I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 695


Chapter 695 The Three Avatars Through Time

“Harley Quinn, wake up quickly!” Sinesto finally found victory method, while shouting in his mouth, he continued to use “Fear Shock”, with a powerful Divine Sense force mixed with yellow light energy, to wash out Harry’s soul.

“Ahhhโ€”โ€”” Harley is like Sun Wukong who has been cursed, holding head, kicking her legs and screaming in the sky.

“What’s going on?” The anti-prisoner king was about to go to the underground factory to take down Pharaoh and The Flash, and when he saw that Harry was out of control, he couldn’t help but wonder, “My shadow demon possessed, no There should be such a flaw, how could the trifling mental shock hurt the Shadow Fiend?”

“Ahhh, Your Majesty, save meโ€”” Harry was shouting, his voice a little out of tune, like an old man.

“Bastard, perfidious and trying to control me.” But another voice came out of her mouth – her original clear and sweet female voice.

It’s just full of resentment and hatred at this time: “I hate others for betraying me the most, and I hate others for controlling me, anti-monitor, you have both, I want you to die!!!! โ€

In addition to one mouth shouting out two voices, her silhouette also began to appear double shadows, naked eyes can see that her upper body is covered by a layer of shadows, the shadows overlap with the fleshy body for a while, and then separate for a while. The heavy voice seemed extraordinarily strange.

“Ah, Harley Quinn herself has never compromised. Her powerful will is difficult to be suppressed by the shadow demon. My mental shock is just an introduction.”

The anti-monitors in the distance can perceive changes on the soul level and have a better understanding of Harley’s state at this time.

It is indeed as Sinestro said, Harley Quinn has a strong will and is resisting the control of the Shadow Fiend.

Uh, the anti-prisoner’s perception is also correct, Harley only needs to reduce the effect of Level 9 Anti-Material Defense Specialty, and reduce her resistance to Shadow Fiend to a critical point – about to break free from Shadow Fiend again. There is no need to perform at the critical point that cannot be completely freed from the shadow demon.

Even if the Shadow Fiend’s anti-monitor was invented, the weak spot wouldn’t be visible at all.

“Casapa Quinn, come on, you are her grandfather!”

“Ahhh -” Harley’s expression became more distorted, and her body seemed to be Twisted twisting, “Sinisto, your lips are cold, help me!”

She suddenly felt that the Oscar statuette was not worthy of her performance today.

“How can I help? I’m already using mental shock at maximum strength.” Sinesto said nervously.

“Inject the yellow light energy into my body, I’m weak and lack of energy!” Harry struggled to cry.

“Oh, okay.” Sinesto immediately raised his right hand and shot her an arm-thick golden beam.

Obtaining the energy of the yellow light is equivalent to finding the “last straw that broke the camel’s back”. Harry immediately ended the performance with a long whistle, and his body released golden light. The energy of the lamp shot the shadow demons on her body into holes.

“Ah uhโ€”” Shadow Demon Kazapa let out a miserable cry, disappeared.

The Anti-Monitor can sense that the Shadow Fiend hasn’t completely disappeared, but it’s too weak to hide in the corners of Demoness Harley’s soul.

โ€”โ€”Wait for a breath and see how I deal with you!

With a ruthless remark left in his heart, the anti-prisoner king glared at the two golden figures who rushed towards him, took a step back, and disappeared into the scarlet antimatter energy mist.

“He probably went to the underground factory. Should we chase after him, or should we go back to Earth 0 first?” Sinestro asked.

“Have you forgotten what Pharaoh said to the Flash in the previous video? You can’t let him absorb the energy from the cosmic cannon to restore his strength!”

Harry thought sound transmission, in his hand The action kept going, and the space door started to open.

“Hey, can you open the Transmission Gate?”

Sinesto also tried it, the complexity changed slightly, pointing to the red antimatter cloud in the sky: “Kovard The Space Law near the star was disturbed by the antimatter cloud, and even the Transmission Gate to Earth 0 could not be opened.”

The two stopped talking nonsense and pushed the energy of the yellow light with all their strength, turning it into a golden light and flying at high speed. to the underground factory.

500 kilometers, no more than 10 seconds, it is already very fast, and after reaching the factory, both of them have complexion greatly changed.

“Ahhh โ€”โ€”” Pharaoh’s head pressed against the palm of the anti-prisoner king, his feet were slammed upwards, and his mouth let out a miserable howl.

The anti-prisoner king turned into Ren Woxing, who had been hungry for more than ten years at the bottom of the West Lake, running the Great Star Absorption Art with all his strength, naked eye visible one after another scarlet energy flowing from the Pharaoh to his palm.

The pharaoh is shrinking.

Beside them, dozens of corpses were brutally murdered.

In the far corner, a man in red uniform with a golden mask icon on his chest collapsed on the ground, holding head wu wu crying.

In the center of the factory, a cosmic cannon in the shape of a ring accelerator is surrounded by a layer of golden and red lightning storms, and people outside are blocked from seeing it clearly.

“Just because you are worthy of throwing a fist at me?! Although I don’t know how Manhattan Academician can help you get rid of the shackles, but your body is made of anti-matter energy, all from me.” Sinister glanced at Harry and Sinestro, “It happens that my body is lacking in energy right now, and the enemy is chasing after him again, so I will use you to replenish my energy.”

His serrated mouth opened, and it grew bigger and bigger. , in the horrified eyes of others, swallowed the Pharaoh in one bite.

โ€œka bengโ€”gujiโ€”โ€ He looked at Harry, grinning and chewing bones, blood dripping from his mouth.

“The Flash, The Flash?” Harley called out to the center of the factory a few times, and used her soul sound transmission to call “Barry” directly, but she never got a response.

“We must take action, and we cannot let the Anti-Monitor recover safely.” Sinisto said anxiously.

“Lao Sai, you bind his hands and feet.” Harry said calmly.

“whiz whiz whiz!” Sinesto didn’t ask the reason, his body turned into a golden light and circled around the anti-monitor at high speed, the golden flying afterimage was not on the iris of his eyes Disappearing, dozens of golden ropes have been connected from all angles to the body of the anti-surveillance to the nearby buildings.

“such insignificant ability!” The anti-monitor screamed and struggled hard.

“Ahhh โ€”โ€”” Sinesto maintained the chain embodied by the power of the yellow light with the greatest willpower and spirit strength, his expression gradually became more forceful, and he couldn’t help shouting,

” sou!” Harry seemed to teleport, and when the anti-monitor broke the yellow light chains one after another, he flew to him, holding a golden light ball the size of a cantaloupe in each hand, and slammed into his eyes.

“Just waiting for you to come over!” The anti-prisoner king smiled coldly, and opened his mouth to shoot out a thick beam of scarlet antimatter light, which just hit Harry’s face.

“Ahโ€”God descends!” Harley let out a mournful howl, but she still hovered in front of the anti-monitor, motionless, her hands didn’t move at all, and the two gourds were shooting In the metal eye sockets of the anti-prisoner king.

“Boomโ€”Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!โ€”” The gourd exploded, the golden stomach acid mist was thick, and the drill bit that manifested the energy of the yellow light, stirring the stomach acid mist, madly drilled into the reverse The king’s eye sockets.

“Ahhhโ€”โ€”” The anti-prisoner king was in pain, the anti-matter beam of light in his mouth stopped, and his body suddenly exploded with great strength, breaking all the chains, and punching Harry in front of him.

Harry raised her body high, jumped behind him, and continued to slap a drill in each palm, hitting his egg-shaped metal skull and temples.

The anti-prisoner king was about to turn around. A machine with a yellow light energy manifested under him, and the “crack crack” quickly assembled into a restraint in the shape of the driver’s seat.

Except for the head, the body is locked in the restraint.

It’s Sinestro.

As soon as the chain broke, he shot again.

“chi chi chi โ€”โ€”” Quantum critical strikes erupted one after another at the bottom of the drill bit, the drill bit embodying the energy of the yellow light is not as hard as the metal head shell of the anti-monitor, and the golden energy debris is scattered in all directions – just like Welding on the street.

It’s not just one electrode, but ten of them ignited at the same time.

“bang!” A circle of scarlet antimatter energy erupted from the anti-monitor, and the restraint device under him instantly shattered into slag. Harry continued to shout “God descends”, still completely motionless, lying on the ground. On his head, continue the “welding” operation.

“This is impossible!” The anti-monitor exclaimed.

Three Superman rehearsing “Three Talent Array” is a joke to him, because he can trigger a large-scale explosion of antimatter energy, and Superman can’t stop it at all.

When the hero first set out to the anti-material universe, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Superman besieged him together. There is no doubt about Wonder Woman’s combined attack skills, but the anti-monitor only used one trick to deal with Harry’s just now. The energy exploded, and a group of heroes around were screamed and flew away, and they were still flying in the air, but the anti-monitor stepped forward, grabbed both legs, and tore them into two pieces, or broke them at the waist.

Heroes like Supergirl and two Wonder Women all die like this.

The anti-monitor has never learned martial arts, and his melee skills are extremely poor, but his anti-matter energy is too terrifying, the energy level is too high, and the killing is too strong. In the multiverse, no hero can take it hard.

Especially in the antimatter universe, the formidable power of the antimatter energy burst is doubled, and the hero’s defense is halved.

Therefore, he is not afraid of siege at all.

At this time, Harley, who ignores the damage of antimatter energy and has superb fighting skills, has almost become the nemesis of the anti-monitor who only relies on antimatter energy to make a comeback.

The anti-monitor is Supreme Existence, and his speed and reaction can still crush Harley.

Nai He also has a Sinestro beside him.

“whiz whiz whiz!” Countless water plants with yellow light energy grew on the ground, binding the anti-monitors layer by layer.

“chi chi chi!” Harry’s two electric drills finally drilled through his temples.

“Boomโ€”” The anti-monitor was forced to helplessly, once again stimulating the antimatter energy within the body, the violent scarlet energy instantly tore the “yellow light energy water plant” around him.

“I can feel the strength of his struggle is decreasing!” An indifferent yellow light flashed in the depths of Sinestro’s pupils, as if he had suddenly reacted, shouting: “Ah, I understand. , you are deliberately draining his energy!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, wear him to death.”

Harry frowned, a little dissatisfied with his frivolous behavior of directly shouting.

I didn’t see that the anti-monitors heard it, and the complexion slightly changed?

After a few times, the anti-monitors really deliberately controlled their strength, just enough to break free, no longer wasting power at will, and no longer attacked Harry with scarlet energy blasts.

“Senisto”‘s eyes gradually became strange, and the viciousness and hesitation changed back and forth.

“Stab la la – ka-cha!”

Suddenly, there was a sour time and space cracking sound around the antimatter space gun, and the Flash’s running speed broke through the limit, shocking shattered the nearby space-time.

His body is like Shadow Clone, with motion blur but slowly separating three Avatars, under the gaze of several people, “slowly” run into the river of time, disappeared.

“shit, this” Harley had a clear comprehension in her heart, and couldn’t help but shout: “The Flash, don’t go throughโ€””

“Boomโ€”” in the center The antimatter cosmic cannon emitted a dull explosion, and the scarlet antimatter energy overflowed, forming a rich red cloud above.

“Hahaha!” The anti-monitor wore an iron-shell face full of scratches and holes, laughing proudly and resentfully: “You are draining my strength, am I not draining yours? Time?

From the moment I came to the factory, I knew that The Flash would eventually destroy my cosmic cannon.

But I was also waiting for him to break the energy capsule and release the infinite energy, they Only belong to me, and pain and death will be given to you by me!”

(end of this chapter)

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