I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 728


Chapter 728 Papetua’s Hand of Creation

“Boom-” Harley and the dog Holy Son rammed together, Finally, the barrier was broken, the breath of origin assumed the senses, and the dog Holy Son froze, as if he had been hit by a petrification technique, and as if it was frozen in a capsule by time and space.

“crack crack.” The power of origin also spread rapidly upstream along the mother river of time, and the tumbling river seemed to freeze into ice, and Harry heard a few desperate wailings.

I don’t know that those unlucky bastards hang in the breath of creation.

“Plop, plop, plop.” The mother river boiled at a farther time, and countless vigorous “fish” jumped out of the river, cursing “Demoness Harley must die”, and jumped into the other side. of the river.

Well, it’s a bit like winter fishing, when the shoals of fish that are forced to the shore by trawling nets start to “jump around”.

At other times, Harry must have bowed with laughter at the battered and exhausted gods.

At this point, she yelled “God descends”, and the Level 10 linking force defense formed a circle of force field, covering the dog Holy Son as well.

“Pa!” Harry patted it on the head, stunned Yebby, shouted: “Work.”

“Go, what?” Bi was staring at the black void in front of him in horror, and his tone was a little empty.

No matter how much power he has in his body at the moment, he is a puppy under a year old, with no experience or knowledge.

Brother Jesus said he couldn’t return the bed-wetting when he was one year old!

Power and realm are not the same thing.

“If you can’t do anything, just stay here.” Harry was about to jump off its back.

“Wait, I can do a lot of things!” The dog Holy Son stepped on the void, the darkness subsided, the sun spread, the air was fresh, the earth spread underfoot

and the time of the antimatter universe Like the place of origin, originally there was only endless nothingness here. At this time, the “Power of Holy Son” formed a small and simple field.

“That’s it?” Harry said indifferently.

β€œWhat do you want to do?” Yebby asked rhetorically.

Harry raised her right hand, and the palm of her hand was in a state of scarlet coiling into a nebula.

“Boom-ka-cha!” This kind of simulated creation action strongly stimulated the real Mother of Creation (Papetua), and the void was suddenly covered with dense lightning, The enormous pressure made the dog Holy Son’s legs tremble.

“Huh” Harley raised her body, half a meter away from the dog’s back, and curiously reached out to touch the purple black lightning centered on her, “It seems to be seven kinds of Source Power, these are the seven kinds that build the universe Basic strength?”

She also felt heavy pressure.

But the level 10 link power defense has surpassed Papetua, who only has the level 9 link power.

The aura of creation here makes the dog Holy Son bend over and go weak, scares countless gods and demons in the mother river of time, and shakes the multiverse, but it is like a strong wind beating her face.

Well, although it’s “thumping”, it doesn’t hurt.

Instead, Harley is drawn to the grid of lightning that surrounds her.

Because she clearly felt the power of the sixth annotation, speed force, and emotional spectrum in it.

In addition to these three for which she has established defensive feats, there are four other forces intertwined with the first three.

Actually, in her induction, simply using the speed force to describe the “speed force” in lightning is not very complete.

The Speed Force is just one type of speed force.

The emotional spectrum, too, is incomplete.

Only the sixth comment, relatively complete, 85% complete!

Harry carefully sensed it first, and recorded the seven basic forces one after another in her heart. If she encounters it in the future, she can immediately distinguish it.

Next, she stretched out the right hand holding the scarlet energy group and inserted it directly into the lightning layer above her head.

“Stab-bang!” The seven-source lightning, which was as vast as the ocean and turbulent like a tsunami, turned Harley into a transparent human being.

Just like in a cartoon, the cartoon characters exaggeratedly express after being electrocuted, and the electrocution turns into a bright man with rays of light.

“Uh!” It was also the first time that Harley uttered a painful cry since entering the Mother River and the starting point.

“God descends, God descends, God descends Ahhhβ€””

She shouted the same word, but she turned on all the defensive specialties one after another.

Starting from the first food defense specialty, she uses the power of digestion to digest the seven sources of lightning that entered her body; she uses the second thick-skinned defense to keep her brain awake and her body freely controlled; she uses the third god force field Although I don’t know how it works, it does have some effect; the fourth ‘Sixth Annotation’ defense feat is very effective. The defense grid that resonates with the sixth emotion spectrum defense and the seventh speed force defense actually offsets part of the defense from the other four The damage from the source.

Of course, the biggest “hero” that gave Harley the opportunity to scream is still the level 10 link defense.

“Abba is on top, are you really protecting her?” The dog below, Holy Son, stared wide-eyed and stuck out half of his tongue in shock.

At the same time of shock, it also produced the same sourness, jealousy and unwillingness as Gabriel.

Yerbi didn’t want to believe that his Abba father was so partial.

But the fact is in front of her, she is facing such a “desperate situation”, and the cry she made must come from instinct.

And her dog’s eyes are not blind. She does have a supreme and holy power that seems to originate from God-the defensive power field of God’s power.

God is of course immune to all heaven and hell like Harley is.

That ability is very similar to God’s force field in expression and breath.

“Bold, how dare you change my reality!”

A woman’s giant claw stretches out from lightning in the sky, followed by violent ” The Sound of Creation”.

The hand is huge, but according to the proportions of the elbow, it should be very slender and well-proportioned, with long fingers, white and smooth skin, and purple black nails, obviously belonging to a woman.

But the fingers and nails of the palm are not sharp, but sharp and long, like claws.

The woman’s voice is not only majestic and grand, but also full of viciousness and violence.

Hearing only His voice, Yebby’s legs slumped, and he lay down on the ground, blood shone golden light from his ears, nose, mouth and eyes.

“Abba Father, you are partial-” It became more and more unbalanced in its heart, because it was so miserable, but its Harley owner yelled “God descends, Heavenly Father protects me”, and stood in the That, completely motionless, came unscathed.

Not only is it difficult to calm down, but the giants in the super-time flow are even more shocking.

“Demoness Harley can actually enter the mother river of time, she didn’t die under the scouring of the mother river?! But she is just a mortal!”

“Demoness Harley broke into It’s crazy.”

“Ah, the power of origin is really stimulated, run!”

“The god of creation is above, the unexplainable one Existence is awakened.”

“He was awakened, but Demonness Harley didn’t die, why?”

“Not only did she not die, but she reached out to him, She wants to modify his reality, am I crazy, or is the world crazy?!”

“God favors her too much, didn’t you see the dog Holy Son go in together? Obviously, this It’s heaven’s game, it’s God’s black hand.”

Harry took the big hand.

When her little hand touched the huge ‘claw hand’ in the sky, she didn’t know whether her body had grown bigger, or Papetua had become smaller, or if there was no space or no space here. The place where time, energy, and the concept of existence originate from time, so it doesn’t matter how big or small it is?

In short, her slender palms were held together with Papetua’s paws.

“Om~~~” a window suddenly appeared above the palm of the hand. As soon as Harry looked up, he could clearly see that the “next door” was an extremely sci-fi laboratory, a bald and mustache man. The little blue man stood at the window, pointed at her hand and shouted excitedly: “My experiment is successful! The observation point of the instrument has truly entered the place where time originated.

It’s the True Mother River, not just now. I guess that false timeline and false starting point of time, it is probably the projection of the real mother river.

Look, one big and one small two hands, both holding a group of stars, tight Hold tightly together, they are Goddess of creation, the Star River is forming!”


His voice fell, between the palms of Harry and Papetua Explosive terrifying energy.

Harry’s consciousness also exploded.

Too much information floods into my mind in an instant.

She seems to be forcing a 2005 color-screen Nokia to run 2022’s League of Legends.

β€”β€”Not everyone is qualified to restart the multiverse, she is not qualified.

Harry’s only thought left was to understand this matter.

In the next instant, a terrifying suction force erupted between the palms.

Reboot the most fundamental element of the universe: power.

Power is the foundation, without power, just like building a house without a foundation, all ideas are castles in the air.

Therefore, in order to restart the universe in the place of origin, the anti-prisoner king drained his anti-matter universe in advance.

Before he destroyed the wireless parallel universe, nearly 60% of the energy he earned was stored in the antimatter universe.

Even so, he was unable to restart the universe immediately due to insufficient energy, and could only wait in the place where time originated.

Wait for the expedition to come to the door, and then extract the hero’s life force, supernatural power, and “willing force of destiny”.

Use the thoughts of all beings as the final booster.

Why does the ghost insist on sending all heroes to the place where time originated?

Judging from the current results, it is definitely not for the great decisive battle with the anti-supervisor king.

Probably the ghost can’t start the “restart road” by himself, he needs the anti-prison king to start.

Just like Harley also wants the power of Manhattan, but because of morality, ability and opportunity , unable to attack the “Old Neighbor” Aunt Angela’s family, wait for the “Seventh Cavalry Regiment” and Pharaoh’s cheap daughter to plan everything, she will jump out to “punish evil and eliminate evil”, take advantage of a crisis for personal gain.

The ghost may not have the opportunity and power, but he definitely has the power to restart the universe – at the beginning of the infinite Earth crisis, just before heaven closed its doors, he was absolutely like a blow-up doll, filled with water Into the full, full of the power of God.

Just getting ready for the major event today.

So, is Harley capable of paying for a reboot?

“Ahhhβ€”” she screamed, the scarlet energy turning her arms into mist-like crystals of energy.

The terrifying suction burst out from the palm of her hand, and the antimatter energy in her belly was drawn out of her body along her arm.

Coincidentally, Halle has energy too!

She has a stomach full of antimatter energy, which she can’t use herself, but can pour into the “Hand of Creation”.

It’s like paying the price for a reboot.

“No, that’s my energy, mine!”

The “small earth house” next door, the origin of the anti-matter universe, the anti-prisoner king can’t see what’s happening in the “lobby” However, when antimatter energy entered the “Hand of Creation”, he could clearly sense it.

Because he is holding the “Poor Man’s Edition Β· Shanzhai Β· Hand of Creation” at the moment, and he is also participating in the restart.

The King and the Ghost run on one dirt track, while Harley and Papetua gallop on the other.

“Beast, that’s mine. It’s the energy I collected from the multiverse with my diligence and painstaking efforts!” .

“Hahaha, although I don’t know what Harley did, she seems to have succeeded!” Dachao excitedly said.

“It was me, I introduced that energy into Harley’s belly, and it was also my speed force that helped suppress the energy riot.” The Flash lay on the ground, excitedly said with a smile.

“Success? No way, she’s just a mortal with power, she doesn’t understand anything.” The ghost roared.

(end of this chapter)

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