I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 716


Chapter 716 Time Mother River and Time

Harley’s defense specialty is what energy it absorbs. energy.

Absorb God’s Power to unlock God’s Power Defense.

She does not have the power of God in her body, but she is immune to the power of God.

At this time, the Eighth Time Mother River Defense Specialty absorbs the power from the Time River, giving her a strong resistance to the Time River.

This resistance is not only manifested in resisting the river of time’s attack on her.

“River” is a very vivid metaphor for the world timeline.

It is really like a big river that is rolling forward. A person swimming in the big river will encounter loss, reefs, undercurrents, vortex, turbulence, big waves, choking, drowning, freezing, Difficulties, etc.

Harry’s Eighth Time Mother River Defense Specialty, specializing in resisting the above difficulties.

It can be said that with the Eighth Defense Specialty, Harley has the innate talent to become the “Flying Fish” of the Mother River of Time.

The Defense Specialty can only defend, and cannot make her a flying fish in the river immediately, but with the Defense Specialty, she can train herself into a flying fish.

Just like the first food defense feat, it could only passively solve the problem of food digestion. As a result, this innate talent was developed by Harley into an alternative attack method.

The Eighth Time Mother River Defense Specialty allows Harley to overcome various difficulties in the Time River. After overcoming difficulties, she can turn passive into active, from passive defense to active understanding of the river of time, and then adapt to it after understanding, and then use it and control it, just like a good swimmer riding the waves.

Fortunately, Harley came to the 31st century of Earth 2 with the superhero Legion, a world that exists on the timeline, that is, the “mirage” on the river of time.

In this ‘time mirage’ world, Harley’s eighth defense feat is like a fish back in water, and everything, including life and the starry universe, is a strange “spray” on the river of time.

After the Specialty was upgraded to Level 4, she was immune to the “obstacles” on the river, and saw the essence of the waves: all matter, energy, laws, and life in the 31st century are the strange evolution of the power of the mother river of time.

It is not the evolution of Power of Time, but the power of the mother river of time.

Power of Time is only a part of the great power of the mother river of time, just like the Water Element is a part of the four elemental powers, and the four elemental powers are only a part of the magic elements.

For example, in the world of the 31st century, there is also the concept of time, that is to say, Power of Time is one of the basic elements of this world, rather than Power of Time that created this world.

It is a higher mother river, which evolved this peculiar timeline world.

The power of the mother river of time is more Origin Power.

Harry’s eighth defense feat is activated by this power.

Therefore, the eighth defense feat is called “Time Mother River Defense”, not simply “Time Defense”.

Let’s say that Harley ate more than 80 ‘time buns’ in one night, and raised the Time Mother River Defense Specialty to Level 4 before the early morning.

Originally, the illusory world felt even more illusory when it was Level 2.

For others, this world is no different from the material universe, even if the cosmological constant is the same, but in Harry’s eyes, people, things, buildings, spaceships, Earth, the sun, and the starry sky in a vacuum environment. , are the unique “waves” provoked by the power of the mother river of time.

She fell into the philosophical thinking of ‘what is true’. After thinking about it in the middle of the night, Harley gave up the idea of being a philosopher and decided to become a scientist and test the universe herself.

β€”β€”Since the universe is completely evolved by the power of the mother river of time, isn’t it a big time bun?

She can chew on the shell of the time bubble, can she also put The shell of the 31st century, the universe, should it be eaten as a bun?

This process is equivalent to her drinking water in the river of time.

The 31st century itself is on the river of time.

From the perspective of the Eighth Defense Specialty, this world is the mist on the river, the mirage that the mist evolves, and she can drink it as water.

It’s as if she can use the time film as a bun of time stuffing.

But she didn’t dare to do experiments on Earth, in case of slobber, she drank Earth or the solar system, wouldn’t it cause hundreds of millions of killings?

Don’t say that she is immersed in philosophical thinking, and is no longer sure whether the 31st century is a fantasy or a reality. Even if she completely regards the 31st century as a mirage, the people she contacts have feelings, independent thoughts and personalities.

Harry couldn’t just mow them as weeds in “Three Kingdoms Warriors”.

So, she made a request to the superhero Legion to go to outer space and to the frontier of the universe that is uninhabited for thousands of light years.

Unexpectedly, her kindness was regarded as a bragging by the Legion heroes, and she was also mocked for her brain and shameless.

Harry then deliberately ran after them to “suck the river mist”, swallowing the river mist that formed the mirage.

It feels exactly the same as eating a time film.

I chased Saturn Girl, Monair, Star Young Hero, and Karate Kid battered and exhausted for a whole light-year.

According to Harley’s “forgiving and generous” character, she planned to chase after them crying and crying, but the movement she made was too loud, and the scene was like an antimatter cloud invading the universe. , the higher civilizations of the entire universe were alarmed.

Harry stopped regressfully.

“Saturn Girl, I’ve been calling you, why not answer?”

After Saturn Girl rendezvous with the super Legion main force, she slapped her back and the “wicked” complained first.

“You’re not dead?” The Saturn girl was stunned.

“You’re hilarious when you practice cultivation techniques to kill yourself, aren’t you?” Harley lightly said with a smile.

“You called me before? We called you dozens of times, but there was no signal or response.” The Saturn girl said.

“Well, I don’t know,” said Harry.

“What did you do, why did the universe disappear?” said the universe boy seriously.

“Boomβ€”” From the direction of the boundary of the universe, there was a sound as if a rubber band was being tightened and loosened.

A vacuum environment can’t transmit sound, but it appears in the vicinity of Star Domain everyone’s ears.

Then, the starry sky, which was crumpled into a large sheet of paper, and the scenery blurred by the folds, was re-tightened and spread out into a flat picture.

Then everyone was surprised to find that Harry, who was wearing a super Legion protective suit, was standing in front of the spaceship – the very edge of the original folded starry sky.

Actually, she stood there and didn’t move at all. The swallowed universe was completely gone, empty, completely gone, including space.

There is no space, and naturally there is no distance.

The universe in the 31st century is forcibly less than one light-year of space.

But in fact, Harley’s eighth defense skill barely increased from Level 4 60% to Level 5 15%, and the ‘discomfort’ of Time River was reduced by 70% (at Level 4, it was 50% lower).

Even if you swallow the entire 31st century universe, swallow the river all the way from the upper reaches of the river, drain the river all the way, until the ‘now’ of Earth 2, it is estimated that you will not be able to upgrade the expertise to Level 8.

As for level 9.

Harry estimates that she has to turn into a time bug and drink dozens or hundreds of time rivers.

Terrifying just thinking about it, what a sin!

Harry was a little worried, because at this time, her Mother River Defense Specialty was stuck, and she couldn’t upgrade.

“Who are you and what have you done?”

Hundreds of ships nearby, firing hundreds of alien languages at her, hundreds of Language has the same meaning.

“I’m a guest of the ‘Galactic League’ superhero Legion. If you want to know anything, please ask Legion. There are too many of you to answer one after another.”

Harry said something, those fleets actually made way for her to safely board the superhero Legion’s patrol ship.

“I practiced the cultivation technique, which caused thousands of avenues to fall under me, and the universe collapsed because of this.”

Under the watchful eyes of the heroes, I watched the video of the alien ship in the vicinity. In the middle, Harry has his hands on his back, his robe is fluttering, his hair is shawl, and there are only two strands of hair on his forehead.

Everyone who saw her had a “this is the Grandmaster” feeling.

Her words were like bragging, but what just happened, everyone saw.

Without using any technological weapons, she has left a large chunk of the universe missing by her own power.

“This doesn’t match your strength in Earth 0.” Brainiac 5 doubted.

“Why should I come to the frontier of the universe?” Harry asked without answering.

The karate boy immediately said: “You said you want to investigate the reality of the universe.”

He looked suspicious, and the expressions of the heroes changed slightly.

Harry asked again: “Val, what did I teach you before coming here?”

The karate boy looked thoughtful and said: “You say that cultivation is to cultivate the mind, and cultivation is to know oneself. , the process of recognizing the essence of the world.

Only by knowing yourself and the world can you resonate with the world and achieve the Martial Arts Saint Realm of sympathy between heaven and man.”

“So, you understand? ‘ said Halle profound mystery.

The karate boy said blankly: “Master, you resonate with the universe, let thousands of avenues acknowledge allegiance, and the void collapses because of this?”

Harry gently nodded, “Before entering this world, I I have discussed with you about the true and false of fantasy. Your world is certainly not a phantom, but it is not a physical universe.”

“We are the future of Earth 2.” Saturn girl excitedly said.

“The future is an illusion!” Harry sighed.

“We are not Phantoms, how does Phantom provide you with a time bubble?” The heroes were all excited.

Harry waved her hand, lightly said with a smile: “Did I just stop talking, your world is not a phantom.”

“What is the result of your research?” Leignac 5frowned.

“The antimatter universe is made of antimatter, and the positive matter universe is made of positive matter. I call your universe the ‘time mother river universe’, which is composed of the power of the time mother river.

Did you notice, you and the lord of time, the lord of time. All those who invent time-traveling machines live in a world above time.

You live in the world of the mother river of time, no matter where In terms of law and energy, it is easier to develop a time machine.

Just like the submarine invented by the Atlanteans of seabed is more advanced.”

This time the heroes were not excited. Refuting, but showing the color of thinking.

A few people were obviously persuaded and looked at her with admiration.

“Even if we’re not a purely physical universe, how can you collapse a chunk of the starry sky?” Brainiac 5 asked.

“If you practice the “89 Arcane Art” taught by me diligently, and wait for the Great Accomplishment of the immortal golden body, you can also use your ‘real body’ to break through this relatively illusory world.” Harley Talking nonsense with a solemn expression.

It’s hard to say how much the heroes believed, but at this time, the eyes looking towards the karate boy became extremely eager.

89 Arcane Art on him!

“This kind of experiment is too dangerous, and our universe has suffered a lot of trauma.” The universe boy said sternly.

Harry pointed to the Saturn girls, “They made a promise to me, and if there is a problem, they will solve it.” Before making Gong Gong”, the conversation of several people was played again.

Including several people whispering bad things about her behind her back.

“Saturn girl, you are Captain” the universe boy sighed.

“Iβ€”” The Saturn girl was very embarrassed and remorseful.

Under the condemned gazes of the heroes and the condemnation of thousands of aliens in the vicinity, she lowered her head and said in frustration, “It’s all my fault, I’m too rude, Too arrogant.”

“Gu dong gu dong.” A series of bubbles popped out of the jar of the second ‘cheeky’ defense expertise.

Continued to increase volume by 15%, now Level 5 is 65%!

This unexpected surprise made Harry almost laugh out loud.

Although I don’t understand what the Saturn girl is confessing, is she talking ‘senior’ behind her back, or for a missing piece of the universe?

But she knew it was an opportunity.

“I’m not qualified to teach others, but Valdisciple, is it a hero’s act to pass the responsibility on to your companions?”

“I was wrong, master!”tone barely fell , the Karate Kid cried out in frustration.

But he was happy, but the experience jar only increased by 8%.

On the other hand, the other two kept their heads down and silently provided 25%, and their cheeky defense was almost Level 6.

Two days later, Martial Arts Grandmaster Halle, who became a guest of honor from various civilizations in the 31st century, was invited to give ten consecutive Martial Arts lectures.

Until the time bubble is complete.

(end of this chapter)

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