I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 729


Chapter 729 God has reached out to the black hand

“Demoness Harley is just a mortal, she doesn’t know anything but the power she steals .Energy is only the basis for restarting the universe, and it is the ticket.

She has insufficient spirit strength and insufficient willpower, her thinking cannot keep up with the evolution speed of the world, and she cannot process countless information. She is just blind Trouble.

She can’t do anything but ruin the big picture.

She’s an idiot, and if she’ll cooperate with me obediently and honestly, I’ll make it happen.”

The ghost who proudly declared that “without the help of heroes, can rely on the strength of oneself pulling strongly against a crazy tide”, roared in anger.

Theoretically, he was right.

Restarting the universe is countless times simpler than creating the world, but it is still not something that Harley can participate in now.

She didn’t even understand the Universe Principle.

Comprehend the Universe Principle and become a Grandmaster; printing the law into the sea of law, that is, letting the universe accept its own law, is for the Spiritual God.

The Spiritual God wizard will pass after After countless years of cultivation, when the Divine King began to formulate rules, he initially contacted the secret of creation.

Change Harry to Divine King Odin, Divine King Zeus, Naboo King Even if the neon Divine King Amaterasu of the third-rate god system, the ghost and the anti-prisoner king will be defeated, simply collapsed on the first encounter.

Of course, with Odin and Zeus, they wouldn’t dare approach the starting point of the Mother River, let alone break into the place of origin.

If it was replaced by their current situation in Harley, it would immediately become ashes.

Unfortunately, Harley has strong defense and high resistance, and is immune to the damage of the power of connection and the seven basic powers, but she really knows nothing about the secret of creation.

The realm is too low.

She’s not even a Grandmaster, so far away from the Divine King.


Harry looked like a mad woman, her eyes popped, her mouth opened wide, her seven orifices bleeding, and she screamed wildly.

Her hand was with Papetuaβ€”Papetua didn’t slap her to death with the other hand.

Because he is just an afterimage of time at the moment, the body is being sealed within the origin wall.

The antimatter energy in Harry’s stomach rushed to the palm frantically, and where the two palms were clasped, the mighty power of creation erupted, and the power moved forward disorderly along the mother river of time.

If things go on like this, how the universe can restart depends entirely on luck.

Harry doesn’t understand – there is no steering wheel, and her consciousness is confused, she has no brain, and she can’t control the direction; the ghost and the anti-supervisor understand – there is a steering wheel, but the accelerator is under Harry’s feet, and when you press it all the way The kind, they also have no control over the “final destination”.

“Master Harley, don’t panic, Yebi is here too!”

Just as the mess was in a mess, Yebi was refreshed and bit Harley’s ankle.

Although it is Holy Son, it is too young to really grow up, and the ‘self in 30 years’ is all nonsense; The power of the universe has a natural suppressing effect on the life in the universe.

Therefore, Yebi can’t withstand the impact of the power of origin, it must be close to Master Harley, and there is “God descended to earth” by her side β€”β€”The power of connection, the power of God, the defensive power field.

In other words, when Halle rose, her palms passed through the lightning cloud of the seven fundamental forces in the sky, and when she shook hands with Papetua on the other side, Yebby also flew over.

If it just stood there still, it would have died early.

Harry also understood that it was a live dog.

A live dog will never suffocate in urine.

When she moves on her own, it will follow automatically without shouting.

At this moment, Harley’s palm “big bang”, Sea of Consciousness followed the big bang, Yebi turned her head and could bite her ankle in one bite.


After taking a bite, Yebby, like Harley, exploded with Sea of Consciousness information, bulging eyes, bleeding from seven orifices, and whimpering in her mouth Screaming in pain.

There is an extra “Yebi CPU” to share the pressure, and the burden of “Hali CPU” is reduced by half.

She quickly rearranged the thousands of thoughts in the Sea of Consciousness, and the overwhelming majority thoughts were used to withstand the “big bang of the universe restarting information flow”, freeing up a ray of consciousness to think about the current situation and solve problems Methods.

“Jerby, tell the truth, are you the spy your dog dad arranged for me?”

“It’s unjust, I haven’t seen my dad since I grew up. Father.” Yebi is obviously a dog, but it is much easier than her.

“Don’t panic, I can feel you trying to get involved in the restart process.” Halle shouted.

Yebi said aggrieved: “The current situation is that even if you lead a dog over and let it touch the hand of creation, its thoughts can affect the restart process. Or, master, you can persist , shall I let go of your leg?”

Harry felt suffocated in her heart, if it let go, she would fall into a mushy state again, and the only winners would be the two bastards, the ghost and the anti-prisoner king – she guessed Wrong, no winners, three losers.

Yebby can be satisfied, but she can’t make up her mind.

“What’s the matter with the power of God in you?”

Yebi swore: “Master, in the name of Abba Father, I assure you that this power came suddenly, not I can control it.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask Ivy later.

At that time, you jumped into the river, and Ivy and I were the only ones left.

After entering the land of origin, I was keenly aware of the danger, and silently prayed to Father Abba in my heart, and then my body was full of power.

That’s why I was able to protect us A few, so that the anti-monitors can’t extract our life force.

I was still wondering at the time, did I get the power of the future back in time?

Or , Father, like protecting you, finally loved me once?”

“Why did you suddenly follow me when I left?” Harry asked again.

“Didn’t you say that I look like Yang Xiu every day? When I heard you said I was going to hold the ‘Xiaoxiang Hand’, I immediately guessed that you were going crazy. Oh, sorry, Master, you want to choose honor over life

I’m stronger than Yang Xiu. With a move of spiritual sense, I realize that you may be in trouble, and I can help you.

Of course, I don’t deny it, I also I sensed a kind of mission in the dark – this time the universe restarts, the power of heaven must get involved.” Yebi said seriously.

Harry scolded 10,000 words in her heart “the dog god with black hearts and black hands”.

The power of God in Yebi, and even its “smart” mission, must all come from God’s black hand.

“Yerbi, be honest, don’t ‘crazy’, don’t destroy the Earth 0 universeβ€””

Yerbi interrupted it immediately: “You don’t know? Earth 0 It’s gone.”

“What?” Harry was startled, “Why don’t I feel it?”

“Master Harley, let me tell you the truth, don’t be angry.” Yeah. Than hesitantly said.

“You said it.”

Yerbi cautiously said: “Your life level is too low to be qualified to participate in this matter.

Five positives in a row. You have not analyzed the very obvious and basic information that the material universe has disappeared.

It is impossible to find the details about the restart from the more complex information.”

Harry wanted to kick it, but didn’t know how to refute it, or couldn’t refute it.

Seeing her silence, Yebi added: “Just like some creatures have no hearing at all, how to listen to the sound of creation? Frog’s eyes ignore immobile objects, how to appreciate the beauty of static creation?

For me, the ghost and the anti-monitor who touched the hand of creation, the situation of the five positive material universes at this time is like a thunderstorm, a giant painting that can be easily heard and seen. There.

To you.”

“I can do something for sure, otherwise why would you talk nonsense with me.” Harry said indifferently.

Yebi sighed: “Yes, you are the only one who has direct contact with the hand of creation. You can make a huge shit stick and make everyone feel bad.

In fact, new universes are being created right now, but you’re so messed up that no one can control the reboot process.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The rebooted universe What is it like, totally random, by luck.”

“What does heaven want?” Harry asked.

The random universe is not good for her at all. The world she lived in has disappeared. It is better to obey the ghost, make some requests, and make a lot of merits by the way.

Yebi said with a bitter smile: “To be honest, you may not believe it, I don’t know the ghost’s plan at all, and I don’t plan to add drama to myself, and I won’t try to shape a new universe with my own will.

My real mission is only two, stable element disorder, redemption of hell undead.

If you forcibly left me in the world, I would prefer to stay in my worldβ€” β€”Hell.

I’m a ‘son of hell’!”

“Hell with me! You said just now that there is a sense of mission in your heart.” Halle said with a sneer .

“The mission is just the urge to leave with you, and then the urge goes away.”

“What the hell is your dog dad trying to do?” Harry said irritably.

Yerbi said slowly: “Master, I think you have made a mistake. Your purpose is not to figure out God’s will and fight against heaven, but to realize your free will.

If you are not interested in restarting the universe, we will chat and wait for the restart to end.

If you have any great ideals, at this critical moment, don’t worry about what has happened, Do your best.”

“What do you seem to be implying?”


“Yes, you’re implying that you can help I.” Halle confirmed.

Yebi was silent for a moment and said, “I can really help you, you are my master, and I will not refuse your request.

But I don’t want to give you any hints. , lest the results in the future be slightly unsatisfactory, and you will make me unhappy for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just talk. ‘” Harry sneered.

Yebi sighed: “Share my thoughts with you and let me be your ‘tool dog’.”

It’s simple and pitiful, but Halle only Want to sneer.

Perceiving through its perception, “enablement” through its Holy Son persona – interfering with the restart of the universe.

Sounds good.

It is clear that she is the one who directly holds the “Hand of Creation”, but now she must add a God Holy Son between her and the “Hand of Creation”.

That is to say, she holds the hand of creation, and God Holy Son is the one closest to the hand of creation.

The Holy Son of God was never able to get close to the “Hand of Creation”.

But now she’s carrying the backlash of the place where time originated.

Shaking hands with the ‘Hand of Creation’ is obviously much better than the “second-hand knockoff” with the anti-prisoner king.

Jerby became a far better choice than Ghost.

What a black-hearted dog god!

But she couldn’t refuse.

“ahhhh β€”β€”” Next door, the ghost suddenly let out a howl of pain, the energy exploded in him, broke its body, penetrated every inch of his skin, and poured out of control into “handshake”. .

“My powers. They’re out of control, my lord?” He felt terrified and bewildered for the first time.

He felt like a funnel, a conduit.

He is only the carrier of energy flow, not the controller.

“Damn, Demonness Harley is modifying reality. This shouldn’t be, it’s not scientific, it’s not magic, it’s not reasonable, who is helping her?” The anti-prisoner king also screamed in horror.

ps: To make a brief summary: 1. How does the origin of time restart the universe?

The most orthodox method should be like Harley, directly entering the river of time in the dc unique universe, entering the starting point of time, and modifying the reality of Papetua.

But the Anti-Monitor dared not, he simply couldn’t shake hands with his Genesis mother.

So, he went to the beginning of the river of time in the antimatter universe, and the difference between the two is huge. There is no Papetua’s hand of creation there at all, and the Anti-Monitor is standing in the shadow of the Mother of Creation, imitating the behavior of the mother.

In other words, the anti-monitor disguised his hand as the hand of creation, and the process of creating the world is also a copycat process.

At the same time, the anti-prisoner king was deprived of 40% of his energy by Harry, and the energy in his body was insufficient, so he could not directly use his power to create the world.

Not enough power.

He cheated.

He first disguised himself as the hand of creation, and then projected his hand to the starting point of the second time. He wanted to use the inertia of “single universe to split into multiple universes”, from the second time. Beginning to create the antimatter multiverse.

In other words, he took advantage of two tricks, once to create the world in disguise, and once to rely on the observation of the little blue man, very low.

Harry is better than him, she went straight to the real beginning of time, relying on the Level 10 Bonding Power Defense feat, and shook hands with Papetua.

Although the anti-prisoner is low, the ghost is obviously lower than him, and he must use the anti-prison power to start the restart.

He made the hero expedition to the origin of time, in fact, to deliver food to the anti-supervisor.

(end of this chapter)

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