I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 694


Chapter 694 Screenwriter and director, the chores of prompting actors, and actors who add dramas to themselves

The king of anti-prisoners The original plan was to control Harley, and after obtaining her secret, let her act as an inner responder and lead the Second Expeditionary Force into a trap.

Harry’s original plan was roughly the same as his. After discussing the plan to ambush the expeditionary force, she went back and led someone to ambush him.

She had to at least keep him confident until Hal Jordan learned the art of opening the Transmission Gate.

The anti-prisoner king didn’t know that the Second Expeditionary Force could not immediately open the Transmission Gate. He saw Alexander recruiting troops in the four Earths, and thought that they did not attack immediately, but they were forming an army.

He saw Harley summon the surviving little blue men, and saw the purple lights descend on Earth, and he also thought that Earth 0 was also forming an army.

If nothing else happens, after discussing the plan of destroying the second expeditionary force in the control room, Harley will return to Earth 0 and continue to be the expeditionary force commander who is in the heart of Earth and is against the prison.

But she absolutely didn’t expect , originally just a trick to get rid of Pharaoh’s idle chess first, and actually got the lore effect of “two-car mistake”.

Why did she kill the pharaoh?

This is the same as during the Anti-Japanese War, when the workers behind the enemy tended to attack the traitors first.

The traitors know too much “our” intelligence.

Only by killing the traitors can you gain an advantage in information to make up for the lack of strength.

Even Manhattan’s Academicians are looking for her specifically to let her deal with the pharaohs – either lock up or kill them, and never let the “enemy” get them.

The pharaoh is more hateful than the traitor. He not only helps the anti-prisoner king to reverse the information disadvantage, but also seriously threatens the Earth 0 universe in terms of technology and wisdom.

So, given the chance, Harley wanted to kill him first.

As for saying that, The Flash once summoned her to find “B307XX”. It seems to imply that the Pharaoh may have become an ally.

Harry thought so too for a while, but the ‘B307’ found at the Arctic base was too secret.

Moreover, the last time the anti-prisoner king entered Earth 0, he failed miserably, and his body was stuck. In the crack of the universe, his life was at stake, and it was the pharaoh who opened a spaceship to save him.

The few shots he fired outside the universe not only saved the Anti-Monitor, but also caused obvious trauma to the Earth 0 universe.

This shows that he is the loyal dog of the anti-prisoner king, and it also shows that he has indeed developed a weapon to deal with the “Manhattan universe”.

On the basis of these two items alone, it is strange that Harry doesn’t kill him, even if he can be whitewashed in the future, she will not accept it.

Then, he turned his head and started whitewashing himself. He seemed to want to slap Halle in the face.

Harry’s face didn’t hurt too much, but it did make people look dazed.

Not only her, but when the alarm in Flash’s prison cell sounded, the anti-prisoner king didn’t react for a while, thinking that something had happened.

Looking back at the surveillance camera, especially when he heard the pharaoh’s blunt revolt, his shock was even greater than his anger.

Because he can still sense the data in the Pharaoh’s ‘brain hardware’ – completely forgetting the unhappiness and struggle that happened, just as honest as when the two first met.

But the behavior of the pharaoh was completely different from what he thought at this time.

“He actually broke free from the control of the anti-material body, how did he do it?”

The anti-prisoner king criticized out in surprise, and immediately recalled the secret he got from Harry’s mind : Manhattan Academician plays tricks in Pharaoh’s soul, he will awaken in unexpected ways and deliver a message to Demoness Halle.

“Good you pharaoh, good you Manhattan Academician!”

The anti-prisoner king felt the same humiliation as the pharaoh – the humiliation of being played as a clown.

He was furious.

He wanted to pinch them.

“clang whenโ€”” He wanted to get up to fight, but his body went limp and fell heavily on the seat.

“Harley Quinn, go to the underground factory and take down those three rebels.”

“My lord, I would like to die for you, just a little,” Harley pointed. With a sullen expression and lowered eyes, Sinesto said, “You just sat up from your dying sickness, showing a very weak side.

I guess it must have been you who took out a cabinet from your body earlier. You can’t even stand up.

This is the weakest time in your life, so the pharaoh’s traitor chose this time to rebel.

80% of the time he has caught your vitals and is going to hit you with a fatal blow.”

Sinestro’s shrunk waist gradually straightened, and the cautious and humble expression on his face gradually disappeared. Instead, he looked thoughtful, suddenly realized, and finally lifted the head again, walked out from the corner, looked directly at the anti-supervisor, clenched his fists, and his expression gradually became hideous.

The anti-prisoner king wants to roar: What the hell are you trying to say? Who do you want to remind? !

Harry sensed his thoughts through the Shadow Fiend, and said solemnly: “Your Majesty, I want to tell you that Sinestro understands what I just said.

You are dying. When he sat up in shock from the illness, there were obvious murderous intentions in his eyes, look, look atโ€””

She pointed at Sinestro, her eyes were sharp like knives, and the murderous aura was almost overflowing. His eyes, excitedly said: “That’s the look, Your Majesty, he’s going to rebel, he’s also a rebel!”

Sinesto no longer concealed his thoughts, covered with yellow light energy, berserk The smell of a yellow tornado rolled up in a circle indoors.

The anti-prisoner king gave her a blank look. If he hadn’t known that the shadow demon was controlling her words and actions at this time, she would have suspected that she had become the second pharaoh.

“Senesto, don’t you want to save the Kruga planet? There are billions of your clansman there, who are supposed to rule an entire universe soon, with unlimited resources, and become the universe Imperial Family.”

“How dare you mention this? You bastard with no credit at all, I hate people playing me like a fool the most.” Sinisto gnashed his teeth.

The ferocious look on the face of the anti-prisoner lord flickered, and he suppressed his anger, saying: “I don’t need to lie, trifling Kruga, a trifling parallel universe, even one hair from nine oxen to me. Not at all.

I lied to Harley Quinn because she humiliated me in front of countless people, and you are different from her.”

“Whoops, Your Majesty, what’s the use of you talking about this now? Sinister is so cunning, he will only pretend to be persuaded, and when he gets close to you, he will give you a fatal blow.” Harry jumped on the side, “let me deal with him. Right?

Or, you are now deliberately showing weakness, saying these nonsense nonsense, and tricking him to relax his vigilance, thinking that you are really too weak to stand up, so you come over, and then you react. Kill him?”

At the end, she looked thoughtful again and stopped.

Condensing the yellow golden blade sword, ready to laughed heartily “It seems that you are really weak, otherwise you won’t say such nonsense to appease me” Sinisto, face changed, backed up, and Changed the sword to flying sword, Flying Sword.

“Stupid, what are you trying to say, can’t you just think in your heart?” The anti-prisoner king scolded Harry angrily, flew up, punched the sword that shattered the power of fear.

As expected, Harry said, he may be weak, but he will never fall back weakly when he stands up.

He was tempting Sinesto to come forward, and then he made a lore!

“Fake, the dignified Supreme Existence, is so insidious!” Sinesto had a layer of white sweat on his back, but there was a hint of joy on his face, “It seems that you are really weak, Otherwise, you won’t use this trick on me.”

“Dare to humiliate Your Majesty, I’ll kill you!” Harley yelled, and the power of the yellow light poured out like no money. With a 40-meter-long large knife, he pierced the ceiling and smashed the main box behind Sinesto.

“bang!” A burst of fire erupted from the control room.

“Sting, sting, sting–” The monitor screen all over the room flickered a few times, then dimmed for the most part.

The anti-prisoner king was on fire, blood dripped, and annoyed, and cursed: “Stop, idiot, these machinesโ€””

“Sorry!” Don’t wait for him After finishing speaking, Harry lost his way, and said angrily: “I was in a hurry, I forgot that this is the main control room, the center of your Battlestar, and the key to your turnaround, can’t-“

“Boomโ€”” Before she could finish her sentence, Sinestro burst into laughter. With the 800-meter golden giant sword, he directly split the roof of the fort in half.

In the blink of an eye, not to mention the main control room The equipment was gone, and most of the fortresses began to burst into flames.

The anti-prisoner king shook his body a few times, and his iron-hued face showed a humanized look of pain.


I don’t know who I’m scolding.

“Your Majesty, you have to cheer up!” Harley approached him, yelled: “must take down Sinestro, I have guessed his purpose, destroy your Battlestar first, let you Lose the ability to monitor and track, and then immediately return to Earth 0 to bring Earth heroes to surround and kill youโ€””

“Shut up!” The fist thumped her away, and a “sou” came over Sinesto.

At this time, Sinestro was prompted again, half of his body became illusory, and he would pass the Transmission Gate and return to the Earth 0 universe in the next instant.

“I am the antimatter Lord of Universe. Without my permission, do you still want to open Spatial Teleportation?!”

The palm of the anti-supervisor is wrapped in scarlet energy, like a flaming meteor , smashed over Sinestro.

“ka-cha โ€”โ€”bang!” The void of 100 meters of space around it shattered into pieces like glass.

“Uh-” Sinisto a groan, his body was cut into seven or eight hideous slits by space fragments.

But he didn’t dodge, and he didn’t get smashed with a fist like a baseball. Instead, he embodied a huge yellow fist and slammed it on the anti-monitor.

Blocking this attack, Sinestro gained confidence, no longer thinking about running away, let out a long whistle, and began to unleash the full power of “The Greatest Green Lantern of All Time”.

The two fought fast, with dozens of moves. Sinestro was beaten to the point of vomiting blood, but he never fell.

“Hahaha, it turns out that you are so weak.” He was still laughing happily, his fighting spirit became more and more high, “You don’t need to go to Earth to find help, just me, I can end your vain rule of the multiverse. Daydream.

hahahaha, didn’t expect me, Sinesto, to one day be the key to saving the multiverse.”

The Anti-Monitor turned towards the Space Cannon Assembly Factory He glanced at it, and called out anxiously, “Harley Quinn, come up and help me soon.”

“Your Majesty, I’m here!” Harley was like a little golden tigress, with a murderous aura on her face. , howling at Sinestro.

All the weapons that manifested the energy of the yellow light, even the energy beam, she did not dodge, she grabbed the energy sword with her claws and crushed it, and used her head to harden the energy beam, making it a mess.

In two breaths, Sinestro, who could have been able to fight with the anti-prisoner king four or six, was pushed into a desperate situation of melee combat by her.

“Okay, as expected of a golden nuclear bomb, fierce enough!” The anti-prisoner king withdrew from the battle, applauding from the side.

โ€œYour Majesty, hurry up and saveโ€”Ahhh!โ€

Harry was shouting proudly, ready to hold the audience alone, but didnโ€™t want Sinesto to see the yellow light. Force had no effect on her, subconsciously used a “fear shock”.

That is, the yellow light’s fearful power wraps the spirit strength and attacks Harley’s Sea of Consciousness.

Sinestro didn’t have any expectations for this move at all, but he didn’t want Harry to freeze and hold his head and howl.

“She is not Harley Quinn, but a shadow demon!” Sinisto suddenly realized, “What am I fighting with her, I should use mental shock to wake up Harley Quinn in her body!”

“Demoness Harley, wake up quickly!”

Well, Harley has been awake all the time, anti-matter defense expertise has been Level 9, and she is acting now.

(end of this chapter)

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