I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 707


Chapter 707 The role of the disciple

Brainiac 5 doesn’t carry a sample of the time film, but it’s like the back of a jeep tends to hang one The spare tire prevents punctures, and the time bubble also has a set of spare time membranes.

In fact, the double-layer time film mode is used.

A time bubble with two layers of time film, just in case.

At the strong request of the Harley master, Brainiac 5 removed the outer membrane of the time bubble.

“ka beng ka beng.” After Harley got the time film, she made an excuse of ‘need to perform magic alone’, hid in the meditation room, and began to eat it.

It’s like chewing on glass shards.

The shards hurt the mucous membranes of her mouth.

Reluctantly swallowing a mouthful of the time film, Harry immediately held her breath and focused on the reaction of the acid mist and the time film.

It works!

After the stomach acid mist covers, the time diaphragm emits a multi-colored radiance, and a strange energy is generated in the stomach.

“Uhβ€”” At the moment when the strange energy appeared, Halle saw a flash, her head was dizzy, as if countless pictures and countless times flashed before her eyes.

“Discovering pure higher energy can unlock the eighth defense feat.” A message came from the depths of the Sea of Consciousness at the same time.

“Store it up.”

This energy is not enough to activate the time defense, and Harley suppressed the joy in her heart and put it into the eighth defense feat upgrade jar.

Next, she looked at the huge transparent “potstickers” and fell into deep thought: Time “Mo” cannot be directly put into the stomach with the energy of the yellow light, but it is too laborious to eat directly with the mouth, and the taste is not good.

“Ivy, give me a bottle of Laoganma beef sauce!” She shouted outside through the crack of the door.

“Aren’t you testing the time membrane? What do you want beef sauce for?” Ivy handed a bottle in through the crack of the door with doubts.

“Beef sauce is a magic item.”

Harry closed the door and took a bite of time with her “everything can be chewed” teeth with 80 defense and Level 8 food defense expertise. Film, scoop a small spoonful of hot sauce.

β€œka beng ka beng .” Spicy beef flavor, not bad.

It took more than half an hour, and Harry used a bottle of hot sauce to kill the entire three-meter-diameter “glass shell” of the star.

The Eighth Time Mother River Defense Specialty, Level 2: Immune to 30% of Time River’s damage, loss and other negative effects.

Harley has the Bonding Power Defense feat, one of which is immunity to any form of time damage.

The Eighth Defense Specialty opened today has a certain overlap with it, but it is also very different.

The time of the power of connection is immune to damage, and it is immune to the time magic and time power attacks in the single material universe.

The eighth defense feat not only defends against time attacks in the material universe, but also immune to time damage in the river of time and super-time flow.

For example, a certain mage wants to use time magic to take away Harley’s years, making her instantly rosy and gray, and the fifth linking power defense feat can resist.

But a certain mage opens the super-time flow channel and throws Harley into the river of time, and even more terrifying super-time flow, even if Harley is not dead, she will be lost in the time turbulence.

The Eighth Time Mother River Defense Specialty allows Harley to walk flat in the Time River.

Let her cross different time rivers as easily as crossing the road in the super-time flow composed of countless time rivers.

From the name of the feat “Time Mother River Defense”, it can also be clearly seen that this is a feat that improves Harley’s survivability in the Time Mother River.

There is still a difference between the mother river of time and time. Time is only an element of the universe, and time belongs to the universe; the mother river of time contains more, and the single universe belongs to the mother river of time.

“Projecting” a river of time in the super-time stream to a cosmic egg will form a parallel universe in the Wan Tianyi.

The multiverse also belongs to the mother river of time, and the omnipotent universe also belongs to the mother river of time.

Of course, the above secrets of the universe are still too far away for Harley at this time, and she can only vaguely sense the “pulse” of the Earth 0 time river.

From the pulse of the current river of time, she senses a dangerous dissonance: someone is standing at the beginning of time, trying to change the river of time from the source.

Erasing the origin of the river of time?

Change the direction of the river?

“The ghost is right, our reality has become very unstable. The anti-prisoner king wants to rewrite all the causes, changing the ’cause’, and the ‘effect’ also changes.”

Harry opened his eyes from the meditation, feeling a heavy pressure that he had never felt before.

The sky is falling and there is a tall man on it.

Before she was short, she couldn’t feel the pressure of the sky falling at all, she was comfortable and didn’t feel any discomfort.

Now she has not grown much taller, but her vision has been raised a lot. She can see the collapsing sky, and her mind and body are beginning to perceive discomfort.

The Quinn Manor.

β€œMastermaster, how is your research? When will you teach me martial arts?”

Haley just left the meditation room and is in the living room competing with the wooden dummy in karate The boy came over.

“Xiao Bu, after my research, your time bubble is indeed a qualified time travel machine.”

Harry put the cheap eldest apprentice aside and looked at the two disciple said seriously.

“Uh, master, you have researched for more than half an hour before you came to such a conclusion?” The green-skinned boy was speechless, “Our superhero Legion has been using time soaking for several years, and since practice Prove that it is safe and reliable.”

“Xiaobu, you are still too young.” Harley sat opposite him and said earnestly: “What’s the use of thinking that your own products are qualified? You can’t go through purchasing. Whether it is qualified or unqualified in the way of auditing.”

“What do you mean?” Brainiac 5 wondered.

Harry pointed to herself and said, “I am the Chief-In-Charge of the ‘Super-Space Expedition Project’, responsible for purchasing military supplies for the expeditionary force. Now your time bubble has passed the review of the time-travel machine, you eat This big order is placed.”

Brainiac 5 seemed to understand, “You agree to the expedition plan for the land of the origin of time?”

Harry glanced at the old man. Superman said sighingly: “The four parallel universes of the underworld are colliding, it is not four people, not four cities, nor four Earths, but a universe that is about four times as many billions of lives!

Although Earth 0 is not in the universe, but my inner conscience does not allow me to sit back and watch the tragedy happen.”

“Harry, thank you, you are a real hero.” The old Superman was moved so much that his chin trembled.

Harry waved his hand and said, “Xiao Bu, you will be busy next time. The capacity of the time bubble is equivalent to a bus, and we have so many heroes, how much time should we prepare?

Moreover, the current time bubble has only two layers, which can only guarantee the safety of time travel within two thousand years. We are going to the place where time originated. Two layers of time film are definitely not enough, and the 10th layer 8-Layer is not too much. “

“I’m going back to the 31st century to create as many time bubbles and time films as possible.” Brainiac 5 got up and said.

“You want to make it yourself? It’s already the 31st century, and it hasn’t achieved assembly line production yet?” Harry wondered.

Brainiac 5 thought about it and said, “Although the technology is relatively mature, many of the steps require manual participation. Like your most advanced lithography machine in the 21st century, the technology is also very mature. , still can’t mass-produce by machine.”

“Can it be produced at Earth 0?” Harry asked again.

Brainiac 5 shook his head and said: “Most of the production materials and equipment, only the 31st century can provide.”

Before he left, Harry said: “Take you The tablet is left, and I will see the principle of your time-space bubble technology.

In addition, build more time films.

As the Chief-In-Charge project, I will personally go to the 31st century Acceptance of products is related to the lives of heroes, and all unqualified products will be eliminated as waste.”

“Master, don’t worry, the time film is to the time bubble, just like the screen is to the mobile phone, not the core technology. The failure rate is extremely low.”

Brainiac 5 did not leave the tablet, and only sent the huge data to Harry’s personal computer, “This tablet is loaded with the time bubble operation system, I need to use It controls the time bubble.”

Harry said solemnly: “Xiao Bu, we are going to travel for 14 billion years, and the requirements for the strength of the time bubble are much higher than usual, you can’t Sloppy.

Listen to me, at least produce time bubbles according to the ratio of 100 to 1.

That is, if you need one piece, just make 100 pieces, and I will choose the most effective one. .”

“Master, I’m afraid I can’t do it.” Brainiac 5 looked hesitant, “The time bubble is the materialized compression of the energy and force field in the river of time.

It can be simply understood as pumping water from the river.

A small amount of water will not affect the normal operation of the river. Once the amount of water intercepted is too large, the river of time will dry up or change its flow direction.

The river of time withers, representing the end of a world.”

“Well, there is such a price.” Harry looked thoughtful, saying: “Do what you can, try to make as many as you can. , but don’t affect your timeline.”

“Master, please give me the Divine Art cheats first, and I can take advantage of the 5 to build the time bubble, and I can also improve my strength by another level.” The karate boy looked at Harry Road eagerly.


Harry brought two cheap discs to the training room, using her own blood containing Bloodline Power as ink and Yebby’s tail hair as a writing brush, He personally wrote a book of 30,000 words with pictures and texts.

“”89 Arcane Art”?” When she wrote the name of the secret book with a brush on the cover, the karate boy exclaimed in shock: “Isn’t this Erlang Shen’s cultivation technique in Eastern mythology?”

“Yes, you brat has some insight.”

Harry nodded, explained: “This book of “89 Arcane Art” is naturally different from Yang Jian’s, but the cultivation of the two The effect is very similar, they are all trained in Indestructible Vajra Body.”

The karate boy Zhen and Chongzhi took over the cheat book, said curiously: “Why write it in blood?”

Hali shot He patted him on the shoulder and sighed: “This is a lot of hard work as a teacher. If you encounter a strong enemy that is difficult to defeat but cannot be defeated in the future, you will eat the book.”

“Eat the book. ?” The karate boy was stunned, “Did you eat it in your stomach?”

“Well, eat this book, run the Meditation Method in the book in your mind, and recite my name reverently in the heart , you can quickly digest the pages, and then get some of my power.

Not only does the skill increase tenfold, but in the future, after cultivation 89 Arcane Art, you can also double the results for half the effort.”

After the karate boy left in a daze, Ivy asked, “What is 89 Arcane Art?”

Halle said with a smile: “My own ‘chanting’ The name of Harley, worshiping Harley, believing in Harley, sensing Harley, and receiving the blessing of Harley’s power, the Harley Bible’.”

“What do you mean?” Ivy was a little confused.

“It’s the fusion of the ‘Nine Nine Gods List’ that studies Spiritual God’s real name and borrows the power of Spiritual God, and my Martial Arts experience of more than ten years of cultivation.

I don’t know exactly what it can be trained on, but at least it has the effect of magic. Let him test it, I’m looking forward to it.” Harley said laughed.

“You don’t even know the result, but you still teach it to the discipline? What should I do if there is a problem?” Ivy frowned.

“Hey, the Disciple was originally used for Martial Arts experiments. There is only one Master, and there is only one Master’s life, but there are countless Disciples that are automatically delivered to your door.”

Hallie said as it should be by rights: “The master provides theoretical knowledge and experience skills, and the discipline provides its own body and future to verify what the teacher has learned. This is called win-win cooperation.

The master is painstakingly achieved. Doing research, I also went to mine myself, tossed myself to the point of exhaustion, and finally got out of a broad and open road, but it was cheap for nothing.

Then the master burped, and the discipline relied on him for a lifetime of research. Martial Arts published in front of people, wealth and glory, beautiful wives and concubines, Peak of life, growing old with unfailing eyes and ears. This is not ‘disciple’ writing YY novels, how is it possible?”

(End of this chapter)

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