I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 693


Chapter 693 Barry Running

The Flash is glued to the golden energy wall like a mosquito In the cobweb, it seems like the Demon God hangs the origin wall.

Beneath the wall, a psychic pirate in the mask of Evil God is weeping.

He cried for two reasons.

First of all, before the first expedition, the anti-prisoner king used the power of creation to amplify his superpower to control other people’s emotions.

The skill that originally could only control the person who looked at his face was enlarged to four universes at once – throwing his superpower into the four Earths of the underworld universe, disrupting the order of Earth, creating chaos, and letting heroes We are so exhausted that we don’t have the time and energy to form a group to destroy the cosmic frequency difference zeroing instrument.

Actually, in the matter universe, there is no positive matter energy; in the antimatter universe, there is no direct antimatter energy either.

In the positive matter universe, all energies have the properties of positive matter energy, but they are not positive matter energy.

Using the Taoist thought of ‘One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three Births Myriad Things’, the positive and negative matter energy is probably “three”, and the power of Papetua is probably “two”.

In the positive and antimatter universe, all things have been born, there is no “three”, let alone “two” and “one”, if “three” appears in the world, it will immediately merge into “all things” , and strengthen all things.

To put it bluntly, positive and negative matter energy belongs to the low-level creation force, and cannot exist for a long time in the low-level physical universe.

The energy state is lower to be more stable.

But the powers of lower creation can enhance the powers or other energies of the physical world.

The anti-prisoner king once stole three people from the monitor, a pioneer, a robot red whirlwind with the power of celestial phenomena in his body, and a psychological pirate who assists the “dark pioneer” in his dark work – control is not possible. Obedient heroes and villains work hard for the “anti-monitoring cause”.

Earth 0 is fortunate enough to have hardly suffered disasters, and the other four universes have never stopped suffering disasters: the anti-supervisor first poured his own creation power into the red whirlwind, strengthening his ability to change the sky. The ability to cause huge storms in the other four Earths; then, the anti-prisoner king poured the power of creation into the psychological pirate body, so that his one-on-one “Writing Wheel Eye Illusion Technique” became infinite monthly reading, controlling the entire Earth The emotions of billions of people.

In other words, the Anti-Monitor can use his own power to enhance the superpowers of others.

The purpose of the Anti-Monitor is also simple: Alexander and Lyra are forming Legion, want to enter the antimatter universe to destroy his cosmic frequency offset nuller, he wants to create chaos in Earth, let the heroes I don’t have the energy to do this.

After all, as long as you delay for a few days and wait for the frequency of the universe to return to zero, the universe will explode on its own. Before entering Earth 0, the anti-prisoner king has always been in the state of planning strategies. With only simple and practical plans, the infinite parallel universe has been settled.

Although the anti-prisoner king is big and terrifying, he is not a martial artist, he is a scientist who plays with technology and a wise general who plays tricks.

After being scolded, his real body entered Earth 0, which was the first time in his tens of billions of years to ‘fight with people’.

The psychological pirate can control other people’s emotions, and the side effect is that other people’s emotions are also felt by him.

The power of creation of the anti-prisoner king only amplifies his ability, and does not improve his realm. The emotions of more than 20 billion people in the four Earths are felt by him alone.

One third of his brain went crazy, and the remaining two-thirds collapsed.

Therefore, he wept in front of The Flash day and night, begging the Flash to speak to him and soothe his runaway breakdown.

In addition, as the younger brother who was captured and recruited by the anti-prison king, although he is now defunct, he can still be used for waste. He was arranged here to guard the Flash and tortured him emotionally.

The psychic pirate is crying, venting his emotions and trying to talk to The Flash, while infecting the Flash with his crying face

Uh, a bit perverted.

It’s no wonder, however, that the Psycho Pirates were originally fished out by the Pioneers from Earth 2 Arkham Asylum.

At this time, the Pharaoh’s “Buddha’s Original Vows” maintained its own characteristics, and the ‘hardware formatting’ of the brain’s modification of memory and emotion caused a fierce conflict between the system and the hardware.

The brain was overheated at 80 degrees, in a state of shutdown, and stumbled to the “Flash prison cell” behind the castle

“The Flash, psychological pirate?” He was stunned. , “How did I get here?”

“What’s wrong with you? Your cheeks are as red as boiled crabs, and your head seems to be smoking.” A sad face appeared in front of him.

“Uh–” The endless sadness drowned the Pharaoh, and he couldn’t help but let out the same wailing and wailing as a psychological pirate.

“Hey, can I influence you today?”

Psychological pirates have the instinct to control people’s emotions. Vulnerable, he couldn’t help but rejoice in his heart, and the emotions on his face also changed.

โ€œhe he heโ€ Pharaoh turned from crying to laugh, smirking.

During this process, the “Original Wish Sutra” in his soul was more and more stimulated, and it was running at a higher speed.

“Boom!” He was completely “sealed” by antimatter energy A small hole is broken in the brain, and a young spore grows.

“The phase is intertwined, and the life is strong, but it can grow golden lotus in the fire.”

Surrounded by the spores, there are mysterious ancient oriental characters, and there is a faint sound of chanting above the spores.

Then the spores spread the young leaves at a speed visible to the naked eye, grow branches, and gradually grow into a towering tree with the appearance of a pharaoh.

He was born again.

The computer system gets rid of computer hardware!

Pharaoh’s new consciousness broke away from his body and looked down on everything that happened to him from the perspective of his soul.

“Anti-monitor, how dare you humiliate me like this!!!!”

The head of the big tree pharaoh bulged, like a balloon filled with hot steam. drum.

Both angry and embarrassed.

He hated being controlled by others, and because of this, the ‘Second Pharaoh’ who beat him with a penitent stick became the person he hated the most.

What the anti-prison king did to him was far worse than the “calibration of thoughts” with the penitent stick that day.

He doesn’t have the slightest bit of privacy, quietly plotting everything like a clown, quietly improving the boring life of the anti-prisoner king.

He was angry.

He was even more embarrassed, contempt for his own arroganceโ€”even Supreme Existence.

The means of Supreme Existence surpassed his cognition and were purely dimensionality reduction attacks.

“I’m going to destroy him, his dream of becoming the overlord of the multiverse, and I’m going to kill him!”

It wasn’t a difficult decision, he never I really wanted to help the anti-prisoner king reach the throne of Sovereign in the universe.

The Pharaoh knew the plan of the anti-prisoner – to create an infinite multiverse with anti-matter energy.

Therefore, he originally planned to kill the anti-prisoner king when he was at his weakest, or even replace him.

“Now the Anti-Monitor has just lost the ‘power of a cabinet’ and is in the weakest state ever.”

While thinking about it, Pharaoh noticed the lightning beside him Heroes and Psycho Pirates.

Especially The Flash.

The anti-monitor is very afraid of him, afraid of his running, if.

“You want to control me too?!” The Pharaoh’s left hand sticks out like lightning, strangling constantly” grimacing” the neck of the psychological pirate.

The ‘superhuman power’ brought by the body of antimatter can make him pinch the neck of the psychological pirate into minced meat like tofu.

“Don’t, don’t kill me, I’m willing to listen to you, Pharaoh.” The psychic pirate is a coward, and immediately paralyzed with fright.

Pharaoh’s heart moved, and he coldly said: “I want you to rebel against the monitor, you will listen too?”

“Rebel against the king?” The psychological pirate was first frightened, Immediately afterwards, he showed an excited expression, and the frantic and muddy expressions all became much clearer, “Little King, are we really going to rebel? I have long sensed the killing intent of the King in my heart, and he will definitely kill me until I lose it completely. Useful.

Last time he failed in Earth 0, and was killed by the expedition to his lair. I encouraged the Flash to rebel with me, and the Great King listened to it.

I’m finished.

Rebels are the only way out, God is pitiful, you have come to save me, little king.

Tell me, you are not kidding, you really want to Rebel.

Please, tell me this is true, we really want to rebel.โ€

He wu wu sobbed again.

Pharaoh was stunned.

“Are you really going to rebel?” The Flash stuck on the energy wall also stopped playing dead, lifts the head, his eyes full of anticipation.

“Fuck!” The Pharaoh threw the psychic pirate far away like shit thrown into his hands.

“The Flash, every half minute, your vital signs and status data will be sent to the main control room. You said ‘rebellion’ just now, and now we are running out of time.

Remember, you must destroy the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter cosmic cannon, which stores all the existing energy of the Anti-Monitor.”

After saying this, the Pharaoh immediately smashed the energy wall with one punch. The control machine on the side.

“Beep, beepโ€”” The piercing siren rang through the cell and spread in the corridor outside.

“Youโ€”” The Flash enters “Flash Mind Time”โ€”thinking as fast as he can run.

The next moment, Barry didn’t understand what was going on, but he knew what to do next.

His body vibrated at a high frequency, he got down from the wall with flickering energy, picked up the pharaoh and the psychological pirate, and visited all the areas inside and outside the castle within half a second,

Half a second Later, he found an underground base 500 kilometers away.

It was a production workshop world, thousands of human beings were aliens, without body hair, with a pair of huge eyes that looked like a human being when they were afraid, they were in a group of yellow lanterns of the same appearance. Tired work under pressure.

A device like a ring accelerator is being assembled.

“That’s it.” The pharaoh pointed to it and said eagerly: “The Flash, run fast, use your speed to cause turbulence in time and space!

More than just smashing machines.

Only the machine is destroyed, the leaked energy can still be absorbed by the anti-monitor, to completely destroy it, I don’t know how to do it, but you have to do it.”

“Adrian Witte, you really are a spy!” An angry shout sounded like a thunderbolt from the loudspeaker in the production workshop, “Thunder Army, kill these three traitors.”

The pharaoh looked blank. Change, speak faster, “The Flash, act fast.”

“Whoosh-” The Flash turned into a red lightning, first brought up a lightning tornado, and swept away the nearby Armor Engineers and The thunder army overseer, and gradually increased the speed, the figure disappeared, leaving only a circle of the wall of speed force, surrounding the cosmic cannon.

The whole process happens in a split second.

The Pharaoh continued: “Psycho pirates, control the thunder army and let them kill each other.”

“I, I’m afraid, the king found out” The psychological pirate almost cried .

This time, the pharaoh didn’t yell at him, he just sighed then said, and said softly: “I’m also afraid, but it’s useless, you first put yourself in a rational mood.”

(End of this chapter)

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