I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 691


Chapter 691 Pharaoh is our spy

“Your Majesty, you don’t even have the strength to stand up?” Pharaoh’s tone Very light, a little weird, right hand clenched, knees slightly bent, ‘Zen Sect Martial Arts’ that has been practicing hard for more than half a century is ready to go.

Pharaoh was lost for a moment, and all kinds of wicked thoughts were instantly emptied in his mind, as if they had never appeared.

Then, he respectfully walked over to the anti-prisoner king, “Your Majesty, I’ll help you.”

His expression was humble and his movements were gentle, as if he was serving his father.

The corner of the anti-prisoner’s mouth raised a sneer, following his support, he sat on the floating chair.

“Your Majesty, have you lost the strength to stand up?” Pharaoh worriedly said.

Same words, tone and emotion changed.

However, the corners of his eyes twitched indistinctly, and there was a trace of incongruity in the forcibly set worried and sincere expression – Dhyana Sect Great Grandmaster’s “The Mother of God’s Vow Sutra” began to be difficult but Steady automatic operation.

“That ‘Jerbi Ark’ is very weird, it absorbs more energy than the previous ‘Jesus Ark’.”

The anti-prisoner king didn’t notice the change in Pharaoh’s micro-expression , he was confident in his own control.

The fleshy body is like computer hardware, and the soul is like computer system.

No matter how complicated the system is, it has to be written on the hardware, and the hardware is built with antimatter energy.

Not only does he know exactly what is written on it, but he can also delete or modify the content on the hardware if necessary.

However, forcibly modifying the contents of the CPU and memory may lead to a system bug

“The last Jesus cabinet may not be full.”

Pharaoh His attitude is still submissive, and there is no sign of ‘system poisoning’ yet.

β€œHow is the progress of the antimatter space cannon?” asked the anti-supervisor king.

“After a week of hard work, it’s almost 45% complete.” Pharaoh’s eyes twitched twice, “Your Majesty, you are so weak now, and the ark is not full.

Would you like to draw some of the emergency from the cosmic cannon energy room first?”

“No, my source was put into the Yebi cabinet and it didn’t disappear. When the cabinet is full, Demoness Halle Will come to Kovard to meet me, when the time comes I have countless ways to get her to hand over the locker and exchange the energy inside for me.” The anti-prisoner king said solemnly.

“You want to control her with a shadow demon? She seems to be wary, not only putting on a gold hood when approaching the antimatter fog, but also deliberately provoking Sinestro, asking him if there is a shadow demon in him.


Obviously, she has been extremely vigilant against the Shadow Fiend ever since the incident of the Shadow Fiend controlling the Herald came to light.” Pharaoh said.

The anti-prisoner king said with a sneer: “In Coward, she still has a choice – uh-“

His eyes were scarlet and dim, and he said They all began to struggle, “Damn, a trifling Ark of the Covenant, can it be so powerful?”

Just after cursing, the trend of power within the body suddenly stopped.

“Your Majesty, the cabinet is full of energy, and the third clause of the heaven contract is completed. I will go back to Earth to help you with the undercover expedition.

Please prepare the ambush circle and see I’ll bury all those chaotic parties in the antimatter universe.” Harry opened his mouth, swallowed the cabinet, and prepared to soar into the sky.

“Wait!” The anti-prison king stopped her, “I ambushed the expeditionary army last time, and with an absolute advantage, I occupied the right time and place, and still failed to wipe them out.

You come to Kovard now, first visit the power on my side, and then help me design a lore formation.”

Harry hesitated for a moment, at this moment, in his mind Hundreds of thousands of thoughts are spinning at high speed.

The next moment, she happily said with a smile: “Your Majesty is thoughtful, I’ll go to Sinesto.

I suddenly had an idea that the antimatter universe also has The Wall of Origination, right?”

“Of course, the boundary of every universe is the Wall of Origination,” said the Anti-Monitor.

“Hehe, how about setting a trap to blow all those scoundrels and thieves against the wall?” Harry said with a smile.

β€”β€”It’s good to have an origin wall! If he doesn’t control her, but kills people directly, she can also open Space Wormhole with Level 9 Antimatter Defense Specialty, and go straight to the origin wall.

Well, Halle guessed he wouldn’t trust the pact.

He would probably use shadow demons or other means to control her and make her a puppet.

Before Level 8 Antimatter Defense, Harley was still worried about his control method.

Now, she’ll stand there and let him do whatever he wants.

“Finished?” Sinestro, who had been standing at the crack in the ground, interrupted her thoughts.

Harry looked thoughtful at him. Perhaps, he could be used to test the reality of the anti-prisoner king at this time: How much power does he have after she has taken away a lot of his origin?

“Lao Sai, from now on, we are allies!” Halle said with a smile.

Sinisto was sighed in relief, and the anti-prison king gave her ‘the power of a cabinet’, indicating that he intends to keep his promise.

“Very good, with you as an internal response, we are determined to win, do you want to go back now?”

“No, the anti-supervisor wants me to go to Kovad, only Knowing his full strength, I can design the perfect ambush tactics.” Halle said.

“You want to bring your Ark of the Covenant too?”

“Unless heaven returns and the power of God comes, no one can release the energy in the cabinet, even if it is destroyed.” Harry said.

“Youβ€”” he stared at her before he spoke, “be careful.”

“You too,” said Harry meaningfully.

“oh!” sighed then said, Sinesto unfolded a yellow lamp shade, covering Harry as well, the yellow lamp ring in his hand surged with energy, and Ouah outside the yellow lamp shade became blurred and dark Time and space turbulence instead.

It seems that a few minutes have passed, and it seems that in an instant, a desolate world filled with yellow sand and boundless Gobi has changed from nothingness to solidification.

When both feet felt the ground, Sinisto reminded: “Kovard has arrived, your body has not completed the antimatter transformation, you must put on the yellow light uniform and isolate this world-“

“ka-cha —bang!” The dazzling scarlet lightning appeared out of thin air above the two of them, the yellow light cover was easily annihilated like soap bubbles, Sinisto face changed, subconsciously fully supported the new protection cover.

Harry’s face changed too, her back was cold, and her spiritual sense of crisis was beating faintly.

– something sneak attack from the back!

She had a clear comprehension in her heart, and her thoughts were immediately united, and she used spirit strength to sense the movement behind her.

The next moment, the bloodline in her body pulsated violently a few times, and a heat flow flowed from her heart to her brain. Spirit Strength clearly “sees” a distorted shadow behind her.

Shadow Fiend!

The anti-monitors really got their hands on it.

She instead sighed in relief, secretly preparing for Level 9 antimatter defenses.

At the same time, she was also a little strange. The shadow demon touched the Bloodline Power in her body. Is the shadow demon related to her by blood, orβ€”

She thought quickly, The speed of the shadow demon is not slow, and there is a problem that I haven’t figured out yet, the shadow demon has already submerged in her body.

Like a scoop of ink on the white doll.

“Uh–” Harley twisted her face and struggled desperately, screaming shrilly from her mouth, but the shadow still covered her whole body with an unshakable attitude – she went from a brightly colored The white man becomes a dark shadow.

“Shadow Fiend? Thisβ€”” Sinestro pupil shrinks, clenching his ring-wearing right fist.

He understands what’s going on, but he doesn’t yet understand the choice: run away? Save Demoness Halle? do nothing?

Harry’s shadow disappeared suddenly, she returned to her original shape, and looked up at him with a sly smile.

“You” Sinisto swallowed and asked, “How do you feel?”

“I’m fine, let’s go, the anti-prisoner king is waiting for us.” Ha Li smiled and put on the yellow light uniform, and also took the initiative to open a space door.

Sinestro’s face turned red and white, and she was indeed controlled by the Shadow Fiend.

Anti-monitors break their oath and cannot be trusted!

But would she allow him not to go to the Anti-Watcher’s Castle?

Sinisto weighed for a long time, then let go of his fists and stepped into the space door.

“Hahahahaha!” While still at the gate of the castle, the smug laughter of the anti-prisoner king came out.

“Congratulations to Your Majesty,” Sinestro bowed his head and saluted, feeling uneasy.

The anti-prison king only glanced at him, then pointed at Harry and said with a smile to the pharaoh: “How?”

The pharaoh looked complicated and looked at the reunion after a long absence. The ‘Second-Generation Pharaoh’, with a somewhat struggling expression on his face, said respectfully, “Your Majesty is wise and resourceful.”

“Open the Ark of the Covenant and return the power to me!” The anti-prisoner king said loudly to Harry.

Harry said blankly: “The Ark of Jesus and the Ark of Jebi are a pair of ‘brother Ark’, and the energy absorbed by the Ark of Jebi can be directly transferred to the Ark of Jesus.

I Hanging the Jesus Cabinet on the Origin Wall, one is that you are worried that you will take it away, and the other is that the antimatter energy in it is rich and may be controlled by the King.

Now it is on the Origin Wall, no matter what the King uses antimatter in the future. Cloud oppresses the universe, or the source of antimatter leaks, I can use the Yebi cabinet to absorb energy and send it to the cabinet of the origin wall, so that the power of the king is getting less and less but there is no way.

I am in heaven. The contract requires the use of ‘the power of a cabinet’ as collateral, just because of this ‘brother cabinet’, I can make Your Majesty irresistible.

Only if I live and live to open the door again, the king can He might get his power back.”

“What a cunning Demoness.” The anti-prisoner king looked gloomy.

The pharaoh offered advice from the side: “Don’t worry, King, Demones has to find heaven to get back the energy in Jesus’ cabinet. She can find heaven, can’t you threaten heaven to hand over your energy? ?”

“Well, it makes sense.” The anti-prisoner king slowly nodded.

Sinisto listened silently on the side for a long time, and finally couldn’t help it at this time, as if to remind the actual temptation: “Your Majesty, you have violated the heaven contract, and you are afraid that you will not be able to speak when you go to heaven. Or, you Are you not afraid of the contract laws of heaven at all?”

The anti-prisoner king looked at him and sneered, “You are really right, all the contract laws of the mages are of no use to me at all.”


Sinestro lowered his head lower, and his heart was cold: The anti-prisoner king is not affected by the law, and he signed a magic contract with Demoness Hallie. Obviously, he was going to break the contract from the very beginning, so he promised himself. .

– My home planet Kruga cannot be destroyed, and my people cannot disappear into an antimatter cloud! !

He made a decision quietly in the heart.

“Your Majesty, ask her about her secrets.” Pharaoh excitedly said, “The entire multiverse wants to know the secrets of Demoness Harley.”

The anti-prisoner king disagreed, But he still asked: “Tell out your biggest secret, um, and the secret that you can easily kill demons.”

“At the age of 14, he killed a man who blasphemed in the name of God in an orphanage. When I was a holy cultivator, I was blessed by God, which is the root cause of my many disasters. I can kill the demons, but also because of the power of God.”

“Ai, God That shit.” The anti-prison king cursed and asked, “What other secrets do you have about me?”

β€”β€”Pharaoh is a spy arranged by Manhattan Academician by your side.

These words resounded in her mind, and passed directly into his heart through the Shadow Fiend.

The complexion greatly changed.

(end of this chapter)

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