I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 730


Chapter 730 Modified Reality – Demoness becomes Saintess

Harry finally agreed with Yebby’s suggestion.

Of course, Yebby insists that he has no hints, let alone suggestions.

It just obeys the master’s arrangement, and it has no desires and will not do anything in the universe restart.

Harry believed it was telling the truth, but not what it said.

God doesn’t have hands and feet, “hands and feet” are too small.

That dog thing has big goals and big moves.

However, Harley agrees with Yebi’s previous words: she is not weak now, but she is not enough at the highest level. And she is not Constantine, if Zha Kang is not good for herself, she will fight against God and destroy heaven. She is a selfish person. She can achieve her own goals. She doesn’t need to die for God’s interests. If it is enough, she can also be God’s black hand.

β€”β€”At least in the future, if you throw the blame to God, you will be at ease and confident.

After soothing herself, she gave up thinking about God’s purpose and began to enjoy the convenience of a “tool dog”.

Tool dogs are really useful.

In other words, worthy of being God’s own son, Yebi’s strength is a bit confusing, but his personality and authority are really high.

First of all, she finally sensed the state of the multiverse at this time.

In one word, it is boiled into a pot of porridge.

The five positive matter universes are gone.

The universe is gone.

The underworld universe was originally just a gap between the Wan Tianyi and the antimatter universe.

At this time, the boundary is blurred, and the four parallel universes within it surround Earth 0 and “dissolve” together, becoming a mass of energy containing the source of myriad things.

β€”β€”The return of the multiverse from the infinite Earth to the single universe is the destiny of this crisis!

With the help of Yebby’s senses, Harley easily got this realization from the hand of creation.

The destiny of Fengshen Romance is Divine Immortal.

Who lives and who dies can be changed, but the ending that fills the Investiture of the Gods is immutable, it is destiny.

The infinite Earth crisis, the process can be changed, who will restart the universe is uncertain, but the restart of the universe, the multiverse will return to the unique universe, is an unchangeable destiny.

It doesn’t matter how much Harley struggles with the heroes.

What if the anti-prisoner king was defeated?

He destroys his antimatter universe, who can stop it?

As soon as the antimatter universe is destroyed, the restart will kick off, and the competition is only who will lead the restart and how much power each leader occupies.

This is a cruel and shocking fact.

But Harley can take pleasure in hardships, reluctantly from this immutable destiny, to find a point that is beneficial to herself: the focus of destiny is to return to the only universe, how many creatures in the universe come from Earth 0, does not matter. important.

And what Harley cares most about is not the restart of the universe, but that her life will not be changed.

With the help of the tool dog Yebby, Harley also understands the method that controls the direction of the restart.

The method is so simple that it is outrageously simple: first re-weave an “unreal but real” river of time, and then put the river of time into a cosmic egg, and a mature new universe will expand in an instant forming.

There are countless time rivers in the super-time stream. A time river does not necessarily have a material universe, but each material universe must have a corresponding time river.

The new unique universe also has a river of time.

The law of the dc universe: first the river of time, then the material universe.

Editing the river of time is also very simple, first lock the result, and then reverse the cause.

For example, what Harley expects at this time is that her life will remain the same in the new universe.

She only needs to lock this result, and the reverse process is automatically completed by the overtime flow.

“This damn world forced me to start philosophical thinking again – who am I, where do I come from? Is my world real or unreal?”

Harry sighed with emotion , and couldn’t help but complained to Yebi: “The universe restart is like a highly intelligent story editor.

Write the outline and results of the story first, and the intelligent system automatically generates even the subtle plot without logic. The story of the loopholes, and then put the story script into another intelligently controlled ‘movie automatic generation system’, and a ‘real’ world was born.”

“Master Harley, I have to remind you, you It’s too simple and too optimistic.” Yebi said solemnly.

“What did I say wrong?” Harry asked.

Before Yebi could answer, Harley’s consciousness seemed to suddenly stick to the Flash, “Boom–” accompanied by a violent cry, and was instantly transported away for countless years.

Harry came to a world filled with the white light of creation.

“ka-cha ka ka.” At this time, the crystal wall of the world appeared one after another crack like an egg shell cracked, and began to hatch new life.


The crystal wall of the world of light shattered, and the scattered white light evolved into images, shapes, colors, patterns and even concepts that she could never dream of.

She saw a world that has never existed and will never exist. This sentence seems to have a logical problem, but it is her real feeling at this time.

white light, is everything, is beyond, is.

She can’t define the exact meaning of white light, but she knows that the beginning of the river of time in the new universe begins.

From AD 201X – “February 17, 2015!” shouted Halle.

This is the day they set off.

The running clock stopped, and a ray of white light kept the time constant.

“I want my world!” Harry shouted a second time.

Countless white lights came to her, projecting a completely near-real world around her, she disappeared in the white light and appeared in Quinn Manor.

Stroking the wall, the rough texture is so real.

“Success?” Harry laughed happily.

But the next moment, the smile on her face froze, and the world outside Quinn Manor was covered with a thick gray fog, extremely blurry.

“The ‘your world’ you imagined in your mind is not the same world as the real world.” Yebi’s voice entered her ears, “If you want to restore the original world completely, you have to Go to the river of time at Earth 0 and capture all the universe data at the last moment before the reboot.

However, I don’t recommend that you do that, the more you ask, the higher the cost.

Now Make a request, you will have to pay the price later, the little antimatter energy left in your belly may not be enough.”

β€œI am holding the hand of creation now, where can I go to find Earth Time 0. Huh!” At the moment when Harley came up with the idea of ‘Looking for the River of Earth 0 Time’, the eighth time Mother River Defense Specialty was triggered.

She has lived in the Earth 0 universe all her life.

After opening the eighth defense feat, I felt the “pulse” of the Earth 0 time river for a long time.

She is familiar with the river of time in her world.

At this time, she felt the familiar pulsation again in the white light world.

The truth appeared in her mind like lightning: “This white light world is the starting point of the new universe and the end point of the time river of the previous five material universes!

If no one Interference, the time rivers of the five universes will be entangled together to form a new time river.

The new universe is not born out of thin air, but the fusion of the old five universes!”

With this clear comprehension, her sense of the Earth 0 river of time is getting stronger and stronger.

She seems to be looking at the world she once lived in through a veil.

It’s so close, so close, in it.

But it was so far away that she would never see it again, and it would never change back to what it was.

“The world can’t come back, but the people I know and relationships cannot be changed!”

In the place where time originates, the Sandman robe on Harry’s body is windless and automatic.

The lining of the robe is a “dream cloth” that flashes rapidly in countless pictures.

Every piece of cloth is a complete dream book.

Earth has nearly seven billion lives, and there are billions of extraterrestrial lives, but there are only more than 20 million people who have met or dealt with Harley.

Few people know and speak to, just a few thousand people.

At this time, more than 20 million dream books hang on Harley’s sandman robe, including her complete social circle from birth to the present, including human, seabed, Amazon, Aliens, heroes, super-criminals, ordinary people include those who have glanced at her but who she doesn’t know and can’t remember.

In short, since she opened her eyes at birth, the dream books of those who have swept her eyes are here, more than 20 million.

The “crash-bang” fluttered with the sandman’s robe, and the illusory dream books turned into dream power, and flowed down Harley’s right arm into the “Pape” who was madly absorbing her power. The Hand of Tua”.

Harry’s body is in the place of the origin of time, holding the hand of creation, and part of her consciousness has come to the “white light world” – the starting point of the river of time in the new universe.

white light world.

“crash-bang β€”β€”” Tens of thousands of dream books appeared in front of Harry, who just came into contact with the “white light of the evolutionary world mother river”, and immediately turned into a living person.

A collection of one’s lifelong dreams, the book of dreams.

Everyone and every dream are unique and unmatched. Therefore, the dream book is an ID more accurate than genes in the multiverse. Through the dream book, unique and unmatched individuals can be locked.

Not to be confused with parallel universe peers.

“Yerbi, did you see that? They’re alive!” Harry was ecstatic, “didn’t expect the Dream Book to work so well.

Days Hey, it actually found all the people in the Earth 0 universe directly from the chaos of the five rivers of time.

Knowing it works so well, I should have asked Mexico to take the entire Earth 0 universe. The Book of Dreams is coming.”

“Oumai, this time is really insightful.” Yebi was also very shocked, “If you can guarantee that they will all be born in the new river of time’ cause ‘, the first half of your life has been completely preserved. Master Harley, you really do!”

“Isn’t it 100% sure that everyone has a ’cause’?” The smile on Harley’s face disappeared.

Yebi said solemnly: “The cause of birth is an important step in restarting.

There is no result without a cause.

The cause of birth is equal to determining what you want. The result is the reboot you want.

Reboots come at a price, remember? Energy!

Without a huge amount of energy, you can’t hold the hand of creation at all

In order to prepare enough energy, the anti-monitors swallowed the antimatter universe.”

Harry smiled, “The anti-monitor said that I robbed him of nearly half of the total. The energy is not enough to pay the price of 20 million trifling people? The anti-prisoner king is preparing to create an anti-matter multiverse.”

“He failed, starting from the moment you hold the hand of creation, to create anti-matter The dream of the multiverse is shattered,” Yebi sighed.

Harry’s heart moved, “What is the ghost’s dream?”

“I don’t know.”

Harry said meaningfully: “What about yours? “

Yebi smiled bitterly: “I’m all a tool dog, you still don’t believe me? My perceptions are all perceived by you, how can I hide from you what little tricks I do?”

Harry’s heart is secretly sighed, God’s black hand, it’s strange to find it.

β€”β€”I don’t see any problem now, but when the new universe is born, it is not surprising that God is the only belief in the whole universe.

Hey, since it is speculated that God’s black hand may It has something to do with faith, why don’t you do it first?

Halle dived light flashed, hey said with a smile: “I have the heart to serve heaven, to be loyal to God’s big brother, and I want to change the reality for Christ.”

“Master Harley , don’t be impulsive, don’t be foolish, you have contracted the ‘Christian Salvation Corps Project’ and are expected to have tens of millions of meritorious ‘project funds’!”

Hearing her wicked laugh, Yebi scared witless.

“Yerbi, what do you mean by that?” Harley said coldly with a stern face: “What’s wrong with me expanding my faith for heaven by restarting the universe?”

“How to expand?”

“For example, let the neon people believe in God since ancient times, for example, before Jesus came into the world, there was ‘Angel King Harry’ reincarnated as Saintess in the world”

(end of chapter)

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