I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 710


Chapter 710 Darkseid backs down

Harry asks: “Phantom Boss, now you’ve found the problem , doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, there should be a way to deal with it?”

The ghost said proudly: “Of course, for you mortals, the collision of the universe is an irresistible natural disaster, but for me, stopping it is just no Effort at all.

The third thing I am looking for is for you to announce to everyone in the underworld that God has not given up on them, and the ghost of God’s messenger will help them escape from the fate of destruction.”

“Uh, just advertising, no demands? Like, ‘Long live the gods, the ghosts are supreme’?” Harry’s expression and tone were odd.

“Just let the world know God’s teachings and what God has done. God never forces believers to believe in Himself. Forcing it will only backfire.” Ghost said.

Halle nodded, summed up: “So, the second and third thing you asked me for is actually one thing, the crisis in the underworld is coming, we don’t have to worry, continue with the previous plan, you It will solve the problem of the collision of the peers.”

“No, three things are three things, I can only postpone the collision, and I can’t solve the crisis from the root without going to the origin of time. So , you have to speed up, form an army as soon as possible, and build a time-travelling machine.” The ghost said seriously.

“I see,” Harry agreed.

For the next five hours, Harry didn’t move, nor did the ghost move.

But the planet of the underworld began to explode with cataclysms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and space fragmentation.

The signs of the imminent destruction of the world were so obvious that Alexander, the old Superman and the others rushed to Earth 0 for help.

It wasn’t until this time that Harley shared the news that God’s wrath could save the world and was willing to save the world.

She talked endlessly, pointing out the maze to the guests from the universe: “You don’t have to do anything, go back to your respective universe, raise your voice, no, you have to open the universe Wireless Electronics, to all who are screaming and terrified. The civilization transmits the news — don’t be afraid, don’t panic, the wrath of God is coming!

By the way, don’t call it ‘ghost’.

The name of ghost is too local. , ordinary person is difficult to connect him with God.

Also, don’t use ‘god’ in relation to Spiritual God to refer to God, use ‘heavenly father’, the heavenly Father.

Finally, remember to add the signature of ‘Christian Salvation Corps, ‘God of Martial Arts’ Harley Quinn’ at the end of the telegram.”

Not to mention the crowd in the underworld The hero, even everyone in Earth 0 was dumbfounded.

“Harry, you’re not joking, right?” The old Superman was looking forward to it, but also felt awkward.

Harley said solemnly: “I told you very early that although heaven is closed, God has not given up on the world.

Christian Salvation Mission is not a grass-roots team, we have a number, With flags, slogans, and combat goals, it is the most regular crusade in history.

In the history of Christianity, the Pope has launched crusades in the name of God many times, or crosses for other purposes. Army.

I’m not sure how real or fake they are, but I swear that we, the Christ Salvation Corps, are the most honest warriors of God.

The Salvation Corps The head of the regiment is me, and the backer is the wrath of God.”

Old Superman calmed down and calmed down, “Alexander, what do you say?”

“As of now, only I can trust the ghost.”

Alexander’s face is not very good-looking, and relying on the ghost means that there is a major problem with his earlier ‘The Way of the Monitor’s Plan’.

This is a route problem, very serious, it not only shakes the hero’s trust in him, but also shakes his absolute blind faith in the monitor at this moment.

Two hours later, all the Earth and the small half of the universe heard the message in the name of the head of the Christ Salvation Corps.


The people in the Earth 0 universe didn’t feel anything, but there were four Earths in the underworld universe, but at the same time they heard angry roar coming from the depths of the starry sky, and then, A huge green robe silhouette occupies most of the starry sky.

“The wrath of God?!”

Divine aura from the green robe’s person, let all who see him have a clear comprehension in their hearts.

“ahhhhβ€”” The ghost’s mouth uttered a huge cry, and even the Vacuum Star Domain couldn’t stop his voice. His two hands were like clasping an invisible elevator door that was closing. , pull hard to both sides.

The “door” opened, and the gap in the vibrational frequency of the universe opened.

The greater the vibration frequency difference, the farther the parallel universe is, and the less likely it is to collide.

The lower the vibration frequency, the closer the parallel universe is, and the more likely the positions in the three-dimensional space will overlap.

Now the frequency difference is re-opened, and the four Earths are directly separated.

The world-destroying natural disaster suddenly disappeared.

The devout cheers of “the Most High God, Heavenly Father’s Mercy” resounded throughout the entire universe.

“Heaven closed its doors, but God did not give up on the world.”

I saw the heroes of the underworld again, and saw their completely different attitudes towards God in their expressions and words. , Harry suddenly realized something.

God didn’t give up the world, not the believers, but the business of faith in the world!

β€œIn this round of Infinite Earth Crisis, not only the two players, the monitor and the anti-monitor, but also the two multiverse managers are engaged in Manhattan Academician.

God is probably one A player hidden behind the scenes, what purpose does he have? What will happen in the place where time originates?”

While having a clear comprehension, Harry quietly cursed two words in his heart, “Insidious and cunning. Dog God”, “bastard who is used to playing black hands”.

Like what the Heavenly God demons and mages scolded after she dumped the blame on God.

Eighty percent of them were right. The God of the DC universe is too inattentive. It seems that he is not afraid of being scolded by others, so he is not afraid to directly show his black-hearted side.

“The ghost war is against the origin of time, and something that I can’t guess, but it is good for God will happen!” Harry frowned for a long time and thought for a long time, and suddenly thought of another be eager to have a The player of try – Darkseid.

Uncle Da was obviously also overlooked. When she decided to organize the Second Expeditionary Force, he immediately sent a kind grandmother to buy her, which showed that he had been watching the development of the situation in the dark.

He’s not only staring at Earth, he’s definitely staring at the anti-prisoner king as well.

What is the purpose of Darkseid?

“These Supreme Existences don’t have a fuel-efficient lamp.”

Harry secretly cursed and shouted, “Yerbi, take me to Long Island, Big Barta’s house.”

Mr. Miracle is away from home and is on the escape room TV show.

Since Harry scolded the anti-prison king to Earth 0, Earth 0’s blood-colored sky disappeared, the natural disaster disappeared, the world almost returned to its original state, and the Earth people also resumed their previous entertainment life.

“Bada, where’s Grandma kind? I’ve been back for so long, why hasn’t she come to me?” Seeing the eight-pack Vengeance Goddess doing weight training in the small courtyard, ha Li asked directly and eagerly.

“This” Big Barta wiped the sweat from his forehead and body with a towel, showing a bit of hesitation.

“What happened to Grandma?” Harry asked.

Big Barda shook his head, frowned: “Do you really want to be Darkseid’s spy?”

“I know that dealing with Darkseid is to seek skin from a tiger, and it is very dangerous. But For the people of Earth, for the people of the universe, and for the existing positive material universe, I would like to be a tiger!” Halle said devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

Da Barta’s expression changed several times in a row, and he said in a strange tone: “I saw how you were a spy for the anti-monitor. You made him lose everything by the strength of oneself, and almost lost his life. .

The kind grandma firmly believes that dealing with you is to seek skin from a tiger, and it is dangerous.

Even if you are as powerful as Darkseid, you cannot take the corresponding risk.”

Harry was stunned, “What do you mean by that?”

Dabarda said, “Aren’t you a spy for the Anti-Monitor?

But you After being a spy for less than a day, he made the anti-monitor covered in dirt, lost a great foundation and a great situation, and now he is a lonely wanderer, time is turbulent, and his life and death are uncertain.

And you did this. Everything, did not use the power of other superheroes at all. You are the only one who has only been a spy for one day, and you have made the anti-monitors lose their bottoms.

I am shocked, kind grandma and Duck Seid is terrified.

The strength of Backlash who is looking for you as a spy is so terrifying, how could they still be looking for you as a spy?

Darkseid secretly wipes the cold sweat from his forehead , I’m very fortunate that the anti-monitor found you one step earlier.”

Harry said aggrieved: “Bada, you have to believe me, I didn’t do anything at all, it’s just that the anti-monitor has bad luck, people Nor is his character.

If he has a strong character, don’t deceive Sinestro, don’t humiliate the pharaoh, they will betray him?

And, I was playing off.

If it wasn’t for luck, Sinestro came to the rescue, and I, who was possessed by the shadow demon, really became the puppet of the Anti-Monitor.”

“Really?” Big Barta looked at Her expression was sincere and her words were sincere, and she couldn’t help but begin to be suspicious.

“You don’t believe me, don’t you believe in The Flash?”

Big Barda believed eight points, only two points left, hesitantly said: “I believe you too. It’s useless, Darkseid is afraid and withdrew.”

“Nonsense!” Harry said as if his faith was insulted, excitedly said: “How could Your Majesty be afraid of the great Darkseid?

He is a monster without fear, the strongest new god unrivalled throughout the world, cunning and unparalleled!

He must be a kind old woman!

She listens Rumors, misunderstood me, and made up their own minds, deceived others, and falsely passed on imperial edicts. In fact, Darkside Your Majesty is looking forward to my answer right now.

Da Barta, you ask He said–did he dare not ask her to be a spy because he was afraid of Harley Quinn?”

No matter how upright Barta was, she also found the problem in Harley’s words.

“Ask him, what option does he have other than giving me an omega ray and calling you to be a spy?” She rolled her eyes at Harry.

“You ask the kind old woman to ask, and let her go to Darkseid’s omega rays.” Haley smiled hehe.

Big Barta really took out her mother box and sent a message to the kind grandma.

It wasn’t until the morning of the second day that Harley saw “the kind dean of the Apocalypse Orphanage” at the Big Barta’s house.

Well, the kind grandma manages the Apocalypse Orphanage, and selects high-quality women to nurture meticulously.

The beautiful, blue-hearted one was sent to Darkseid as a concubine.

A woman with great talent and innate talent earns the “Vengeance Goddess” reserve team.

She herself is a burly old woman with thick gray hair and meticulous grooming.

Like Earth people.

“Demoness Harley, let me be blunt, you can be a spy, but there is no magic contract, no transaction involving the source of power, and you don’t have to meet Darkseid himself. We are far apart. far, in the easiest way to cooperate.”

(end of this chapter)

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