I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 712


Chapter 712 Dream Clothes

Ivy is dreaming of turning the whole Earth into a big forest, the middle of the forest There is a giant tree with a height of 10,000 meters, and the umbrella-shaped branches on it form a sky island. On the island is the Quinn Manor, Harley, Selena, Ivy herself, two animal servants brought back from Immortal Realm, A fuzzy-looking child, fat head, Duo Duo, Yebi, Loach. All live in a heavenly dream manor.

The real Harry is standing under the sky-high tree, calling out ‘Murphys’ in the woods.

After calling for a while, the white clouds in the sky converged into a thin shoehorn face,

Harry’s face was full of surprise, “Old Brother Mo, you really haven’t slept!”


“I don’t need to sleep.”

“Sleeping is a euphemism for hiding. Heaven and Hell, Apocalypse Creation, Heaven and Hades are all pretending to sleep.”

“wu” The face of Baiyun in the sky pondered for a moment, then slowly said: “putting it that way, I just woke up.”

Harry corner of the mouth twitched, “I tried many times before. Entering someone else’s dream, the dream is still there, but you can’t run along the dream like before, and enter the horn door of true omens, or the ivory door of daydreaming.”

“Every time you enter I can hear other people dreaming and calling my name.” Morpheus pondered the words and explained: “The eight Divine Domains are also the same, and there is a huge gap in the way of existence and the power attribute.

Heaven and hell were created entirely by God.

Without borrowing any of the laws, powers and substances that belong to the multiverse.

So heaven and hell are very independent, I Guess the multiverse will be destroyed, and they will be safe.

The heaven and the underworld come from magic and faith. They are more closely related to the multiverse, but they are freer than the remaining four Divine Domains.

The Apocalypse and Creation stars come from the material universe.

They were originally the habitation of the old gods in the material universe. Later, the old gods above were slaughtered and replaced by new gods, and they were separated from the fourth dimension. The material world, ascending dimension enters the Divine Domain.

Because they are closely related to the material universe, the Green Lantern Legion once included Apocalypse into its own management sector, and also numbered its sector, Apocalypse is the universe Sector 38.”

“I was wondering how the little blue man was so restrained when Apocalypse invaded Earth.” Harry suddenly said with a sneer: “I guessed they were in the Keseid’s subordinates suffered a lot, and even signed a ‘peace treaty’ just like they did to me.”

“I didn’t say that the Green Lantern Legion suffered a big loss in Apocalypse.” Morpheus is strange road.

“Hey, you didn’t say it, but I know the characters of Little Blue and Darkseid.” Harley said with a smile: “They all included Apocalypse in sector 38, and the group has not been seen. A newborn calf that has surpassed a tiger, can’t you rush up and moo a few times?

And what will Darkseid do, how will it end, need to think about it?”

“Well, Green Lantern Legion was defeated and lost, and signed a peace treaty with Apocalypse.”

After a pause, Morpheus continued the previous topic: “Heaven and hell have the lowest dependence on the multiverse, almost nothing, On the contrary, the multiverse needs to rely on heaven and hell to maintain the stability of the power of miracles in the universe.

The heaven and the underworld depend on the multiverse in belief and thinking, and its independence is slightly weaker; Rooted in the multiverse, the independence is weaker.

These six Divine Domains all come from the conscious creation of independent beings, and are more or less independent.

Use you In the words of Earth people, they have a certain amount of private equity, heaven and hell are pure private ownership with unlimited liability, 60% of the equity of the heaven and the underworld belongs to the multiverse, 80% of the equity of Apocalypse and Genesis belongs to the multiverse, while dreams and nightmares belong to the multiverse. 100% belongs to the public.

Even I am the embodiment of the Supreme Law of the universe, how can the dream be privatized?

If one day God dies, heaven and hell will fall into the end.


If the Divine Kings in the Heavenly Realm die, the Heavenly Realm falls apart.

If Darkseid dies, the Apocalypse turmoil still exists, and others will be forcibly pushed into his position, to replace his role in the Apocalypse and the multiverse.

If I die one day, the multiverse and the dream will have no effect, and the situation will be as smooth and stable as you change the president of the United States.”

When he said this, there was no unwillingness or loss in Morpheus’s tone, he was very calm, very flat.

“As a result, the other six Divine Domains can hide, but my dream kingdom is always closely connected with the multiverse. However, the infinite Earth crisis is too involved, and there are only five parallel universes left. One.”

At this point, Morpheus’s voice became more heavy and emotional, “Too many people have died, and too many worlds have been destroyed.

Although dreams cannot Closed and closed, but I am also worried that the anti-monitors will focus on the dream kingdom.

During this time, I have shrunk the territory of the dream kingdom and temporarily separated it from the dreams of living beings.

Well, it’s like two floors, I took out the middle ladder.

In this way, even if the anti-monitor has any thoughts, he can’t enter the dream dimension through sleep.

Just Like you, you can enter other people’s dreams, but you can’t enter the kingdom of dreams through this dream.”

“Why didn’t you respond to me before, but now you arrive as soon as you call?” Harry asked.

Morpheus sighed: “Before the antimatter cloud filled the whole Ten Thousand Heavenly Instrument, if I respond to you, it is like igniting the torch alone in the dark night, and it is likely to attract the attention of the anti-monitor.

Now not only has the antimatter cloud disappeared, but he himself has also disappeared at this point in time.

He went to the place where time originated, which is too far from here and now.

Again Speaking of which, what are you asking me for? I don’t think I can help you.”

“I originally planned to find you to hide my treasure. I’m about to go to the land of the origin of time. There are a dozen Divine Items in my treasure house. Hundreds of precious magic books, all kinds of magic materials, I want to find a place to store them, so as not to save the universe”

Harry spoke slowly and hesitated.

In the end, she seemed to make a decision in her heart, and a firm look flashed in her eyes, “Old Brother Mo, I not only want to protect my baby, but also more.

The Divine Item I ‘bought’ from Immortal Realm is a treasure, my friend, the world I am familiar with, is more precious than the Divine Item.

I don’t want to lose the first half of my life.

I didn’t know what to do before, but now I see you, and I suddenly have a new idea.

Can I put Earth human beings at least my acquaintance’s ‘Dream Book’ (ps) Give it to me?”

“What are you going to do?” Morpheus asked in surprise.

“The past few days I have seen some strange people who live on the timeline, and their world does not directly exist in Wantianyi.

For example, there are A 31st century ‘superhero Legion world’, they are Earth 2’s 31st century.

There is only Earth 2 in Wan Tianyi, and the 31st century only exists on the timeline.

Can The people in the two worlds are real.

There are countless timelines in the super-time stream, and people on other timelines cannot be like the superhero Legion, and freedom is ‘realized’ in Wantianyi .

The difference between them should be a kind of Source Power.

It can be simply understood that the super-time stream is a master brain with countless world data, providing some creative power to make The data world is projected to Wantianyi to form a real world.”

“The super-time flow is not a pure data mastermind, it is far closer to the ‘origin’ than the real world in Wantianyi.” Mo Feith corrected seriously.

“I’m just a metaphor, for the convenience of understanding. The dream book is like an ID, take it with you, as a last resort, when the universe restarts, maybe I can still struggle.” Halle said.

“How do you struggle?” Morpheus wondered.

“The difference between people is not genes and identity, but experience. The universe restarts, Batman is still Batman, still looks like that, or Gotham Prince, 80% have to die father and Mother, even the genes are exactly the same.

But are the two Batman the same?

Their experiences are definitely not 100% the same, because the world has changed.


It is people who dream, and they leave their own life experiences in their dreams, forming a ‘dream book’ that belongs to him alone.

Even if the parallel universe’s peers, I also have different dreams and have different dream books.

So, I can use the dream book to accurately find the person I need, without him and countless peers on countless timelines Confused, right?”

Morpheus looked thoughtful, saying: “You plan to manifest your acquaintances from the timeline to the new universe when the universe restarts, so as to be immune to a certain extent Reboot.”

“What’s the idea?” Halle said with a smile.

“It’s a good idea, but how to do it?” Morpheus wondered.

“Can you create the world as Supreme Existence?” Harry asked.

Morpheus said: “I am the master of dreams, the embodiment of the law of dreams, the power attribute is too single, and it is impossible to create the world from nothing.”

“Where’s Lucifer?” Harry asked again.

Morpheus affirmed: “He must be able, and his power comes from God. In theory, God’s power is all-encompassing and is the most suitable power for creation.”

Harry thought for a while, and said, “There are countless timelines in the super-time stream. I will give you a cosmic egg. Can you project one of these timelines into the egg and hatch into a physical universe?”

“It should be possible, my strength level and quantity are not bad, just attribute.” Morpheus sighed then said, “It will be easier than me to replace the Divine King with the Divine Force and the creation attribute of Zeus and Odin. A lot.”

“I don’t have Divine Force, but I have antimatter energy, a lot of antimatter energy.” Harry touched his belly and said with a smile: “The anti-prisoner king is planning to use antimatter energy. The antimatter multiverse has been created, I don’t ask much, just ‘pull’ my acquaintances from the super-time stream to the new universe.”

“Can you use antimatter energy? Staying awake in a reboot? Surviving the overtime flow and finding the person you’re looking for?

You don’t know the river of time, let alone the overtime flow.

Apart from this , there are still many problems that I can’t even think of, but you will definitely encounter them.”

Morpheus shook his head again and again, not optimistic about Harry’s whimsy.

“I’m not sure, but there’s always a 1 in 10,000 chance if I don’t try. I’m willing to do my best for my ‘baby’.” Harley Seriously.

Without the eighth defense feat, it must be whimsical, but now her mother river defense is on.

Morpheus stared at her for a long time, his tone softened, and said, “Take off your clothes.”

“What?” Harry was startled Jump.

“Give me the Sandman’s robe, and I will sew all the dream books of the people you know on it, and weave them into a dream garment,” Morpheus explained.

(ps: The Book of Dreams, which is described in detail in Chapter 599, if you have any doubts, you can look back. In addition, the concept of the Book of Dreams is not my original, but it was introduced in “Dark Metal” In the major event, Morpheus also led Batman and Superman to the library to find “self”.)

(end of this chapter)

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