I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 713


Chapter 713 The First Time Travel

The Hall of Heroes below the Cosmic Tuning Fork is where the heroes who guard the Tuning Fork reside.

It is not an ordinary military building, but a patchwork of several alien spaceships.

The Hall of Heroes is the main cabin of the spaceship.

The bridge of the spaceship is also the control room for the tuning fork.

Originally, the Earth people didn’t know how to control the tuning fork at all. Later, Bateman turned into Mission Impossible and stole some of the source code from the monitor satellite, and then the tuning fork was handed over to Cyborg for control.

At this time, in the tuning fork control room, the black warrior, Cyborg, and Flash’s assistant Sisko stood in front of Admiral Fifth Ring and accepted the arrangement before she left.

“I’m going to take the time ball to Earth 2’s 31st century, and then lead the ‘Christian Salvation Corps’ expedition to the place where time originated.

When I was in Earth, even if someone If I’m trying to use a tuning fork to control our cosmic transition, or do something else, I can immediately detect and stop it.

Now that I’m leaving, the responsibility of guarding the tuning fork will be greater than ever. They are all heavier.

So, I decided to divide the control of the tuning fork into three parts, and the steel bone alone controls it into three people control each part.

Who wants to use the tuning fork For the tuning fork to move Earth 0, the consent of the three of you must be obtained at the same time.

Cyborg, are you okay with that?”

Cyborg shook his head and said, β€œThree points of authority, the tuning fork is more Safety, my responsibilities are less, and people are easier.”

“Remember, no matter what happens, what Alexander or others say, even if the watcher is resurrected, appearing on Earth 0 for you to use Don’t agree to anything the tuning fork does.

I don’t want to come back from a ‘tour’ only to find that people and Earth have changed.” Harley finally warned.

After arranging the tuning fork, she took Ivy, Yebby, Fat Head and the old priest Carlisle into the time bubble and started the first time travel journey.

The fat head is shrunk into a cat-sized ball, taking up no space.

Carlisle has decided to take part in the hero’s expedition, and this time, he came to adapt to the time ball earlier.

Not only him, but many heroes who have never traveled through time will go to Earth 2 to test the time-travelling machine in the next few days.

“Why not test Earth 0?” Carlisle said curiously.

Brainiac 5 said: “The timeline of your universe is too stable. The more stable the timeline is, the more turbulent the river of time is, and the more dangerous it is to travel through time.”

“The more stable the timeline, the more unstable the river of time?” Ivy frowned.

The green-skinned boy explained: “The time line is stable, which means that the time line is not easy to change, or the immune system of the time line is too strong, and it will actively eliminate any person or thing that is ready to change the time line.

The immune system of the timeline can be the river of time with turbulent waves and constant storms, drowning all those who try to travel through time.

The more intense the fluctuations of the timeline, the more tolerant it is to travel through time.

With the modification of the timeline, the river of time will be calmer and safer.”

As he spoke, he had already started the time bubble engine, the bubble did not move, the surrounding space was shaking violently, endless White light pours in from all directions, submerging the time bubble and blurring and fading the surrounding scenery.

A moment later, the vibration of the time bubble disappeared, and the white light also disappeared in front of Harry’s eyes. She looked towards the transparent bubble, and countless sounds poured into her ears, and countless scenes flashed before her eyes quickly.

There was a dull pain in her head, and a groan came out of her mouth.

“What’s the matter?” Ivy quickly asked with concern: “Harry, are you pale, are you uncomfortable?”

Harry endured a swollen head, strangely Ask: “You don’t feel it?”

“What do you feel?” Ivy asked in confusion.

β€œLittle Bu, where are we now?” Harry asked.

“Just entered the Earth 0 river of time, then jumped to the Earth 2 river of time, then traveled upstream, directly into the 31st century of Earth 2.” Brainiac 5replied.

Harry rubbed her temples, feeling the time mother river defense expertise in intense activity, looked thoughtful and said, “Don’t you see or hear anything?”

“It’s very quiet here, there is no sound. Except for the white light shot from all directions, I can’t see anything.” Ivy said.

β€œHow about you?” Harry asked again.

“Me too.” Brainiac 5 and Carlisle said.

“I seem to be able to see some blurry visions, maybe my eyesight?” Fattou said hesitantly.

Yebi turned his head and glanced at Harry suspiciously, and said, “It’s not dazzling, I can see it too, it’s fleeting, and even thoughts can’t capture it. Could it be that you see more, even Can you hear what?”

Harry nodded gently

, and her mouth began to lie naturally: “Probably the Manhattan Power is at workβ€”ah!” She said, and also While holding back the pain in his head and the sore eyes, he raised his head and looked out.

Suddenly, the scenery in front of her eyes increased countless times, and the sound was also increased countless times.

It was like the 5G signal of the audio and video of a TV program just now, forcibly poured into her. In her 2G head, all of a sudden, the signals of 10,000 TV programs were superimposed and poured into her still 2G head.

The data was too large and too large, and Harry couldn’t help screaming as if his head had been hit by her own blood-killing stick.

But after only one cry, the pain in her head suddenly eased, ten thousand TV programs were reduced to one again, and the video signal was reduced from 4K high-definition 5G traffic to ordinary 3G traffic. I can see the picture in front of me clearly, and I can vaguely hear some sounds.

“What’s the matter?” Ivy’s worried pretty face appeared in front of her, and reached out to touch her forehead.

Harry’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

“Little Bu, did we just jump from Earth 0 to Earth 2?”

“Hey, master, how did you know?” Brainiac Surprised.

Harry has a clear comprehension in her heart. In the process of jumping from Earth 0 to Earth 2, the time bubble probably jumped out of the river, allowing her to see more timelines in the super-time stream.

There are countless timelines, countless information, she can’t bear it.

Fortunately, the time bubble jumping process is very short.

Harry didn’t answer, “How did the time bubble jump from one river to another?”

“Change the vibration frequency.”

” So, with the time bubble, can you travel through time and space and go to any parallel universe you want? It’s too powerful.” Carlisle snorted.

Brainiac 5 shook his head and said, “The situation is special right now. There is only one universe called Earth 0 in Wantianyi, so why won’t we get lost? Before, we wouldn’t have dared to enter the foreign country through the river of time. world.”

“Is it terrifying to get lost?” Carlisle asked.

Brainiac 5 said seriously: “It’s very terrifying, because getting lost not only enters the wrong time line, but also jumps to the wrong time point.

But every time bubble The voyage is fixed and determined by the total amount of energy in the bubble. If you enter a wrong time line and directly span ten thousand years, the energy will be exhausted at one time, and the time bubble will become a time coffin.

For example, now Earth 0 is 2015, and Earth 2 is 1995. Jumping from Earth 0 to Earth 2 will jump to the current time point of Earth 2, which is 20 years.

If Earth X is the age of dinosaurs, I was going to jump from Earth 0 to Earth 2, but when I went to Earth X, I would directly enter the current time point of Earth X, and the next time I traveled through tens of millions of years, the time bubble instantly melted into the river of time. Earth X’s time river.”

“Is your time bubble unable to jump to Earth X’s 2015, or is this the rule of the time river that no other crossing machine can do?” Harry asked.

Brainiac 5 thought about it and said, “I have communicated with the Lord of Time and the Lord of Time, and they are in a similar situation to me.

So, I guess It is probably a rule-parallel universe crossing, the first foothold is the current time point.

That is, the Flash travels back to Earth 0 from any universe, and will not travel to the past of Earth 0, Not in the future, but at the current point in time.

Of course, the time bubble travels through the parallel universe, unlike The Flash.

The Flash is not in the river of time, and does not need to cross time Lines, don’t worry about crossing the wrong universe and losing yourself in time.

In the final analysis, the time bubble is a time-traveling machine.

Let it travel through the parallel universe, like a Mercedes-Benz commercial car Go on the plow and go to the seedling field to plow.”

“Huh, this is the 23rd century?” Harley pointed to the “world” outside and said strangely: “Earth 2’s 23rd century is also a ‘real’ Illusory World ‘?”

The greenskin boy frowned: “Master, you still think I am an illusory person, the 31st century I am in is an Illusory World?”

“Don’t mind me The rhetoric and opinions of the ‘illusive people’, like black people and Asians, do not carry the slightest discriminatory meaning.” Harry waved his hand and continued to stare at the “world” outside.

It seems to be playing a 3D documentary “The Change of Times from 2200 to 3000”.

Can’t see the details, but it’s strange to see all the major event pieces.

Waiting for the time bubble to stop on January 6, 3022, a series of very philosophical thoughts appeared in Harry’s mind again: Who am I and where am I? Is this world physical or mental? What is real and what is unreal?

Don’t blame her for thinking too much.

The more she understands the dc universe, the more she finds it very non-materialistic.

“Wow, we’ve really traveled through time and into the future.”

Ivy and Carlisle looked at the world around them, which seemed like a sci-fi movie, and were amazed.

The lines of the building are beautiful and simple, the sky is bright and clean, and the air seems to be filtered once, with a fresh sweetness.

Not a psychological effect.

Although the time ball floated on top of a 300-meter-high white metal tower, there was a circle of ash trees full of small flowers around it.

From time to time, several car-sized airships flew over the building like fish, leaving no unpleasant “car exhaust”.

Mankind in the 31st century has realized real clean energy.

Ivy and Carlisle looked left and right, and Yebby also watched curiously. The fat man who had seen more alien civilizations with Hal lacked interest.

Harry also seemed to be looking around, but her mood was far less calm than the expression on her face.

“Jerby, what do you see?” she asked quietly.

“Well, seeing hope, human beings will not be destroyed by the energy and environmental crisis.” The dog Holy Son’s dog face is relieved.

“Fatty, how about you, have you seen something deeper?” Harry asked again.

“Yes!” The fat head pointed in one direction and said solemnly: “Harry, you are in a big crisis!”

Several people looked in the direction and saw the building Outside the Central Park, dozens of 20-meter-high stone sculptures have been erected, including Superman, Bateman, and Wonder Woman.

“There are even steel bones and green arrows, but there are no five rings. Admiral, it seems that you are not guaranteed in the evening, and you have been cast aside by the people.” Fattou sighed.

Harry said with a sullen face: “You see really deep enough.”

“What did you see?” Yebby said curiously.

“Unreal beneath reality.” Harry sighed.

“It’s here again” Brainiac 5sighed then said, said with displeasure: “Master, you said we are illusory people, Illusory World, this is discrimination.”

( End of this chapter)

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