I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 720


Chapter 720 Hefei University of Science and Technology and Hefei Science and Technology Academy

“shit, what are you doing?!”

“Harry, don’t ruin the time bubble.”

Harry’s abrupt, flamboyant and flamboyant behavior shocked and frightened her fellow shipmates.

“Boom!” Harry pulled his head out again, her eyes were blurry and her head was a little dizzy.

“How did you do it? Stick your head out of the solid time film.” Brainiac 5 in the driver’s seat was shocked.

“After the time film enters the river of time, it will fuse with the ‘river water’. If you can enter the river of time, you can naturally pass through the time film.” Harry said in a flat tone.

“Can you fleshy body into the river of time? The river of time erodes all things, and no one should be able to enter it.” Brainiac 5 said frantically.

“You don’t think of The Flash as a human being? They are like two ‘meteor pegasus’, pulling our time to run on the ‘river’.”

“They are physically The watch is wrapped in the speed force, and it is also vibrating at a high frequency, and it is not the flesh and blood that enters the river of time.” The green-skinned boy said.

“Who said I was flesh and blood?”

“Oh, you used God to descend to earth.” Most of the heroes in the same boat suddenly realized, “Ai, God’s power is really powerful .”

Harry hesitated for a while, but decided to give the pot to Manhattan Academician.

“It’s not that God descended, I once absorbed the power of Manhattan. The Manhattan Academician can span time and exist at every point on the timeline at the same time. Are you afraid of the erosion of the river of time?”

“Well, that’s right.” This time everyone believed.

“Harry, what did you see outside?” Ivy said curiously.

“Seeing time rewinding fast, like watching a slideshow. I can’t see the details, I can only see an outline. It’s 300 million years ago, and the dinosaurs disappeared.”

Speaking of which, Harry stuck out his head again, and arched his body outwards. In the end, only two slender legs were left hanging on the dome of the transparent time film.

Although the time film is transparent, they can’t see her outside body inside, they can only see the vast white light.

Harry crawled outside and opened her mouth to meet the ‘water’ of the river of time, “Ah-“

and the one who stuck her head out of the window on the train It felt almost the same, the wind poured into the mouth hard.

However, drinking the wind by train has no effect on the world outside the window. At this time, Harry put his head into the river of time to drink water, but he nibbled a neat dotted line in the surging river.

As if the incisors were pressed against the cheese strips, as the head moved laterally, the incisors rubbed a small groove on the surface of the cheese.

This way of gnawing the river of time has the least impact.

It’s not like that day in the 31st century, standing on the river, drinking up the river in this section of the river.

The rivers run dry and the world ends.

There is only one line missing now, the impact on Earth 2. Should be minimal, right?

The River of Time in Earth 2 is also a “wonderful river”.

It was worn into a sieve by a group of people such as the 31st century, the Lord of Time, the King of Time, etc. It was riddled with holes, but Earth 2 seemed to dance and dance, horses ran, and nothing happened.

Therefore, they deliberately chose Earth 2’s River of Time as the road for their expedition to the origin of time.

“Gudonggudong.” By about 5 billion years ago, Earth had long since disappeared, and at the eighth time, the upgrade tank of Mother River Defense Specialty was overflowing, from Level 5 15% to Level 6.

Harry was happy and continued to open her mouth, “Ahhh~~~”

Earth is disappeared, she has no time frame of reference, I don’t know how long it has passed, Level 6 experience jar At 30%, she felt like someone pinched her feet a few times.

Harry retracted the time bubble, only to see that Ivy was pulling her boots.

“What’s the matter?”

“We are about to enter the ‘Second Time Origin Point’, and the time-travelling machine of the King of Time will leave the army.”

“Now is 10 billion years ago?”

The universe is 14 billion years old, and 4 billion years ago, it was the only universe; then Croner, the scientist of the little blue man, observed the origin of the universe, which led to the unique and unmatched The universe split into innumerable, multiverses formed and lasted for 10 billion years.

“Time travel is almost over,” Brainiac 5 said.

“Boomβ€”” The time bubble vibrated slightly, then stabilized again.

“The King of Time left with the criminals of the secret society. If all goes well, we will pick them up at this point when we return,” he added.

Harry frowned: “If Luthor and the others succeeded in preventing the little blue man from observing the origin of the universe, the multiverse was not born, and the state of the unique universe has always been maintained, which would also be equivalent to changing history, modifying the cause, and distorting reality.

The existing five universes may all disappear.”

“This” Brainiac 5’s green face wrinkled, “This is the arrangement of the ghost, in fact I’m also very confused, and I want to ask you for advice.

The ghost is the big supporter of the Christ Salvation Corps and your immediate boss, you don’t know his plan?”

“Kent, You’ve been a ghost friend for many years.” Halle turned to Fate Academician.

“Nab seems to know something, but I don’t understand.” Fate Academician shook his head.

Hali sighed then said, “Obviously, the bosses have no plans. We are weak and we can’t resist. We can only try our best to be ourselves.”

Bateman asked: “We are in the Earth 2 timeline, but the Guardians are in Earth 0, can the King of Time find the Martus planet?

I remember the Guardian saying that they are unique and unmatched, unaffected by restart, infinite parallel universe, only the main universe has Oua.”

Harry said: “The current Martus star is probably hidden in a remote corner of Earth 0 by the little blue man. , but the goal of the super criminal is the planet of Martus tens of billions of years ago.

It is neither in Earth 2 nor Earth 0. At that time, the universe was not divided, there was only one Primitive Universe, and there was no Earth. 0, 1, 2, etc. universes.

If I’m not mistaken, the Time King’s vehicle will enter the end of the river of time in the unique universe, the eve of the opening of the multiverse, which is the ‘second Β·The origin of time’.

The beginning of time of Earth 0 and Earth 2 will end at that point.

The end of the unique universe is the beginning of the multiverse.”

“I suddenly thought of a question.” Aquaman wondered: “Earth 0 and Earth 2 universes both have a history of 14 billion years, and now it’s only 10 billion years ago, and the time line is gone. At the end, did the earlier 4 billion years really exist?”

Harry’s eyes flashed lightly and said, “Our Earth 0 universe just restarted once more than 20 years ago.


Theoretically, it is only 20 years old, but whether it is the age of the universe observed by scientists, or the lifespan of the immortal species of Wonder Woman and Guardian, it is far more than 20 years old.”

β€œ Not to mention the Longevity, Superman and I are almost thirty, shouldn’t they exist in theory? There are also Watchmen and Manhattan Academicians, if they came from the omnipotent universe, is their history in our memory false? “Aquaman frowned.

“Xiaobu, what’s going on?” Harry looked towards the cheap recipe.

Brainiac 5 shook his head with a wry smile, “Although I invented the time bubble, I don’t know much about the super-time flow. If it weren’t for you to verify it yourself, we would have even misjudged the existence of the 31st century. .”


Fate Academician’s golden helmet lit up, “Harry, I’m not quite clear either, why don’t you stick your head out again and take a look What is the difference between the earlier 4 billion years and the actual 10 billion years after that?”

Harry did what she said, leaving only her calves dangling outside, sitting on the bubble.

“Hey, it’s really different.”

Harry was startled, the time was still running backwards, and various scenes were played in front of her like a slideshow, which was the same as before.

But the river of time, which had given her a hazy feeling, was now much thinner and more illusory.

It was like a thick fog before, but now the fog is gone, leaving only moist air.

“Ahhh~~” She opened her mouth and “try” herself.

Very dull.


In the experience jar, the small bubbles are almost invisible, and the time for digestion and absorption in the stomach is greatly reduced.

“This is a ‘false’ timeline!” Harry realized.

A super-time stream is the sum of countless timelines.

The time lines of all the universes in the Wantian Instrument add up to only an insignificant fraction of the super-time stream.

Except for the timelines projected by the material universe, more timelines in the super-time stream have no material basis.

Harry retracted her head into the time bubble and said to the heroes: “The river of time outside is just a shadow. Every restarted universe, no matter how old it is, has a complete 14 billion-year universe. History.

Only the time period after the restart is a river of time filled with surging water.

Before the restart to the place where time originated, there is a dotted line from the result to the cause. β€”β€”There is a river, but there is no water in the river, only a thin layer of water vapor.

From now to the future, it should be more empty, the water vapor is dry like a desert, only slightly more than the ‘vacuum outside the river of time’ ‘Void Realm is better.

Of course, the Great Thousand Worlds, there are countless wonderful things, there is also a 31st century kind of rainy day, a small beach appears on the concrete.

Well, Earth 2 is a strange flower. It seems that he can’t hold back his urine. Standing at the end of the 20th century, he left little water stains ahead. In addition to the 31st century, which urinated farthest, there are also the 22nd and 27th centuries, the power of the mother river of time. ‘The world of construction.”

“Master, your metaphorβ€”” Brainiac 5 blushed, embarrassed and annoyed.

Harry pointed to the people who suddenly realized, “Isn’t this metaphor vivid?”

“Vivid, but.” Da Chao was also a little embarrassed.

“I’m about to reach my destination, I’ll take a step ahead.”

At this moment, Alexander’s voice sounded in the time bubble communicator.

“Where are you going?”

“The Anti-Monitor is in the time origin of the anti-matter universe, and we are about to enter the anti-matter universe, so I have to arrive before you to Guarantee that you can get my positive material energy protection when you enter.” Alexander said.

“hahaha” Harley couldn’t help laughing, “Isn’t the king of anti-prison a bullshit, do you want to defy the heavens and change the fate in the place of origin? How to shrink to the origin of time in the anti-matter universe? Is it the land?

Although they are both places of origin of time, the gap is bigger than the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei and the Hefei Science and Technology Academy.”

Although I don’t understand “Technology” University”, Alexander also understood that she was mocking the anti-supervisor king, and could not help but seriously said: “The river of time in the unique universe is very terrifying, not to mention entering the land of origin, even ordinary rivers are extremely dangerous.

When the ghost left, there were thousands of exhortations, let’s keep our direction steady, and don’t be sucked into the river of time of the unique universe. No, it’s not the ordinary river of time, but the mother river of our multiverse.

Even the ghost is so cautious, which shows the horror of the mother river.

If the anti-monitor really goes to the source of the mother river, we don’t have to go out, he will be on the whole timeline It has been erased and disappeared from the place of origin.”

Harry suddenly asked, “Are we going to change the river?”

Brainiac 5 was stunned and said. : “According to Alexander’s arrangement, we will jump from the river of time in Earth 2 to the river of time in the antimatter universe.”

“I’ll go up and see”

Look at the mother river What does it look like.

(end of this chapter)

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