I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 731


Chapter 731 God is always there, Hallelujah

Up to now, no matter how stupid people are, they understand that God and heaven are right The dc universe restart has its own ideas and arrangements.

Harry can’t guess God’s real purpose, only predictions have to do with faith and the power of Manhattan.

The Earth 0 universe, which incorporates a lot of Manhattan power, has been boiled into a “pot of porridge”, which is only eaten in equal parts.

It’s a foregone conclusion.

And whether or not the origin of Manhattan was stolen by dcUniverse Source and some supreme bosses has no direct interest in Harley, she doesn’t care, and she doesn’t care.

Now she is thinking, since God’s plan may be related to belief, and belief is related to the world she lives in, and her “real” life, why not start first?

She speculates that God will strengthen heaven’s right to speak in the world in the restart of the universe, and strengthen mankind’s belief in God, but she can’t guess what God will do.

In all likelihood, God made some arrangements.

She is an ordinary person who can’t see it or understand it.

In this case, she will help God to strengthen heaven’s right to speak on earth, strengthen human’s belief in God, and control this process in her own hands.

What exactly did she do, Harry wouldn’t be ignorant, would she?

This has at least two benefits.

First of all, God drew a “map of the new universe and human states” of the proven mystery. She couldn’t understand it, so she simply covered God’s map with “Harry’s new universe and world map”. !

No matter how exquisite God’s paintings are or how clumsy she is, a universe can only have a “map of the new universe and the world.”

No matter what arrangement God made with a black heart and a wicked hand, she was stirred up with a shit stick by her.

Secondly, the restart of the universe has happened once in ten billion years. Well, it seems that “restarts” have begun to flood in recent years, and her Earth 0 universe has only lived to be 24 years old.

This unborn “new unique universe” doesn’t know how many years it will live.

In short, in 14 billion years, for the first time, someone entered the land of the origin of time and held the hand of creation for the first time. This opportunity is too rare.

The price Harley paid was too great: offending the ghost of death, offending Papetua, who was temporarily sealed in the wall of origin, unable to slap her to death, offending death she didn’t know, but because The original plan was disrupted and the big bosses who hated her to death.

She also donated a belly of antimatter energy.

Those energies can be used in the unorthodox way even if they cannot be used “normally”.

For example, as a nutrient for physiological activities, Harley will always be energetic and never hungry-she was chased by Fijinet in the river of time before, running for hundreds of thousands of years, consuming a huge amount of energy. Physical strength and energy depend on eating antimatter energy as food to maintain consumption.

Or, just see who is uncomfortable and spit up antimatter energy as a “Fireball”.

The people and things of the positive material universe, the Demon King of hell, the Spiritual God and Divine Domain of heaven, who can stand the “Harry Edition Antimatter Cloud”?

Although the antimatter energy was snatched, it was hers after snatching it!

If she loses it now, her assets will be damaged.

She has to find compensation elsewhere.

“I want to serve heaven, I want to be loyal to God’s big brother, and I want to take this opportunity of restarting the universe to change a better reality for Christ.”

Harry Portrait Pangu, who splitting heaven and earth apart, stands proudly in the white light of “The Third Time Beginning”, shouting with huge thoughts: “Neon people have always believed in God, and there is no Great God Tian Zhao in their history, There is no neon god system, and now in 2015, there is no Yasukuni toilet, only the ascetic sanctuary of cutting chickens and Mingzhiβ€””

“No, no!” Yebi yelled in panic.


At the beginning of the third time, the world of white light was suddenly covered with thunder nets, and an illusory neon island appeared under Harry’s feet , a neon with completely different beliefs from the previous reality.

Temples and shrines disappeared, replaced by churches and sanctuaries of penance.

“No β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€””

One after another “grimace” with disgust, resentment and distortion, drilled out of the new neon earth, as if one after another illusory ghost who lost his home and country.

They are very numerous, there seem to be eight million in number.

One of the leaders was luxuriously dressed and had a complete image. Harry saw a familiar face.

She was stunned for a while, then recalled, “Neon Thor, Beard Sazhi’s man?”

When General Zod led the Kryptonians to invade, Kryptonian commander Fiora died in battle, and Harley found her soul in the periphery of Heaven, one of the eight Divine Domains. turn up.

It was also the same time that Halle met Goddess, the muse who was looking for her sister, and invited her to join the Neon Pantheon and become the Neon Thor, the “Bulletproof Harley God”.

Millions of Nether Soul wailed mournfully, and the leading ‘God’ stared at Harry with wicked hatred, “Demoness Harry, we and you are locked hatred and enmity, why should we break our roots? “

“Uh” Harley, who was standing at the beginning of the third time, was a little dazed, wondering if she was hallucinating or if someone was really talking to her.

“huhuhu” next moment, the church on the neon earth emits wisps of Holy Splendor, countless churches form a storm of holy light, only a gust of wind blows away ninety percent of the Nether Soul, and the remaining one The great gods screamed and fled in all directions.

“It’s a disaster, it’s a disaster!”

At the beginning of the first time, Yebby bit Harley’s bare feet, and only kicked her legs with excitement, “Master Harley, you are a waste. The foundation of the existence of the entire neon pantheon, you know?

They will be irreconcilable with you, this is a war of gods, you provoked a war of gods.”

Third Β·The time and place, the conscious Harley smiled, “And this kind of incidental good thing? I’ve been unhappy with those bastards, and today is the Ragnarok of the Gods.”

“Greece Since ancient times is God’s ‘pasture’, human beings born from this place, since the birth of civilization, my boss of God is the only belief of all beings.” Harley once again gave her will to “the starting point of creation”.


The sky split open, and an ominous lightning bolt struck the top of Harry’s head.

“Demoness Harley, you are courting death!” A dignified and majestic male voice exploded above his head like a thunder.


Well, the ontology shook hands with Papetua at the beginning of the first time, and what remained at the beginning of the third time was just a piece of consciousness.

At this point, consciousness was actually attacked.

“Gudong gudong.” A series of huge bubbles popped out of the experience jar, almost 8 Level 3.

“Is that the old rogue Zeus?”

Harry’s head is like a long split peach, the kind that splits one after another, but she can still speak with a grin.

“You’re going to dig the roots of the Greek pantheon, so you won’t let people struggle and resist?”

Yerbi felt like a dead heart.

It can’t imagine what the universe that has been played by the master will eventually evolve into.

“But at the beginning of time in the new universe, I’m ‘making up a story’. He can get here?” Harry asked in confusion.

“I couldn’t originally, but you took the initiative to have cause and effect with him, and through this causal channel, he found you.” At the end, it added: “The Divine King is an existence that transcends time, entering and leaving beyond time. Time flow is not difficult for them.”

Harry touched the head of “Cracked Peach”, frowned and glanced down, “What about Greece and the Mediterranean countries? Why didn’t they appear like neon?”


“You failed to modify the reality! You want to deny the existence of Zeus, but as the Divine King, his existence itself cannot be denied, and this contradiction cannot become a logical and harmonious reality.” Yebi speculated.

“Ai, it looks like it’s my turn to appear as ‘Angel King Harley’!”

Not only did Harley not get discouraged, but instead, she was gearing up and raised three fingers in high spirits : “The heaven on earth worships the three saints, the supreme Father God, Jehovah, the Holy Son Jesus in the world, and the Divine King Harley in heaven.

Yahweh created the world, and the credit is great; the Holy Son Jesus redeemed the people of the world, and the credit is the third .

Wu Divine King Harley was born in the human world, swept the gods with the body of a mortal, met God’s big brother at first sight, and became siblings of the opposite sex, so the angels of heaven also honored her as ‘father Harley’. “

“Imbuy Karma!” Yebi was about to faint, “You are courting death, you wouldn’t dare to write a third-rate novel like that.”

“Isn’t the universe restart just about writing novels?” “Hali complained, continuing ‘the YY of the main heroine’, “Every time the ghost sees Divine King Harley, he kneels down and kowtows three times, and calls out ‘father’ affectionately.

Gabriel was still unconvinced, and was beaten on the head with a stick by his aunt’s father.

God’s big brother was angry with his disobedience to his aunt’s father, so he stripped his clothes and hung them at the gate of heaven to dry. 10,000 years.

Of course, Wu Divine King Harry can become ‘one of the three Divine Idols in the church’, not just relying on the relationship of ‘father’, she has made outstanding achievements and established an absolute absolute for heaven. Hegemony of faith in the world!

For example, the Greek Divine King Zeus put up a desperate struggle, and was swept to the wall by the Divine King trifling, which was not aimed at him. It was pitiful and pitiful, and he could only kneel to Wu. The Divine King kowtowed one hundred and eight times, barely keeping the incense unbroken.”

“Demoness Harley, I’m going to tear you apart!” Zeus came again.


A bolt of lightning struck Harry’s forehead, blowing half of her brain to pieces.

“Aunt father ha- Ahhh, Demonness Haley, I’m going to kill you!”

It seems that the ghost is roaring, a little far away, not even attacking.

“Goodonggongdong.” The experience jar is overflowing, 8Level 3!

Harry became more and more excited, loudly said: “Zeus kowtowed to the Divine King, and his wife Hera also kowtowed. His sons and daughters, kowtowed, kowtowed, kowtowed, and shattered their heads. , with blood all over his face.”

“Boom!” The sky seemed to be falling.

“It’s not just the Zeus family. Odin was unwilling to spread the faith of brother God in northern Europe. He took his brother and son to raise the flag and rebelled. He was shot in the eye by the Divine King, so he became a one-eyed dragon.

After the defeat, He also knelt on the ground and kowtowed, shouting ‘Aunt father, spare your life’β€””


An illusory long spear traverses the beginning of the third time, piercing the eloquent Harley from her mouth to the back of her head.

“Gudong gudong.” It’s not that the experience jar is bubbling. Oh, of course it’s bubbling like crazy, but there’s a third time starting to boil at this time.

I don’t know if the time is up, or if the white light couldn’t bear the pressure of Harry’s blind tossing, it started to boil, and then “sou”, upstream, from the park in February 2015 Beginning on the 17th, 2014 and 2013.

The river of time in the new universe is rapidly forming, going back from the starting point to form a time line “from effect to cause”.

Taking advantage of this last chance, Harley hurriedly called out the “unfinished outline”: “Wu Divine King Harley swept the gods! Even if they were defeated by her hand, they all knelt down and kowtowed to her.

God is forever, Ha Limei Luya! God rules the world, Divine King follows him to drink soup, throughout the ages, immortal !”

(end of this chapter)

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