I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 718


Chapter 718 Things go in a strange direction again

“Afraid? The Anti-Monitor is not in the real Time Origin Change Reality, is it because of fear? What is he afraid of?” Luther asked repeatedly.

“Shut up!” The ghost loudly shouted, flickering, and instantly came to Ha Li and Zha Kang, one in each hand, grabbed their arms, and jumped into the small dimension that was cut off from outside prying eyes.

“Are you crazy? Mention his name at a critical moment when the ‘Third Origin Point’ is about to be born. Do you want him to be resurrected in the ‘Third Era’ of the multiverse?!” The ghost reprimanded road.

“The Third Origin Point, the Third Era.” Even if Harley had a hunch, the complexion slightly changed when she heard the exact news, “Boss Ghost, what is the plan of Heaven? Aren’t you complicit with the monitor?”

The ghost was stunned, realizing that he had missed the point, he couldn’t help flying into a rage out of humiliation, and roared in Harry’s ear with a loud thunderous voice: ” Don’t judge him! I’m talking to you about the existence that cannot be said, cannot be thought, and cannot be remembered.”

“Calm down, boss ghost, calm down!” Harry raised his hand to block the two of them. In between, he said calmly: “I have clearly spoken to him, turned the subject away, and controlled my thoughts not to say, not to think, nor to recall that existence.

Don’t be so loud. Remind me, let me talk, think, and remember Him.”

The ghost’s face was also twisted and deformed like a mortal, and the powerful God’s power in his body was almost unstoppable and about to burst out.

“Constantine, you are a calamity, I should completely annihilate you.” He turned his gaze to Zha Kang with a cigarette in his mouth and a smile on his face.

“Bah~~” Zha Kang spit out a cigarette butt at him, and raised his middle finger, “Come on, come and annihilate me! I am willing to sacrifice myself and pull God into the ranks of ‘born sinful mortals’. .”

In Christian doctrine, mortals are born with original sin, so they need to seek salvation from the Lord.

There are only ‘one and a half’ mortals who do not have any original sin.

One is Jesus, Son of God, and half is Holy Mother Mary.

The ghost is the incarnation of God at this time. If he kills someone out of anger, he will also kill the “superhero” Constantine who has no major sins and a little merit.

There is no doubt that God will bear sin.

Actually, according to God’s teachings, even sinners cannot be killed casually, but should be influenced and redeemed.

If God was sinful, he ceased to be God and fell into the original sin of mortal man.

At least, according to God’s own teachings.

At this moment, the ghost’s teeth were creaking, and he could only stare at Zha Kang, oppressing him with an angry imposing manner, but did not dare to actually kill.

Zha Kang shrugged, took out the silk card and Zippo lighter, and lit another one for himself, “Don’t stare at me, I don’t want anything from your God, let alone heaven. I’m half a craving.

I’m not like some people who want to get a lot of merit points, and they don’t even want to lick their faces.”

The head of the Christ Salvation Corps who wants to make meritorious deeds —Harry, gave him a death star, rubbing his teeth lightly.

Zha Kang continued to say: “I stand a thousand miles on the wall, and if I have no desires, I will be rigid. You can’t threaten me at all.

I can say whatever I want, and I can do whatever I want.

This is the rules, the rules of the game you make.

You can use the rules to shepherd the world and play with the destiny of the world, and I can also use the rules to make you unhappy. But I can’t help it.”

As he spoke, Zha Kang also blew a smoke ring at the ghost.

The ghost’s expression gradually calmed down, letting the smoke ring expand, flying over with his head covered, his eyes cold as ice.

“Are you angry?” Harry gave Zha Kang a sideways glance.

“Hey, the third origin point, the third era. Don’t tell me, you have no fire in your heart.” Zha Kang pointed fingers at the ghost’s face with his cigarette in his hand, “From this guy’s public From the beginning of my appearance, I guessed that God is going to extend a big black hand to the world again. The black-hearted thing still has the face to call itself a savior.”

“Constantine, I will not kill you, but you Dare to humiliate me, defile heaven, slander God, you will be punished, I swear!” The ghost coldly said.

“Humph~~~” Zha Kang sneered, dismissing his threat.

Harry smiled and asked, “Boss Ghost, what does my lord want to do? It’s about to go out, can you tell me?”

Even Constantine saw it Anything, and she herself is no exception.

The ghost raised his chin slightly, and said in a straight voice: “God wants to save the world! Without God, the world will be destroyed, it’s that simple.

Don’t conspiracy theories, don’t put Simple things are complicated.

Especially you, as the head of the Christ Salvation Corps, take the lead in trusting the Lord, do a unified thought work for everyone, and trust the Lord and me together.”

Harry also wanted to give him a middle finger and blow a smoke ring.

But her performance in the Infinite Earth Crisis is related to the ultimate merit point income, and she can’t be ‘not guaranteed’.

It’s not too late to scold him for being a bloodbath when he gets the merit.

Harry was angry, holding back her discomfort. She turned her head and caught sight of Zhakang, who was sneering at her. With anger, she grabbed the cloak on his body and said to the ghost, “Twenty thousand. Meritorious, I’ll beat him up.”

Zha Kang started, shouting, “Isn’t it?!”

The ghost started, approvingly, and shook his head lightly.

——This is agreed, but the price is too expensive?

Haley guessed in her heart, and then said again: “Boss, due to the recent crisis, labor costs in the United States have risen, and the Manhattan port is full of containers, and no drivers are willing to work.

Beating people is much harder than being a truck driver, so I’ll make a box lunch, 18,000, which can’t be less.”

The ghost continued to shake his head.

Harry let go of Zhakang, “Forget it.”

The ghost face changed, his eyes were sharp, his mind sounded transmission: “Idiot, I don’t think it’s expensive, I think it’s too expensive. The price is low, I will offer 2 million. For those who have merited 20,000, hurry up and give me 100 copies.”

Harry immediately turned around, grabbed Zhakang’s arm tightly, and said seriously, “John, let’s ten Friends for many years, shouldn’t we share the blessings?”

“What do you mean?” Zha Kang’s heart trembled.

“It’s just that I have met ‘Fu’ now, and I want to share it with you on 1/4/2022, do you want it?” Harry asked.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I swear to God, I’m not kidding.”

“This” Zha Kang hesitated, “what’s the benefit? Take it out and take a look.”

“The merits of the ghost boss will be divided into 1/4/2022, bear with it.” Harry punched him in the nose.

“Bang-ka!” A crisp cracking sound came from the bridge of Zha Kang’s nose.

“ao~~” He burst into tears and nosebleeds.

“Blessings and misfortunes are the same. Come on, John, you also punched me, fair and just. For the sake of merit, let’s fight!”

Harry didn’t know where to get it. She took out a phase gun and stuffed it into Zha Kang’s hand, “You are weak and weak, so you can use a gun.”

Then, she turned her head to the stunned ghost and said, “Boss, I just messed around. Talking will definitely make you feel unhappy. Now, you can get double the happiness for a piece of money.”

The ghost pupil shrink, murmuring: “Mad, you little lunatic.”

Zha Kang looked at her full of smiles face, looked horrified, and exclaimed: “Did you suddenly enter a dying transformation, a change in cognition and mind, and start a psychopath?”

“Boom—” Harry punched him again, giving him a panda eye, “Hurry up and shoot me!”

“biu—” Zhakang’s eye blisters were about to burst. Annoyed, he immediately raised his hand and shot an energy beam at her.

“Gudong gudong.” Several big bubbles popped out of the experience jar.

——This guy has a lot of resentment!

Happy and annoyed, Harry gave him another fiercely.

“pēng pēng pēng ——biubiubiu——”

“Lay on Hands!” holy light descended, helping Zha Kang, who was paralyzed on the ground, heal his injuries.

Then continue, “pēng pēng pēng ——biubiubiu——”

After repeating this several times, the level 80 experience jar actually increased by 30%, plus the previous ‘Spy During the war, the experience gained from the anti-prisoner king is almost 8 Level 1.

But Zakang has no experience.

Just as Harry was about to end with regret, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a ghost with a pale face and a stunned expression on the side. With a move in his heart, he grabbed Zha Kang’s gun, turned the power up a notch, and handed it to him. , said seriously: “Boss Ghost, you are the spirit of vengeance, please feel the anger in Constantine’s heart, and replace him with me.”

“You lunatic!” dignified God The spirit of vengeance, the lips are starting to tremble at this moment.

It’s true that the ghost is a vengeful spirit, but his main consciousness is a cop who was betrayed by a stranger, Jim Corrigan.

The state is somewhat similar to that of Shazam, but with greater spiritual restraint than Shazam.

Shazam can also sand sculpture, and the power of Shazam has very little impact on Bassent.

Corrigan was like a penitent stick, his spirit and mind are always calibrated by the spirit of vengeance.

Even if the thinking is calibrated, the ghost retains at least 60 human nature, so he likes to pretend, so he helps his old friend Fate Academician to get through the back door, so he agrees to buy Harley with 2 million merits, so he sees Harley at this time. ‘Insanity’, will be shocked, even terrified.

The ghost Avatar, the god, is very human, much like a mortal with the power of God.

“Boss, 2 million merit points, 200 times, if you give up halfway, you are a bastard.” Halle sound transmission.

The ghost was angry and really felt the resentment in Constantine’s heart. Two flames of revenge were lit in his eyes, and he raised his hand and shot her.


“gudonggudong.” The experience jar was boiling.

What a great resentment!


Maybe 8Level 2 today.

Harry thought elated.

The ghost aggressive, with Harley and Zhakang disappearing suddenly, the heroes and criminals began to wait and watch quietly, but after waiting for a while, the three did not show up, they were either anxious or laughing and discussing spiritedly.

“Where did they go?”

“Probably Spatial Teleportation to somewhere, the ghost is teaching Demonness Halle and Constantine.” Grandmaster with Earth 0, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“What is the first point of origin, why are the anti-monitors afraid, and the ghost has such a big reaction?”

“It should be God, where God created the world, and only time Begin.”

“If God created the world at the first point of origin, the anti-monitor would not dare to change his reality in the past, but it makes sense. But there is no need for the ghost to stop Constantine from telling the truth. .”

“Perhaps, it is an unexplainable and unknowable dark existence, similar to the little black beans of the year.” A Grandmaster looked thoughtful and said.

“Constantine knows the secret!” A dark magic Grandmaster said sullenly: “When this crisis is over, find an opportunity to pry open his mouth.”

“His mouth Yan, the last time a god and demon offered a high price to ask him about the secret from the origin wall, he also remained unmoved at all.”

“If he can’t open his mouth, he will open his ass drum and see what he chooses. Which one.”

“Demoness Harley also knows secrets,” someone said.

The black mage turned pale, looked around like a thief, and said in a low voice, “You are crazy, you dare to plan Demoness Harley in public?

You dislike it yourself. Life is too long to die, but what if there is a misunderstanding and implicated me?”

The man was in a hurry before, “Don’t slander me, I’m just stating the facts, you are misinterpreting my meaning.

Actually, I love Admiral Wuhuan, adore her, admire her, adore her.

I warn you, whoever dares to plot against her will be irreconcilable and absolutely irreconcilable. ”


(end of this chapter)

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