I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 709


Chapter 709 Eve of the Expedition

Alexander didn’t ask Harry how, only frowned: “My ‘Double Barry Fusion’ Is there any problem with the method?”

“It’s impossible, but we don’t know anything about the fusion method, and if there is a problem, we can’t find the problem. This is the most terrifying problem.” Harry said.

“What do you think?” Alexander turned to old Barry.

Barry pondered for a moment, and said with a mouth that was missing most of his teeth: “I have never merged with Time Avatar. After the fusion, whose consciousness is dominant?

Me and him Should they be considered two different people?

Also, I am short of time, and he lacks stability. Will it be possible that after the fusion, instead of combining the advantages of both sides, they inherit their own hidden dangers, which are both unstable and lost. Time.”

“The essential difference in the parallel universe is the vibrational frequency, and humans can also be understood as individuals with different vibrational frequencies.” Alexander pondered: “Even if the parallel universe’s peers, two supermen, two Batman, their vibration frequency is different.

But you and your time Avatar, there is only a difference in time point, the vibration frequency is exactly the same.

3 minutes ago How come you, and you now, are not alone?

And we all know that two waves of the same frequency can be merged into a stronger wave.”

“It seems feasible!” The Flash’s research assistant, Siscott, liked this ‘vibration theory’ and excitedly said: “Barry, think back carefully, where did Avatar go in the third time.

We can Find him through the time sphere, or bring him to the present, or you ride the time sphere to find him, and you both vibrate at the same time.

It’s the kind of body microscopic vibration that you normally pass through physical matter.

Two people vibrate and fuse at the same frequency, and your biological vibrations are exactly the same, so they should really complement each other.”

“But I don’t know where the third Avatar went. .” Barry shook his head.

The Flash’s biological assistant, Katherine, reminded: “Barry met Bateman during the Heroes Convention, which should be third time Avatar.”

“No, both The uniforms are different.” Sisko shook his head and said, “The Flash on the eve of the Heroes Convention should be ‘older’ and the timeline follows.

He uses a special nanotechnology that can The uniform is hidden in the Flash’s ring.

I haven’t cracked that technology yet. I’m sure I can crack it, I’ve got some ideas, but you know, there’s a lot going on in Earth recently.

I’ve been busy researching antimatter.

I was digitizing my soul some time ago, going to the Watcher satellite as a spy, and when I came back, I was going to study the tuning fork.

Barry At this time, the uniform is still only space fireproof material.

In other words, the Flash who meets Bateman through time, the time point of existence is more ‘future’ than it is now.”

“Ai, it’s so messy, why is Barry running around?” Catherine frowned and sighed, and suddenly her eyes shined, “Barry still has a chance to travel through time and space in the future. He is still a young man, which means he has regained his youth?”

“Well, that’s an optimistic thought *****ke touched the chin thought.

“Barry, think quickly, where did the third Avatar go. “Catherine excitedly said.

Barry’s old goose-skinned face wrinkled into a dry “Toilet Paper”, “If you didn’t say it, I wouldn’t know Avatar was separated for three times.

Perhaps, he appeared in a place where no one was found, and disappeared by himself? “

“This” Sisko was numb, and looked towards Alexander.

Alexander frowned: “If you can’t find Avatar, you can’t. Harry, you just Say there is another way? ”

Barry and his buddies also looked towards Harry with a final, more fiery look.

Well, now they finally remember her.

Well, now they finally remember her.


Halle stared at Alexander with a weird smile, “I have two methods, one to treat the symptoms but not the root causes, and severe repercussions, and the other to treat the symptoms and root causes without repercussions. “

“There are actually two ways! “Barry’s old face smiled like a chrysanthemum.

“First, drink the potion, the youth potion, drink a cup, and immediately rejuvenate and return to the 20-year-old Peak. “

Catherine’s eyes shined immediately, “Can an ordinary person who is not a mage drink it? can i drink too? “

Halle nodded and said: “Anyone can drink it, but it has great side effects.

First of all, you must drink regularly and quantitatively, almost once a week, and you will grow old if you don’t drink it.

Secondly, any magic has to pay a price, you ordinary person can have normal birth, aging, sickness and death, and go to heaven after death.

You can drink the potion, heaven is always closed to you, and hell is infinitely close to you.

But hell is still the best destination, and it is more likely to fall into a more terrifying situation. “

“It’s so dangerous, you were going to give me a potion earlier.” Alexander said with a sullen face.

Harry took a moment to realize that he was talking about his rapid growth at the age of one and a half years.

At that time, she had promised Louise , if the monitor can’t solve his problem, take him to see Shangdu.

“What right do you have to dislike? If it weren’t for the face of your mother, Louise, if you were dying in front of me, I would blink. “Harry said with a sneer.

The atmosphere became condensed, and Barry quickly changed the subject and asked, “What about the second way without repercussions?” “

Harry pointed to Alexander and said, “He has the source of positive matter left by the monitor in his body. Earth 0 is the universe of positive matter, and the life in Earth 0 also belongs to the creation of positive matter.”

Earth 0 was originally a cosmic egg, planted in the ‘field of positive matter’, absorbing the energy of positive matter, and growing into a mature tree, the leaves on the tree also come from the nourishment of positive matter.

The leaves are us.

Therefore, the origin of the monitor is a panacea for life in the physical universe. “

“I’d like to give Barry some of the positive energy in my body, but can he absorb it?” “Alexander frowned.

“He can’t, facing positive matter energy directly is not much different from being attacked by an antimatter cloud, but you can give him part of your source, that is, you can absorb positive matter energy life characteristics. “Harry said.

Alexander pupil shrink, “You want my life? “

“It will take part of your life, enough for Barry to recover.” “

Alexander’s face was cloudy, and he remained silent.

“I’d better drink the potion.” Barry glanced at the two of them and said with a gentle smile: “I know that potions are also very precious, not too much, enough to help you return to the place of origin, even if my mission is complete. “

“Drink the potion and go to hell when you die.” “Catherine worriedly said.

Barry shook his head and said calmly: “The living can do their own thing, and the afterlife is left to God. “

Alexander gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t drink the potion, I’ll give you Life Source.” “

Barry’s complexion changed slightly. Just as he was about to refuse, Alexander waved his hand and stared into his eyes: “My mission is to end the Infinite Earth Crisis.”

To this end, many heroes who believed in me were sacrificed.

I am saddened and feel that their sacrifices are valuable for the multiverse and for the billions of beings in the universe.

Now when it is my turn to make sacrifices, I am not hesitant or sad, but happy.

The Flash, don’t have any psychological burdens, I’m really happy to help you. “

“Alexander.” Barry and the heroes around him were so moved that their eyes were red.

“It’s not that he was killed, so excited.” “Harry on the side looked tired.

She was the one who came up with the idea, and they didn’t know how to thank her.

And Alexander was obviously pushed into a corner by her before he said These beautiful words.

She is all too familiar with this pattern.

“Isn’t Alexander’s sacrifice worthy of our moving? If you don’t feel it, you don’t need to say slander. “Dachao frowned.

“Why aren’t you moved when I sacrificed half of my origin for Wonder Woman? “Harry said indifferently.

“Why not moved? When you came back from Paradise Island, I even called to thank you and praise you. “Da Chaodao.

Harley rolled the eyes.

Two days later.

Harley, who was studying time bubble technology with the black warrior at home, suddenly received a call. To the Destiny Academician’s phone.

“Harry, a ghost has appeared in the world and wants to see you. “

When Harry hurried to the Tower of Destiny, he saw a green robe weirdo of normal height.

Green boots, green briefs, green gloves, green hood The cloak, revealing the white breasts and thighs, is very strange.

Before, he was huge, and he could not see the whole picture clearly across the Star River. Appearing in front of her face to face, Harry wanted to scold him as a ‘pervert’.

“Phantom boss, I only saw your face today, seriously uncommon military might, had a dignified appearance! Harry’s face was full of admiration, and there was a faint but obvious awe in his eyes.

β€”β€”This bastard can obviously get smaller, but he made a few appearances before, but deliberately made a dick around the body of Star River The fried appearance is too pretentious.

She continued to curse inwardly.

The ghost nodded indifferently and said, “I’m looking for you for three reasons. First of all, since you received the designation of ‘Christian Salvation Corps’ from the Voice of the Sky, you can’t slack off.

Where is your team now? Where is the flag? What about the uniform Crusader uniform?

You are on your final expedition, and you have nothing.

It doesn’t work!

I don’t care about other times, but this time I will lead the team, and I will be the principal, leading you to expedition to the origin of time.

There is no room for laxity and confusion in my team. “

“OK, I’ll turn around and pull the team up.” “Harry made a commitment obediently and honestly before defending himself: “Heroes are unique and have their own tastes. Like you, the ghost boss, they all wear uniforms designed by themselves.

Unable to unify outfits.

However, I took the hero’s uniform chest ad, and the Christ the Redeemer logo can be seen on each hero’s chest or cloak behind them. “

The ghost thought for a while and said: “You remember to get the flag and slogan again.” The second reason I am looking for you is to know when you will go out. “

“It takes time to build a time bubble, and it takes time to solve the energy consumption.” Harley explained the Flash’s battery plan and Barry’s current state before saying: “It’s not easy for Alexander to pass the Life Source to the Flash.” , he is currently replicating the ‘energy transfer’ instrument on the monitor satellite, and he doesn’t know when it will be done. “

The ghost said solemnly: “You are running out of time, the world in the underworld universe will be destroyed in three days.” “

“Three days? “Harry was startled and asked in confusion, “Didn’t you say last time, at least half a month later, the frequency difference will return to zero? “

The ghost said: “Before the frequency difference is zero, the planet inside the universe will explode in the collision. For example, at this time, the crust of the four Earths has been split, and in about ten hours, volcanoes and earthquakes will destroy most of the world. ”

(end of this chapter)

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