I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 717


Chapter 717 The Last Crusade: Two Ways

Earth 0 Time February 17, 2015, Harley from Earth 2 The fifth day of the 31st century back.

Earth 2, a barren wasteland called “Death Valley”.

In the flat and wide valleys, hundreds of heroes gather to make final preparations for the upcoming expedition.

Five time bubbles, one time ball, a golden time travel spaceship, and seven time machines parked in the middle of the valley.

In their periphery, two Flashes, one old and one young, are turning into two lightning bolts, one gold, one red, and two cosmic treadmills that are placed side by side but in opposite directions.

The valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides, among the low and desolate hills, an old man wife is saying goodbye.

The old superman is still strong and straight, and the red cloak flutters in the wind like a flag.

But at a glance, his hair is half white.

Louis lost her youthful body-building S-shape. Her waist was not too thick, but she lost her waist. Her hair could be dyed jet black, and the obvious wrinkles on her face could not be concealed.

But Superman with super vision still stared at that face, as if he couldn’t see enough.

Louise is also like a young girl who is in love with her husband, “I’m very scared, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again, can I go with you?”


“I think so too, but I can’t do that. There is a battle waiting for us in the land of the origin of time, and I don’t want you to be involved in it.” The old superman said seriously.

“I love you and don’t want to lose you.” Louise’s expression was inexplicably sad, “I don’t know why, I think I might lose you completely this time.”

“I would like to You swear, we will never be separated.” Old Superman confidently said with a smile.

“Ai, I wish you could take off the cloak and take me back to Smallwell now.” Louise murmured softly.

“You can wait for me in Smallwell, and I’ll go there to find you when I get back, but now I can’t give up my responsibilities no matter what.” the old superhuman said.

“I know, I’ll just say it.” Louise smiled wryly, “I had the awareness to face this situation as early as when I married you. It’s the same way, but today-“

“Today is no different from the past, I will definitely come back.” Superman lowered his head and used a kiss to soothe his wife’s worries.

“Wait for me to come back.” Finally, Superman rose into the sky and joined the team of heroes at the bottom of the valley.

“Please. Please come back, come back to me.” Louise felt an inexplicable sadness in her heart, and she burst into tears in an instant.

“Madam, are you alright?” At this moment, a bare head stuck out from behind the rock, like a peeled egg.

“Luther?” Louise, who was squatting on the ground and crying, turned her head and exclaimed.

Dressed like the bald head of a golden saint, he emerged from behind the rock with an embarrassed expression, “It’s me, Alexander Kent, you interviewed me at the last UN General Assembly.”

“Why are you so old? You were a teenager before, but now you are a middle age person of forty years old.” Louise wondered.

“In order to save Earth 0’s Flash, I gave him part of my life.” Alexander recounted the old Barry’s aging and recovery.

“Oh, you’re such a poor and respectable child.” Louise said with pity in her eyes and a gentle tone.

Alexander said with a smile: “This is my mission.”

Louis felt more and more pitiful for him, and her expression became more loving, “child, you were hiding behind a stone before. Is it? Clark didn’t even find you.”

“I am also a power user, I deliberately avoided him, he couldn’t hear my heartbeat.” Alexander said.

“But why are you hiding?” Louise wondered.

She wasn’t at all worried that he would hurt herself.

On the contrary, every time she sees him, she has an inexplicable closeness – the same feeling as Earth 0 Louise.

She also found that his attitude towards her, the way he looked at her, and the tone of his speech also revealed very closeness and love.

“I don’t know.” Alexander lowered his eyes, his expression darkened, “Maybe, I want to meet you, this time, my biological mother is Louise Lane, your Earth 3 counterpart.

However, I have absolutely no impression of her.

But my adoptive mother is also Lois Lane, Lois of Earth 0, she is very nice to me and raises me By the age of 12, the real time spent together is no more than a month.

I miss her so much, but I have no chance to say goodbye to her.

I feel that you and her are almost the same person, just living together At different ages, I just want to come and see you secretly.

Seeing you crying, I can’t helpβ€”oh!”

Old Louise walked over to him, Touching his face gently, comforted: “child, you will come back safely, it won’t be long before the infinite Earth crisis is over, you can be happy and be with your adoptive mother forever.”

Alexander’s heart With a wry smile, no matter whether you win or lose this time, you will never be able to come back.

“Madam, I remember you.” He suddenly raised his head, there seemed to be twinkling stars in the depths of his pupils, and his tone was extremely solemn, as if making a promise under an oath: “I promise, you will be able to do it again. Reunited with your husband and live together forever.”

Old Louise just thought he was blessing her, so she also said with a smile: “So do you.”

In When Alexander said goodbye to the ‘old mother’, a normal-sized green robe ghost appeared among the crowd.

“The antimatter universe has completely disappeared, and we have done useless work.” Hal Jordan said sadly: “During this time, we broadcast crisis information to the universe, and hundreds of civilizations rushed to the center of the antimatter universe. Ward, where hundreds of billions of life gather.

But everything we do is worthless Final Struggle, the red fog comes from all directions, the last planet of the antimatter universe, Kowad, It also became part of the energy.

Only the bearer and some of the refugees who arrived earlier, traveled with me to Earth 0 Oua, and the rest of life died. The speed of the crisis spread was too fast to transfer. “

The ghost loudly said: “Now is not the time to be sad, the day when the anti-matter universe disappears completely, is when the anti-monitor is ready, and it is also the deadline for your departure.

The Anti-Monitor has completely left this era and went to the origin of time.

I can feel that he is trying to change the ’cause’ of everything there, and the ‘effect’ of everything must eventually change with it. .

The specific performance is the rewriting of reality.

You mortals can’t even notice.”

Da Chaodao: “Superheroes and supercriminals give up their disputes, work with a common purpose, and jointly formed a super legion of 385 people, which can be set off immediately.”

“It’s strange that there are so many people in the expedition force that many people do not need to participate.” Outside the crowd, hundreds of people Terman whispered to Harry.

Harry squinted at him and the little Robin next to him, “Like you?”

Robin argued, “Didn’t you call us here? The ghost also Ask as many people as possible.”

Ivy, who was covered in ion shark battle clothes, patted him on the head and said, “We’re afraid you guys will disappear for nothing.”

Battman Seriously: “The order to let all heroes and criminals join the expedition comes from Ghost and Alexander. They seem to have reached a tacit understanding.

Have you noticed that the ghosts are not here without the people of Alexandria? As the commander-in-chief, he is solely responsible for the expedition of the origin of time.

He said that he does not need us, he can handle everything by himself.

It can be learned from his actual actions Look, he actually wants us all to follow him to the place where time originated.”

“His pride is his character, and his gathering of heroes must be related to his mission.” Although Harry is guessing , the tone is very sure.

“What mission?”

“I don’t know, but it’s clear now that the ghost is the boss of the expedition, Alexander is the recognized ‘mentor’, they are one civil and One military, Martial Fusion and, invincible in the whole world, let them toss.” Harley sighed.

“Don’t you do nothing?” Bateman frowned.

Harry indifferently said: “First of all, she has strong spiritual power, a stubborn temper, and 80% of the time she has the mission of heaven, so I can’t influence him.

Secondly, about the origin of time. In fact, I have only recently learned a little about modifying reality, and I can’t be a mentor, nor can I be the boss.

I like to be the boss, but there is a premise that I am qualified.

In this situation, I obviously can’t be your boss.

Finally, preemptive strikes are a strategy, and late strikes, adapting to changes, and adapting to changes without change is also a choice.”

Bateman was silent.

In the center of the team, the ghost has begun to arrange a detailed crossing plan: “Half of you, you can follow me to the place where time originated and stop the anti-monitor.

The other half You should go to the moment when the multiverse was born, which is the day when Crona, the scientist of Oa, observed the origin of the universe.

You need to go to the star of Martus, find Crona who is preparing for the experiment, and stop him to destroy his equipment.”

“Why is that? You never told us before that you would go to Crona.” Everyone asked in surprise.

“I won’t say it now?” Spiritual eyes widened, and his voice was loud: “Originally, our world only had a mother universe with an extremely strong origin, and this single universe state lasted for four years. A billion years, until Croner observed the origin of the universe.

He saw the process of creating the Star River forged by the hand of creation, which stimulated the Universe Source to split the unique universe into countless numbers, becoming The multiverse now.

Now the Anti-Monitor goes to the place where time originated.

According to history, when Croner observes the origin of the universe again, he will see his hand, alone From that moment, a universe split into an antimatter multiverse according to his will.”

‘Secret Society’s second leader’ Luther was also drawn into the team, hearing this at this time, could not help but wonder: “From the creation of the world By this time, the timeline has undergone two changes, one is the ‘true origin point’ of the unique universe, and the other is the ‘second origin point’ of the multiverse in the middle.

It stands to reason that the opposite is true. The watchers have all gone to the first origin, why not change the reality directly from there?

The unique universe will be turned into the unique antimatter universe. After that, no matter whether Crona observes the origin or not, the world will be It’s his.”

The people around were also looking at the ghost.

The ghost opened his mouth, but couldn’t explain, he could only fiercely scolded: “Mortal, do as I say, don’t ask all sorts of questions.

Of course I have reasons, but It’s about the creation of the multiverse, I can’t say it for three days and three nights, even if it’s three days and three nights, you can understand what I said?”

Harry was looking thoughtful, when Zha Kang leaned over , touched her arm with his shoulder, and chuckled, “Do you know the reason?”

Harry immediately pointed at him and shouted, “Constantine knows what the Anti-Monitor is afraid of!”

Zha Kang froze when he lit his cigarette, “Fake!”

(end of this chapter)

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