark, heart and soul The spirit is like water and you blend together, without a trace of estrangement.

And I don’t even know when I will become your host.”

The parallax sneered again and again, “The lights are different in color. , the emotions are different, and the characteristics of the lamp beast and the lamp beast are naturally different.

This is my characteristic, I don’t need the host’s consent, as long as the host is afraid, I can take advantage of it.

If I don’t show up, you will never know for the rest of your life, just like the ‘weapon master’ you killed.”

Sinesto’s heart skipped a beat.

He was exiled from Oa to Kovard, and he shouldn’t have survived in the antimatter universe, thanks to the little blue man who gave him a bracelet.

He didn’t tell the truth when he faced Harry before.

The function of that bracelet – stabilizing the existence of his fleshy body and ensuring that he does not die after breathing in antimatter oxygen – is driven by the original fragment of the yellow light.

It’s not surprising that any technological equipment needs a power source, it’s just the yellow light shards.

However, considering that the little blue man has controlled the yellow light beast for billions of years, it seems normal to have a weapon made of yellow light fragments.

Sinisto is not there anyway. Too much confusion on this issue.

At first, he only saw the “yellow indicator light” on the surface of the silver bracelet, the size of half a fingernail, and didn’t know what it was until he met the weapon master.

The weapon master also brought him back to his laboratory because of the yellow ‘energy indicator’.

The bracelet locks the genes of Sinesto, and it cannot be used by others, and the “battery” cannot be removed.

Little Blue Man’s technology, no doubt.

So, the weapon master helped him restore health, complete antimatter transformation, and told him the truth: “You have a yellow light source fragment in your hand, you can try to use it to make a ring, are you interested? “

Sinesto has always believed that the ‘golden nuclear bomb’ can sweep the green light, relying on the overwhelming advantage of the power of the yellow light over the green light, and has long been envious of her yellow light drooling. , almost fainted with happiness.

“I want not only the ring, but also the lantern. No, I want the yellow light central energy battery!” he excitedly said.

“I tried my best.”

The weapon master did not let him down, and united a group of bearers to successfully create the first ring and the matching central battery.

But after the weapon was forged, Sinestro and the Weapon Master had a serious disagreement.

The Weapon Master thinks that Sinestro can get the first yellow light ring, and he should be satisfied. After all, he only provides a bracelet, and the materials and technology are all from their bearers.

The Weapon Master wants to arm his clansman with a central battery.

Sinestro wanted it all.

This is a conflict of fundamental interests that cannot be reconciled.

Sinestro is very smart, obediently and honestly obeys the assignment, and when he gets the ring, and when he’s fully charged, the massacre begins.

In the face of ‘The Greatest Green Lantern of All Time’, the bearers are powerless to fight back.

Except for the fact that the weapon Master did not have a ring, but used the energy of the yellow light, Sinesto was surprised that the whole process went very smoothly.

Before his death, the Weapon Master once said in a strange tone: “It turns out that you are the master of the yellow light arranged by fate”

“It was not the Weapon Master who was fighting against me at that time. Is it a parallax demon?” Sinestro gradually had a clear comprehension, “After that you chose me and quietly entered my body, because I am the Lord of Destiny, and can play your role better?”

“You’re very smart.”

“When did you find the Weapon Master? When I first met him, I was 100% sure that he didn’t have the power of a yellow light because he wasn’t sure about the bracelet at the time. What is the energy in it.”

(end of this chapter)

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