I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 700


Chapter 700 Stomach Universe

Under the leadership of the Human Demon method, Superman flew with Zha Kang for two days. More than a thousand kilometers, came to a basin surrounded by mountains.

The basin is already very deep, and the mountain range around it is the shortest at three kilometers. However, in the center of the basin, a huge crater with a radius of several kilometers and a depth of five more than a hundred meters has collapsed.

Dozens of Earth truck-sized airships, suspended in mid-air, use shallow yellow tractor beams to excavate the rock and metal wreckage in the pit.

“There seems to be a big battle here. It’s in the underground building, and the Kovards are cleaning up the battlefield? When they saw us coming, why didn’t the Kovards be vigilant and didn’t come to ask?” Superman wondered. road.

“Forget about the Kovards, I see Harley,” Zhakang pointed to a 300-meter-high half-mountain platform at the entrance to the basin, “she’s there, let’s go over there quickly. .”

“Today is a good day, and everything in my mind can be accomplished. Today is a good day, the door is opened, let’s welcome the spring breeze.”

Before getting to the mid-level platform, Hear a burst of passionate music blowing from the wind.

After getting close, I saw seven or eight Covard girls with big eyes, wearing brightly colored skirts, singing and dancing.

Five meters above the mountain wall, a bus-sized aircraft is suspended, covered with a thick white blanket, and there are four other girls, two of which are holding fans and gently fanning, and a girl with big eyes She raised her sleeves, revealing her round and white arms, and roasted the meat. The remaining girls used chopsticks to feed the sliced meat and fruit to the person lying on the pillow.

“Harry?!” Superman I rubbed my eyes, feeling a little dreamy.

A blond woman in a deep purple robe, lying on her side on a soft pillow, eating and drinking lazily, isn’t that Harley?

But she shouldn’t be struggling, bloodied, exhausted, dying, dying, unyielding under the onslaught of the Anti-Monitor.

They should be like Divine Weapon fell from the sky, yelled ‘anti-monitor, let go of Harry’, then she smiled comfortably, fainted with happiness, and they swarmed up, saving her and the world.

The plot is not right, and the style of painting is not right.

“Oh, you’re here?” Harry glanced at them both casually and waved, “Come and sit, the food and beauties here are unique.”

Da Chao He stood there, lost in confusion.

“We almost fought for you and the hero of the universe, but you are here to be dashing and happy?!” Zha Kang exclaimed strangely.

Harry looked at him and said, “I expected Superman to find him, but how dare you come to Kovard?”

“whiz whiz whiz -” green light, red light across the sky, the other two Superman, Alexander, Abandoned, Bateman all flew over.

“What’s the matter? What about the anti-monitor? How come you are safe and have leisure time eating and drinking merrily?”

Alexander also couldn’t accept this scene, he was at a loss shouted.

“Well, even Bateman is here,” Harley sat up and glanced thoughtful at a few people, “Looks like you guys are having some trouble.”

Hal Jordan retracted the ring and whispered to Bateman: “My ring can’t scan her body information, it should be a daoist. Well, I couldn’t do it before.”

Bateman indifferently said: “I can see at a glance that she is not someone else’s disguise.”

Da Chao finally came back to his senses and asked: “Harry, what happened?”

Harley beckons with the hand to them again, “Come and sit and talk.”

“crack crack ka-cha.”

The maglev vehicle under her expands all around into A platform half the size of a basketball court.

Wait for a few people to land on it, Harry said again: “Kit, pour some wine for some gentlemen.”

“Okay, my lord.” A big fan who hit a fan The girl with eyeballs left the table and poured wine for a few people.

“We can’t eat the food of the antimatter universe.” Alexander frowned and saw Harry swallow another piece of meat dripping with dark red sauce, “What’s the matter with you? The Avatar body seems to be dematerializing. .”

“Humans are highly adaptable creatures, and the distinction between positive and negative matter may just be a hoax.” Harley repeated Sinestro’s words, “Take advantage of Alexander’s positive matter energy protection. Body, you eat more food from the antimatter universe, and you can transform into an antimatter body.

There is no essential difference between positive and negative matter, and they are differentiated like a pair of socks.”

Zha Kang took a sip of wine, nodded and said: “It tastes good, and it didn’t burst in my stomach.”

“Hey, you are living here peacefully, but we are worried to death. , in order to pull the team together, there is still a lot of conflict.” Bateman said in a complicated tone, then turned to Alexander and said: “See, Superman and I did not judge wrong?

Harry didn’t fall, and she wasn’t controlled by the anti-monitor, she was able to persist until we came. Uh, she seems to be too strong, and she doesn’t even need our help.”

Old Superman sighed: “You really know her, and this time we were wrong again.”

Alexander frowned: “What happened?”

Harry first asked Dachao why he was so emotional. Satisfied said with a smile: “Some things are useless, but if you don’t do them”

She shook her head, “I originally planned to be a double agent and lead the expeditionary force into the ambush of the ambush anti-monitor. Circle. As a result. Probably my business ability is too strong, just a few ‘unintentional remarks’ will accidentally hurt the pharaoh, causing him to rise up and take the lead in rebelling against the monitor’s rebellion.”

“What a joke. , the Pharaoh was a loyal partner bought by the Anti-Monitor.” Alexander frowned.

Harry didn’t explain at all, only each minding their own business said: “The Anti-Monitor is really a cunning guy, he deliberately ebbs the antimatter cloud in Wantianyi, and deliberately drains the antimatter cloud from Alexander’s body. Antimatter energy, deliberately hides its aura, so that the abandoned cannot sense him, deliberately hides the Law fluctuation of the antimatter universe.

Everything he does is to pretend to be dead.

Let The hero of the underworld thought that the enemy was gone, and happily released Mount Manan.

Then he secretly hid in the Kovad star to study the ‘antimatter universe gun’, the ultimate weapon that can blast the underworld universe with one cannon.

Because of the importance of cannons, when Pharaoh brought the Flash and the Psycho Pirates to rebel, the first target was it.”

“The Flash? Have you met the Flash? Where is he?” Dachao asked eagerly and excitedly.

“He’s lost several decades on the run and is now an old fogey being treated in the Kovard’s lab,” Harley said.

“Where, I’m going to see him!” Superman excitedly said.

Harry rolled his eyes at him, “If at Earth Hospital, a patient is undergoing surgery in the operating room, can you see him right away?”

“What about after the pharaoh’s rebellion?” Bateman asked.

“Afterwards.” Harry raised his eyebrows, “Senestor is also in the anti-monitor team, you know?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve turned against him again. Yes.” Alexander said with a hint of sarcasm on his face.

“Pa!” Harley slapped her hands and shouted, “Isn’t it true, I instigated a few words, and Sinestro screamed and rushed at the anti-prisoner king, irreconcilable.

When the incident happened suddenly, the anti-prisoner king could not immediately stop Pharaoh and let the Flash take him and the psychic pirate to the cosmic cannon assembly workshop.

The Flash surrounded the anti-matter cosmic cannon like crazy. Run.

Psychological pirates control the on-site overseer to besiege the anti-supervisor king, which is useless.

The body of the pharaoh is composed of anti-matter energy, and he is completely powerless to resist, and he is swallowed by the anti-supervisor on the spot. Eat.”

“What about you? What did you do? Why would the Anti-Monitor let you instigate?” Alexander asked.

Harry felt half the shadow demon Kazapa left in her body, and fell into contemplation: The anti-prison king is 80% still alive, maybe she has a chance to return to the king again and be an honest and reliable minister.

“This.” Harry’s eyes flickered, “I was possessed by a shadow demon at that timeβ€””

“What?” Several people jumped up and looked at her vigilantly. “Have you ever been possessed by a shadow demon?”

“Ai, the anti-prisoner king is too untrustworthy. He put me on the Kovad star and used the shadow demon to control me. But don’t worry, With Sinestro’s help, I used my unyielding will to defeat the Shadow Fiend.” Harry said sigh.

Alexander’s face was full of suspicion, “You’ve been calling the Anti-Monitor ‘The King’, and even the Heralds didn’t break free from Shadow Fiend’s control.”

Harry stared into his eyes, his eyes sharp. The tone was very flat, “Boy, now I’m the savior!

The merits of all of you add up to a fraction of me.

So even if I hide it when I speak Just listen to some details and secrets, don’t refute, don’t question, because you are not qualified.”

Alexander blushed, his eyes were angry, but he lowered his head.

Harry glanced around the crowd and continued: “Later, I joined forces with Sinestro, forcing the frail anti-prisoner king to force his way into The Flash’s Time and Space Storm.

The anti-prisoner king wanted to snatch the source of antimatter that he stored in the cosmic cannon, but the Flash introduced the energy into the river of time one step earlier, and later he met me and introduced the energy into the wooden cabinet inside my body.


The Flash is losing life with every step he takes, completing energy transmission. His will is slack and he can’t support it immediately, and he will disappear into the super-time flow.

Fortunately, I have some Manhattan in my body It can stabilize the timeline and barely save his life.”

It’s easy to say at the moment, but the situation was very dangerous at that time.

The “Yellow Light Dimensional Stomach Bag” has a lot of space and can hold a piece of meteorite, but the source of antimatter not only occupies space.

Its energy level is too high and the number is too large, the oppression on her body directly affects the body and soul.

To put it bluntly, Harley faced the same predicament as the anti-prisoner king before: too much energy began to seep into her flesh, turning her fleshy body into energy crystals.

Uh, Harley will either become a “shell man” like the anti-supervisor king – get a set of carapace to wrap around the energy of the flesh to stabilize the energy in the body, or become a skinned like Naruto with four tails rare beast.

This is still under the premise of her fleshy body defense being 80 points, and replacing it with an ordinary person, like a balloon wrapped in the jet port of an aircraft carrier – it will burst in an instant.

Even if the defense enters the “Martial God Level”, Harley’s situation is more serious than that of the anti-prisoner.

Because she can’t control and use those violent antimatter energies.

She can only digest it into physical strength and energy.

Antimatter energy is not magic, and cannot be converted into Bloodline Power with Escape Pattern.

At that time, Harley was about to accept the ending of her belly, when she suddenly saw Barry: Barry was running fast, dragging a long red energy behind him – the speed force, the speed force formed a pipeline, wrapped the antimatter energy, let It flows in the direction of Barry’s running towards the river of time.

“Barry, there are too many sources of antimatter to fit in the cabinet. Now I have a new idea, don’t resist.” Harry spit out a yellow light and rolled the forty-fifty old Barry into the stomach.

“Barry, run!” she yelled at Barry in her stomach, “unleash the endless power in your body to form the ‘Barry Wall’ and lock the antimatter energy firmly!”


Well, her new idea is to let Barry run in the stomach dimension.

It turns out that Barry can indeed run, swinging his arms and stomping on her red crystalline stomach wall, through the “green jungle” of the tentacles of will, leaving behind a golden lightning arc of speed force.

Then, a new question arises – can the dimensional stomach bag withstand the damage caused by the speed force?

Ordinary person is definitely not good, but Harley opened the Speed Force Defense feat at level 10.

At this point, she absorbs a part of the speed force, and raises the level 0 speed force defense to Level 5. The stomach bag can barely endure the damage of the speed force – she can absorb more and upgrade the specialty to a higher rank, But held back, because at this time Barry was running with his life, and every step he ran would lose some of his life.

Eventually, The Flash runs a wall of Speed Force storms in Harley’s stomach, locking the antimatter energy in the center of the stomach dimension.

Harry felt relieved as if she had lost a thousand pounds.

Of course, her speed force defense is only Level 5, so she can’t completely save damage, and a little stomach pressure and stomach pain are inevitable.

As the stomach bag is injured, it quickly heals itself, reaching a balance.

Barry is miserable, aged thirty or forty years, into a centenarian with lost teeth, wrinkled skin and white hair.

Running in normal state, even if Harley absorbs more Speed Force, it won’t have such a big side effect.

Without the speed force, he becomes an ordinary person at most, even more how Harry doesn’t draw the speed force from his body, but sucks his “car exhaust” – the escaped gas from Barry’s running. Speed Force “impurities” are digested and absorbed by the stomach bag.

Barry is getting old, mainly because he was too fast before. When he rushed into the super-time stream, his body with ‘lifetime’ broke a “hole”.

Harry is not quite clear now what her dimensional stomach is.

There is a stomach wall similar to the Universe Crystal wall, there is a wall of speed force, there is a vast space and a huge energy If one day she wakes up and finds that a multiverse is born in her belly, maybe she should not be surprised .

(end of this chapter)

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