I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 704


Chapter 704 The Vicious Anti-Prison King

The ghost said a word and disappeared again, leaving only the people present to discuss spiritedly.

“Harry, what do you think?” Destiny Academician looked towards Harry.

“wu” Hallie has 10,000 grooves in her heart and wants to vomit, but she now bears the title of “Head of the Christ Salvation Corps”.

Theoretically, he is a ghost’s subordinate, and he is not very good at speaking ill of his boss.

Speaking ill of a ghost is tantamount to slapping God in the face. Does she still need her merits in heaven?

“Superman, what do you think?”

Superman was startled, I was about to ask you, but you came to me first.

“Alexander, do you think we can trust the ghost?”

Alexander did not feel any pressure, loudly said: “The ghost can be relied upon, but we can’t do nothing.


People stay at home, looking forward to what the heroes on TV can do, they can go to church and pray to God.

But we are superheroes and people’s hope. He is the creator of miracles, and our efforts will definitely affect the final result.”

Although this kid is not pleasing to the eye, Harry has to admit that he said something human at this moment.

“Yes, with the help of Spiritual God, we are more confident and high-spirited, but we must not pin all our hopes on Spiritual God.” Sam uncle excitedly said the patriotic god of faith.

“But what do we do? Do we really go to the place where time originated? Who has been there, what is there, and what can we physical bodies and mortal flesh do after we go?” Bateman stared at Looking at Alexander, he asked repeatedly.

“I made this suggestion, of course, not for nothing.” Alexander said solemnly: “We have Rip Hunter, the Lord of Time, who invented the time ball.

From the 31st century The superhero Legion, their time bubble can also travel through time at will.

There is also the King of Time, a super villain who joins Luthor’s secret society, but he also has a time machine Time-travelling machines.

Not only do they provide time-travelling machines, they themselves can serve as technical and tactical advisors for the time-origin battle.”

“There are so many offerings ‘pipeline’ With the existence of crossing, your timeline has not been sifted into a sieve?” Harley complained.

Dachao asked, “Have those masters of time, kings of time, been to the place where time begins?”

“This” Alexander was a little embarrassed and hesitant, but Still obediently and honestly said: “Time travel is dangerous, the place of origin of time is even more dangerous, no one has ever been to the place of origin.”

“No one has been to the place of origin, but you suggest a one-time Send us all over? In case of a problem, we are like people who can’t swim in a shipwreck, without the slightest resistance and struggle, and dead worthless.” Bateman frowned.

“This adopted son of the Kent family is very unreliable.” The plastic man quietly humane to the elements.

“It’s Luthor’s seed, not as reliable as Superman, and even less than Admiral Five Rings.” Elemental man nodded and said.

Next to him, Aquaman turned his head and whispered, “From the monitor satellite to now, the suggestions and plans he put forward have never been reliable. The tragic experience is the proof.”

“Everyone, I know that time travel is dangerous, but now we have no choice.” Alexander waved his arms, excitedly said: “The vibrational frequency difference of the four universes in the underworld is returning to normal. Zero, the collision is getting more and more intense. Now every day, every minute, there are all kinds of natural disasters happening on the four Earths, and people are dying every minute.

In the end, when the four universes There is no longer any difference in the vibrational frequencies of the four universes, the positions of the four universes are completely coincident, and the Big Bang will occur. The four universes, four times as many billions of life, will all be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Into time The place of origin, is the only option to solve the crisis.

Because the Anti-Monitor is there, and if we don’t go there, how can we stop him and defeat him?”

“Ai, he Although unreliable, what he said is not unreasonable, if you don’t go to the place where time originated, you will not see the anti-monitor.” Green Arrow said helplessly.

“There is no choice is the universe, Earth 0 has no collision crisis. I am willing to take a certain risk to save the world, but time travel is too sci-fi and unreliable. I just made a girlfriend! “The plastic man gritted his teeth.

Aquaman touched the chin’s fluffy golden beard and wondered: “Have you found a pattern that every time Alexander proposes a plan, we have only one choice left – listen. His, do as he says.

Even if his plan sucks like a piece of shit, it sounds unreasonable, and the execution will kill a lot of heroes.

If we If you don’t do what he says, the universe will be destroyed, and hundreds of millions of people will die.

Is this a threat?

Through the safety of the universe and the people of the universe, a threat We go according to his plan, and finally achieve the result expected by the monitor?”

“Hey, it’s really a bit.” Green Arrow’s face changed, alert: “Alexander is not the first to offer the option of’ the only one. When the pioneers came to Earth to recruit heroes, they also used the reason of ‘we have no choice’ – if we don’t enter the monitor satellite and join the monitor’s super legion, Every moment, countless parallel universes will be destroyed, and the billions of innocent people in those universes will not be saved.”

Although several people were whispering, their voices were not small. The people present were all superpowers who “recognized the identity of people by the sound of their footsteps”. The complexion of the heroes changed slightly, and the eyes of Alexander and Lyra were full of suspicion and scrutiny.

Laila’s eyes were red with grievance, “If Alexander and I don’t say anything or do anything, we won’t arouse your suspicions.

But if we don’t say anything.

Say a word, do not do one thing, and watch the crisis come and the danger happen, are we still alone?”

Alexander was angry, “If I don’t have an Immortal Body, I will die. What plan are you making, when did I not fight on the front line?”

“Don’t get excited, everyone doesn’t doubt your intentions.” Dachao gently patted his adopted son on the shoulder, and said softly, “It’s just that , some of the behaviors and plans of the monitor seem very strange and unreasonable now.

Maybe he stands at a higher angle and we cannot understand.

But Wan Tianyi Because of his plan, the positive matter universe in the inner world has indeed suffered a lot of hardships.

For example, the universe fusion crisis in the underworld universe.

The monitor must have anticipated it in advance. But he also encouraged us to enter it.”

Alexander said: “My plan has been told to you, and it is up to you to decide whether to go to the place where time originated or find another way.”

A group of heroes and mages discussed for a few more hours, but they finally found out that they really had no other choice.

Either stay at home, close your eyes and pray like ordinary people, and pray that the ghost will take care of everything;

What surprises many heroes is that Harley barely has an opinion of herself throughout the process.

“Harry, will you go to the place where time originated?” Dachao asked before the meeting ended.

The heroes all looked towards her, including the heroes of the underworld.

“Trans-time flow is not my area of expertise.” Harley said slowly: “Next, I will go to the antimatter universe to find out the movements of the anti-monitor, and determine who is the one who changes reality. It’s not him, where did he get the energy, how did he do it.

When I get back, I hope to see the Lord of Time, the superhero Legion and the Lord of Time at Earth 0, I have to talk to them personally Talk.

Only after the results of the investigation and conversation can I decide whether to join the ‘Time Origin Expedition’.”

Da Chao said: “I’ll wait for your result.”


Some heroes who were originally hesitant, as if they had received some enlightenment, their eyes shined, and they were no longer confused, and they responded: “We believe in the judgment of the five-ring admiral, you say go, we will go.”

Alexander brows frowned, some of these heroes come from the underworld.

Antimatter Universe.

A single-star galaxy five trillion light-years from Oar.

Not only civilizations were born in the star system, but civilizations are also relatively developed, and sub-light speed engines have been developed, and the neighboring galaxies have also been included in the scope of colonization.

It can be said that this is a hopeful and peaceful world.

At this point, peace is broken and hope is replaced by despair.

The blood-colored fog obscured the entire star system, and the planets melted like candles under high temperature, appearing a little hazy in the sea of fog in the starry sky.

But it’s more cruel.

“Ah, Spiritual God, what did we Gothars do wrong, why is our world perishing!”

The leader of civilization is a mighty psychic, Support the pale-gold heart spiritual power field shield, abandon the mourning in the red fog, watch the buildings and people on the ground melt into a part of the red fog, unable to cry.

“Why is this happening, who will tell me what we did wrong and who is punishing us?!”

His world became very quiet, only he was sad The roar echoed empty.

The miserable howls of the people have disappeared. When the candles melted, it was very quiet, and the planet melted in the red mist, and it was silent.

“Ai, the biggest fault of this world is probably being weak.” Suddenly, a woman’s faint voice appeared beside him.

A deep purple robe, waist-length blond hair fluttering in the red mist, bright blue eyes with a hint of pity.

It was Harley who came to explore the mutation of the antimatter universe.

“Youβ€”” The animal-shaped leader with a golden unicorn opened his blurry eyes, “Who are you? You did all this?”

“No, I am also a victim of this disaster. There is a Sovereign in the universe you live in. He is crazy and is using the method of destroying his universe to extract antimatter energy.

You Gottar are only recently One of several millions of civilizations that have been destroyed in a few days.

But several millions of civilizations are only a drop in the ocean of the countless sins of the Sovereign in your universe.”

“Help me!” The horned orc knows how strong he is, and he can move the moon only with the power of his mind, but he can’t hold out for 3 minutes in the red mist even if he drains his spirit strength.

The other party didn’t do anything, just put his hands on his back, like a walk in the garden, the red mist was like morning mist to her.

“You’re dying, half of your body melted into an antimatter storm,” Harry said.

“Save my clansman,” the unicorn begged.

“Okay” Harley hesitated for a moment, then nodded agreed.

“Thank youβ€”” The golden horn orc relaxed, and the stump turned into pale-red mist and disappeared without a trace.

Harry wandered around the shrunk planet, but couldn’t find a living person, muttered “I tried my best”, then left the Gothal galaxy and continued to fly to the boundary of the universe.

Once, the radius of the antimatter universe was 30 trillion light-years, Gottar was about 5 trillion light-years away from Kovard, and the outer Star Domain disappeared.

(end of this chapter)

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