I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 687


Chapter 687 Harley’s Traitor Treaty

“When did you find the Weapon Master? Why didn’t you immediately find me?” Sinisto There was some resentment in his tone.

If you don’t come to him, do you despise him as the ‘greatest Green Lantern in history’ and ‘Yellow Lantern Lord of Destiny’?

Well, at this moment he doesn’t know the true meaning of the Parallax host.

In other words, Sinestro was pitted by Hal.

Hal really thought of Sinestro as his big brother before discovering that Sinestro used the green light ring to “fatherly rule” the Kruger planet.

Sinister loved him more, and he loved him more.

So, he shared with his old big brother what it really feels like to be an Ion-Man: it’s awesome, very powerful, and the only side effect is that his strength increases too quickly.

It has only been a few months since he became Ion, and he has gone from being a deceitful Green Lantern recruit to becoming the second powerhouse of Legion second only to ‘the greatest Green Lantern in history’. ‘Mood’ is a bit different. not on.

These Versailles remarks were deeply imprinted in Sinesto’s heart. At the same time, he also understood the reason why Demoness Harley is powerful: The lantern beast is very good, very powerful, and the only ‘side effect’ is to make her strength increase faster.

Sinisto met two lantern beast hosts in his life, both of them got the lantern beast, and immediately ascended to the sky, and his strength “xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ«” rose.

Don’t talk about him, who in the multiverse doesn’t regard lamp beasts as treasures?

“I found the weapon Master because he is holding a yellow light source fragment, I need it!” Parallax said strangely.

“What do you want that thing to do? It’s only a tiny piece, no bigger than my pinky fingernail.” Sinesto wondered.

“I’m very weak, and I can’t let go of any source. Alas, just now, I lost another source.” The Parallax said weakly.

“Why are you weak?”

“You don’t know the battle that took place in hell that day — Demonness Harley vs. Demon King Legion in hell?”

“Demon King .Legion? Do you regard ordinary demons as Demon Kings?” Sinestro was at a loss.

“You think I’m as ignorant as you?” the parallax coldly snorted, recounting the fact that he was chewed by Demoness Hallie and escaped with only one head left.

“Hey, demoness is so mad that he even eats lantern beasts?” Sinesto exclaimed in shock.

Then he suddenly realized, “No wonder when she feared me before, I saw a scene of monsters eating people. It turned out to be your psychological shadow, and now it is projected into my soul. “

“Remember, never reveal the fact that you and I are together before you kill Demoness Harley,” the Parallax warned.

Sinisto brows frowned, this parallax monster doesn’t seem to be very good, it’s all scared to talk nonsense by Demoness, can it really surpass Demoness Harley and Hal Jordan by relying on it?

Moreover, he didn’t feel that his strength had improved much.

“Boy, I didn’t talk nonsense. Death is not the end. You will understand when you go to hell for a while.”

“Can you peep into my mind?!” Sinestro complexion slightly changed.

“Isn’t this nonsense, you are my host.”

“But I can’t read your thoughts, or even imperceptible your existence.” Sinisto said.

“If you can detect my presence, how can I hide from Demonness Halle?

And, I repeat, don’t think of me as that stupid shark, I am. Parallax.

I am controlling you, you are not qualified to make any demands on me.” Parallax coldly said.

Sinisto was about to get angry, but the anger in his heart suddenly disappeared like a flood.

“What have you done?” He was sensible and terrified.

The parallax monster said with a smile: “If I didn’t lose my origin and wouldn’t find a host at all, I would be invincible across the universe.

Even if I am looking for you now, this yellow The people of Deng Tianming’ as the host will not let the host control me.

I am controlling you, I want to squeeze your potential to make up for my deficit.

Your No emotion or thought is of any use, I am your God.

I can zoom in and out of any emotion you feel, and I can make you fall in love with people or things you used to hate.

But don’t worry, I’ll keep you sane.

Because I need you to be in fear all the time, your fear is the best supplement, and your pain is a source of relief for mine.

I’m not an ion shark, and you’re not a Demoness Harley, this is the normal mode of getting along with a lantern beast and its host.”

“You bastardβ€””

Sinisto cursed half a sentence, and quickly regained his calm, as if he had forgotten all the previous information related to the parallax monster, and left the meteorite belt with a solemn expression. Way, through the Transmission Gate back to Kovard.

Well, space-time refraction is “somewhere in Earth 0 universe starry sky – Oua galaxy – Covard planet”, the three points are no longer on a line, but they pass through at one time.

He didn’t come close to Oa, but regarded Oa as a refractory mirror.

Like a beam of light, it shoots towards Oua, but it doesn’t fall, it just turns and turns towards Kovard.

“Your Majesty, rejoice!” A few doors away, Sinesto exclaimed excitedly.

In the “Myriad Realms Surveillance Hall”, the anti-prisoner king glanced sideways at Pharaoh, said with a smile: “Am I right? There are no people in this world who can’t be bought, the reason why you You can’t, just because your bid isn’t high enough.”

“Your Majesty is wise,” the Pharaoh complimented with a smile.

After a while, a red-faced man with a happy face walked in, “Demoness Harley basically agreed to be our undercover agent, except that she had offended the majesty of the king, and I was worried that you would treat her as a The insignificant garbage has been disposed of.”

While speaking, he also turned on the recording function of the light ring and played the entire negotiation process in the hall.

Of course, he pretended to be intimidating in front of her, and as a result, he was so embarrassed that he deleted the source file directly from the ring.

“Pharaoh, what do you think?” The anti-prisoner king said calmly.

“Well, as a Demonness Harley, it’s normal to have such worries. If she agreed, it would be like a fraud, and now I can’t be sure about her attitude.” Pharaoh frowned.

The anti-prisoner king looked towards Sinisto and said, “There is no content of the treaty in the video.”

“Well, the treaty was not written, nor was it declared directly, but It’s sealed in my heart.

Demoness Harley is worried about touching the spiritual sense of the ‘Ancient Gods’ such as Fate Academician, Mrs. Shangdu, etc.” Sinisto said.

The anti-prison king nodded with satisfaction, “She is very alert and more sincere.”

Senisto said: “The heaven contract, in the name of God, has three clauses.

The first one, she asks not to kill Earth 0 heroes, even if they still want to oppose you.

She said that after the birth of the new antimatter multiverse, everyone who opposes you now will be Accept reality, because they, their loved ones, and their homes have been dematerialized.”


Sinesto continued: “Second, she Promises to surrender to you and be your spy in the real material universe, but the Earth you promised to preserve Earth 0, a parallel universe, can only be regarded as a guaranteed reward.

If she completes more and more difficult tasks Mission, you have to give her more rewards based on her dedication and merit.”

“Hehe, I’m so greedy, it’s not enough to be the king of the universe, I want more. But one or two. Ten A parallel universe is equally insignificant to me, I agree.” Anti-Monitor sneered.

“The third, considering that Your Majesty does not believe in God and may resist the power of the contract, you must put up a treasure worth far more than Earth and her life as collateral.”

The Anti-Monitor doesn’t have eyelids and can’t frown, but he should have a frown at this point, even if his steel-clad face is expressionless.

“She said this right again, the power of the contract comes from the Universe Rule, the new antimatter multiverse is created by me, and any contract is invalid for me.

But when it comes to treasure, I really can’t come up with it. The whole multiverse is mine, what more treasure do I need?”

“She wants your antimatter energy source.” Sinisto cautiously said.

“What?!” The unstoppable roar of the Surprised and Angry King of the Anti-prisoner sounded like a thunderbolt, and only violent waves forced Sinesto back three steps.

“Your anger, king!” Pharaoh advised: “Commander Sinestro is not a fool, let him finish his words.”

Sinestro explained very quickly : “Demoness Harley believes that her individual is to the universe what an ant is to a giant, and that a single universe is to you what dust is to a mountain.

Without building an antimatter multiverse, she is You’re useless.

Suffice to say, as long as the ‘Second Expedition’ is put into an ambush, she’s useless.

You can just breathe Her life can easily destroy Earth.

Although you have a promise, she doesn’t trust your promise.

It’s not that she doesn’t trust your credit, but that she is as humble as her, At that time, it was no longer worthy of your integrity.

Well, she scolded you before, called you coward, and threatened to write your ugliness on the origin wall, and-“

“Enough.” Pharaoh furiously shouted, “Demoness Harley’s foul language, don’t pour it all out in front of the king.”

Sinestro quietly observed the king, if He can tolerate her, and he certainly won’t fool him.

The anti-prison king’s expression remained unchanged, and his tone was flat: “She is very self-aware and knows that she is only worthy of begging for my forgiveness.

Why do you make such an unreasonable request? Want my Source Power?”

“She believes in God and believes that God is qualified to talk to you about integrity. She asks you to put the ‘Supreme Treasure’ in the Holy Ark of the Covenant–“

The anti-prison king interrupted him: “Isn’t the Ark of the Covenant already thrown on the wall of origin?”

The pharaoh immediately dropped a picture from the screen, and there was a pale on the wall of origin. -gold stone box, “The cabinet is still on the wall.”

Sineston said with a smile: “I don’t know about Earth Christianity, but since there is one cabinet, why can’t you build a second one?”

“Bullshit, there is only one Ark of the Covenant.” Pharaoh said solemnly: “The Ark of the Covenant is a cupboard for the covenant between God and mankind.

Even if it can create countless A cabinet, but the sacred event of ‘Placing God’s Covenant’ can only happen once.

It is this event that gives the cabinet its special meaning.”

“Demoness Halle Is there an explanation for the origin of the second locker?” the Anti-Monitor asked.

“She said that a Holy Son has a contract, a contract and a cabinet, and the second ‘Christ’ was born in her home, so she also has a ‘Christ’s brother cabinet’, which will be released by God in the future. Contracted with the dead.” Sinestro said.

“Oh~~” The anti-prison king and the pharaoh suddenly realized at the same time, “It turned out to be her dog, Holy Son.”

“Pharaoh, did she lie?” Even if the supervisor had a clue in his heart, he still asked one more question.

“It should be true, two Holy Sons, two different contracts, and two cabinets are reasonable.” Pharaoh sighed, with a complicated expression: “I also doubted whether her covenant ark is not. It’s true, everything makes sense now.”

“How much antimatter energy does she want as collateral?” said the anti-supervisor king.

“Just fill the cabinet,” Sinisto said.

(end of this chapter)

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