I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 699


Chapter 699 Finding Harley (Happy New Year 2022)

β€œBatman, are you crazy?”

“Superman, what are you doing?”

At this moment, Kryptonite shines brightly behind Bateman, with a Superman under each arm, the big superman covered in silver armor, and holding Alexander’s neck in his left hand , the right hand picks up the cloak of the outcast.

Not to mention the heroes of the underworld, even the heroes of Earth 0 are stunned and are about to go crazy.

“Sorry, we have to go to Kovard right now.” Bateman’s voice was hoarse and emotionless, “Green Lantern, Earth’s Green Lantern?”

” Oh” Hal closed his mouth, came back to his senses, “what?”

“Open the space door, let’s leave Earth first, go to the meteorite belt that can hide the figure, and then immediately open the Space Wormhole , go directly to Oua, and then open the Transmission Gate after arriving in Oua.

Or, try to see if you can connect the Space Wormhole with the Transmission Gate.

In short, To be the fastest.” Bateman said.

“You can’t go, you can’t do this!” Sam Uncle’s tone was stern, his body inflated as fast as gas, and his head was on the ceiling in an instant, and his feet were bigger than the door panel.

As his body got bigger, his breath also increased, becoming full of oppression force.

He shouted at Superman and Bateman in a thunderous voice: “I understand your desire to save your comrades, but such impulsive behavior is absolutely not advisable.

First of all , your unplanned and arbitrary behavior will kill yourself and Alexander.

Secondly, you are the positive alliance, the representative of Earth 0, doing this will make the five Earth heroes lose trust in each other, There is no more battle strength.

In the end, you are heroes and moral role models for countless people. You promised to vote before, and nowβ€”β€””

Betterman’s goal has been achieved , did not want to delay any longer, and interrupted him: “I only said vote, not necessarily accept the results of the vote.

Sam uncle, you have fought World War II for forty years, you should understand that many glorious victories are born. In the shadows.

I admit that I have failed everyone’s trust this time, but please trust me one last time, and when the results of Kovard come out, you will be glad that I made the choice now .”

β€œWhy is Earth 0’s Bateman so shameless? He still makes us believe in him, unimaginable.”

β€œBatman, from betraying everyone, stealing the watchers The satellite data starts, and you lose your credit. Your current behavior will make you completely lose the honor of being a hero.”

“You have lost all the faces of Bateman in the multiverse.”

The heroes who came from the cosmos were furious and denounced.

“Batman, put down Superman, your kryptonite rays have already hurt them.”

Sam uncle roared, his palm bigger than the double bed, and directed towards Baxter Man paste to go.

Betterman was about to dodge when a loud chanting sound suddenly echoed in the Hall of Heroes.

I saw one after another golden rune, like a little fishy in the water, swam quickly from the corner, circled Sam’s uncle, circle after circle, forming a golden rune array layer after layer.

“Ahhhβ€”β€”” Rune looked light and fluttering, but he pressed the top like Mount Tai, bending Sam’s uncle, his body shrinking rapidly, and his mouth screamed in pain, “What is this, My ‘patriotism’ has been cut off.”

“Sorry uncle, I’m British.” Zha Kang blew a loud whistle, smiled and walked over, looking at him strangely Bateman, said: “Now the plot is finally not so boring, you deserve my trust once. Go to the vanguard of Kovard star, count me as one.”

“I know you, from the origin John Constantine coming down the wall, but you have little magic power and will not fly.” Bateman said embarrassedly.

Zha Kang was stunned for a while, and then said doubtfully, “You know that even magic power is scarce, you really know me.”

Betterman glanced at him and said nothing.

His understanding of him is far beyond what Zhakang imagined.

After the Astra incident, Constantine fell into a death-defying transformation of his mind and cognition, and was sent to Arkham Asylum. He was not Bruce Wayne of Bateman, but specially for him. A private profile is created.

“However, as a mortal, you are not qualified to despise me, right?” Zha Kang said again.

“I put on the bat Battle Armor, and now I can fly.” Bateman said.

“In front of us, you are cruel to our companions, do you think we are all air?”

Heroes of the universe, outraged .

Furious powers erupted from them, and multi-colored energies flickered across the halls.

“Don’t come here!!” Sam uncle, moaning and moaning under the golden array, turned his head and waved his hands again and again, “Don’t fight! If we fight, the anti-monitor will die of laughter, we and five The universe is over.”

“It’s right to listen to Sam’s uncle.” Bateman shouted: “Heroes, thousands of people are waiting for you to save, for the sake of the overall situation, let’s endure first. Be patient.

It’s bad, but it’s not the worst yet.

I swear, you don’t want to know what the worst is

By the way, I’m not Batman, I’m simulating the ‘Demoness Halle’ way of thinking.”

“I’ve traveled through many parallel universes, but I’ve never seen such a shameless bat Hero!” Earth 2’s old Flash said with emotion.

“Is he fake? He himself said it wasn’t Bateman.” The Justice Society’s old Green Lantern wondered.

“I can’t see that? He’s not only shameless, he’s also blaming Demoness Harley for the shameless reasons. Too shameless.”

“Can’t let them go, Hundred This lunatic Terman will kill Alexander Kent and destroy our ultimate hope.”

“Let them go, or I will destroy you now!” Aquaman slammed the table off the table, Roaring at the hero of the universe: “I’ve had enough of you, no matter what Harley Quinn does, at least she has been proving herself right, and she can listen to other people’s advice.

You guys There are only four bastards with iron skulls, and there are only four left in the infinite universe.

After entering the underworld, the frequency difference has also returned to zero, so I can only come to us.

How can we help you?

How do we trust you?

Wonder Woman, Dove, Star Man. So many heroes who trust you unreservedly, but are all killed by you , why won’t you believe us once?”

The heroes of the universe looked stunned, and their mouths were stunned.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Aquaman turned around again and yelled at Batman and Superman, “Earth 0 is not only Superman and Batman, but also Zhenglian, there are us, we I’ll take care of the rest!”

In the end, there was a faint resentment on his face, and he complained in a very slight voice: “They are all Zhenglian teammates, and don’t tell me in advance if there is a big move. One sound.”

Fire Storm, Atomic Man, Atomic Captain, Fire Star Hunter, Zatanna, Fate Academician, Orchi Sage. One by one Earth 0 heroes came out and stood beside Aquaman On the top, with a serious expression, he confronted the hero of the underworld universe.

The imposing manner of the heroes of the underworld is even weaker, and even a little at a loss.

“Omβ€”” Hal Jordan opened the green Transmission Gate, and the crowd quickly disappeared.

“Ai, stop confrontation, all go back to their respective seats, hand in hand, heart to heart, forget the unhappiness just now, pray to God together, and pray that Bateman and Superman are right.” Sam uncle said with a bitter smile.

Aquaman really asked Zatanna to use magic to clean the hall, put the chairs together, and took the initiative to shake hands with the hero beam of the underworld universe. The beam turned his head and ignored him, and he still pulled him hard.

“Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty Abba Father! Thank you, your child, and praise you. Please give us a calm and fearless heart, so that we can face all kinds of difficulties and sufferings. , learn how to rely on you to overcome those difficulties, I am convinced that you will not abandon me.”

In the meteorite belt of the solar system, Bateman took the kryptonite wings behind him and let the two supermen face the sun directly , “I believe ‘Superman’ will fight to the last minute for even the tiniest hope.”

Without waiting for the two Supermen to respond, “Omβ€””

A green dot Turning around to expand the Great Accomplishment One round of green wormholes, Hal Jordan shot out a beam of green light, put the two supermen into the green light shield, filled the cover with golden sunlight, and entered the wormhole first, Bateman, Superman, Constantine follow closely from behind.

Time travel in wormholes also takes a while.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the two supermen who were poisoned by kryptonite gradually recovered their vitality in the sun.

“This is not a heroic act, you are going too far.” The old Superman didn’t struggle, but his face was not very good-looking.

Supreme’s little superman is even more angry.

Da Chao’s expression was embarrassed, and Bateman also lowered his head and sighed: “When I put on this cloak, I only had one thought in my mind, to help those in need in Gotham and make my hometown a better place. It’s beautiful.

I don’t care if people think I’m a hero.

I only care if I’m doing the right thing.

Kal-El, Superman , Alexander, and the outcast, I swear with my life that we are doing the right thing.

If I compromise and let you waste the best time in the discussion, I will regret it for the rest of my life or even No chance to regret.”

“Why did Harley Quinn persist for ten hours, even until now?” asked the old Superman.

β€œI don’t know why, but she is used to creating miracles in our eyes,” Bateman said calmly.

Old Superman opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

Za Kang said strangely: “You really trust her enough.”

“You are different.”

Za Kang shook his head, “I believe Myself, our trip won’t be too dangerous.”

“We’re here,” Hal Jordan looked towards the red-haired golden armor man beside Dachao, “Alexander, are you alright?”

Alexander nodded helplessly, “Don’t worry, as long as you enter the antimatter universe, I will provide protection for you.”

Hal Jordan said meaningfully: “Man, I don’t need protection, I Its strength will not be lost on Kovard Star.”

“huhuhu β€”β€”” next moment, the entire group is wrapped in a huge green light shield, entering the space-time passage of brilliant lights and vibrant colors, as if A gust of wind whistled in his ears.

“Ugh!” Alexander’s half body flashed red light, “The antimatter universe really hasn’t disappeared, I feel the power of antimatter again. Be careful, we are about to enter the antimatter universe.”


Bateman felt his body warm, like soaking in a warm pool, warm.

He immediately thought that this might be the protection of positive material energy provided by Alexander.

“Boom–” seemed to pass through a layer of bubbles, and the entire group landed on the blue-gray Gobi with the yellow sand in the sky and the wind blowing horizontally.

“There is no war, this planet is peaceful.” After Hal Jordan scanned with the ring, he wondered: “There are a lot of lives on the planet, I’m not sure if Harry and the Anti-Monitor exist.”

“I can’t sense the breath of disaster, and there is no trace of anti-monitor in the universe.” “Coordinate Man” was muttered by the abandoned person.

“There are no traps here, at least we were right. The Anti-Monitor didn’t have it all, and Harley didn’t fall flat.” Superman excitedly said.

Zha Kang took out a compass and chanted the Human Demon mantra, “Take me to see Demonness Harry.”

“whiz whiz whiz!” The compass pointer circled quickly, eventually point in one direction.

“Hehe, she is not dead, she is alive and well.” Zha Kang said with a smile.

“Where?” Bateman’s voice was low and hoarse, still neither fast nor slow.

“Green lightbulb, fly with us.” Zhakang called to Hal.

“I’ll take you to fly.” Dachao picked him up, “sou” disappeared into the sky.

(end of this chapter)

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