I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 701


Chapter 701 The Ghost finally revealed

“You said Barry directed antimatter energy to the wooden cabinet. Is that cabinet the Ark of the Covenant?” Superman’s puzzled voice awakened Harry from his deep thoughts, “Could it be that the one that threw the Origin Wall last time was a fake cabinet? Did you let Hal Jordan change the bag halfway?”

“No, I didn’t change the cabinet, But there is something wrong with that cabinet.” Hal shook his head first, then hesitantly said: “After scanning the green light ring, it looks like an ordinary empty wooden cabinet.”

“Probably your eyesight has problems, and it’s something magical. , what can the green light ring know?” Dachao solemnly vowed, “I asked Kent and Cyborg, and they determined from both magic and science that the Ark of the Covenant is unfathomable, unmeasurable, unanalyzable.”

Harry explained the theory of ‘big brother Jesus Ark’ and ‘Second Brother Jebi Ark’ again.

Although everyone thought it was a little weird, they couldn’t find a logical loophole: Jesus had a cabinet, why couldn’t Jebi have?

Only Zhakang had a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

But he didn’t say anything.

Like the first time he saw Harry using the cabinet to receive antimatter energy, he just observed and didn’t make any comments.

“What about the energy in the locker? Where’s the Anti-Monitor?” Bateman asked.

Harry said: “When the source of antimatter is put into the cabinet, the Flash will naturally no longer have to run.

But it will be difficult for him to stop, because he has become the river of time. The bond with the material universe – The Flash originally planned to run through the channel between the antimatter universe and the super-time flow, and introduce the energy in the cosmic cannon into the super-time flow.

Simply destroy the cosmic cannon and leak it out. The energy of the anti-monitor can also be absorbed by the anti-monitor.

This method of destroying the cosmic cannon comes from the pharaoh, if the pharaoh can stop the anti-monitor until the flash drains his energy, I don’t need mine. The locker is gone.

However, the Pharaoh was chewed to death in an instant, and Sinestro and I could not stop the space-time travel of the anti-monitor.

By the way, if you had come a few hours earlier , and could not pass through the Kovard Transmission Gate, because at that time the Anti-Monitor ‘suspended’ the Space Law of the entire planet.”

Here, Harry couldn’t help but sigh: “In terms of controlling the law, Supreme Existence has a huge advantage over life in the universe.

In short, anti-surveillance can travel through time and space, and Sinestro and I can’t even open the space door.

Because of anti-surveillance I was chasing after him, and the Flash failed to drain the antimatter energy, so he ran back and poured the energy into my closet.

You can think of the Flash as the head of a greedy snake, greedy The long tail behind the Snake is the antimatter energy he drained through the speed force. Behind the Snake, he is still chasing the anti-monitor, chasing it all the way to the river of time.

etc’ The greedy snake entered the wooden cabinet, and the Flash immediately cut off the passage between the material world and the river of time, and locked the anti-monitor behind.”

Betterman’s heart moved, thinking of a past event, “The Flash once looked for me through time. On the night before last year’s hero meeting, he seemed to be being chased by someone, and said.” Did that Flash travel back from now?”

Bateman shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I want Flash to tell me the answer, but he also doesn’t know anything.”

Harry said: “The Flash a year ago didn’t know, but the Flash today may know something.

When the Flash stops running, he communicates the material world with the river of time. The passageway was cut off by me.”

At that time, the Flash ran directly into her stomach, and the passages were connected into a “antimatter world — Flash — Harry — River of time — in time The anti-prisoner king” line.

When the connection between the material world and the river of time was closed, the Flash, who was stuck in the middle, should have been severely injured, but he hid in her stomach and became Harika between the two.

That’s Harley taking on the runaway backlash of Time and Space Storm for The Flash.

“Look at that,” Harry pointed to the big hole being dug in the center of the valley, “that’s the factory for assembling the cosmic cannon, built five more than a hundred meters deep underground, a very solid bunker. .

As a result, it was destroyed in a big time-space explosion.

The anti-supervisor and Sinestro disappeared in the time-space turbulence. I rely on the ability to stabilize the timeline, Protected myself and The Flash.

That’s all I know and can tell you.

I’m not alone, if you have doubts, or want to know more For details, you can ask The Flash, or the Psycho Pirate.”

“Is the Anti-Monitor dead?” The old superman frowned.

“What do you think?” Harry asked rhetorically.

Old Superman’s brows deepened, and he said slowly: “Just a time-space explosion, there is a high probability that he won’t be killed. I have lived for several decades and have experienced several time-space riots.

But if the anti-monitors are exiled to the turbulent time, and can’t come back for several decades and hundreds of years, can the infinite Earth crisis be solved?”

Everyone fell into deep thought.

Harry glanced at Zhakang, who was teasing with the girl with big eyes beside him, and asked, “John, what do you think?”

“Kovards are more beautiful than their eyes. Bigger, more prominent, no different from Earth people, and they have no hair or pores, and their skin is smoother and fairer.”

Zha Kang touched the chin and looked at the girl with big eyes with admiration.

Haley sneered in her heart and smiled, “It seems that John is going to recommend himself, very good, very good.”

Zha Kang hearing this turned back and wondered: “What do you recommend? ?”

“We are discussing that the anti-prisoner king may not be dead, so you offered to stay on Kovard and be a ‘watchman’s son-in-law’, wouldn’t it be great?” Harry said. .

Zhakang face changed, “What is the watchman’s son-in-law, when did I say I want to stay?”

“You boast that Kit is beautiful and your face is full of admiration, Isn’t it just implying that he is willing to stay as a son-in-law, guard the Kovard star for Earth, and be alert to the return of the anti-prisoner king?” Harry said with a smile.

The girl with big eyes is blushing, and the big eyes are bright and intelligent, and they are also bigger and more prominent.

“Don’t be kidding, I only met Kit today. And this task is obviously more suitable for Green Lantern Legion, I can’t even do a summons.” Zha Kang said with a smile.

Harry waved her hand and said with a final voice: “That’s it, your Grandmaster rules are ‘a leaf knows the autumn’ and ‘the autumn wind does not move the cicada’, which is most suitable for perceiving the truth from the clues.

The Green Lantern Legion will also arrange someone, you will be a technical consultant to assist Green Lantern to station this planet.”

“John, please.” Dachao said sincerely.

“John Constantine, I will stay here with you.” Hal Joe Pill Dao.

Zha Kang regretted coming over.

“The Flash is in therapy, what about the Psycho Pirate? Can I talk to him? He served on the Watcher satellite before,” Alexander asked.

Harry said with a smile: “That guy has a problem with his brain, keeps crying, and begs me to save him, so I will save him.

Knocked him a few times with a confession stick. Ten times, he was relieved from the endless messy emotions, and he is sleeping at the moment.

Well, he said it himself, it has been several months since he was captured by the anti-prison king, and he has not rested. I’ve been.”

Alexander wanted to question her ‘stick release’, but thought of the unpleasant conversation before and fell silent again.

Battman said curiously: “What are those Kovards digging in the ruins? What do they have to do with these Kovard girls and you?”

Harry said with a smile : “The Kowads are divided into two social groups, the ‘armers’ dominated by engineers and scientists, and the thunder army dominated by warriors.

The anti-supervisor king created it for the fastest speed. Antimatter cosmic cannons, captured many bearers.

I rescued them and set them free.

Their daughters sang and danced for me, and they drove their own blimps, Dig up for me the remains of the machine that is still contaminated with the source of antimatter.”

Afterwards, Hal Jordan went back and reported the news of Kovard to Earth.

Wait until the afternoon of the second day before everyone left Kovard with The Flash and the Psycho Pirates.

Zhakang, the Forsaken, and the two Green Lanterns remain at the newly constructed outpost, and with the help of the Armor, undergo an antimatter transformation of their bodies.

“Miss Quinn, I apologize to you, and Batman and Tearman”

On Liberty Island, immediately after Harley landed, Sam uncle looked solemn, Standing out from a group of heroes in the universe with complex expressions, he bowed sincerely and said: “Harry, you are a true hero!

Although the next time I encounter the same situation, I will May still insist on stability.

But this time, at least now, you have proved us wrong with facts.

Your wisdom and courage make me admire and shock me , and shame on me.

I’m sure that when you saw your chance and decided to fight the Anti-Monitor, you must have fearless sacrifice and confidence in us. I am confident that we will understand you, trust you, and immediately arrive at Covard to help you.”

β€”with all the good things to say, what more can I say?

Harry nodded, “That’s right, that’s it.”

The old uncle in the top hat of the Stars and Stripes blushed, turned his face and didn’t dare to look at her, “I’m sorry. , we failed you. No, not ‘us’.

Your companions, the heroes of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman Earth 0 are all good.

They trusted you as you trusted them.

Our heroes of the underworld failed you, failed you all person.

I can’t imagine if you were The battle with the Anti-Monitor is not over yet, and you are still holding on with anticipation, but after a long talk in the Conference Hall, we have decided to focus on stability. How cruel, how terrifying, how sinful!”

The heroes of the underworld all had flushed cheeks, lowered their heads, and felt embarrassed, “I’m sorry, we have let down the trust of the warriors.”

Harry is indeed touched at this moment, why? She likes dealing with heroes and making friends?

That’s why.

This kind of purity and sincerity will never be found in Luthor and ‘Demoness Halle’ like.

However, compared with being moved, she is also a little embarrassed at this time: Sam Old Brother, you think too much, I will never grit my teeth and put my life on “trust”.

I’m not sure, you die in front of me with eyes wide open, and I don’t even look at you; I’m sure, if you stop me, I’ll be in a hurry with you, in a hurry to save the world. The merit is taken, and it is forced to pretend.

“Ai, Sam uncle, don’t be like this, so don’t everyone.” Harry stepped forward to support Sam’s uncle’s shoulders, glanced around the crowd, said resolutely: “You are not wrong, you just don’t understand me. That’s all.

In the future, when you are like the heroes of Earth 0, you understand that I am resourceful, frank and sincere, dedicated to the public, and not afraid of sacrifice. Let me be the boss.”

Aquaman endured for a while, but he couldn’t help but complained: “Harry, we never took the initiative to let you be the boss, you do it yourself. Boss, you are not allowed to be the boss, and you are still looking at us.”

“Also, you are ‘Demoness Harley’, when did you become single-minded, frank and sincere, and not afraid of sacrifice?” There is magic Grandmaster whispered.

Harry looked calm, and said to the embarrassed Sam uncle: “Have you seen it? Although Superman, Batman and other hero giants understand me, some heroes from the corners of Earth 0, I’m still not convinced.

Therefore, you don’t need to blame yourself, I have long understood the truth of ‘no perfect person is allowed in the world’.”

Da Chao held the water to be excited Xingxia, said with a smile: “The Watcher failed again and lost all antimatter energy. The Infinite Earth crisis is almost over. We can finally relax and celebrate!”

That night, Earth 0 Manhattan City, held a grand celebration party.

A week later, the ghost appeared in the world and announced to the heroes: the crisis is not over, the end has come!

(end of this chapter)

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