I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 708


Chapter 708 Secrets of Document B307

After sending off the 31st century superhero Legion, Harry met again in “The Lord of Time” P. Hunter and the King of Time.

The Lord of Time is a group of people.

A group of “Time Guardians” whose mission is to protect history and control time travel technology.

Well, Halle simply understood them as the little blue people on the timeline.

Rip is very cautious about his origins, the structure and operation mode of the Time Lord’s organization, and he is reluctant to talk about it.

“I can only provide a time ball, that’s all. First, I can’t influence the decisions of other time masters; second, I’m just the driver of the time ball, not a scientist, and won’t create time I don’t know how it works.”

“Which universe and point in time is the Council of Lords of Time in?” Harry said curiously.

Rip said vaguely: “There are only six universes left in the multiverse, one antimatter universe and five positive matter universes, but there are still countless rivers of time in the super-time flow.

The Council of the Lord of Time is at the end of one of the very special timelines, guarding the timelines of multiple parallel universes.”

“The way of the Lord of Time’s existence is inherently illusory, so what about you? Judge whether the illusory timeline needs to be corrected?” Harry asked.

Obviously, like the 31st century superhero Legion, the Lord of Time has not been “empowered” and has not formed a physical universe in Wantianyi.

80% of the timelines guarded by them are “fake worlds” with only time “dotted lines” and no physical universe.

What’s the point of being so poor?

Rip said with displeasure: “I’m standing here talking to you, why is it illusory?”

The Lord of Time is a super criminal, worse than the Lord of Time normal communication.

“Of course I know how the time travel machine works, it’s what I built. But if you want me to give my technology, you’re dreaming! Which super criminal would teach a superhero the ability to eat? “

As a super criminal, the King of Time has the consciousness of a super criminal.

This product is being watched by superheroes, and Harry can only keep his name, appearance and time-travelling machine style in mind.

She decides that after this matter is over, if she encounters him again, she will immediately enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, eliminate harm for the people, disarm illegally, and collect weapons of mass destruction.

After seeing the three-way time transmigrator in a row, Harley and the old Superman find Alexander Kent again.

“I talked to them, and the three-way travel through time requires a lot of energy, and none of them can completely solve the problem of energy consumption.

In a nutshell, time bubbles , the time ball, and the time travel machine are all boats on the river, but we have to go on an ocean voyage.”

Alexander smiled confidently and said, “This problem is easy to solve.”

“Oh, talk about it.”

“We have The Flash, and the Flash is the most powerful and efficient source of energy in the multiverse. Give him a few hamburgers to fill him up , he can run out of the energy of a world.” Alexander said.

Harry was shocked and speechless.

Thinking about it carefully, what this guy said is also very reasonable. The Flash can easily exceed the speed of light by dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times. Old Flash, can he bring hundreds of heroes?”

Alexander pondered for a moment, then shook his head and sighed: “No, so we have to revive Earth 0’s Flash.”

If a person is an air bag full of time, the air in the air bag decreases with each day he lives.

So, Barry Allen, running around the space cannon and out of the time storm wall, is the airbag with a hole in it.

Harry later handed him over to the bearer for treatment, but only repaired the hole in the airbag.

It’s like a tire patch.

But the ‘qi’ he lost, which is time, was not replenished.

At this time, Barry had gray hair, loose skin like chicken skin, age spots, and most of his teeth were lost, just like an old man on the verge of death.

He stayed in the Xingchen Laboratory to recuperate, and he didn’t dare to go home or let his adoptive father and girlfriend know that the black girl Iris, who grew up with him, is not his girlfriend yet.

In short, it’s miserable.

“Barry, how are you feeling, can you still run?”

Looking at old Barry on the lawn, looking up at the sun in a daze, Harry couldn’t bear it, but he had to. ask.

Barry turned his head, his old eyes still clear.

He laughed, nodded and said: “I think I can still run, although I look very old, but my mentality and strength have not disappeared.”

His The technical consultant Sisko couldn’t stand it anymore, and excitedly said: “Barry is like this, you still want him to run? Aren’t you afraid that he trips himself halfway?”

Harry pointed to Alexander and said: “I want to let Barry enjoy his old age. It was the expedition time origin plan he made, and he came to find Barry.”

Alexander said: “Before we let Barry run again, we will help him regain his youth. .”

Old Barry’s eyes shined, and asked with a leaky mouth: “What should I do?”

Alexander asked: “During the time you disappeared, there were two Time Avatar appeared in Earth 0, do you remember?”

Barry’s face was blank, nodded for a while, and shaking his head for a while, just like Alzheimer’s.

“What do you mean? Is there any?” Alexander asked.

Barry recalled: “At that time, my speed was getting faster and faster. After breaking through a certain limit, there were countless scenes flashing in front of my eyes, which should have been what Avatar saw and heard in the other two times.

But there was too much information flashing in a short period of time.

I must remember at the time, because the Speed Force made the brain work so fast that it could completely keep up with those flashes.

But now that I am old, I have some memory loss and can’t remember clearly.”

Alexander asked again: β€œLook back, did you have the urge to send us news at that time?

One of the times Avatar came to the Hall of Heroes, the heroes of Earth 0 were in a meeting, and you gave them two pieces of information.

One was a warning to us that before we thought we had a big deal When you win, the crisis isn’t over, it’s even more dangerous.

This information was later verified, and you were right.

Our first expedition was not complete However, he began to relax his vigilance, thinking that the anti-monitor and the anti-matter universe had disappeared.

In fact, the anti-monitor was so suspicious, taking advantage of our slack, to quietly study the anti-matter universe cannon.

If it weren’t for your warning, and if it wasn’t for your sacrifice, we would have never been on guard against the Antimatter Space Cannon.

As long as it is successfully built, at least it can blast the universe with one cannon.”

Harry’s eyes narrowed, this bastard put all the credit for destroying the cosmic cannon on the Flash, is it trying to deny her the meaning of ‘one-man expedition’?

“When you ran, did you feel the urge to inform us of this news?” Alexander asked Barry expectantly instead of looking at her.

Barry only thought for a moment, then said: “After being reminded by you, I suddenly recalled that it really happened.

I have been to the past, and I have also tried to explore the infinite in the future. News of the Earth Crisis.

I have experience traveling through time.

So I knew then that I had entered the river of time.

When I saw When Harley and Superman were in a meeting, they also knew that it was the ‘past’.

I didn’t know that Harley had come to Kovard and was still with me. The Alliance has issued a warning.

In addition to the antimatter space cannon, there is also the B307 document mentioned by the pharaoh.

While I was chained to the energy wall, I heard the pharaoh inadvertently say In a word – the B307 document is about the life and death of Earth 0.

And then I passed this information to the past Harley as well.”

Having said this, he couldn’t help looking towards Halle, asked: “What’s in the B307 document?”

The rest of the people also looked towards Halle curiously.

Harry’s expression was strange for a while, and her eyes became enlightened for a while, “There is no B307 document, only a sample of SB3071. I guess, B307 is incomplete information.”

“What is the SB3071 sample?” Barry asked immediately.

“SB is the acronym for ‘sperm bank’, sperm bank 3071, sample No. 3071 of the Pharaoh’s sperm bank.” Harry said with a sullen face.

“Oh shit!”

The people who were looking forward to it all had distorted expressions, and even a little nauseated.

They opened their mouths wide, waiting to be fed the secret of B307 by Harley, only to be stuffed with sample sb3071.

Da Chao couldn’t believe it, “What’s going on? You said it back then”

He couldn’t go on.

Because he recalled it, Harley never took the initiative to talk about it except for arranging the black warrior to go to the Pharaoh’s Arctic base to find the B307 file.

“Could you be right, or missed something?”

Harry shook her head.

Pharaoh himself didn’t know what B307 was. He just listened to her talk about “it can fight the anti-Manhattan cannon”, and he thought about it and whispered about it.

As a result, the Flash was accidentally overheard. When the Flash traveled to the past, he took B307 as a key message and told the “past” Harry.

“The current” Harry disguised as being controlled by the Shadow Demon Kassapa, in order to deceive Pharaoh, deliberately revealed “B307 document contains the secret of restraining the anti-Manhattan cannon” to the anti-monitor, the anti-monitor Using this matter to question the Pharaoh again, the Pharaoh

the entire process of development has formed a complete closed loop, which can be logically.

From the maturity of the underworld universe to the present, time has lost The past, the present, and the future are the same, so how can there be any logic at all?

But from the results, “B307” is indeed an important message to restrain the anti-Manhattan artillery.

It not only destroyed the anti-Manhattan cannon hidden in the Anti-Monitor Battlestar, but also killed the Pharaoh himself.

The specific content of the B307 document is not important, the important thing is that this message is really important.

“Now that the pharaohs are dead, there is no point in discussing the B307 document.” Harry looked towards Alexander, “You said that you could help Barry regain his youth, and you talked about it for a long time, but it didn’t work. How to say it.”

“I just confirmed to Barry that he has two times for Avatar to go back in time,” Alexander said.

“And then what?”

“How long was he apart from Avatar?” Alexander asked.

Harry recalled carefully for a moment, and said: “I seem to see three Barry, like a slow-motion replay, slowly leaving his body, but with a swish, blinking and disappearing into the speed force storm.”

“That is to say, Barry is not only separated by two time Avatars.” Alexander flashed through a bright light in Alexander’s eyes, “Defining Barry before running around the cosmic cannon as ‘Barry at the 0-minute coordinate point’.

After five minutes, he splits the first time Avatar, which is ‘Barry at the 5-minute coordinate point’, five minutes and one second, the second Avatar, five minutes and two seconds, The third Avatar.

At the seventh minute, Barry started to lose time and began to age.

Now the first and second Avatars have appeared and died naturally.

If we find the third ‘Barry at 5 minutes 3 seconds’ time point.

He doesn’t lose time, but he cannot exist stably at the ‘now’ time point.

Our aging Barry has no time, but he can be stable.

Let the two Barry fuse, and Barry can be rejuvenated and stable.”

Harry Doubtful: “Are you thinking big, or do you have any theoretical basis?”

Alexander’s eyes flickered, “There is no specific theory, but you will never lose if you try it.”

Harry stared at him for a while, then said, “Actually, I also have a way to save Barry.”

(end of this chapter)

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