I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 696


Chapter 696 The Biggest Heist in the History of the Multiverse

During the Infinite Earth Crisis, the Anti-Monitor uses an antimatter energy cloud every time Destroy a positive matter parallel universe, and the antimatter energy in the body will increase by one point.

Those energies serve two purposes: first, the greedy Anti-Monitor directly inhales it into their own body and converts it into their own energy; second, after they are full, the remaining energy is poured into the antimatter universe.

The strength of the monitor depends on the strength of the positive matter universe.

In the same way, the stronger the antimatter universe source is, the stronger the antimonitor will be, and the antimatter universe is the source of the antimonitor’s power.

When the anti-prisoner king destroyed countless parallel universes, the energy in the body was so huge that it turned the body into energy crystals.

He became a living antimatter energy ‘sun’.

Scarlet antimatter energy is radiating outward every moment.

No one can even see his silhouette.

Therefore, the anti-monitors built a set of metal shells to stabilize their own existence and prevent the leakage of antimatter energy.

Before at Earth 0, the super girl smashed the metal shell, and the terrifying energy of “high heat and high pressure” inside directly spurted out.

When it was found that there was too much energy in the body and it began to affect its own strength, the anti-monitor poured the overwhelming majority energy in the body into the energy chamber of the cosmic gun – similar to the magazine of the energy weapon.

He pulls the excess energy out of his body and uses it to power the antimatter cosmic cannon.

In this way, his own body will reduce 99% of the pressure and regain a flexible and vigorous posture.

It was a coincidence that Harley started to form an expedition just as he thought. He wanted to bribe her to be a spy, and even more wanted to control her and make her his puppet.

After paying the price of ‘one cabinet’, he succeeded.

He succeeded, but his energy was empty.

The anti-prisoner king was not weak, but he just poured 99% of the energy into the “energy clip” of the anti-matter cannon.

When he came to the cannon assembly workshop and wanted to retrieve the energy in the “energy clip”, he was annoyed to find that the Flash “built” around the cosmic cannon through the instructions of the pharaoh. Layers of speed force lightning wall, the time and space inside began to be disordered.

If no one stops him, the anti-prisoner king spends a certain amount of time and energy to break through the chaotic Time and Space Storm and smash the lightning wall with one punch.

But then Harry and Sinestro came after him.

The anti-monitor’s heart moved, and there was a new idea: when The Flash destroyed the “energy magazine” of the cosmic cannon, antimatter energy would definitely be ejected, just like when Supergirl smashed his visor. That way.

Then he immediately jumped into the antimatter energy cloud, absorbed the energy, regained his strength, first hammered the Flash, preventing him from bringing antimatter energy into countless chaotic time and space, and finally solved the ant-like Demoness Harley and Sai. nisto.

Harley complied with his plans to a certain extent.

She knew that he had little energy left in his body and planned to grind him to death.

Sinisto on the other side is not a tool man either.

He’s essentially a parallax demon, and he’s been plotting to make both sides suffer from Harley and the Anti-Monitor King.

When restraining the anti-prisoner king, he deliberately slowed down and weakened a little every time.

It can be said that the Flash, the anti-prisoner king, Harley, and Sinesto all have their own thoughts on the battlefield.

The Flash is relatively simple, he doesn’t pay attention to the outside world at all, he doesn’t see Harley coming, he runs with all his heart and plans to destroy the antimatter cosmic gun first, and then guide the energy into the infinitely long and infinitely many. Time turbulence.

โ€”โ€”Concentrating antimatter energy on Kovard star, the amount is very large, but if it is allocated to countless time lines, each time line has countless time points, like dropping ink into the sea, The anti-prisoner king can no longer collect energy in one place.

Even if he could do it, it would take billions of years.

This is what the Pharaoh taught him.

The first time The Flash did this kind of thing, he ran and ran into an accident: before the antimatter universe cannon was destroyed, three times Avatar ran out of his body, and when Avatar entered the river of time , take away a lot of his time.

It can be simply understood that the Flash is paying the price for his actions to interfere with time.

No matter how awesome the Flash is, he is always just a mortal with physical body and mortal flesh. Mortals need time, and when mortals run out of time, it means aging and death.

At this point, the Flash’s own time flies by, and the body’s naked eye is visibly aging.

“Hahaha, the anti-matter cosmic cannon was destroyed by the Flash, the energy I need is here!”

Seeing the burning scarlet in the center of the Flash’s storm, the anti-monitor grinned, and his body Lean back.

A door of red foam energy emerges behind him.

When he fell, he just entered the space gate, got rid of the entanglement of Harley and Sinestro, and appeared over the “Flash Time and Space Storm”, falling straight to the scarlet antimatter cloud below.

While still in the air, the anti-prisoner king opened his mouth and inhaled sharply, “si si sizzleโ€””

The wind swirled, and the scarlet energy flew upside down like a waterfall. to his mouth.

“Don’t try to run away!” Harry didn’t teleport, but his movements were equally slow, golden light flashed, and came to the sky above “The Flash Time and Space Storm”, just above the anti-prisoner king.

She also opened her mouth, like opening a small black hole, and sucked at the anti-prisoner king.

Well, the anti-prisoner was sucking the scarlet antimatter energy cloud below, but Harry was going to swallow him all together.

Of course, the ring space of the yellow light can only carry living life without resistance – when the green light carries the criminal with the ring, he will be beaten to death first.

The anti-prisoner king struggled a little and broke free from the pull of the yellow light.

But next moment, “whiz whiz whiz whiz!”

Harley spewed out countless green “long hair” from her mouth. The steel needle, “chi chi chi”, was inserted into the gap in the body of the anti-prisoner king.

The anti-prisoner king is wearing a metal casing. Originally, he was one body. Except for his mouth and eyes, he didn’t even have an ass bulge.

There is no gap.

However, Harley used the “stomach yellow light drill” to drill dozens of small holes in the egg-shaped smooth skull of the anti-supervisor king.

All are the positions of key points in the human body.

Then, one after another golden stomach acid, use the green steel needle as the tube, and quickly pour it in.

“Ahhhโ€”โ€”” The anti-prisoner king stiffened, and an angry and painful roar came out of his mouth.

“ๅ‘ฒๅ‘ฒๅ‘ฒโ€”” One after another, the digested white smoke overflowed from the holes in his metal casing, and the area around his head began to smoky.

In the blink of an eye, the head of the anti-prisoner king has been corroded and pitted, and under the metal shell, you can see the flesh of purple black.

That’s right, no longer a crimson energy crystal, he’s flesh and blood.

At this point his head was cut off and he was really dead.

“This is.” Sinestro shook a few times, fear flashed in the depths of golden’s pupils, “The will seal needle transformed by the origin of the ion shark! She wants to eat him?!!”

one after another yellow energy overflows from “he” and flows to Harry.

“He” was all too familiar with those green-haired thorns.

They grew in her stomach and locked it like a beast.

“Hurry up and help!” Harry’s roar of anger entered Sinestro’s mind.

“Oh, I’m here!” Sinesto hurriedly flew over, using the power of the yellow light with all his strength, manifested a chain cross, and bound the body of the anti-prisoner to death.

“The Time and Space Storm is too dangerous down there. Pull him out.” Harry said.

Senesto did what he said.

“You forced me!” The anti-monitor couldn’t see the shape of his mouth, and his voice erupted from the depths of his heart.

“Boom boom boom boom boom.”

As he roared, the cloud of antimatter energy beneath him began to explode.

The antimatter cloud expands slowly but firmly, with a thunderous sound on the surface and inside, and all surrounding laws collapse and annihilate in the explosion.

The anti-prisoner king changed his attack method at this moment when he saw that the anti-matter energy burst could not damage or even affect Harry’s movements.

Do not attack her directly, but destroy the environment in which she lives.

“Ah, he is the Sovereign of antimatter energy, who can remotely control the scarlet energy cloud below. Gravity is disappearing, direction is disappearing, space is losing meaning, I can’t fly, what’s going on? ‘ cried Sinestro in horror.

Harry didn’t hear his cry at all, and even his people couldn’t see, a transparent crystal like broken glass flashed in front of him, and Sinesto was involved in the shattering. of different time and space.

Looking from a distance, a multi-colored mushroom cloud seems to burst out in the center of the underground factory at this time. There are countless “broken glass” of different sizes in the cloud. Twisted or broken or crumpled lines of law.

Several people were involved.

This is the most powerful means of the anti-monitor – it will cost you three thousand lives.

โ€”โ€”Demoness Halle, you can’t stand still in an explosion of antimatter energy, right? I have destroyed this space now, and there are countless kinds of damage, and there is always one that can kill you!

Harry is really uncomfortable at the moment. Several feats have been activated on her body, such as the linking force defense feat, the stable timeline in the linking force innate talent, the speed force defense feat, and the sixth note. For some reason, even the skin of God was touched, and the magic attack did not know where it came from.

To her surprise, the “thick-skinned Martial God” finally worked.

She sensed a force of law in her, which made her whole body’s skin, bones, and organs connect into one.

Her body changed from a ‘suitcase’ filled with a lot of sundries to an iron pea.

There is no distinction between internal and external injuries. All types of injuries only make one after another opening on her body surface.

Her body also naturally exudes a faint golden light.


Suddenly, a weak voice entered her ear.


“It’s really you!” Barry’s voice became excited, “Save me, save me, I can’t stop, but I can’t either. Leaving the timeline of the antimatter universe and entering a wider super-time stream.

The huge antimatter energy is following me, and I’m about to be caught up.”

“Where are you? ?”

“The Earth 0 universe has a timeline, and so does the antimatter universe. I’m in the time river of the antimatter universe at this time.

I pull the antimatter energy from the cosmic cannon into the universe. The time line is gone, but the anti-monitor chased after him, and he is still controlling the anti-matter energy to devour me.” Barry said eagerly.

“Do you have a hole in your brain? The anti-monitor is above time, at least it can ‘pinch’ the timeline of the antimatter universe. You divert energy to the timeline of the antimatter universe, not to him Do you put it in your mouth?” Harry asked in confusion.

“I originally planned to introduce energy into the super-time stream, where there are countless worlds, infinite time lines, alas, I overestimated myself, can you help me?

No, I will directly detonate the energy, blow up the river of time in the antimatter universe, and at least delay him for some time.” Barry said quickly.

“How can I help you?” Harry said helplessly.

“Where’s your Ark of the Covenant? I saw the ‘history’ of your contract with the Anti-Monitor on the timeline.” Barry said.

Harry’s face changed, and she gritted her teeth: “You bring the energy here, the Ark of the Covenant is in my stomach.”

The timid will be starved to death.

She now has Level 9 antimatter defense, and she is not afraid of violent antimatter energy.

Successful, big profits, all those antimatter energies are the origin of the antimonitor.

Even if you can’t use it yourself, you can make a fortune if you get it to heaven and find the dog god for merits.

The worst result is that the stomach bag and belly burst like balloons.

Exploding her belly was not a key attack for her.

She was split in two by the little blue man’s sword (ps)!

(end of this chapter)

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